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Manage and cancel subscriptions, lower bills, track expenses, create budgets.
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Join over 3.4 million members who trust Rocket Money to save more, spend less & see everything in the #1, all-in-one personal finance app.

Forbes: *”This App Will Save You Hundreds”*


💰 Track and grow your net worth (New!)

🚫 Manage and cancel unwanted subscriptions

🤑 Lower your bills and let Rocket Money negotiate on your behalf

👀 Keep track of your monthly bills and avoid overdrafts

🗒️ Create unlimited custom budgets (e.g. side projects, NFTs, etc.)

📈 Monitor your credit score

💸 Put your savings goals on autopilot

🔒 Bank-level security and privacy

Save more, spend less, see everything, and take back control of your financial life.


Rocket Money (formerly Truebill) is your primary financial control center. The app automatically tracks different accounts and helps you navigate your finances each month in order to provide a clear picture of your income and expenses. Rocket Money finds recurring subscriptions and cancels them for you. It tracks all your bills and notifies you when they’re soon to be due. Rocket Money can even negotiate bills on your behalf to get you much lower rates.

Use Rocket Money as a spending tracker to see where your money goes and how your net worth changes. Connect your investment and retirement accounts to view how your holdings have grown. Use Rocket Money to monitor your credit score and credit report to start thinking about long-term financial goals. The app tracks all your bank, credit, and investment accounts so you don’t have to – just link them once and let the app handle the rest.


Managing your subscriptions has never been easier. Rocket Money gives you a clear picture of all recurring services, including forgotten subscriptions. Actively and easily monitor, manage and cancel ongoing subscriptions from one hub. Rocket Money will notify you when an existing subscription goes up in price and remind you when free trials are about to end. Rocket Money can sometimes get you a refund for subscriptions retroactively. Stop spending on subscriptions you no longer use and start tracking your money today.


Stop overpaying and start saving for what truly matters. Let Rocket Money lower your bills. Easily connect your bill by logging in or snapping a photo of it. Our expert negotiators get to work and lower your bills by either negotiating a better rate, or by getting 1-time credits applied to your account.


Are you interested in discovering your net worth? Now you can easily monitor your assets and debt with Rocket Money. Simply select your assets—like NFTs, jewelry, fine art, cars, and homes—and let the app calculate the rest. Whether you need a pulse on your financial health for a loan or you’re just curious, figuring out your net worth has never been easier.


Bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "Rocket Money – Bills & Budgets MOD 2022"

  1. The best app I’ve found for tracking what I spend. Better than Mint in every way, prettier than PocketGuard, connects with more banks than Monarch. I hope that the transition to Rocket doesn’t mean more spam, ads, and less privacy. I rated the app four stars due to the performance – there’s a second or two with every tap. Also, when you recategorize a transaction, a “rule” pop-up blocks the ability to do anything on the screen.

  2. Been using for a while now. Excellent budget tool and credit score tracking app. It has a savings you can utilize, which is great for emergencies! The do not notification or advertise you to death. I would like to spend more time at some point to figure out how to reset my budget at so I am not always over budget in every category… Overall it is well worth it!

  3. Rose. H dice:

    This is the best budgeting app you will ever, EVER find! This replaces all the apps that you may use; one for budgeting, one to see all of your transactions at a glance, one to edit transactions for budgeting purposes, a rainy day/emergency fund, tracks subscriptions, etc. The price is perfect! I’ve been using this app pretty much since it’s inception as True Bill and it just keeps getting better.

  4. So far, the app won’t work,I was hoping it would, but it keeps just keeps saying synching data after about a week. It won’t export my bank data, and some of the buttons you press don’t work either (my guess is an app issue). I’m going to give it a few more days,maybe a week. If the issues aren’t fixed,I’ll just delete it. If they get fixed,I’ll update my raiting.

  5. Breevis dice:

    So far it’s a good concept. But for an app that says it helps with finances and locate subscriptions to help cancel them, they don’t tell you about adding a subscription of their own and charging you $60 dollars. It doesn’t even show you that they charged you or that they’re part of a subscription. I had to look at my bank statement to see that they charged me for their services. At least give the option to add the premium, especially if I have to pay for them.

  6. Its alright. I have a few issues here and there but I chalk it up to me not spending a lot of time in app. I mostly use the auto transfer savings feature to funnel out a dollar or two here and there. It currently disconnected my bank account and i can’t reconnect. It wants me to unlink my bank. But to do that i have to clean out my “smart savings” (the in app savings fund) but i dont want it in my account. I just need to relink my bank. Just a bothersome issue.

  7. Super easy to use once you explore a bit and read around about it. There is a forum for suggesting new features that appears to be actively used by developers. Their ads say “saves you hundreds” and it totally has for me. I was one that thought “how can anyone not notice subscriptions coming out of their account every month” and after I had every credit, debit, investing, saving, loan, everything hooked up…I found subscriptions I didn’t know about and literally saved hundreds a year.

  8. Shawn dice:

    Very bad. The app isn’t very smart and will count some transactions more than once if you’re moving money around to other accounts. The connections to institutions break all the time. Fixing the connections are through Plaid and often don’t work. Syncing doesn’t work a lot of times or takes forever. The app often can’t even cancel subscriptions for you as it claims. Horrible app.

  9. The rules I make don’t matter and seem to apply randomly. I am constantly going thru transactions to recategorize them because it seems to think that my cellphone for example counts as a bill when I prefer it under the software and tech category. I would like a preference option that will display my transactions by most recent automatically. Not to mention it randomly seems to think some transactions are subscriptions when it didn’t before.

  10. Rae Vigil dice:

    I used this when it was Trubill for about 2 years. Loved the app, as it was the first budgeting app that I had tried (and I’d tried a lot) that actually did what I wanted. However once it became rocket money most of the features I’d come to rely on glitched out. Such as it saying it’s synced with my accounts, but I know tons of transactions aren’t there. I lost all my 2 years of data collection when it switched over. None of my old saved rules apply anymore, and I simply can’t trust the data.

  11. Okay, they did get one of my bills lowered $10 a month but other than that it’s difficult to get a full picture because it doesn’t track cash app and there’s no way enter it manually. Tried to enter as cash but it didn’t really work. The biggest issue is it doesn’t account for a variable income. Big ask but I would like to track daily totals along with actual pay period totals. Also more information and advice on how to navigate fluctuating income.

  12. Don’t believe the hype! I liked everything this app said it does so I downloaded it to try it out. First hiccup came when it would only recognize 1 of my 3 accounts; if I have to enter everything manually, I may as well do all this on paper. And when there were subscriptions I needed to cancel, I tried the “one tap…” It just told me HOW to cancel. Admittedly, it gave me detailed instructions on how to cancel. But it did not cancel them for me. Definitely disappointed.

  13. Don’t bother. Sure, the app shows all your subscriptions in one place; but it seems only able to cancel a select few for you. The app then tells you how to cancel the service via the provider’s website…. umm duh. I knew how to do that before downloading this dumb app!! I specifically downloaded Rocket Money on the basis that they’d take care of all your subscriptions service cancelations… Not to mention, 90% of their advertising is claiming they will take care of canceling things for you.

  14. I’ve been using this app for over a year as TruBill. Loved it. It helped me SO much. I *depended* on it. But it started glitching after it became RM and labeling things wrong. …then it stopped syncing in September. I uninstalled and reinstalled – didnt work. Tech help had me unlink my accounts and re-link. The balances show up but not transactions. Might be the institution – idk. It was a life saver when it worked.

  15. Seriously great app for getting your personal finances in order and chopping out old subscriptions you didn’t realize you were paying for. It’s not perfect (can’t cancel every subscription from the app) but it does offer a lot of cancelations and can still at least show* you what you are paying for even if it can’t cancel all of them automatically.

  16. AVOID!!! The premium membership is a complete scam and the customer support is completely unresponsive!!!!! I had an easier time canceling the subscriptions myself then relying on Rocket Money. The premium membership is supposed to be a percentage of the savings you get from the subscriptions they will cancel, but in fact they charge you an upfront fee without even saving you anything in the first place.

  17. I am shocked that I can’t even get started because the app doesn’t recognize BMO Harris Bank, an international financial institution. Since it’s my bank and credit card issuer, I can’t do anything. 🤦‍♂️ Despite all the advertising, the app lists relatively few banks and credit card companies. One can click a link inquiring about others not listed, but nothing seems to occur after doing so. A real shame.

  18. Amro Lulu dice:

    I started using this app about 8 months ago, and it changed my whole financial situation, I’m finally able to set a budget and track all my spendings. I love the feature where you split big payments and give them a future date to be part of a coming months. Keep in mind that you need to spend some time organizing and labeling your past spending, setting rules, reviewing and editing until it’s all set, after doing that, it’s the best financial managing experience you’ll have

  19. Selene C dice:

    I have to add to this. Ive had this app for about a month and I can not even express how much its helped me. You can get the free standard version which is amazing by itself but I opt for all the extras and even then you can actually pick the price you want to pay. I connect my bank accounts and my credit cards and it showed me all the fees my credit cards have been charging me that I wasn’t even aware of. Just that tid bit of info is worth way more than what I pay each month. Try it out!..

  20. Awful. They have randomly charged me $89 for the “free” service. No way to despute and have ignored my inquiries. They also charge a lot for the bill negotiation. The smallest you can select is 30% of what you save for a whole year, so don’t have them negotiate unless you’re 100% sure the savings outweigh their cost. App not worth it, other apps that are truly free will do the same thing.

  21. This app will only show 3 months of transactions in spending. Unable to scroll back through transactions older than about 11/2 months. If you try to scroll farther the screen glitches, goes blank and locks up. The past months were there b4 but dropped off, so it is useless for tracking annual or quarterly spending. Serious bug that needs to be corrected. It’s useless unless you only want to track your most recent spending. I will not continue to pay $6 a month for this app. Going to try Mint.

  22. It seems the app is broke (at least for me). I can log in, but every time I try to since my bank with them, we go through the set up motions, I get a Success! page, and then back to log in, and back to my bank not being synced with the app. I’d love to use the app, but can’t get past ser up.

  23. So this app is okay at best, the biggest reason for this is one of it’s selling points that you can cancel paid subscriptions from the app, without having to log onto other apps. It hasn’t worked for me once. I have logged in to the app cancelled it through rocket money only to have the same charge come around a month later. It’s frustrating especially because I have tried to cancel the same subscription multiple times and it failed until I did it manually.

  24. I wanted a simpler way to keep track of my budget and spending. I thought this would be ideal, however, when I entered my info (checking acct and credit cards) it duplicated my checking account, so it appeared as 2 accounts. It obviously threw off all the numbers and therefore, I never saw what it SHOULD look like. It was confusing, I didn’t like the way it was laid-out in the app, or on my PC. When I emailed ‘support’ (A joke) they sent that generic, reply that doesn’t help. Excel spreadsheet.

  25. You’re never too old to start getting a better handle on your finances, especially when you’re suddenly on a more fixed income. Rocket Money has been a game changer. I was paying for things I had forgotten about/no longer use and they cancelled several of them for me (at my request). They can negotiate lower monthly payments, track & monitor both spending and income, categorize bills, and SO much more. I’ve tried other apps and Rocket is the simplest, most trustworthy and reliable one by far.

  26. Very useful app, but extremely slow at times and unresponsive. For example, if I change a transaction category it’ll prompt me to create a new rule (cool feature). Hitting that button takes about 10 seconds to respond, and if you hit the button multiple times during that (since there is no confirmation that it is doing anything) multiple rule windows will pop up.

  27. Was using Albert for 3 years but it never helped me make budgets so I switched to true bill (now rocket money) and so far I like it much better. One of my credit cards has issues connecting but other than that it’s perfect for what I need. Edit: I’m still having issues connecting the one card but I know it has to do with the bank itself. Other than that, this app has been really helpful when it comes to tracking my spending and my savings trends which has become a game changer for my finances.

  28. Great app, and definitely worth the money ($3/mon). Very UI friendly, feels and looks up-to-date and can assist with credit score, net worth, and bill management. However, I was hoping to pitch to you guys the idea of including a widget or two for the app. A quick way to view our spending for the day, or something (might have to make it a premium thing considering the daily refresh ability). Otherwise, keep it up.

  29. Truebill is good at certain things, but not the key points they advertised. You CANNOT cancel most subscriptions from the app, and the ones you can cancel from the app are ones that don’t take a lot of effort to cancel to begin with. This app is good for basic budgeting, checking credit, and viewing transactions. Most banking apps help with these things anyway, but Truebill’s straightforward and easy interface is good for beginner’s in personal finance

  30. This has been an incredible app that helps me save money without even noticing I’m doing so. I was going on a trip and was set back due to an unexpected bill. I was going through my bank statement and saw truebill a few times and thought wait a minute!!!! I have savings!!! I’ve been putting random small amounts of money into this account for about 6mo. I went and transferred the money & w/in 2 days it was there.It’s discreet enough to forget about but wonderful once remembered. It’s a great App!

  31. Dani Rae dice:

    It was easy to set up all my accounts but actually using it is laggy and frustrating. They hype up their subscription management feature but only one of the dozen subscriptions I had could actually be cancelled by them which is so disappointing, it’s the main reason I downloaded. I do like the budget features though so I’m going to try it for at least a few months and hope it gets better.

  32. This has already saved me hundreds of dollars. Literally. I went from $834/yr to $286/yr by helping me cancel subscriptions I had forgotten about. If I could include screenshots to prove it I would. Ironically you have to subscribe to it to use it. BUT, you get to choose how much you pay. No seriously, you do. AND I think it’s worth it! Just by those numbers alone! Plus it has a lot of other REALLY awesome features. Ones that most other apps say they do, but either don’t, or don’t do it well.

  33. Bug ridden, can’t cancel premium services. Far more annoyance than any benefits. I’ll stick to keeping my personal budget in Excel. I have reached out to support because I keep getting a message that says “an error occurred” when trying to get my money back from the Smart Savings account feature in the app, and have not gotten a reply back for 4+ days…

  34. This app used to be truebill and it was great when it was but now that this belongs to rocket it is no longer the great app it once was. It is slow and freezes all the time. We lost the freedom to classify payments together and their new system thinks everything is a subscription and the only way to change that is going from transaction to transaction and change it. You had to do that for truebill but at least it wasn’t every transaction but just a select few. Don’t use this app.

  35. I started using this app when it was still Truebill. Truebill was great. How much you paid for it was optional–i chose $3/month, which was great. The app worked well and I felt $3/month was free for the way I was using it. I even recommended it to my friends. When truebill switched to this Rocket Money app, they increased the cost to nearly $30/ month without asking me or notifying me. It is now glitchy and less helpful in monitoring spending. Pretty disappointed in this switch.

  36. PJ dice:

    This is not a free service, you’ll pay a monthly fee on a sliding scale to access the useful features. You have to pay a lump sum up front on any amount the app saves you on any given account. If it saves you money from bill negotiation services or gets a credit on your bill, this fee is charged upfront. For example, if they are able to save you $20 a month off of your cable and internet, and you choose to pay Rocket Money the suggested success fee amount of 40%, you’ll pay $96 upfront

  37. It’s an amazing app to have! They have offers to lower your bills! You can see your credit score! Helps organize your bills! You can set a saving account and they let you know how much they will take out, if too much you can change it! My saving is growing and I sometimes forget (which is good, lol!) There is so much more! You won’t regret installing this app!

  38. SinSin dice:

    Not what I expected. I’ve seen multiple adds for this app all over the place and it does what it’s advertised, but I see that it’s starting to take money out of my account. If I knew there would be extra fees on top of paying for premium I wouldn’t have used this app. I’m trying to save money not lose it and every penny counts for my situation. Also it doesn’t tell you it’ll be charging you up front for the year for premium almost $40 was taken from my account at once for $3 a month payment plan

  39. This has great features and makes it easy to track and customize everything you need. However the performance sucks! Every click makes some backend call that takes forever. So navigation is painful especially when recategorizing transactions. You also have to recategorize often if you change from the default budget categories because they don’t stick and will revert back after any update.

  40. Not sure what is going on but this has gotten extremely slow to the point where it’s actually annoying but more importantly, very inconvenient to use. Before the slow down it was an excellent money management tool. As a premium member I am disappointed. I might have to go back to mint full-time, especially now that they have the premium membership too.

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