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File confidently with America’s #1 tax prep provider. Each year, we help more people file their taxes than all other online tax prep providers combined, and get their maximum refund, guaranteed. Join the millions who file with TurboTax today.
• $0 Fed, $0 State, $0 to File with Free Edition for simple tax returns only. See if you qualify* (1)
• With TurboTax, you can be confident your taxes are done right and you’ll get every dollar you deserve. We make filing your own taxes simple, no matter what your situation.

• TurboTax Live Assisted – Taxes done right, with experts by your side. Get advice from tax experts who can help you finish your taxes error-free, review your return at the end, and guarantee you’ll get every dollar you deserve.
• TurboTax Live Full Service – We’ll do your taxes and find every dollar you deserve. When your Full Service expert does your taxes, they’ll only sign and file when they know it’s 100% correct and you’re getting the best outcome possible, guaranteed.
• Simply tap to chat or talk live with tax experts on demand. Live bilingual experts available.

• Get up to $4,000, no loan fees, 0% APR. IRS accepts returns starting late-Jan. Acceptance times vary and could take up to a day. Most receive funds within 15 minutes of acceptance. Terms Apply. Loan details and disclosures: https://turbotax.intuit.com/refund-advance/

• Maximum Refund Guaranteed – On Average $2,815
• Our calculations are 100% accurate on your tax return, or we’ll pay any IRS penalties
• We search 350+ tax deductions – we’ll find every tax deduction and credits to boost your tax refund
• You could get your refund up to 5 days early when you file with TurboTax and deposit your refund into a Credit Karma Money™ checking account. 5-Day early program may change or discontinue at any time. Restrictions apply.
• Before you file, CompleteCheck™ will run an in-depth scan of your return and guide you through any final changes so you don’t miss a thing with accuracy guaranteed
• Snap. Tap. Done. Import, upload, and snap photos of your W-2, 1099, and 1098 forms, answer simple questions about your life, and e-file securely.


1. TurboTax Free Edition and TurboTax Live Full Service Basic available for simple tax returns only. For more details and to see if you qualify: https://turbotax.intuit.com/corp/mobile-apps/turbotax-disclosures/ Intuit reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time.
2. TurboTax Live Assisted Basic is for simple tax returns only. Not all taxpayers qualify. Must file by March 31, 2023 to be eligible for the offer. Includes state(s) and one (1) federal tax filing. Intuit reserves the right to modify or terminate this TurboTax Live Assisted Basic Offer at any time for any reason. If you add services, your service fees will be adjusted accordingly. If filed after March 31, 2023 you will be charged the then-current list price for TurboTax Live Assisted Basic and state tax filing is an additional fee. See current prices here.
3. 100% Accurate Expert-Approved Guarantee: If you pay an IRS or state penalty (or interest) because of an error that a TurboTax tax expert made while providing topic-specific tax advice, a section review, or acting as a signed preparer, we’ll pay you the penalty and interest. Limitations apply. See Terms of Service for details: https://turbotax.intuit.com/corp/license/online
4. If you choose to pay your tax preparation fee with TurboTax using your federal tax refund or if you choose to take the Refund Advance loan, you will not be eligible to receive your refund up to 5 days early. 5-day early program may change or discontinue at any time. Up to 5 days early access to your federal tax refund is compared to standard tax refund electronic deposit and is dependent on and subject to IRS submitting refund information to the bank before release date. IRS may not submit refund information early.


TurboTax is here and updated for tax year 2022! Leave your taxes to us. Have an expert file for you or do it yourself. Get your maximum refund, guaranteed.


40 comentarios en "TurboTax: File Your Tax Return MODDED 2022"

  1. My experience is horrible! I’ve been using this app for years and was awesome! I did the update and of course, it sucks now! It’s one big Financial scam! It says I can do it for $94 and that it has a virtual assistant to help but when you click on it never goes through but if I’m willing to pay $200 then I bet I can get the virtual assistant to come through it’s just trying to upsell every time I turn around. Such a shame , when it used to be so good. They let greed take over!

  2. I’ve used Turbo Tax for decades but this will be my last. it’s become confusing without benefit of a back button, and it has almost constant annoying upsell of it’s product that is deceiving in it’s price displayed. Plus I have to subscribe to Credit Karma if I want to track my tax return status. There is so many tax apps out there I’m sure I’ll find a better one next year. It was a good app in the beginning. They didn’t have my bank for my mortgage listed. It’s #6 largest in the world. Lame.

  3. The Turbo Tax Virtual Assistant is a cool idea, but I could not get it to work. Tried several times to talk with someone and to TurboTax credit, a specialist actually gets with you very quickly. They show up ready to help, but can not hear me at all. I have the mic permissions on and I’m using a fairly new phone(Galaxy S8), but they can’t hear. I mean, a keyboard popping up to text them would be awesome, then I could at least somewhat communicate, but there’s nothing like that. Disappointed.

  4. Was great for a couple years, but now they’ve got all your data stored and made it easy, they’re leveraging that to reach into your wallet. Which, in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When I 1st used TurboTax, it was free, no sneakiness. Then, last year or the year before, they tried to get you to pay for convienience by auto-entering all your data from the prior year only to remove it all while you watched if you wouldnt pay. It’s a misleading way to do business. Basically Extortion.

  5. I’ve filed with Turbo Tax for the past 7+ years. In the past it’s been simple and free, like they claim. This year I HAD to upgrade in order to file because of different “forms” this year that required extra work, if i understood correctly. It was very vague and didn’t make any sense at all. I proceeded with it only to realize that it totaled more than $100 because i opted to have my returns deposited into my bank account. It was all a bit ridiculous. I filed for FREE with Credit Karma

  6. not explanatory enough. I have used TurboTax for at least 11 years. the app is very simple, TOO SIMPLE. this is not good because some of the explanations were inefficient or non-existent. a few times I had to actually go to the IRS website to look up a publication to see if I was doing it right on TurboTax. for instance deducting expenses for royalty property that you live on. when you clicked on learn more it only covered depletion. I wondered if I was putting the amounts in the correct place.

  7. I’ve used it in previous years and it worked fine. I got to charitable donations and couldn’t get to what I needed on the screen. I gave up and went online to see the same screen but you can actually manipulate the size or relative position to see the other items on the screen. The swiping sideways idea for navigation is terrible. I’m not satisfied with my experience at all. The website for this years taxes kept telling me that tax code had changed and it affected me but it couldn’t tell me why

  8. I’ve always used the pc version and it was always smooth and straightforward. This app version for Chromebook is definitely not that. There IS an additional $40 charge to deduct the payment for turbotax from your return that they don’t show you until the very end, making it look like there’s no fees until you’ve jumped through a lot of hoops. They repeatedly ask to upgrade. It’s not easy to navigate and there’s no way to print the receipt even though it asks. Never using it again.

  9. Taxes are miserable as is this app. What I don’t appreciate is that it somehow upgraded me to $90 premier when I needed $60 deluxe. I wasn’t going back to start over my return or even sure if changing was possible. I just wanted to file and be done at this point. Then they want to charge you a $40 fee to pay with your return. I also wished there was an option to skip some entries if you know your standard deduction will be used anyways. I’ll have an accountant next year.

  10. i cannot recommend turbo tax based on their fee schedules. i have used them in thr past and it cost $20. today, upon trying to file for 2018, I was forced to use the “deluxe” version, $39.99, state also costs $39.99 &&&& wait, thats not all! there is now a fee to pay for the filing fee with your refund, something I’ve always done in the past. the fee also happens to be $39.99! so all in all, to file single with no dependents the fee is $119.97 + tax! absolutely unbelievable.

  11. Utterly disappointed by TurboTax and I must say I’ll never be back. I’ve filed with them for the past 4 years and always had a good experience but no where close to that this year. First they didn’t remember my login info or even register my email as having an account. Secondly it’s NOT FREE this is false advertising they’ll let you go through the whole process then throw fees on there at the end.

  12. I LOVED the ease, BUT I felt deceived by the end of it. It started out saying it would be $40 to file, but once I added state, that was another $40, and to wait until I got my refund to pay turned out to be another $40! Ended up being charge 3× as much as advertised. Although the program was easy, I will never use this service again because of the false advertising. It would have been better to outline these fees upfront, rather than adding then as I go, when I’m less likely to start over.

  13. Tricked me into paying 70 dollars for a service I didnt need. They really push their deluxe and max packages, and do tricky things like switch button placement and colors to try to get you to agree to paying. There’s no way to remove these charges from your shopping cart at the end of filing. I’ve always used their free federal filing in the past, and I think this is the last time.

  14. I’ve been using an iteration of this app for many years and it gets shadier every year. It gets harder and harder to file for free. If you select incorrectly early on, you won’t catch it until it’s time to pay, then you’ll have to literally start over from scratch. I actually set a reminder to call an accountant next year. I’m so done playing these sneaky games.

  15. Wonderful. I enjoy Turbo Tax. I will never file any other way. The only thing even close to negative I would have to say is that it’s not actually free. It makes you chose from 3 options, basic, premium and deluxe and they all charge you a small fee. Nothing compared to going elsewhere though. I absolutely would recommend TurboTax to anybody. The app is great and so easy to use. Customer Care is great. 5 star rating is well deserved!

  16. This app is amazing at doing your taxes. Unfortunately, its terrible at everything else. Navigating the app while doing your taxes is a chore. The majority of the time you will be restarting the app, trying to go back where you just were, or you’re going to try to input your information in one of TurboTaxes many pages that don’t want to act correctly.

  17. The app itself is actually pretty good – the process is simple, easy to understand, and the ability to snap a photo of my W2 is a huge time-saver. However I could not remember my password and the process to reset it kept sending me in circles for several hours before it randomly worked. I also kept encountering “oops, that didn’t work” errors when trying to read information. Additionally, TurboTax now charges for many things which are FREE from other services. Serious decline in quality =/

  18. The app was frustrating and clunky. I kept swiping accidentally during the whole lengthy ordeal and having to reenter information over and over. There should have been an option to download my W2 pdf. It’s the digital age, but the best we can do is print it out and take a picture? That is nonsense. Terrible experience start to finish.

  19. TurboTax is super easy to use. I Loved it, since I used it for years. However they ARE NOT FREE they start by asking if you want free, which you select. Then at the end they tell you that you have to pay $39.99 for Federal, $39.99 for State, and $39.99 to e-file your tax. Then an additional $79.98 for the deluxe that you never selected. A TOTAL OF $199.95. This happened to me a few friends & family members. This is a complete rip-off. Never Will use again!!!!

  20. Rob Rob dice:

    My taxes are simple and aren’t very difficult to do though, so I can’t vouch for some aspects of the app. I can say that it is a very easy to use app from my experience and I’m usually finished within 30 mins or so. Many fields are imported automatically which is convenient. They’ve added free state file a few years ago along with the normal free federal file. Options are available to pay for premium service if you wish. Text and/or email alerts are sent when returns are accepted.

  21. I’ve filed with TurboTax for six years now, but this year they’ve added hidden fees that aren’t communicated to you until the very end (including forcing you to upgrade to Plus for certain deductions, and an additional $39.99 fee for paying for the fees with your refund). The app itself is quite functional and easy to use, but seems like they’re charging you for it now and continuing to advertise it as free.

  22. I’ve used this app the last 4 years or so for my taxes and it’s generally pretty easy. But the app itself, nowadays, seems to be filled with upgrade choices at every turn. If you choose to pay your taxes with your refund, that’s a fee. I’m a single adult who rents, with no dependents. My taxes are a cakewalk for most specialists. However, what starts out as a $40 tax return, quickly becomes $140+. It was fun while it lasted, but this will be the last year. Also, the automated help bot sucks.

  23. I don’t really understand but it use to be so easy to file your taxes with TurboTax, I’ve been doing it for the past 4 years. this year has just been a headache. you have to log onto your account via computer to delete forms defeats the whole purpose of mobil app. after having that issue with my federal return, I run into problems with my state return. This year I’ve had to wait for a specialist 3 times. I don’t believe I’ll be returning next year.

  24. I was very happy with TurboTax last year. This year I’m not. Filing was very simple at the start – all my previous info was loaded and I was feeling really good about filing…until I got to the point of finalizing my return. They said I needed to go Deluxe. I was confused on why, but decided paying $39.99 wasnt a big deal, so I went ahead. Got to the very end and turns out they want to charge $40 for Federal, for State, and for electing to have the fees taken from my refund. $120 in fees!

  25. Used to love using Turbo Tax as it was free and easy to file. Then, in the past 2 years, they’ve been adding hidden fees that are absolutely unnecessary. Free became $40 to upgrade, then another $40 to allow them to take the cost out of your return, and now I’m hearing that this year they’re forcing people to upgrade to Premium. Apparently having just a W-2 to enter is way to complicated for them to remain true to their “free filing” advertising. This company should be renamed Ripoff Tax.

  26. If you incorrectly fill out anything, they’ll force you to upgrade to continue without letting you know you can just correct it for free. Once you correct it yourself, you have to start over the entire return to go back to the free version. This app is also incredibly glitchy. I’m tired of turbotax. After half a decade of using them, I only get more disappointed every year.

  27. It keeps telling me I’m taxes can’t be transmitted. I had the latest version and still it’s telling me there’s a problem transmitting. Then they forced me to upgrade without any option to stay with the basic version. Luckily my taxes didn’t transmit because I’m definitely going to a different service. I’ve used TurboTax for years with no problem yet this year there are a ton of problems and strong arming into paying for what you don’t want.

  28. Laggy. Inadvertently picked the incorrect product because of that. I understand I need to start over but I am not able to find the option to clear and restart. Had a similar problem last year. Spent several hours doing my returns when it should have been much quicker. Very pushy about upgrading to a higher priced product.

  29. my issue is that it guides you to pay for the (free) return that it advertises. It went from free to $139.00 and I had to start over to change to free again. also the mobile app doesn’t allow you to start over. i had to get on my tablet to be offeted that option. This will be my last year using turbo tax. The hidden choices and lack of transparency is diturbing to me. If you offer free then i shouldnt have to navigate a bombardment of asking the same question over and over again.

  30. Can’t take screenshots, so saving any info, no matter how small, requires jumping through PDF hoops. Also pretty slow, with a bunch of pointless animation and re-filling of forms and signatures. Finally, it’s expensive with all the extra fees and upselling. On the plus side, it’s pretty simple as long as you have all your forms with you. And you can scan in your W-2 with the camera, but no other forms support that. Expect to spend about 2 hours and up to two hundred bucks.

  31. Jo K dice:

    Last year there was no issue, loved the app and it was user friendly and straight forward. This year, there’s something strange happening, gets stuck on certain parts of the process and goes around in a loop. Tried it both online and visa app. Same issue at different stages. Live help couldn’t help, as it wasn’t tax problem but more the issue with a buggy app. It’s been stuck for hours, I’ve tried numerous times. Very frustrating experience and unable to finish lodging my tax return.

  32. I’ve been using turbotax for years. I remember when you could get it done for 20$ and about 30 minutes of your time. Now it’s closer to 150$ after forced upgrades and service fees and takes twice as long. Honestly might be better to explore newer and better options down the road. People reading this dont pay 40$ for turbo to take money from your return, it is literally them charging us to take our money. The fact that this has 4.4 stars is outrageous. 40$ is not a convenience fee, its robbery.

  33. I used to absolutely love using Turbo but now it’s full of hidden fees and getting harder and harder to navigate. I had a hard time last year but thought I’d give it one more chance but the fees are ridiculous. They charge $40 for State, another $40 for Federal, and now ANOTHER $40 if you want to pay with your return. Turbo used to be the least expensive option and now it’s the spendiest.

  34. Literally the worst experience ever. Constant freezing and force closing towards the end. Then, as I’m trying to transmit my file it tells me it failed only for it to say it went through a minute later. Does not verify driver’s licenses, so the 11 on my license ended up being filed as qq. That’s going to fun to deal with in the future I’m sure. Also misleading about the total and does not include their fee in your total until the very end. Super amazing for people living paycheck to paycheck.

  35. Cory dice:

    TurboTax gets worse and worse each year. It’s UI is slow, it’s not user friendly at times, and there’s way too many bogus fees. Doing state taxes is a nightmare if you just want to file by mail instead of paying another fee to efile. You have to get the CD/download for that. You can’t start online/app and move to the software version. To pay TurboTax with your tax return? There’s a fee for that ad well. Absolutely ridiculous. I only wish I could give TT half a star and stick to the paper forms.

  36. Decided it was time for me to do my taxes myself. I had four W-2s, student loan payments and two states to file taxes in. The app was a breeze! For me to get everything done it took about 30 minutes. It was thorough but not impossible to get through. Interface was super user friendly. It was $80 total to file state and federal. If you choose to have your refund cover the fee for turbo tax they tack on an additional $40 fee. Set it up to pay through Google pay to avoid the additional $40 fee.

  37. I have used Turbotax for over 10 years now, and never really had a problem before. Now whenever I try to sign in, it says I need a faster browser and gives me 4 options. I downloaded Chrome and it STILL won’t let me sign in and just reverts to the screen with the browser options. I’m not sure if H&R Block has good charitable deduction software, but I’m ready to switch. Taxes are aggravating enough already!

  38. Like many others, I’m peeved. I wasn’t sure if standard or itemized deductions would be higher, but TurboTax wouldn’t let me check both w/out the $40 Deluxe Version, since I bought a house. Standard deduction turned out to be higher, so I didn’t need the Deluxe version & tried to cancel, but when I went to file, they wanted to charge an additional $40 EACH for state returns for a total cost of $120! THEN they make it intentionally difficult to revert back to the free version! Took SO long. Slimy

  39. I’ve used turbotax to file my taxes every year for the past 4 or 5 years and it’s been great. Apparently they updated the app or something because it’s garbage now. Finally managed to get it to accept my login information (after locking my account despite using the correct info) only for it to say “unable to connect to server” repeatedly whenever I tried to login. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same problem. Super disappointing.

  40. We have used TurboTax for years with no issues. This year, the app is awful!! If we click on a link to get more information, the link doesn’t load. We tried four times to get live help after we upgraded to get the live help. Sessions connect but there’s no one there. We are considering canceling out of this and having someone do our taxes this year so we don’t have to fight the app anymore. I would give zero Stars if that was an option.

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