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ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open EV charging network with over 100,000 charging spots. Only the ChargePoint app allows you to find these stations, see if they’re available and start charging. You can also find stations from all other major networks.

Find a Place to Charge: See which stations are available to use in real time.

Start Charging: Tap your phone on any ChargePoint station to start charging.

Get Notified: Get real-time updates about your charging status.

Use Filters: See only stations that work with your car, plus filter for fast chargers.

Roaming: Use your ChargePoint account to charge at FLO and EVgo stations (more coming).

Driver Tips: Get helpful advice from other drivers about charging at a particular station.

Charging Activity: See your charging history and trends, including miles added and cost.

ChargePoint Home Flex: Schedule charging, set reminders, get notifications and track usage.

Wear OS: Tap your watch on a station to start a charge and see miles added.


40 comentarios en "ChargePoint MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve used this app twice at the same charging station. The first time I eventually got it to work and was able to connect my car. Last weekend I did not have the same luck and gave up. There were 2 charging stations but I couldn’t indicate in which spot my car was parked. At one point I unlocked one of the charging stations so I moved my car but then couldn’t get it to connect. I started over but eventually gave up. This was in downtown Venice, Florida.

  2. Horrible user experience, app has microscopic font, can’t find its own charging station when standing right in front of it. No easy way to enter your location, map is terrible. Looks like it was designed for desktop use? Takes 30 minutes to set up an account and then it doesn’t work. Bad network, bad app, would not recommend.

  3. User Beware App/Service requires a minimum balance at all times and it doesn’t tell you that in the setup!!!!! I would be much happier if like EVgo the charge station’s allowed for debit/credit card purchase at time of use. I was driving a rental and needed to charge the battery. Now I have to contact support to get money back because there was no indicator that a minimum balance was required for the app. I’m not happy.

  4. D Simpson dice:

    The most reliable level 2 public charging network in CA. I have not had any issues with the App, and only run into a single dead plug over my first year of EV ownership without a home charger. The same cannot be said for other networks. I wish they had more fast charging stations, but I understand there are large infrastructural cost differences between level 2 and level 3.

  5. The app works for the most part when charging. But connecting to a station from the app almost never works for most stations in my area. They should have sent a card by mail if that is a better experience but you need to order a card by mail. When ordering a card by mail, the app does not seem to track how many cards are ordered. I ordered 3 cards before I realized that cards ordered do not show up in the app. Overall the app and the onboarding experience seems to be poorly designed.

  6. I’ve never gotten the app to work in the one year it’s been on my phone. It always shows the error message there’s no Internet connection, although both LTE and wifi are at all full strength and all my other apps work just fine. It doesn’t show the charger I’m standing next to. However the nfc to start charging works just fine and can get the charger itself going. Just don’t expect any functionality on location services or network connectivity.

  7. X Gao dice:

    Verification SMS never received. I’ve been trying to sign up an account, but when it gets to the step where they send SMS to your phone number, that text message never arrives. I did this on the web (multiple browsers) and in the app. I did this with multiple phone numbers that I know have no problem receiving SMS. Something is broken on ChargePoint’s backend.

  8. leo pak dice:

    3rd party tracking is very heavy on this app which makes it load very slowly. Need to stop 3rd party tracking. Drains my battery after I close the app due to constantly trying to send out 3rd party tracking info. As for the app and the chargepoint chargers, absolutely terrible to say the least. So many glitches so have to constantly reload the app or restart the charger.

  9. Justin dice:

    The app is a must have in my area where there is a ton of ChargePoint locations. Works well though from time to time it will fail to start the charging session. I believe it’s a network connectivity issue with the charging stations at some locations. I suspect most of these stations rely on Cell connectivity and the locations where I have the issues starting the charging sessions likely have limited cell service.

  10. It works, but inconsistently. This app generally works and allows me to charge my car. However there is often a disconnect between what the app says and what’s actually happening with the car. Currently it doesn’t show any activity for the last couple of months, even though my car is plugged in right now at a charge point station? And I know I have charged it at least half a dozen times at Chargepoint stations in the last couple of months.

  11. Plugged into a charge point that used to be free while on a trip. Turns out there is a charge now, which came out to ~$8, no big deal. However the service automatically takes $10 from you the first time you get charged and then takes another $10 everytime you drop below $5. So I was charged $20 for an $8 charge up with no way to get my money back or even to use it (as I would just get charged another $10). Pros: App and vehicle charging work great Cons: Predatory billing practice

  12. Jeff Jeff dice:

    The 2 star loss is because you can only have 1 charger associated to your account. (Looking at your charge point, just because you don’t see a need for this feature, does but mean no one wants it out needs it.)And you cannot change the electricity settings, (plug or hard wired, and circuit breaker size), unless you remove the charger from your account and re-add it. Other than those 2 short comings, the app is fantastic!

  13. Pro: Paying at a public kiosk is streamlined. (Works even on my old Pixel 1 / not-updated Android.) Cons: They do charge you $10 as soon as you enter payment info, and any time your balance falls below $5. For a home charger you can skip payment info. To activate a home charger and get > 12A you have to use the app with Bluetooth, but my charger’s Bluetooth was broken and they wouldn’t honor the warrantee, despite 2 calls and many pointless repeated debugging steps.

  14. When my account balance fell below $5, Chargepoint auto-reloaded extra money (which I’m used to). Usually it only loads $10 at a time, but this time it decided I “needed” $30 added to my account instead which I absolutely didn’t budget for. I was never asked if I wanted to load more money “based on my recent usage” before they took the money from my account, and that’s not even a setting you can change in the app anyway. I only use this app because I have no alternative at this point.

  15. Used the service on a paid station for the first time 7/16. The app said it would issue us a $10 credit the first time we used it at a paid e-charge station. Sounded like a cool “try us out” promo. Then 7/18 my bank account was charged $10. We used less than $2 of charge. Now I can’t get my app to open to figure out what happened. It’s stuck on the logo screen.

  16. This is a knock on both the app and the charging network. The app does a good job of taking you to a charging station but it does a lousy job at telling you if said charging station is currently being used or ,more often, out of order. The level 2 charging stations are slow….good luck finding level 3 stations! There don’t seem to be any when needed for a road trip.

  17. This app works, but it could be better. It refreshes every time you leave the app, and takes several seconds to reload and you start from the home screen. It does not deal with no service gracefully, such as in a parking basement. It just hangs and freezes. Somehow it is unresponsive when submitting issues or feedback which means they are losing out on valuable feedback. It is just used to monitor my account at this point.

  18. Ap is OK. It’s not entirely clear how the filters interact with each other and with the locations displayed. For instance, selecting DC charging doesn’t seem to result in locations that actually have DC charging when you click on one. Also, it only allows you to have one EV. I have three, and it would be really nice if I could associate a particular charge session with the actual vehicle I’m driving at the moment!

  19. Helpful to find free stations. Addresses are kinda weird for some of them so it brought to the wrong place a couple times (like the street behind the actual location). Also when adding my car in the app, they don’t have the option to select 2022 model just 2018-2021. Some of the stations NFC doesn’t seem to work but at least you can send the signal from the app. I do like how you can just sign up and start using the free stations without having to add a credit card on file.

  20. I have been using this app for 3 years and recently it started claiming that there are no stations in the area, even those in my favorite list. My filters have everything selected, so it’s not a problem with it. The workaround is to select “recently visited” and then click on the station. Please fix it! The app has no use if we can’t find available stations. Also, my previous review disappeared, so idn what is going on here.

  21. Works really well. Especially the NFC feature makes it really convenient – you just need to unlock your phone and hold it close to the device and it authenticates you. After that, you can use one of the chargers to plug in to your car. Really sweet! Also, sends you notifications when your car is done charging – which is a bit cute for you to move your car. Highly recommended!

  22. OH WOW! First, it’s loaded with charging stations that are in private parking garages, so you can’t get access unless you live or work there. Second, they have addresses that are incorrect, and the mapping gives really bad directions, taking you to the middle of blocks where there are no parking spaces. Third, once you select a station, and determine that you can’t use it or can’t find it, it locks you in, and attempts to have it give you directions to a different station sends you driving in circles to the first one, which is so incredibly fun, when the first one doesn’t actually exist. UGH!

  23. There are a number of issues with this app. Too many to list actually. Poor/incorrect metering, poor location marking, or not at all. Poor payment system with no configuration. Poor site layout as well. My work opted for these and I really wish they went with another vendor. I’ll stick to the three superchargers on the way to work. 10 mins there beats an 8 hour shift and the rates are far better.

  24. I like the app overall, but I use an “invisible” station at my work frequently. My phone doesn’t have NFC, so I have to call the toll-free number to activate it. I wish there was a way to enter the station ID into the app manually. Even better would be a way to make an invisible station visible on my app so that I can see if a spot has freed up without walking across the office and looking out the window.

  25. It’s good when it works, but there are two flaws I’ve noticed after just using it a few times: when you reserve a place in line so you get a notification for a station becoming available, it locks people out from using it. That’s intended of course, but it also locks you out too; I reserved a spot and I couldn’t use the port. I had to drop my reservation and only then could I access charging. Second, the real time charge monitor has bugs, making you think the charging stopped halfway.

  26. It wouldn’t be possible to go any medium-to-long distance without this app and Chargepoint’s charging stations. The app is small, the UI is very clean & easy to use, it sends me a text message about my usage & cost, and has other useful features. Also, the customer service was excellent & helpful. The only negative UX is that it’s occasionally slow to start & occasionally tells me there’s no stations near me when I know there are (maybe because of my filters?).

  27. The biggest thing missing from the app is queue info. I basically don’t use the app except to accept plug in. The only info on the queue you get is that you’re in it. The website allows you to see your place in line as well as the status at each station. This information is very helpful at planning my day so I can ensure I’m available to plug in/out when it’s my turn. The app is helpful to locate charging stations, but that’s about it. The map app in my car’s infotainment system can do that.

  28. Sometimes it seems like chargers aren’t connected to the network but I’m not positive if this is a problem with the chargers or the app/network…. but I really like chargepoint. Much easier to use than any other network and the app makes it really simple. Good interface. I hate how high the threshold is for triggering an automatic loading of funds though. It’s not a huge deal for me personally because I use it regularly anyway, but you just know chargepoint is making money off the excess.

  29. Everything seems to work really well. I like the ability to leave notes about charging stations so others may benefit. Many charging stations do not have notes yet, and I’ve noticed that a few are in places you can’t go (like residents-only parking garages). As people use the app, it will continue to improve!

  30. I have had this app for six months and use it frequently. So far it has not given me any problems. I like the fact that I can connect with the charging unit at anytime and check on the progress of the charging. I also find very convenient the text messaging to let you know when the battery if fully charged or if your car is not charging because you have the settings on your car programmed to start at certain hour and forgot to override it. Let’s you know if the charger has been disconnected.

  31. The application is okay. It loads slow compared to plug share. We used it for the first time in Gig Harbor WA at the theaters and it has given me the need more for a home chager. The updates are very slow and trying to stop our charge. The stations said it was stop or finished as it shows for the station I was using. The application on the other hand sees us still there charging. We are home and I still cannot get it to show us no longer charging.

  32. Super useful for finding accurate info on charging stations! As with anything, there are a few bits of inaccurate info here and there, but it’s accurate 95% of the time for me and I love it! I have a fiat (80 mi range), so finding a charging station fast/on my route is important and the tips are especially helpful in preventing me wasting time going to places I can’t charge.

  33. ChargePoint is easy. I like that it tells me if the charger is free or in use. Plus I can receive a notification when the charger is free. That allows me to get there before someone else or decline if I change my mind. Also you can use your phone with the app installed to access your account as the key cards are flimsy and split open easily.

  34. 95% of the time the location is accurate, the rest of the time the user tips will direct you. Calls re down stations are promptly answered. Easy to tell, when zoomed out, which of my favorite stations are available, so I can plan my errands accordingly. Nice to start the charge from the app while still in the car on a rainy day. etc etc. Thank you ChargePoint!

  35. I really like this app, because it’s easy to use and has plenty of functionality. Great to be able to follow/manage charging remotely, track your charging history, and search for/view charge station information (cost, availability, and usage trends). I give 4 stars instead of 5 because sometimes location info for a station is incorrect or inadequate (not specifying where it is within a parking garage, for example), and the ability to troubleshoot a malfunctioning station is very limited.

  36. This app does not seem to work with an Android phone and the support sucks. Deleted, reloaded app, hard booted phone and every attempt to connect to the app results in a “network error” message. No issues with any other application on the phone. User help only suggestion to alleviate the problem and get my charging station to connect to Wifi was to use a different device. It seems like they are aware of the problem but have no idea how to fix it.

  37. They suddenly changed the app to charge you a monthy fee to reload the account based off average amount of times you charge, on top of already reloading the account $10 every time the balance falls below $5. It’s complete horseshit. They charged me $60 all of a sudden, I was never notified they were changing anything. Just goes to show you can get screwed over over and over as an EV driver.

  38. The payment options are terrible. You automatically reload $10 when your balance drops below $5 for the first month, then it will automatically reload your average monthly cost, which for me was $60. No email or notification that $60 would be added, just took it straight from my account. There is no way to manually load your balance or to change how much is added, it is all automatic. This system of payment is not user friendly and needs an update. Would be 5 stars if not for this major problem

  39. Caitlin K dice:

    I use this app because I have an EV and this app ties with my home charger. It works ok but could really use more functionality and can be finicky. For example, when I change the charging schedule, those changes take a while to actually go into effect (meaning, don’t bother trying to extend your scheduled charge once it’s started!).

  40. chargepoint app is a textbook example of bad computer science. Its refresh rate is consistently a pathetic 0.5FPS. When you roll up to multiple charging stations, you can’t tell which one you are commanding. The charge graph fails to display half the time. The map zooms you all over the place like a 70’s porno, while also sucking at refresh and lagging 10 seconds. Why I ought to start my own EV charge network!

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