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Trust Wallet is a multi-chain self-custody cryptocurrency wallet and secure gateway to thousands of Web3 decentralized applications (dApps).

Trust Wallet is already “trusted” and used by 60+ million people, and is the easiest way to store, send and receive digital assets, manage your NFT collection, explore DeFi, GameFi, and the metaverse.

As a secure self-custody crypto wallet, Trust Wallet allows you to take complete control of your crypto assets. That means no one can freeze your funds, halt your withdrawals, or take your funds without your permission.

Trust Wallet supports 8+ million digital assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), 70+ blockchains, and allows you to connect safely to thousands of Web3 dApps.

So what can you do with dApps?

Swap coins and tokens across different blockchains, explore and manage your favorite NFT collections, earn rewards on your crypto, play popular Web3 games, access the metaverse, and everything in between.

With the Trust Wallet Mobile App, you get:


Instantly turn your mobile device into a powerful self-custody Web3 wallet and gateway to thousands of dApps. Trust Wallet also supports WalletConnect v2.
With a self-custody wallet like Trust Wallet, you’re always in complete control of your digital assets. Use the app as your bitcoin wallet, NFT wallet, or crypto wallet for millions of assets.


Secure login and built-in security features that prevent unauthorized access to your assets.
Your private keys are safely stored on your device and are strongly encrypted with an AES algorithm. Also, we do not collect any contact information or personal details.


Trust Wallet supports 70+ blockchains, and 8+ million assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), (XRP) XRP, Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BNB (BNB), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX), zkEVM, zkSync Era, and more.
Manage NFTs from different blockchains easily in one place


Buy & Sell Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies via 3rd party fiat payment processors as well as swap and stake cryptocurrency securely – all without leaving the app.
Helpful integrations like Coinbase Pay and Binance Pay to deposit crypto seamlessly from your exchange account in just a few clicks.
Leverage our integrated tax feature, which is an optional tool for those who want to report their taxes without the usual complexity of manually adding transactions and wallets.
Take advantage of our dApp browser and “plug and play” network auto-detect feature, which makes connecting to dApps across different blockchains quick and easy.


Dive into more advanced features (if you consider yourself a crypto techie) like adding custom tokens and adjusting your node settings.
Use “watch addresses” to monitor all your crypto wallets in one place.


Trust Wallet is used by over 60 million people worldwide and supports multiple languages.
Securely store, send and receive crypto from family and friends, or your exchange account.

Ready to turn your mobile device into your go-to Bitcoin Wallet, NFT Wallet, and crypto wallet for thousands of other digital assets?

If you’re already a Trust Wallet Browser Extension user, you can quickly import your wallet to move between mobile and desktop seamlessly — and if you’re new to Trust Wallet, we’ll help you get started quickly and securely.

Join 60+ million people who already trust our Wallet — get Trust Wallet today!

Trust Wallet is built with, and for our community. Have an idea, want to share feedback, or need support? Reach out to us here: [email protected] and follow us on Twitter: @TrustWallet


Thanks for choosing Trust Wallet! Here’s what’s new:
- NEW BLOCKCHAINS: Acala and Acala EVM, Moonbeam, Moovriver, Klaytyn, Confluxe Space
- EARN: Sui and Near blockchains staking
- IMPROVEMENTS: Adjusted Terra Classic fee estimation and Thorchain swap price impact warning added


40 comentarios en "Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet MODDED"

  1. Josh HHH dice:

    All in all it’s a great wallet. Once in awhile it will have a hard time making transactions. Usually it’s resolved using wallet connect instead of the dapp browser. My biggest complaint is after each update I have to go back through and hide all the scam coins that have been sent to me, wasn’t a big deal at first but after a couple years, I’ll say it is pretty annoying! I’d still recommend this wallet over others.

  2. The swaps are minimal, their own native token isnt able to be swapped to on the BEP-20 it’s still only available on the old BEP-2. No contract addresses for coins so you dont know if it’s the right chain or version. No option to reach support through the app. It does have an easy user interface, would like to see more staking options. Overall 2 out of 5, maybe some of these things are in the works but as of now it seems minimal for the amount of volume through it

  3. Overall, I’ve had no problem with this app so far. However I went to log on the other day for the first time in a while and I got to the page where it displays all my coins, and it is completely broken. The prices it’s displaying are incorrect along with the overall values of the coins I own, and when I go to click on the coins I have, the app instantly stops working and shuts down. Not sure if this is something scammy or just a bug, I use it on Android and have the latest version of the app. I would really like for a dev to reach out and help me solve this problem, as I do have a decent amount of coins on this app that I was trying to keep there until more exchanges are able to hold some of the coins.

  4. Great tool with a lot of fun stuff but also a lot of problems. MY NFT’s don’t always load and for the past week or so they’re there, but the link to open them on Opensea is inaccessible. Walletconnect doesn’t work at all in the browser; anytime you try to connect through walletconnect it just takes you to a google search page. This is a massive pain and needs to be fixed. But if you’re just working within the Dapps provided it’s a reasonably reliable experience.

  5. Jada Burt dice:

    It’s everything I need and it works pretty good. My only issue is how slow (and sometimes not at all) the smart contract permissions load up. I sit there and wait with a circle spinning on the screen. Alot of times I just cancel and try again. It’s so frustrating when you want to make a speedy transaction but Trustwallet won’t let you because the smart contract permissions won’t pop up to approve.

  6. This app is poorly designed. I tried to swap one crypto for another, not only did it take forever to do, but it never actually went through. Since the crypto decreased in value during the conversion process, when it kicked the original currency back to me, it gave me less than what I started with. Like, substantially less. Shoddy designs overall. Not intuitive.

  7. TrustWallet is one of the best wallets out there. Multiple currencies are easy and simple to add to the wallet. Sending and receiving currency doesn’t take too long. The user interface is simple, yet effective. The Staking option and built in Dapp browser keeps TrustWallet as a contender in the top 10 wallets available. Previous versions had a few minor bugs, from what I can tell, those bugs have been found and resolved. Thank you to the Trust team for providing a great wallet.

  8. This was my first wallet. Been using it for a few months. I’ve successfully transferred tokens/coins from bitmart to trust wallet. Had an issue with HODL token showing up. The team did respond through email. After about a month it did show in my wallet, not sure what they did to fix it or if they did anything, maybe an update 🤷🏾‍♂️. Reflection show live. Clean look, easy enough to use. I like the use of other apps while in the wallet without having to switch to a computer.

  9. Matthew S dice:

    All works as expected. Sometimes on high volume days, Trust Wallet has its own specific problem of not sending transactions to the blockchain. They don’t go at all, they end up having to be timed out. There’s a support page to help “stuck” transactions but none of it works. Next morning everything is fine again. So it’s only happened twice in a month but it was kind of a pain when you need urgent action. Otherwise, everything works exactly as expected.

  10. Best crypto wallet. Works great and new features come fast. There is a bit of a learning curve, but I see how updates are helping that. DEVS! A feature I would love: I switch currency between USD and BTC/ETH often – a great quality-of-life improvement would be a quicker way to do that in the ‘wallet’ tab, rather than having to navigate through the ‘settings’ tab 🙂 perhaps an icon on the top

  11. Ozzie dice:

    I have had great experiences with this app for a few months now. I highly recommend it. It should be noted however that over that last couple days, a few people I know (including myself) have experienced an issue with recent transactions not showing for incoming TRX transactions. The total TRX reflects the new amount still, which is good at least. In testing a transaction I sent to a friend of mine, the date showed December 31 1969. Server glitch it seems.

  12. Very Poor. Edit: Still Very Poor even using latest updated version. What is it with Wallet Connect you can’t get right. Worked once, then not. Absolutely useless. Up your game! Wallet Connect doesn’t work when attempting to connect to sites thro Trust Wallet. And YES, I have the latest version! I know I’m not alone with this issue, appears to be a common complaint. Additionally TW wouldn’t allow me to sell a coin just now, had to go to 1inch where it worked fine.

  13. Unfortunately, contrary to all the definitions of this wallet, but based on my experience, it doesn’t work properly, of course, there is no problem for depositing into the wallet, but when withdrawing on the trc20 network, it keeps giving an out of energy error and does not complete the transfer, but it deducts the two and a half dollar fee from your account! In short, it is a scam

  14. The app is great and easy to navigate. But whenever you go the chart on individual coin history, the time is always not correct. It one time in the morning, and shows a different time in the after, which doesn’t fall into a proper time zone. Please fix that, and have a setting to change the time zone. Thanks 🙏

  15. One of the truly trustworthy crypto wallets. You can’t go wrong with this one. Especially tailored for beginners. Edit: More than a wallet actually. It is a nexus for you to delve in Web3 and be safe. Also, with increased functioning, you can actually use your wallet for trade and passive income. Wonderful.

  16. Ali Umaru dice:

    July 18, 2023 Very Poor. Edit: Still Very Poor even using latest updated version. What is it with Wallet Connect you can’t get right. Worked once, then not. Absolutely useless. Up your game! Wallet Connect doesn’t work when attempting to connect to sites thro Trust Wallet. And YES, I have the latest version! I know I’m not alone with this issue, appears to be a common complaint. Additionallt

  17. Since the last few updates when trying to connect your wallet to uniswap it comes up with a whole bunch of other random connections and then when you try to sell any tokens it just wont register/work i had to connect via the extention on pc and sell/buy. Very frustrating and it used to work perfectly fine. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

  18. Butch dice:

    Ever since the last update I’ve been having wallet connect issues. Most of the time when I’m using wallet connect I get a pop up that says “may take a few minutes to connect” but it never connects. I have to close the app and retry the wallet connect. Usually it takes 8, 9 or 10 times doing this before it actually connects. This happens on every site I try to connect to. I have always like Trust wallet but if I can’t connect to sites it makes this wallet useless.

  19. This updated version is a scam for me. I don’t know for others but I find it hard using this version with my TalkBack screen reader. It’s like the developers did not put into consideration those using screen reader. The app just keep closing itself every minute giving me this funny notification that trust wallet keep stopping. I have tried all I can but to no avail, please bring back my previous version

  20. Ahmad A. dice:

    Great decentralized wallet for managing my digital assets on both my phone & on my Surface Pro! On WSA, if ur seeing the error message “You can’t use application unless time is customized!”, it’s due to WSA always setting the WSA Clock to manual instead of Automatic. To fix this, create a shortcut to d hidden Android Settings app (open the file location of an existing Android App shortcut > copy it > change target app to …wsa://, open it & set Date/Time to Automatic. HTH🙂

  21. The swap option is broken as it always freezes and glitches the app so it’s not really convenient. And there appears to be a problem with NFT’s as well, as they are not fully shown under the NFT tab (not fully loaded)

  22. The app is useful. You could find more information on each cryptocurrencies in its browser software or explorer. I guess there should be more improvements to solve future challenges to bring positive results. Thank you.

  23. Worst app ever. I’ll prefer everyone use Binance or Coinbase. I tried using this app for my first time. Very poor service. Firstly, swapping fees are so high. And you cannot even swap from Dogecoin to usdt without getting some bug error message. I’ve spent almost $10 just trying to find the exact coin and network I have. I’m gonna cash out whatever I can and delete the app. Let them eat the remaining coins.

  24. It’s been awesome for 2yrs. Never worried about any updates…then bam….very disappointed. Hopefully they will restore this wallet to its former glory. So, I can’t add a new opinion, so I guess I’ll add to this one. I don’t know why ‘Wallet Connect’ defaults to ETH, instead of BSC, but it would be nice if you could change it back or at least allow us to choose whether we’d like to connect to BSC or ETH!

  25. My crypto was there in the beginning. However, after four days, my crypto was no longer there. Now, I am unable to access my wallet at all, as my key phrase and Google drive backup phrase are not working. It should be called an untrustworthy wallet. I opened the wallet to make online purchases. I am frustrated and disappointed with untrust wallet.

  26. At first trust wallet was like heaven until I could not connect to any website it kept telling me it will take a few seconds to connect but it never did. It all started from this new update thaey should fix this bug quickly or I will be forced to stop using trust wallet because they just lost my “TRUST”

  27. Bon Voji dice:

    The Dapp browser doesn’t work well. It’s very slow and for some, it doesn’t even load the page (Pancake swap for instance….). It used to work well but not anymore.

  28. In 2018 I found a BTC ATM machine and literally did not understand what a digital wallet was. I thought I could put a $20 bill in ATM n a receipt was all I needed. I downloaded trust wallet n rest is history. Simplicity for newbs yet advanced enough for pro traders. Simple secure and advanced same time. Now with cross chain swapps being as easy as pressing swap and the ability to buy and sell directly from trust. This wallet constantly upgrades. Staking buying selling swapping..Trust wallet✊🎓

  29. Temp dice:

    Should be called Don’t Trust Wallet !!!! Update: just tried it again to see if they fixed it and NO they did Not!!! Tried to buy some Tokens and they took my ETH but did receive any tokens. Says transaction failed. Had this app for over 3 years with no issue but now everytime I try to do a swap all it does is taking my Eth and not do the swap. I contacted them and their not wanting to do anything about it. Go with Coinomi !! NEVER had Any issue with that app.

  30. I just sent small bitcoin transfer to my wallet today and the money got transferred out the second it landed. On the transfer history it shows as having been sent out just before it arrived. I tried contacting support and all i get is chatgpt sending me to random help pages. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY IN THIS APP IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE IT!

  31. Please admin or developer, I have not been able to sign in to my wallet since 4 days now, I reinstalled and signed in, it opened, after few hours, it keeps saying wallet not available, and I updated today again as I saw an update, still it’s not opening. Please help me. Thank you so much for your understanding

  32. It is simply the best wallet that I have ever used : So Secure, smooth, supports every blockchain and compatible with every Android / iOS device, everyone can use it regardless of their experience . Although I want to see a version for PC & Browser extension, yet still deserve 5 stars . I wouldn’t think of another name for it other than TRUST WALLET ♥️ .

  33. Every time it updates, the app loses all history and has to slowly rebuild everything? None of my apps work on the browser anymore. Jesus. Every fricken time. Stop giving us updates if it’s going to kill our current settings!!!! (Update) now trust wallet won’t connect to any dapps or browser connections. Just horrible.

  34. Wow! usually I don’t review but this app is just too perfect! The big name markets banned me for moving crypto offsite right after buying so I needed to find a new app. I’ve downloaded like 20 apps since however they only offer one payment provider and look ugly! This app has a sleek minimalist design, lets you compare fees of 6 diff crypto providers & offers convenient payment options. Wish I had found this app sooner! I’ve never gotten crypto as cheap as here before. Rating: 9999999 / 10

  35. Chris U dice:

    Not had a good experience with this wallet. Sure they have the features & options with Defi & browsers & staking. But there are SCAMMERS uber presence & these transactions got approved! Admin wouldn’t do anything about this aside from pointing to the tutorial & you’re basically left on your own. Disappointed is an understatement, not to mention the constant freezing & crashing of the app when you really need to it…..

  36. This app was once a-1 and now it takes forever to buy or swap tokens and then when you try and swap a token back to ethereum it’s giving you some message saying proceed in your wallet and your stuck holding the damn bag when once before you can swap so easily and all you had to do was confirm the you have to figure the other way to the developer of trust wallet. Why try and fix something that wasn’t broken. Smfh

  37. Gradually turning into the worst crypto wallet. If you launch a verified site like pinksale, connect your wallet, everything become error. Try to add a network, everything is just turning upside down. I was never a fan of metamask but at this point, I have to end everything about trust wallet… Trustwallet is now a nonsense app since this weekly upgrade came in, everything has been soo bad. Thank God I have my old phone with the old Trustwallet, it’s better than this so called updated version.

  38. I am assuming there has been an update and others are having issues with Solana, sometimes it’s shows I have 0 others it shows my full token count others only half, it won’t let me unstake either. Please fix this problem its been a pain in the a$$ Update: After sending a message to let them know I was having an issue I was surprised at how fast I received a response and a ticket was opened, they fixed the issue then messaged me letting me know that it should be fixed. Overall I was impressed.

  39. Used to like it. But the updates that have been coming out over the last several weeks keep making it worse and worse. I’m to the point that I am probably going to migrate all my wallets to another app if this one doesn’t start working better. Pretty bad that I can’t see any balances on a staking dapp with this app and I have to go back to another wallet app I didn’t like as much to finally be able to see my staked balances again. And it keeps switching back to ethereum each time you connect too

  40. The app seems to give me a hard time when I try to swap. Its been doing in for almost half a year. Have 2 phones and its the same thing everytime. Might have to take my business elsewhere if it doesn’t get fixed.

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