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Need professional tax help? Get in touch with an H&R Block tax pro any time of the year, with secure messaging, screen sharing, and video chat capabilities.

Enjoy a stress-free solution for in-person or virtual appointment planning and prep – or switch to a new appointment type whenever you want.

Want help managing your tax forms and info? Answer a few quick questions, and we’ll tell you exactly what docs you need to file your taxes.

Use your personalized tax organizer to collect your docs and get ready to file your taxes. 

Start your taxes before your first appointment by uploading docs and info through the app and answering basic tax questions.

Take a pic of your forms to quickly add them to your MyBlock account.

Upload receipts, donations, tax forms, and more as you get them throughout the year. No more scrambling for lost docs at tax time.

Get quick and easy access to your documents and tax returns — for all of life’s big financial decisions.

Estimate your potential refund and keep tabs on your return status after you’ve filed.


Your privacy, security, and guarantees are important to us. Please visit to learn more.

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40 comentarios en "MyBlock MOD"

  1. Used a combination of the app and my computer to do last year’s taxes with no issues. Great experience. As of today, my filing experience for this year is the complete opposite. Neither the app NOR the website function properly. I am unable to get past the service selection screen. It just logs me out and sends me back to the beginning screen. Hopefully, this rectified quickly.

  2. Been using H&R Block for years, thought I’d give the app a shot. Not impressed in the least. Clunky, no option to review or modify entries after you’ve moved to a new section. You’re railroaded through the entire process without any chance to correct mistakes, so get it right the first time or you’ll have to start over from the beginning. Skip the app, do it on your computer or use a different service (Uninstalled and definitely won’t be looking back)

  3. I have used the hr block app several years to file my taces. Started my taxes this year and the links in the app don’t work. Specifically, the links while doing yourbtaxes explain certain items on the return. It won’t let me remove certain credits ( it applied a savings credit automatically even though it said I don’t qualify, so the credit is there, but I can’t remove it). Debating if I want to finish my taxes with them as I don’t want to wait for them to update the app.

  4. Whitney dice:

    Would rate a 0 if possible. Unintuitive, very glitchy process on mobile. There are several points where you’re either stuck on a page and unable to use the Next button to proceed to the next page or you’re stuck in a loop, forced to go through multiple pages you’ve already addressed. I ultimately had to use desktop version to successfully file.

  5. I have used this app for years with no issues. Last year it started doing little things like links not working, but was still able to finish. This year it is actual garbage it took me forever just to get through them because of links not working and having to start over. When it came to sign, I’ve been back and forth with support for almost 2 weeks just. I’ve signed and approved my return at least 6 times and each time it tells me I still need to sign. I am beyond frustrated with h&r block

  6. I have used h&r block mobile since I became a legal adult and started doing my own taxes, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that I just reset my password and saved it only to not be able to log in as my password and username don’t match. I’ve reset it a couple different times now to no avail. I’m not sure why this year I’m having so many issues when I never have before. The services provided this far have severely degraded since last year.

  7. Every update you do is worse and worse. It worked fine to begin with, but after every update it gets slower and won’t load the different pages. I couldn’t even imagine trying to actually do your taxes on it. It was good for just checking the balance on my Emerald Card but not anymore. Edit 1/28/23: still can’t do anything but stare at a blank screen.

  8. I like the old app so much more. Like for the Emerald Card transactions. Was easier to get to the site. Plus, you got to see so much more for the transactions. My screen freezes up & the app can be slow. Not sure why you messed w/the old app to make it better. Because you really didnt. If SOMETHING IS GOOD. WHY F___K W/ IT! Everytime you say you improved the app. You dont!

  9. I loved the old app, it was way easier to use, since they have updated this app, it doesn’t allow you the information you had access to before especially for the emerald card transactions, it lags getting into the screen you select. Also used to be able to use one tap to see balance on emerald card which no longer works, you keep getting the message “an error occured”. From time to time I like to check it and be able to print out a copy of my transactions, and they charge you a fee for none use.

  10. Soooooo slow… it often just spins for several minutes. it’s so annoying because then it freezes and you can’t go back to a prior screen. The screen goes white in-between switching from screen to screen so you don’t even know what it’s doing. This is the 3rd phone I’ve tried to use the app on. It’s nearly useless. The only thing that would make it worse is if there were ads on it.

  11. Mary Anna dice:

    Second year using this service. No problems last year, but this year the app is horrible. Overlays on review and edit screens where you can’t go back to review or edit. It won’t take snap shots of forms, and freezes up alot. Sometimes it will let you upload, however I entered the majority of it manually. This is not time saving at all. Other than the few glitches its decent. I dont know why this company has 2 separate apps, it’s confusing, but I have received the max return using this service.

  12. They’ve made this app worse in basically every way. It’s all up in the air if the app wants to work or will just crash. The fingerprint reader to skip typing your password straight up doesn’t work. They seemingly removed tap for balance for no good reason. The only reason it’s not 1 star is because it technically works, just not most of the time, and it’s basically your only option.

  13. Its too new for it to work. Like it tells me both values for my taxes but thats it. If you click on the add you get a blank page. If you click on the profile you get a “couldnt pull your information” notice. Nice try, but I can tell that the app is new and incomplete. Not very useful. Use the webpage version (even for mobile). That one actually works.

  14. Last year, I did my taxes via remote and through the app. It was the best tax experience I’d ever had! This year, I literally couldn’t do a single thing through the app! Nothing but white screens and buttons that you can’t click on! I ended up having to call the local location to set up an in-person appointment, since the app wouldn’t let me make an appointment either. Something really needs to change, because the only reviews I’m seeing about the app now, are all negative! Fix the app please!

  15. B K dice:

    Absolutely worthless!!! They send you a code to verify every time you log in, but you can’t look at the text or email without the app logging you out. Then when you go to take a pic of you W-2, it makes you leave the app and then it doesn’t even import the W-2. Plus you have to try to login, again, and it doesn’t let you start where you left off. You have to keep completing the same parts over and over. I ended up having to go to the website. TurboTax is significantly more user friendly.

  16. This app is awesome. It might work for someone who can sit down and do their taxes in a single session, but if you need to switch between apps, or save and come back later, this app is a huge time suck. It spends forever loading, and even returning back to the”last worked on page” it will often kick me back to the beginning. Negating on the website on my phone is way easier.

  17. Brian L dice:

    App Appearance is bad/can’t see text. Generally the app is good (4-5 stars), but right now it is unusable. I open up the app, and I can’t read most of the text. It’s like Ikea developed the app–i can see pictures, and words when I type, but I think the font is white on white background. I seem to have the most current update. This is for a Pixel 2.

  18. Andy S. dice:

    I have used this H&R Block app in the past for taxes and had good luck. This year the app is very clunky and difficult to navigate through the questions. When trying to click on the upload button to capture tax docs it does not open. Overall the questions and guidance for navigating through the process often led to rabbit holes that were difficult to find a path forward. I had to switch over to Turbo Tax and found the experience much much smoother.

  19. Tim O dice:

    This app is buggy. It won’t load the main screen or account screen properly, to where you cannot see any text nor know what you’re clicking on. While filing my taxes, they have you go to a browser based app to take a picture of your w2 then return to the app,but the app forces you to sign in every time you leave it and restarts you at the last checkpoint. Thus the picture isn’t uploaded. When in they give you the option to upload a picture in the app, the button “tap to upload” does nothing.

  20. This app is such a great concept. I WANT to like it. The idea that I can upload documents and file via an app is spectacular…… It would be great if it actually worked. Half the time it freezes and then kicks me off entirely or I can’t sign any documentation. Which, in my opinion, makes the concept of filing via an app completely mute. It really is a great concept. I wish it worked.

  21. It never loads my finances or transactions made. Always give grey screen and nothing ever appears. The fingerprint option is a joke. I’ve used my emerald card for years to pay bills, income tax returns. Love that it has little reload fees. It’s convenient but if the app doesn’t get better soon. I will have to find a new prepaid debit card to use. Disappointed…..well I just did the update and it didn’t fix the finance problem. This is so aggravating when you can’t see what’s been taken out!

  22. For the last week the app has been impossible to navigate: text blending into background colors so you can read what it says, files not opening, clicking on buttons but they don’t go anywhere. Then today I open the app and it says update required, but there is no update available in the play store. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still getting the same message. Terrible timing for this app to be on the fritz as tax time is just revving up.

  23. Better to not have an app. It used to be one of the better banking apps with a “Tap for Balance” feature. With the latest update you can’t access your card balance or transactions at all. Sure, it looks prettier but what good is it aside from scheduling your next tax appointment, so you’ll use the app about once each year…or not at all if you just call your local office to set one up.

  24. Will stay a one star till this issue is fixed. Every single time I try to upload a photo of my W2, the app freezes then crashes and never uploads the image. I’ve tried starting from that screen after the crash, only to crash again. I’ve tried starting over, only to have it crash again as soon as I try to upload the picture. I’ve ininstalled and reinstalled, nothing changes.

  25. Last update made it better but I still can’t find settings for receiving text messages or emails when money is removed or deposit. Having the same issues as everybody else. The old app worked beautifully. Now with this new update there is alot of bugs and glitches. My main issue is that it will not save my settings like Tap for balance or finger print will not save. I have to sign in and reset it every time. This app changes its design every year and it gets worse every time they change it.

  26. The Myers dice:

    Nightmare. I hate navigating this app, and half the time I TRY to use it, it loads slow or doesn’t load all the features. I haven’t been able to use it to file taxes, although it gives the option, I had to go online. My finance doesn’t work or load half the time so if you have a card, it’s hard to check your balance. The app is unreliable.

  27. Logged in to a blank page. Tabs are there, but clicking in them takes you nowhere. Still a blank page. Same issues as others, wouldn’t recognize the code sent, same code each time you try again. Finally manage to get in and it’s a blank white page. App is up to date. Worked last year. Unsure if glitch this year. Disappointing

  28. Said “glitch” three consecutive transactions showing up, embedded in between other posted transactions (three times), within months of August and September, told by phone customer service to delete and reinstall the app it won’t allow me to reinstall??? No answers. I’ve had it a few years. Haven’t had problems with the app till recently. I liked it when it was working.

  29. This app is trash!!!! I’ve been a customer for almost 10 years and in the last 4 years the customer service and app has gotten worse and worse!!!! No one can help you because of the language barrier and they transfer u over and over until the call drops…I’ve been trying to get a refund for disputed claim for over a week and everyday it’s the same thing…but I have to contact them because I can’t see my transactions on the app!!!!

  30. I am never using this app again. This is one of the glitchiest apps I have ever used. Just spent the better part of an hour running into errors, getting taken back to the beginning of my return when I press NEXT, then having to reenter everything (and that was just when I was finished and trying to file). I’d rather pay TurboTax $60 just to not have to deal with that again.

  31. Tania G dice:

    This app is completely useless. In the past I was able to use it to scan and upload my documents. But this year, the app is entirely useless. It’s difficult to log in, when you finally log in, you fill out the requested information and then the screen goes blank and goes nowhere. When you try to schedule an appointment, the text is unreadable (white text on white background). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times, but it continues to be completely useless.

  32. Nina Soto dice:

    Love hr and block. Have used them for years. Still and will always. Their prices are too too HIGH. I have gotten the same services for so much less. I still use them because I don’t have to keep bringing the same docs each year. w2. Now this whole loan they started in November not worth it at all. Super expensive. You paying twice back and you must pay within 90 days the full amount. ( not rapid refund) only the new loan option. Besides that they are amazing. The app is great Safe and quick

  33. Paige Ney dice:

    App is not very easy to use. It is glitchy, hard to login, you cannot forward or reply to messages. When I uploaded documents there was a long delay until they could be accessible to my tax person. And now even with my app updated when I try and open it it says new version must be used and redirects me to the app store. I am trying to delete and reinstall we’ll see what happens then.

  34. Not user friendly when it comes starting your taxes and navigating back to add more data. You get the option to begin or go to last page completed. No option to jump in between to add income data. You go through like 20 clicks to start from beginning and impossible to get back that screen when you select last completed. Also, I could not load a pdf file from Robinhood which is the required file type. I expected better from a key player like HRBLOCK. Time to see what Turbo has for me?

  35. I have been an Emerald Card user for over ten years. The app used to be much more “user friendly”. I used to be able to get texts that would show my balance after a purchase was made. I used to be able to access past transactions much easier. I’m hoping some of these features will be readdressed and either updated or put back as it was. Thank you.

  36. Horrible app. Pages don’t load forcing me to restart app. Customer data and messages don’t get delegated when tax professional leaves. Some buttons don’t work or sends you back to the page you’re trying to navigate out of. It’s a mess. It’s not worth using and it’s best to go in person. Seems no proper QA was performed after app was updated, and you simply released it to the wild. Bad CX.

  37. Tylman dice:

    The app has multiple spots where it hangs up and does not work. Weirdly, the website also has multiple spots where it hangs up and does not work. I had to constantly hand off between my app and the website to finish set up, and then when my appointment time came I was stood up. Incredibly bad experience, I’d rather do my taxes myself than deal with this.

  38. The app rarely works, i can log in and sometimes check my card balance but most of the time it only shows pictures no words so i have no idea what the boxes to click are for and if i click one it’s the same on the next page just pictures, other times it just freezes and i have to close it and sign back in. I have been trying for about a week to get info on my taxes but have been unsuccessful because the app is useless.

  39. Vin M dice:

    Doesn’t work. Can’t add documents. Doesn’t load anything past Step 1 when trying to file online. Infinite loading screen when uploading documents to app. Nothing happens after tapping to continue Step 1 of filing online. Terrible, terrible app. It was bad but usable last year, this year it’s just a waste of time. I’d give no stars if possible.

  40. it was good like really good. Although i have been experiencing some issues with the direct deposite mechanic. Meaning i would deposite my check and the app would kick me for inactivity. Along with the log in, there was complications even when i put the right info. To further elaborate, it would just reload the screen again and again for a good 30 mins.

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