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Buy or renew your Term life & Health Insurance & car/bike insurance online.
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Still figuring out ways to reduce your income tax for this financial year? Don’t know where to invest in order to maximize your income tax savings?

Download the Policybazaar app now to:
1. Save up to Rs. 23,400 income tax by purchasing Health Insurance for you and your parents
2. Save up to Rs. 46,800 tax investing in ULIP Plans or by purchasing a Term Insurance plan

Policybazaar is India’s largest insurance comparison app. You can simply compare and buy from the widest range of insurance and investment products on the Policybazaar app. To experience all the features and purchase a product on the Policybazaar app you need to be either:

A resident Indian;
A Non-Resident Indian;
Or a Person of Indian Origin

With just a few clicks, the Policybazaar app allows you to purchase any of the following products:

Life Insurance / Term Life Insurance / Term Insurance
Medical Insurance / Health Insurance
Car Insurance / Motor Insurance
Two-wheeler or motorcycle Insurance
Travel Insurance
Investment Plans – ULIP, Child, Retirement, Pension & Tax Saving Plans

With the Policybazaar app, you get access to essential features like Hospital Locator and Cashless Garage Locator. The other pioneering features of the app are:

Compare: This feature helps understand the various features of every product so that you make an informed decision before you buy it. To compare, just shortlist the products that fit your budget and click compare.
Manage: Using this you can easily Buy, Store and Share all your products online with a single click.
Shortlist: You can view all your shortlisted insurance products by clicking on this button.
My Account: The dedicated My Account button on the app gives you access to your policy purchase history, your searches, your vehicle information, your credit, and your financial score.
Claim Assistance: Whether you want to buy a product or need help with your existing purchases, the claim assistance feature will provide you hassle-free customer experience.
Insta Renew: This feature allows you to instantly renew your existing motor insurance policy with a single click.

For more details, please visit our website at https://www.policybazaar.com or call our Toll-Free number 1800-208-8787. You can also drop us an email at [email protected], in case you need any assistance or have any queries regarding any of our products. We are happy to help you.


Our developers are super awesome! Don't believe it? Check out the new user experience of our app. It's much faster, sleeker and lighter.

App is now also loaded with features: One Click renewal for hassle-free policy issuance, Fund Performance of your investment plans, auto-pay feature so you don't miss any payment, Insurance-101 to explain nuances, enhanced policy list, and details, offline mode to access policy anywhere, anytime.

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40 comentarios en "Policybazaar – Compare & Buy MODDED"

  1. They will not confirm you about a successful payment credited into their account, nor will they provide you with any proof of payment. This will keep you in the dark about the transaction. The policy which is if issued can wait. But the customer enjoys the right to know the status of a payment made. I requested them umpteem number of times about the same, but no in their team helped me

  2. Worst app ever, most of the features not work properly. I have purchased one term insurance policy, first they asked me to pay additional payment for some reason even if my reports are normal. still I paid it, now one week is gone still I haven’t received my policy documents. Schedule call back feature is not working, unable to select time slot.

  3. Ashok Deb dice:

    It doesn’t reflect the current policy after renewal of policy. It shows only previous policy. Future coming dates are not given for entering the new policy ending date. App doesn’t work properly. Update is essential for this app. Unable to download the new policy after renewal, since it reflects only old policy only. How can I download the current policy, God only knows. Worst app. Not functioning well.

  4. I overpaid for an insurance policy thanks to a bug/glitch in their app. Dont know if that bug/glitch is kept on purpose or not, but they do not admit to their mistake and stick to their rules set only by themselves. Thankfully the amount I overpaid wasnt much. I would suggest using other alternate platforms, if you dont want to risk overpaying your hard earned money. Their customer support executives are not there to provide solutions, but only to recite the rules of policybazaar.

  5. Achal dice:

    Customer Support is 3rd class. Don’t ever trust this application and company. My Insurance claim is still pending from many days, all documents submitted already. And they don’t even help. They take commission from customers and say good bye to them forever. Very Bad Experience.

  6. Pathetic service !! When you have to sell a policy to the customer you will call hundred times a day but when I was looking forward to contact you it was showing a long queue. Had raised this concern multiple times that my policy is not visible in my policy section of the app since the mobile number is not correct but no action taken so far, you guys don’t care since the policy has been sold and you have made money out of it.

  7. One of the worst experience with this service provider. Bought a policy on 19 June, but it got postponed as there were no clear communication between the insurer and client because of this intermediary. Even after cancellation there are no clearance on why it was cancelled. Still waiting for refund after 8 days of cancellation.

  8. Just when I installed the app and started browsing, I received 5-10 calls everyday from their backoffice team trying to convince me to purchase any plan. I told them that I was just browsing for suitable plan, but then too. 1 person even said that to not to check the app of not interested to buy. Note: once u install the app be prepared to receive spam calls everyday.

  9. Alert! They create too many problems at the time of insurance claim. They raise their hands and say contact the insurance company we can’t help you. It is better to purchase insurance directly from the insurance company not third party like policy bazaar. Their app is just to compare the policies, they are good at it, but for purchasing the policies don’t trust them.

  10. Delay in issuance of policy and once you do cancellation, they don’t cancel it instead they keep on persuading you to continue. They don’t value the customers words. False promises. Don’t buy policy bazaar policies. Not trust worthy. My 32000rs stuck with them and they are not issuing the refund.

  11. When you log in the app with mobile number, you will be spammed with back to back calls, almost 3-4 calls a day from PB representative. I told them not to call repeatedly, but every time some one new calls. Miserable experience!

  12. I’ve made a policy renewal payment which later on took me to ekyc page. Where I got delayed as I had to get the documents ready. Now it’s not showing in my account. Why you seek payment before collecting necessary documents ? And wheres my payment?

  13. For policy getting payments is only priority. By mentioning Wrong information. For getting it corrected No one will support simply you ask one after one information but results is nothing . I did a mistake by listening your discount for 1k, Guys if you want any policy please contact directly don’t go through policy Bazaar (Fake Bazaar)..

  14. S W dice:

    So many bugs in UI. Cannot update the city of vehicle owner. Dropdown is showing predefined cities and doesnt matter what you type, you cannot select it

  15. There is no way to log an issue. The call back option did not even work. I have not been able to renew the policy through an app or web for the last one week. Better to work with insurance companies directly.

  16. Tis app sucks ,too much bugs, while i was looking for insurance it was showing wrong communication adress and i try to edit but it was not taking the new city name and also not able to save mannually

  17. I have renewed my 2 wheeler policy on feb2023 in policy bazar. But after 2 months, my insurance is disappeared online & not able to found. Even they not sent copy to my mail or my whatsapp. Again I forced to renew my policy on acko insurance policy. Now again I found the missing policy in policy bazar. Very poor experience. Waste of money.

  18. Never ever buy a policy from them, you’ll be misguided at first place and after multiple follow ups as well they wont make any changes. Pathetic service. At the time of new purchase even a random visit will invite tons of spam sales calls. Never ever use this app.

  19. AJAY dice:

    As soon as you just click any of PB link even by mistake, immediately starts calls from PB Agents. It’s absolutely annoying & non professional attitude. No Hard Copy option by courier. Not so great discounts & options on App or site. Most HARRASMENT you will get from this Policy Bazaar.

  20. Worst customer service, they do not respond and never do anything asked. They have changed my communication number without me asking or permission and after lot of following up also they’re unable to correct it. This is so retarded

  21. Poor service and team will always say that they will get back… and work towards the company’s benefits and commission rather than customer problems and discomfort. They won’t tell you the entire policy and will try to hide things in order to sell policy, and there are chances that your policy will be canceled, and you will wait for your refund forever. And the more time they waste, the least they have to pay back. Don’t trust them. Find a different platform.

  22. I have been continuously calling Policy Bazaar team regarding claim status of my Car submitted for claim settlement. Everyday they assure me that they will call back but no one is bother to call back. I have lost all the faith in your company. You only call 100 times at the time of taking the policy and don’t care after that. Very very poor and unprofessional response. That why I have not taken my bike insurance from your portal and will never take any policy further.

  23. Amal dice:

    4.4 is fake computerized robotic spam rating for this application. Actual rating is 1 star . I thing if 0 aur negative rating available, I will give it to this application and this company. Don’t ever trust this application and company on their app store ratings. My Insurance claim is still pending since Oct 2023, all documents and verification submitted already. And they don’t even help. They take commission from customers and say good bye to them forever. Very Bad Experience.

  24. They just want to sell the product. Service is pathetic. I’m requesting them to solve an issue regarding already made payment from last one month yet they are not able solve that.

  25. Pathetic service!! I suggest don’t purchase any policy from policy bazar. Worst experience, After 4 working days they generated soft copy of policy still errors are there and now they are asking to upload RC of vehicle. This app leads you to complete Waste of time & money as well.

  26. I have taken a health ins policy of 2 years for my parents from Policy Bazaar. Policy Bazar personnel are easy to connect, and I appreciate this, but at the same time when it comes to connect with insurance team and explain the issues that you are facing they only say that we are waiting for update from insurer end and then the series of callbacks and mails start and here I have not even talked about claim but the mistake/confusion made from the insurer/policy bazaar end. Not recommended.

  27. Awful experience, once you complete the payment they stop responding to Emails. Buying a policy directly with insurer makes sense rather than going through Policy baazar.

  28. It’s a scam. I downloaded it for a different reason and it didn’t do as advertised. Isn’t worth downloading. If the app wants a better rating I recommend them to employ better advertiser’s and promoters who don’t lie about its features.

  29. Only Commission eating company. Don’t ever trust this application and company. My Insurance claim is still pending since Nov 2023, all documents & verification submitted already. And they don’t even help. They take commission from customers and say good bye to them forever. Very Bad Experience.

  30. Worst app ever. Whenever we tried to take details from phone and come back to the app we want to start all the process again. And it’s showing we can buy a plan in 60 seconds and I took 60 minutes to buy a plan

  31. Very Bad Claim Support. Almost no support from customer service. My Insurance claim is still pending since Nov 2023, all documents submitted and verification done already. And they don’t even help. They take commission from customers and say good bye to them forever. Very Bad Experience.

  32. I wish I could give zero stars. I have emailed my concern, i bought so many plans from policy bazaar but thanks to your wonderful claims team you lost your loyal and always recommending customer. A simple car claim case with all approvals with surveyor and this team of urs spoild it and kept it pending for almost three months now

  33. When a customer is already doing the transaction on the site or via app then why to irritate him by calling immidiately and hampering his tempo of doing things. Calling the customer to get business is understable but it should not be to the level where he gets irritated.

  34. I don’t use the policy bazaar app anymore and I won’t tell anyone, because after making the payment and trying to get it back, when I call, it keeps saying that the line is busy.

  35. Worst app ever. It takes 7 days for updating When i call from registered number after buying a policy it says ur phn no. Is not registered. Booked for call back on call simply says we are here to sell polices not to sort out ur problem and gave toll free no which again does not allow u to call .

  36. Don’t trust this is all scam. After buying from this nobody bothered about your issuee and that selling person without having a proper knowledge they will explain all and put rush on us. AND MAIN THIS WHENEVER WE OPEN THE APP WE WILL GET THE CALL. THEY ARE TRACKING US AND THEY ARE STEALING DATA FROM OUR MOBILE. THERE IS NO DATA PRIVACY.

  37. Worst app full cheating. After taking credit + facility there sales and advisor doesn’t help you. We have to do everything. Waste of money and waste of time. 2nd time cheated me. I am filing consumer case against this paisa bazaar app company. After purchase no one turned up for help for which we paid money. I say don’t buy any facility of credit + . Directly go cibil and update info.

  38. Worthless company. The assistant are pretty rude.. most of the details of the policy acceptance process is not documented. The assistance people are not agreeing basic details like end to end process, details of rejection reason are not available in the website. These are very basic necessities for anyone taking insurance. I can’t find any reason what stops an insurance aggregator calling these out..

  39. This app keeps an eye on everything you do or search on their app and if you don’t buy anything, their team will start doing follow ups day night by calls, messages, emails. But the moment you buy anything and you need help post payment. You have to spend time with their stupid AI stystems on calls and whatsapp and there customer care usually doesn’t have any answer.

  40. The worst I have seen in my entire life and will wanted to see. You just open the app to have an idea about what and how policy and all things exactly work and the time you do that then from very next second of time you will start getting bombard with a billion of calls everyday and it’s eternal, you will started missing out some important calls because of them as am facing right now. May be they give the lead of the number to entire floor not to a specific excecutive. Don’t download it please!

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