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MetaTrader 4: Trade Forex at any time, at any place!
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Trade Forex from your smartphone or tablet!

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the world’s most popular Forex trading platform. Choose from hundreds of brokers and thousands of servers to trade using your MetaTrader (MT4) 4 Android app. Control your account, trade and analyze the Forex market using technical indicators and graphical objects.

Risk Warning: Our programs may involve real trading with a high risk of losing money rapidly. Most retail investor accounts lose money when trading financial products. You should consider whether you understand how various financial products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money.


* Real-time quotes of Forex market
* Full set of trade orders, including pending orders
* All types of trade execution
* Detailed online trading history


* Fast switching between financial instruments on charts
* Sound notifications assisting trading
* Customizable Forex chart color schemes
* Trade levels visualizing the prices of pending orders, as well as SL and TP values on the chart
* Free financial news — dozens of materials daily
* Chat with any registered trader
* Support of push notifications from the desktop MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and services
* Connection with hundreds of Forex Brokers


* Interactive real-time Forex charts with zoom and scroll options
* 30 of the most popular technical indicators among traders
* 24 analytical objects: lines, channels, geometric shapes, as well as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott tools
* 9 timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN
* 3 types of charts: bars, Japanese candlesticks and broken line for efficient trading

Download MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for Android on your smartphone or tablet and trade Forex anytime and anywhere in the world!

To trade using real money, you need to open a real trading account by entering into a separate agreement with a financial company (broker), which has installed the server component of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. MetaQuotes is a software company and does not provide financial services, nor it has access to MetaTrader 4 platform servers and databases managed by financial companies.


Various bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve been using this app for about a year in total with no problems with the app in general until today. I open the app and the whatchlist, charts, trading page, and history page dosent load. This problem happened to me twice actually. The first time I just installed then reinstalled and I had to re-do everything on the app to prep myself for my next trade; hopping that this problem won’t happen again, but unfortunately it did. This problem is messing up my money so I hope there will be a fix.

  2. I have never had any issues with MT4 until recently. Ever since ive done this recent update,after a few days,the screen would blank out. I see other people had the same issue,and it was suggested to uninstall then reinstall…however i can only do that so many times before it gets annoying. Hope this can get fixed.

  3. juliio84 dice:

    App has been perfect for YEARS until the most recent update. The app defaults to eurusd and none of my saved chart settings are applied. I have to constantly go back and edit the setting EVERY time i open the app now. Please fix this. Its very inconvenient. UPDATE: The last update on 3/27 seems to have fix the issue where charts reset and settings don’t save. I can now see the settings and charts save. Thanks !

  4. NOOOOO! Not MT4!! Please go back to the old version! All of my custom settings disappear all the time. I’m tired of resetting them. Used to work great until the update. I can’t get the Indicies, etc. The only thing available is the forex folder. This is a bummer. Might have to look into other trading platforms. May change the review if these bugs are killed. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Used to love this app until recently. Now everytime I exit my app and come back to it, it automatically opens on EurUsd and the default chart settings. I have certain settings on my chart, dark background, different color candles, etc. None of it saves. I deleted and reinstalled the app which helped the problem for a few hours. Please fix this!

  6. Loved the app until recently. The last update made it so whenever I would come back to my chart it would reset all the colors, timeframe, and go to eurusd. (Update) I uninstalled and reinstalled the app with the updated version. Everything worked fine for the first three hours until I hit my SL and TP for the trades I had in and then everything is acting funny and charts will not load up at all. This was my source of income but now I’m going to have to look around for other apps.

  7. Love MT4 recent update! But it seems there is a bug. Whenever I erase the drawings on my charts and close and reopen apps, it’s as if I never erased them. Also it goes to EURUSD 5Min chart everytime I close and reopen. Hope this can get fixed soon. Besides those things it runs smooth and I can place my trades and navigate around with ease.

  8. I love the new update, but I keep getting Eur/usd popping up on my screen even after I deleted it. I’m sure soon the bugs will be worked out. Other than that the update is great. I’m noticing also any lines I add to the chart after I delete them they always come back. Please get this updated. The new changes are great but the bugs are making it hard to trade.

  9. Jacob W dice:

    Stick to the demo and you’ll make great profits, go live and you’ll throw out every strategy you’ve back tested for months. Only functionality issue I hope can be changed is the auto zoom when scrolling through the chart. Being able to adjust manually how tall the candles appear when zooming in or out would be a great feature for this app.

  10. RYU dice:

    The last update was so bad. It resets my charts/settings to default every day or even every hour or so. I’m getting tired of trying to go back to settings and fix them all over again. I have clear my data, cache, uninstalled and installed again and it’s the same faulty stuff since the new update. It wasn’t like this before, hopefully this new update fixes that.

  11. Great app! Turned my smartphone into an atm. Since an upgrade from a previous version, my indicators repaint after I deleted them which clutters my phone screen. Downgrading from 5 stars to 2 stars until this issue is resolved… Update: Since the recent update, my custom chart settings change to default AND to a currency I don’t trade (EURUSD 5M chart). Good thing I’ve been using MT5 a lot more these days. Dropping to 1 ⭐ because of this bug. 2nd Update: Still experiencing the same issue. <⭐

  12. Real amazing app makes trading much easier. Since the update with new features, it looks really good but there’s this bug that needs to be fixed. Everytime I log in ,it keeps deleting my settings and tools and I have to start again. It really annoys me, In this instance I would choose the old MT4. Please fix it

  13. Have been using this app to watched over my expert advisor throughout the day. Rarely had any issues. My only real problem was a lack of dark mode. The most recent update forced the app into dark mode but as another reviewer stated this would be better as an option to flip as needed in case they’re using a specific graph or color setup. Also I’m having the same issue as another reviewer as of this update that the EUR/USD pair keeps coming back as default and forcing all my charts into 5M time.

  14. I regret downloading the last update which removed the time frame selector from the screen. I love to be able to review time frames while my trades are running because I am a scalper and need exit as quickly as possible when the trade goes the other way. Now I can no longer do this seamless since the last update as the icon for doing that has been removed from the main screen. What a shame! it’s better not to do an upgrade than to do one that sucks just because you think things must change

  15. Great for trading on the go, I can do most of my trading through the app, although it’s much easier via a laptop screen, but that being said you can keep track of trades, open and close them fairly easily. Only wish they had the trailing stop feature built into the app, that would be super and I’d give a 5 star 🌟 only reason for not give a 5 star is for lacking some very useful risk management options.

  16. App has been working fantastically until about a week ago. Now it suddenly doesn’t know how to work with dates anymore in the results section. I can’t scroll up and down without the screen reloading. It doesn’t show the results for the day, unless I use the custom date feature. It really is hljust a mess, especially when the result section was it’s most powerful feature for me..allowing quick understanding of how my trading is going.

  17. Started to use this app again after a long time not using it. Prior to that I’d been using it for several years. Whose terrible idea was it to move the time frame selection on charts only to the circular menu??? I liked quickly switching timeframes and now it’s 10x more awkward. My whole workflow feels off. Don’t fix what isn’t broken! Change it back!

  18. Great App with Charting Quirk: The MT4 app is fantastic overall, offering a smooth trading experience with a user-friendly interface. However, there is a minor issue with the charting feature: when you draw a line on a specific timeframe, it changes position when you switch timeframes. Despite this, the app remains highly recommended for its extensive features and reliability. Fixing this charting quirk would further enhance an already great app.

  19. Sola Sola dice:

    Latest update build 1370 has bugs. The apps keep returning to Euro 5m each time one opens the app to monitor one’s trade on other pairs. The settings do not work. The bug appears to have been fixed about 2 days ago but now the app tends to freeze and does not save the indicator settings in the subwindow. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times without any solution. I am on build 1372 Edit: There has been some improvement with latest update though still not as perfect as the app used to be

  20. My charts don’t open when theres no internet connection. So over the weekends I can’t review my past week. It shows a black blank screen, I have to redownload the app again. This has happened to me 6 times already in the past 3 weeks because of the last update you guys did. Please fix this, I have never ever had this problem before until this last update.

  21. What! It removes all my indicators. I have to reset it everytime. I just hate it every time it happens. Please fix it. I had to edit……Great! Just love the addition of symbol and timeframe in the landscape of the mobile version. Let’s add some of the things in the desktop version – one click trading and trailing stop loss

  22. cyprian dice:

    I runs well for me but the candle are a bit huge and they take a lot of screen it had to see support and resistance without line graph (please will you make them like the last version of black and white but on this red and green) and indicator window is very huge it takes alot of space(please will you make it adjustable like on mt5). Please take a look at the latest mt5 version it’s so good. Thank you

  23. Why cant I change the background color back to white? Now I can’t see my indicators…how am I supposed to trade? Not only that, this new version is full of bugs, keeps adding a pair I don’t trade, changing the time frame and reverts things I remove – period separator and ask price. Now, every so often the App just stops working. One time that happened while I had a trade open, getting unreliable

  24. Zab Raja dice:

    Keeps resetting colours to dark mode after restarting the app and all the indicators need to be added again. Above issues were fixed but now after an update i have no connection, charts or quotes. But i get my live trades alerts on it. Edit. Logged in again as advised by developer and its working now

  25. Legendary app. Awesome upgrade…👌🏻 My 90% problem solved from what i mentioned below.👇🏻 The app that traders use for many hours, so its visual interface should be designed in such a way that it causes the least damage to our eyes. So it should give at least one dark gray color option, & the title bar background color black instead of blue. thanks a lot

  26. Fail to start.. 1) Been keeping uninstall n reinstall and will face the same problem again and again.. I get into trouble if there are open positions/entries in the market and suddenly the app failed to start.. 2. Fail to re-login, its keep searching for trading server.. even though i typed in the server that’s exist.. Please fix this as soon as possible..

  27. LGP dice:

    Completely broken after the update, nothing loads!! No charts, no trades, nothing! Now im at work stuck in trades that i cant view. Im on a galaxy s21 ultra for context. Everything was fine until this update. Please fix asap Update: so great, had to uninstall/reinstall and lose all of my settings. This isnt a good look, ive used this app for years but today kind of makes me want to use a different platform.

  28. Still bugged even after reinstall. (Build 1380). 05/08/23_Bug fest continues… 07/15/23 and still major bugs not fixed. Those saying it’s good is because they just had it installed. Just give it a few days, that’s when the bugs will start to show up and will be “unreliable” for you too.

  29. Fantastic app ! One Feedback . when the Messages are full and reached the lower end of screen, it was not possible to select the lowest one to delete it, Please lock into it.I am using Samsung Note 20 ultra, but other phone has same problem too?

  30. Dead 2boy dice:

    I like how it’s simple and easy to use. But everything in the user interface look so cheap and the user interface didn’t impress me at all. In my opinion this app needs to be redesigned. Just look at the crypto exchange services like mexc they look so sharp and also you MUST add profit sharing to the app. These stuff are so important for a trading platform like meta trader. Improving the graphics and the looks of the app is so so necessary.

  31. The app crashes frequently. The chart is disappearing all of a sudden. Mt5 is running smoothly on my phone. But this, it keep crashing.

  32. I have had to reinstall the app thrice over the last week or so. It shows a black blank screen and nothing loads, before closing. I’ve been using MT4 for three years and I’ve never had this problem before. It seems to have been triggered by the most recent update.

  33. Clunky. Needs a good revamp to modern androids. All of sudden it stopped displaying anything other than the total gain/loss : I had to clear cache, clear data, uninstall, reinstall.

  34. This app is now a shadow of what it used to be. All the changes I made with respect to chart settings have been erased. Always open on EURUSD 5 minute chart. Terrible is a very polite way of describing this app. I really don’t know why the creators decided to meddle with the old version, especially considering the fact that it was working just well.

  35. New update is buggy! Please fix! Every time I closed the app, then come back to open it, the eurusd is the default currency not the currency in watching. And please add the rectangle indicator to the quick selection. Update: tablet mode is buggy.

  36. So far, so great… I’ve been using this app for about a year now… I only wish i could open trades faster… like have a buy/sell button at the top instead of the open order button… making scalping much easier… other than that, im pretty damn satisfied… so easy to use… so basic so simple… I love it… the only reason for 4star is litteraly the time it takes to open trades on the phone…

  37. Great app, so far thanks. The only thing issue is that, objects drawn on the Higher Time frames appear different on the lower time frames. And objects get scrambled when you exit and log in to the app. You’d find the objects that you have deleted appear again which ends cause confusion

  38. Overall experience is great. But still there are various pitfalls, which needs to be addressed and rectified as well. Firstly, cross hair option doesn’t allow pip measurement. Secondly, user can’t see or change the password to login account.

  39. waja 696 dice:

    Hai ..I use the mt4(android) more then 3 years… perviously all update is good but why lately after update all my setting indicators disappeared… I mean my custome indicator… And it only show default indicator like moving average and rsi. If can please fix the matter. Because it make some quiet difficult to me to setting back the indicator.. please hope your make it back like before. Thank with appreciate ❤️

  40. Max Luces dice:

    Has been great. No issues. No adds. I’m making money and I am seeing a brighter future. Going to ensure my children all learn trading. Haven’t try MT5 but this has satisfied me a lot. Almost no complaints. The drawing features are almost impossible. Need a way to fix that but I use different things for that so not critical.

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