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Do you need a checking account for your small business? Novo is for modern businesses.

With Novo you can apply for an account online in minutes, so you have more time to focus on your business.

Novo is a fintech, not a bank. Banking services provided by Middlesex Federal Savings, F.A.; Member FDIC. Novo provides free banking tools to small businesses, all within the Novo app. You can link your existing accounts, control your debit card, pay your bills, process ACH transfers, deposit checks, categorize transactions, and separate your funds for savings in Reserves.

You’ll receive a Novo Mastercard Business Debit Card and The Novo Virtual Card to pay for things online, around the world, and use any ATM without fees from us. Send unlimited payments and paper checks for free.

Novo supports almost any business operating in the U.S. As long as the owner has a social security number, they’re able to apply for a Novo Business Checking Account.


• Wise Payment From Reserves
• Profit First Shortcut
• Bug Fixes with UI improvements.


40 comentarios en "Novo – Small Business Checking MODDED 2022"

  1. Good experience, provided you know what you’re in for at the beginning. Do not expect your transactions to move quickly. You cannot ‘call’ anyone. You cannot use mobile deposit right away- only once you’ve had the account for a while and done a certain number of transactions that total a certain amount of $. They refund ATM fees up to a certain amount. You can send money from Cash App to a business account.

  2. Adam Sugg dice:

    Good luck getting anywhere if your account is compromised. Had 2 fraudulent transaction in another country. I tried disputing but you stuck in an infinite loop of submitting a request, following up with info, just to be told to submit another request. They have a generic support line which ends up telling you to call the bank directly, even though I called the number on their app. I cancelled the card 4 months ago and still havent received a replacement. I’d highly recommend going elsewhere.

  3. App works fine. Novo Bank had an easy sign up process. The only thing is that they are very slow. Be prepared for that. If you need quick access to receive or send funds, this may not work for you. 9 days to deliver a check payment, after 7 days waiting for a check deposit to become accessible. That’s 16 days from the time I was paid until I could pay someone else. I use it for a single rental property to receive a rent check and pay bills from, and it works fine for that.

  4. Edit: Improvements were made to make the ridiculous questionnaire quicker to navigate through. Original review: Used to love this app, but now you have to go through a ridiculous questionnaire about your checks when you deposit them. Why ask me the payee on the check? It’s right there in the photo. I assume you OCR it anyway. No i didn’t alter the check. I used to have check deposits down to around 10seconds each and now it’s closer to a minute.

  5. Gile V dice:

    It’s a good alternative. Using it for my business so it takes some getting use to because it has it’s limitations. I would recommend for simple money in money out purposes. Ite been 2 months and am liking them so far. No ads. Update: 1/24 The zero atm fees is great an the photo deposit works great each time. My only recommendation is a separate savings as opposed to “reserves. “

  6. Reserves option is a great way to see what you’re putting aside for future taxes, work vehicle maintenance, etc. Easily shows how much “spending money” is available so you don’t have to mentally keep track. Wish they offered a points-earning credit card! Support is super good at resolving complaints. Couldn’t ask for more from a free mobile business bank service.

  7. Update, finally got someone to help me with this account. It was an easy fix which often times are the hardest to cope with especially if you know how easy it is to fix but remain powerless to do so yourself. I.e. changing a forgotten password. I appreciate that the system is very defensive. The security Novo has is to secure. But better safe and frustrated than sorry I guess.

  8. Awesome bank! I love the app too! Very intuitive and I like the features! The only thing is I wish the debit card would have send faster, so I could use the discounts on the services Novo connects with. Update: 6/29/21 Moving this down to 2 stars because customer service is AWFUL. They are by far the worst customer service center I have ever dealt with. No one actually reads your messages, everyone just copies & pastes cookie cutter answers into a text box and just send it to you. Useless!

  9. Really good business account and app is decent. I only wish you could open an additional savings account like some business accounts offer. They offer a reserve option but it is basically useless because you can spend all the money in reserves just by using your card to make purchases from the main checking account. Another annoying problem is transactions with the card are very delayed to show in your account but the card will be declined for insufficient funds.

  10. Seeing that it is online banking, I rely a lot on being able to deposit my checks electronically. However, it’s almost impossible to do so when I keep getting am error message talking about wanting the perfect angle or whatever. It’s a photo that’s taken automatically when the check is on the right spot. Please fix this as it’s annoying and time consuming trying to deposit one check.

  11. Updating to 4 stars to point out a few significant features that are lacking. 1) There is no option for a staff/accountant view-only account so I have to personally export statements monthly and email to them. 2) There is no way to print an invoice as a PDF and many customers require that so I have to duplicate it off-platform (again personally because of #1. —— App and the service as a whole works extremely well. The UI is excellent!

  12. Keith dice:

    100% Positive Experience (And they implement suggestions) I was an Azlo customer for a couple of years (with multiple accounts) but they suddenly shut down. This was a nightmare at the time but I’m so glad I moved to Novo. I did a ton of research (my wife and I both own small businesses) before landing on Novo. Also, I made a couple of requests about invoicing… And they were actually implemented. Tell me another bank that does that?! Great experience so far. Highly recommend.

  13. So far so good! Customer service is outstanding, ease of use is pretty simple. Perks that come with your account like free invoicing is worth gold. Travel discounts, merchant services…Can’t begin to scratch the surface, all the different perks you’d pay for, for your business, priceless. Nothing’s perfect, Cons you can’t raise your daily limits for spending and ATM. Not detrimental your account success but could be an issue at some point. They’re addressing the issue to fix the situation.

  14. The app is great and support has been quick to respond. I give only three stars because the app doesn’t allow the user to activate and deactivate the debit card from the app. This is a pretty standard feature these days (Azlo had it, as do my other banks). I prefer to keep my cards locked unless I’m making a purchase, so this is enough to make me a customer, but not a loyal one.

  15. Sim Lash dice:

    Very easy to start an account and the features are top notch. The integrations are very helpful and informative. ACH takes 2 biz days and there are no outgoing wires (use Plastiq). Wise is also missing a lot of countries, but all in all this has been good.

  16. I do NOT recommend. The bank will not stand behind you if you’re ever scammed. They “file” the dispute, wait a bit, then simply decline proceeding on getting your money back. I had a company charge me for a subscription that I had an email proving that the cancelation was processed. The company still processed the payment and I can’t get them to process the refund since my account is closed. Contacted Novo to intervene and they have now also failed me. I’m canceling my account and moving.

  17. It’s ok. It’s limited compared to previous online business banks I’ve used, but those banks no longer exist. The real problem is the weak mobile deposit scanner. It regularly fails to recognize an endorsement signature as being present, no matter how obvious it is. You have to try again and again, flipping the check in different directions until it works.

  18. The new update is asking me for both a text and email to authenticate. I get the text immediately which is valid for 10 minutes, but by the time the email arrives, the text has expired. Can no longer log into my account.

  19. It’s about like cash app where they lose the money then are dismissive. I’m out$130. They just won’t do customer service. I know it’s a headache but in reality paying customers drive business not the other way around. I’ll be driving around looking for a real bank. The app is tight. Customer service is not there. Like cash app. (-$200) I’m going to say in a genuine and disappointed tone. Don’t trust it. -America

  20. I should have read the reviews . I have business checking accounts at several major banks. I opened the Novo account, hoping to consolidate some of those functions. All went well until I attempted to deposit some checks. I got one of the most ridiculous requirements from Novo. It wanted me to take a picture of myself, holding my driver’s license next to my face. To open the account, I up loaded a picture of DL. I had already done that. I don’t know what kind of scheme this FinTec is running.

  21. If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles of a small business bank this is NOT IT.. They OFFER alot even though very few features work. Originally signed up to use with my shopify store after watching some reviews but, I can say those reviews are alot of fluff. The shopify Integration will not work for me at all. I didn’t mind dealing with the hassle of funding the account but, after not being able to use a majority of the apps I’d prefer to go elsewhere.

  22. Tuan Tran dice:

    Every month I have to disconnect and reconnect the connection with Xero for transactions to sync. Their support can’t seem to figure out this reoccurring issue. Very frustrating…

  23. There is nothing easy about Novo. SLOW to deposit funds. When initially opening Noca account from current bank to 5 days to become available after leaving the other account ACH. Have had to dispute with them reasons why they should deposit a check that they initially rejected, like wanting me to personally endorse a check made out to my business. There is 0 benefit to using Novo. They are not a bank and just add delays and another level of unneeded bureaucracy to your account.

  24. Loving this Fintech Business Account. Very easy to use, the app is wonderful! I’m new to becoming a independent contractor, self-proprietor. I am finding out how lucky I am that I stumbled upon finding Novo.

  25. Do yourself a favor and pick a bank that can be easily accessed via the customer service number. Why hide your customer service number and make it very difficult to get in touch with you? The bots on the app are of no help at all. They simply say reach out to customer service and we’ll get back to you. I did that and it took 3 days to get back with me. Wire transfers and ACH’s take several business days to show up thus defeating the purpose of getting a wire transfer. Deal with a grown-up bank.

  26. Jan J dice:

    I LOVE it. Client of Novo for over a year now. No complaints. The app has been working just fine for me, streamline, easy transfer etc. ⭐⭐🌟⭐⭐

  27. Hui Fan dice:

    The app is easy to use. It also provides some useful and interactive features such as income and spending charts.

  28. SLA dice:

    Love the banking institution and REALLY love using the app!! It’s by far the best app experience I’ve ever had with a financial institution.

  29. Pretty great app. The way they do customer service though, is not the greatest. I love that you can have buckets. I really need to visualize my money that way.

  30. Great small business bank with all the functionality of a larger bank. I am an architect and owner of a small practice and Novo makes quick work of invoicing and accounting tasks.

  31. Jay Lauer dice:

    App update that now requires verifying identity is awful. Don’t implement fraud protection that doesn’t work. I have checks to deposit and can’t because the app won’t allow use of the camera. I grant permissions, get a notice at the bottom of the screen that says permission granted but continuously flashes, freezes the app and the phone. Never lets me validate identity. No customer support to get my checks deposited. Time for an alternate bank.

  32. So far the worst possible experience. My very first check isn’t being read properly and I’ve tried everything to have it deposited. I’m getting absolutely nowhere with support. I submit a request and I don’t hear from them until the late afternoon. So much for trying to jump on the wave in future banking, this has been nothing but a headache.

  33. I had an issue with the app and placed a support ticket. Th team was very responsive, handled the issue, and updated the app to fix the issue.

  34. I’m telling you I cannot find anything that I don’t like about this account. I mean yes you can’t deal with cash, but the other things that this account does is amazing. Down to no ATM fees ever (They’re reimbursed), mobile check deposits, and all the things that come with the app is awesome. Anyone that has any additional small business or self employment funds you need to get this account.

  35. After I got my account approved, I downloaded this app to use Novo, but I can’t even get it to open because the app believes my phone is rooted. I have a certfied One Plus 6T – it is not rooted. Then, I sent a support ticket to their support team, and they replied to me VIA THE NOVO APP! I can’t even view the support message! It makes NO sense that they don’t reply via email when they have a DEDICATED SUPPORT EMAIL… Unbelievable

  36. I cannot even get past the account verification process which renders your app pointless. If it isn’t fixed soon I am going to have to switch to something else for my business banking.

  37. M R dice:

    Quick and easy flow, especially appreciate the ease to add notes and even inages/pdfs to transactions to keep clean records.

  38. You can never speak to a live representative. You can only communicate with there bot technology. Good look when you have a problem.

  39. I love this app, best app ever created for businesses, My only complain is that it takes a long time to deposit money through checks. Usually 4-14 days.

  40. WiFi WV dice:

    I like it much better than a regular checking account. And Novo has services that a regular checking account would charge up to $50 to $100 a month for. I give it 5 stars for now.

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