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Your travelling companion to charge your electric car with peace of mind.
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• You’re looking for a charging station nearby?
• You’re preparing for a long trip by electric vehicle for the holidays?
• You want to locate the best rapid charging stations along your route?
• You’re looking for free charging stations in the surrounding area?

Chargemap is the benchmark app that is already the loyal companion of over a million EV and PHEV drivers for stress-free travelling and charging.

Chargemap’s map lists over 450,000 charge points and covers most European charging networks. It makes it so easy to locate charging stations in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Britain, Norway and many other countries across Europe.
You can also find all the key information you need to locate the right charging station for your needs: connector types, power ratings, time slots, means of access, scores and comments from the community etc.

Why opt for the Chargemap app?

The powerful filters help you locate the charging stations that meet your requirements: free charging points, best scores, fast charging stations, favourite networks, on motorways only etc.

Whatever EV you drive – Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y, Renault Zoé, Peugeot e-208, Volkswagen ID.3, Volkswagen ID.4, Volkswagen ID.5, BMW i3, BMW i4, BMW iX, Nissan Leaf, Dacia Spring, Fiat 500 e, Kia e-Niro, Kia EV6, Skoda Enyak or any other electric car, Chargemap knows how to pick out the right charging stations so you can top up your electric vehicle hassle-free.

• Charge Your Car
• Tesla Superchargers
• Tesla Destination Charging
• New Motion (Shell recharge)
• Source London
• Pod Point
• EVBox
• Ionity
• Allego
• Fastned
• Lastmile Solutions
• Innogy
• Enbw
• Enel X
• Total Energies
…and over 600 other networks!

No more stress about charging! The Chargemap route planner helps you find the ideal route that dovetails your particular EV and personal preferences. You can customise it as you wish and simply enjoy the ride!

Join the largest community of EV drivers who help each other out every day by logging in new charging stations, adding information and photos and posting comments on the page for each charging station. It’s because of all these contributions that Chargemap is such a well-rounded app!

With the Chargemap Pass charging card, top up at over 200,000 compatible charging points in Europe. You can locate them at a glance, consult charging rates and monitor your expenditure in a dedicated tab.

You can now fully profit from Chargemap’s features from the dashboard of your electric car. You can display the charge points in the surrounding area, find your favourite charging stations and the routes you have saved and make your way to the next charging station via your favourite GPS app.

Chargemap is also a dream team that gives their all to enhance the app every day with the help of your invaluable feedback. Any questions, suggestions, rave reviews? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch [email protected]!

Learn more about how to manage your data:


This release fixes bugs and improves the performance of the application.


40 comentarios en "Chargemap – Charging stations MODDED 2022"

  1. I would recommend it but there are a couple of problems. I would like to plan the journey in advance but can’t open it on my desktop PC or on my laptop. Would much prefer to do the forward planning on the bigger screens. It also sometimes recommends too many charge stops, for instance it needlessly recommended a 1 minute stop even thought there was plenty of indicated range left to get to the next stop. 1 minute stop is pointless and when I tried to delete it it simply replaced it with another nearby charger lasting 1 minute?

  2. In Portugal, all chargers are accessible via local vendors, but cannot access chargers in Spain. This app allows us to charge in Spain etc, but not Portugal. This and Ionity only apps I have found to allow charging in Spain and beyond. Route selection not optimal compared to self mapping as this app seems to miss some better chargers on the routes. App has our vehicle, however actual vehicle range is much further than app predicts, so more stops predicted than needed. Good app, needs work.

  3. Route planner insists on adding a completely pointless one minute charge stop which I can’t delete. The list of public chargers it seems to know about is very out of date – several shown were decommissioned nearly two years ago, many that went online over 6 months ago are missing.

  4. Good for finding charging locations but the the route planner needs a little work. Charging stops for 2 minutes seem unnecessary. Upgrading to 4 stars as the overall route plans are good and save me hours if I did it myself.

  5. Great that this app relies on user feedback to give info about charge points. This makes it easier to determine whether a point is publicly available or not. Quite annoying though that I have to log in frequently to get to additional info.

  6. Must have app for EV owners. Very convenient to plan trips. Had some minor problems, like not being able to add a photo of charging station (the app logged me out each time I attempted to add a photo).

  7. Shows less than half the chargers in my location (Manchester UK). Doesn’t show my nearest Ivstavolt charger and shows a Be.Ev charger that has been out of use for over two years.

  8. Route planner can’t cope with very long journeys, say >1000 km – the server times out. Also, 15 minutes to charge a Tesla from 15% to 90% on a 150kW Supercharger??? No way. More like 45 minutes or longer, in real life.

  9. Ivan dice:

    Good and reliable charging app wiry many charging stations. Would be nice if they add mobile payment solution.

  10. Definitely the best app to find a charging station. Quite exhaustive. The support is nothing to be compared with any other app ! We exchanged mails over almost a week to find the reason why I couldn’t install the app. They were kind, reactive and supportive. My problem got solved thanks to them. Highly recommend it, even for only that reason.

  11. A good number of charging stations are nicely listed with photos. However, I rate the app mostely negative as distance unit is set according phone language, no in-app setting available on that! Charging costs in Euro instead of local currency. Costs shown are more expensive Chargemap rates instead of local rates. Route planner does list my car, but when panning a route it says that the car is not supported yet.

  12. I reviewed 12 apps to find charging stations, based on their performance in the Rhein-Main area of Germany. I liked this one because: + It had a good search function + It has good coverage of charging stations But, it missed some key features: – It misses many charging stations that are free to use! – Cannot filter by price – Its charging costs are consistently higher than any other provider – Does not show charging stations distance from destination or even the current position!

  13. This app used to be pretty decent at planning a route for a trip to include chargers but now it is dogshit. The “new improved” planner FORCES you to select a car model. And they dont have any of the fully electrics from volkswagen or Skoda (ID4 and enyaq in my case) only plug ins and short range converted ice to ev models. This causes the app to be absolutely useless as it refusesto let you plan out without selecting model now.

  14. caue rego dice:

    rather use plug surfing or plugshare. unless you change to agpl/fupl! 😁

  15. Of the best applications and charging networks in France. Usually time-based fee (not kWh-based), however prices are fair and usually better than competitors. edit: This is not true anymore. ChargeMap now puts a surcharge: eg. charges 1.20€ per 15mins on a charger, eq. 0.082€ per minute, where competitors ask between 0.02€’0.06€ per minute. This is quite a big markup (9x!). edit: Lucas – the whole Belib network is concerned, for example. The possibility to filter by price would be nice.

  16. I’m still discovering this app. So far prices are in Euro and distance in miles, why? But to take out a subscription it’s in Swiss Francs. When you want money in Swiss Francs but otherwise in Euro. Can you include a setting where currency can be changed and distances are in metric. The app is quite good so far.

  17. The best App to find a charging station and the support staff also do a very good job! Highly recommend!

  18. Useless app for me. -Unable to manually change miles to kms (i have phone language us but location Slovakia but app ignores it) – Cannot use “my location” on other places than first on. I planned round trip from home to place and back… I had to type my address in last place manually – I cannot persuade app to count route with charging. I setup my EV as main car but still no charging on the way. Uninstalling

  19. The app is working OK but for the fact it says some stations operated by BEE are not comparable. However I have been able to charge with my chargemap RFID card and the charges show correctly in the app. I think some work is needed to show which chargers the RFID card can be used for correctly in the app. These comments apply to BEE stations in Are and Ostersund, Sweden.

  20. Good but not great. It’s not obvious how to change the units to metric. It has the ability to add your car in but doesn’t take this on to account when plotting a route to suggest waypoints based on the car’s range.

  21. K K dice:

    A bit of a mixed bag. Nice info. But every other day I need to re-log-in to the app. I add pictures to existing chargers and new charger not yet listed in the app. Super intransparent why they are not registered. Also no way to browse through my contributions. A few more off the issues and I’ll stop contributing.

  22. Old app worked, but this update locks up before it even starts. No use at all. EDIT: not compatible with Google smart lock for auto login on my phone (Sony L1). Had to remove stored password and type it in to the app. It is OK now. Thanks.

  23. Just tried this after using Zapmap and found lots of UK charging points are missing from the map e.g. charging points at McDonald’s. There’s no point in trying it any further in the UK. Europe looks interesting but again my confidence in the data is low. Back to Zapmap.

  24. Not good! Just signed up and paid fee and my vehicle is not supported!!!! VW ID3 Pro

  25. Once or twice it showed charging stations in the route feature, since then it shows just the route and no stations. I will not buy the premium if this isn’t solved. Otherwise a good idea.

  26. overall the map is great with great info and good amount of reviews for each charging station. A super feature would be long range trip planning! (Edit: awesome!)

  27. after updating i cannot register (cannot pick country), chargers are not shown in public mode and filters do not work. it used to be a very good app, now it is completely unusable.

  28. Would be brilliant but ignores restriction I placed on Tesla Superchargers for route through France for Hyundai Ioniq 5. Insists on using them but they obvuously won’t work with Ioniq 5.

  29. Half of the information is hidden behind a log in. However, when trying to login Chargemap suddenly wants to know my device pattern, well you’re NOT going to get it. I don’t care why you think you are entitled to knowing it, NOT going to happen. Ever. So an already useless app (because of the straight out retarded pricing) is now even more useless. Great job.

  30. Why in miles? I live in the Netherlands why do you show me distance in miles and even worse – you have no way to change it? why is that? your question is wird, I have 5 input languages and 2 profiles on my device each of them with a different location. I guess for your developers is easy to take a current locale but this is not right for majority of the world

  31. Can’t seem to find a route from Pittsburgh Pa to Sarasota Florida. Limited to electrify America got nothing then revived that and got nothing. This doesn’t seem to work at all finding high speed chargers. The app is useless to me.

  32. Reported 4 available connectors. In reality none were available… Keep away

  33. chargemap behave like scammers. i initially signed up but quickly realised there are cheaper alternatives. i tried to cancel and even emailed to have my account deleted. but my emails are being ignored. and they keep trying to charge my creditcard every day. until my bank blocks them i have to freeze my creditcard.

  34. Stability needs improvement, crashes very often. Chargemap is a great help for us EV ‘pioneers’ that go on trips into the unknown.

  35. I’ve deducted one star as the app won’t let me start my journey from England as it doesn’t recognise the Channel Tunnel!!! There are very few Chargemap chargers in the UK. It’s not a very promising start. 😕

  36. The app works great and is in general a good experience. After an update, all charging stations in Denmark now has a very high cost and I am switching away from this. But it was great for a good time.

  37. Constantly have to re-login. Why do the sessions expire so fast? And other charging app I have keeps me logged in forever. Super annoying!

  38. Do they intentionally miss out the free chargers on the map so they can claim their surcharge???

  39. API error on verifying account from email

  40. Installed app, registered with Google log in, received validation email, click validate account, clicked another validate account screen and received API error. So can’t use app. Poor start!

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