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Open demat account and Invest in Share market IPOs at Angel One by Angel Broking
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Angel One (Previously Angel Broking) is trusted by 1.5 Cr+ customers.

Angel One’s Super App is a powerhouse of capabilities and features that make investing and trading a truly rewarding experience. Enjoy seamless trading, simplified portfolio analysis, transparency in charges, lightning-fast trading interactions, and the ability to trade directly from charts. The Super App truly has it all 🙂

Angel One App allows you to invest, trade and grow your wealth in the share market stocks, US stocks, IPO, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Futures and Options.

Avail below benefits with Angel One’s share market online trading app.

DEMAT Account
● Open free Demat account online & start investing in the stock market
● Easy, safe and paperless KYC for Angel One’s free demat account
● Angel One stock trading app onboarding is seamless for online trading

● Pre-apply to IPOs & avoid last minute rush with Angel One demat account
● Apply for IPOs using Angel One stock trading app via WhatsApp
● Apply to IPOs 24*7 & enjoy easy UPI based IPO applications from our share market app
● Get updates on upcoming IPOs like OYO IPO, Byju’s IPO, PharmEasy IPO
● Track share price for trading or investing after IPOs are listed in stock market

● Trade in 5000+ stocks across large cap stocks, mid cap stocks & small cap stocks
● Track live price movement of NIFTY 50 (NSE), Bank NIFTY, NIFTY Next 50, & Sensex (BSE) listed stocks like Tata Motors Share, SBI Share, Reliance Share, ITC Share, Infosys Share, YES Bank Share, Tata Steel Share, Adani Share, etc
● Zero brokerage on stock investing & flat Rs 20 brokerage on intraday trading with Angel One demat account
● Free recommendations via ARQ Prime, our in-house research – beats SENSEX, NIFTY 50 returns
● Avail zero interest charges on margin trade facility (MTF) for first 30 days of trading in the stock market
● Invest in US stocks & ETFs through the Angel One stock trading app (Vested Finance)

Futures & Options trading (FnO)
● Lowest brokerages on F&O trades amongst stockbrokers, Rs 20 or 0.25% commission whichever is lower
● Access to all market segments of BSE, NSE, MCX, MSE & NCDEX through our share market trading app
● Charting tools like Tradingview and Chartiq to help you track share price
● One click simple and easy options trading using instatrade
● Commodity trading & currency trading are available in F&O
● Expert advice and easy option trading strategies through our partner integration – Sensibull

Angel One Online Trading App Benefits
● Improved trader experience in Order Book, Position Book
● Smart Orders options like Stop Loss, GTT, Cover Order & Robo Order (Bracket Order)
● Build a personalized trading and investing platform with plug-and-play SmartAPI
● Add funds easily through UPI/Gpay/netbanking to invest in stock market with our trading account
● Learn about stock market, mutual funds, option trading, futures trading with Smart Money
● Pledge shares on Angel One Demat account and never miss on good stocks to invest in Share Market
● Easy access to share market analysis reports

Mutual Funds Investment
● Invest in Direct Mutual Funds online through Angel One app
● Explore top rated mutual funds (5000+ Mutual Funds schemes) & start investing via SIP/Lumpsum investments
● Track & manage your mutual fund investments in just a few clicks
● Save tax by investing in ELSS mutual funds
● Invest in a wide range of mutual funds like debt funds, liquid funds, small cap, large cap, mid cap mutual funds, hybrid funds, etc.

We’re listening: 🤵
● For assistance email at [email protected] or call 1800 1020
● Website:
● Facebook:
● YouTube:

Download Angel One (formally known as Angel Broking) trading app for free & start your share market investment & trading journey in minutes



Basket Orders
Mandate for Stock SIP
Crash and Bug Fixes


40 comentarios en "Angel One: Stocks, Mutual Fund MOD 2022"

  1. I’ll explain the negative first 1. The options chart takes time to load and the ITM option doesn’t appear in the centre of the options chart all the time. 2. Sometimes the trade doesn’t exit after I click on exit and I’ll be forced to re exit the trade which sometimes increases my losses 3. The chart won’t show accurate candles if I minimize the app for a few seconds. I’ll be forced to exit and open the app again to Solve this issue. Kindly address these issues ASAP. Everything else is fine

  2. Anand R dice:

    The order interface is confusing and not user friendly and browsing from positions to closed orders is tedious. The font size choice is weird. Instead of using full market depth they have “best 5” that too below buy button. Have to type everything manually including lot size. Overall it is very very bad for quick scalping. Hence 0 rating.

  3. Awesome. I’m a trader here with ‘Medium’ frequency of operation but ‘Excellent’ reviews, ‘Expert’ experience and ‘Good’ reputation as of today. I really want to address 2 issues I have been facing. 1. Under income, I just think it’s best if I can see no. of rides, which keeps updating after each rides. It would ease my pain by a lot as I frequently want to check them. 2. At the end of the day, sometimes, I want to check distance for some rides. I don’t see it. If it makes sense, please consider.

  4. This game is really good! The graphics are good and exited. I don’t actually play simulation games like these because it consumes a lot of time to get anywhere, but since I was satisfied I am still playing it. My only concern for which I am giving you 3 stars is because the game keeps crashing, sometimes it says there is not enough material or inventory item is not full, and just keeps crashing when I go from one option to another it is very frustrating and infuriating. Please fix it. Thanks

  5. Many times when I want to drag the chart at the center of my mobile screen, it becomes almost impossible. And when I try to zoom the chart it get drag automatically out of screen on downside or upside of screen.

  6. Never got to have an experience. Signed up. Then waited to receive my otp. Then again. And again. And again. And again.. and again.. and then 57 more times. Never came. Never got an email. A top 10 site rated this app 5 stars. They must have had a friend inside. I can’t even get passed the first page bc you won’t send me a otp. So, guess what? Waste my time once. Never get a second chance. You’re welcome for access to my contacts. And thank you for.. well.. nothing

  7. It’s a nice app , but can u please add increasing fonts feature, the fonts are really very small so it’s difficult to use the app for longer time, and also can u please add reminder feature like we can able to set reminder for a particular share price that if it’s price will touch that value, notification or reminder will pop up, as a result it will help us to do other things also in the market hour. It’s a much needed feature which I guess everyone wants 😃

  8. The App is clean reliable to use. But options chart are not opening properly and sometimes option chain is not working/opening correctly. It happens almost several times while I’ve taken the trade So it’s not a good sign.

  9. Had a great experience with it. The charts, technical interface, and buying and selling interface are considerably superior to any other platform I have used in the past year. User interfaces have gotten much simpler. Only one recommendation It would be nice if you could include some ready-made software scanners for technical analysis. Videos and suggestions from some industry experts are acceptable, but our own analysis is crucial.The app can occasionally operate very slowly.

  10. Vivek dice:

    Good interface, But if you do robo order( ex. for 10 lots) they will divide it into 10 order once executed. If you have selected very low stoploss by mistake, or you want to edit, you need to edit all 10 orders one by one. Think about if it is 30 lots. All they do is for their brokerage. If they excuted as 1 order, it will be only 20rs. But if it is 10 orders 200rs. Because of that you would lose 2000, 3000 or even more.

  11. It is becoming worst day by day. From UI point, it’s great but what I’ll do with UI if features are not working properly. I need to reset my pin everytime I need to login. I reset it at now, logged in and closed the app and tried to logging in again in one minute, it’s not taking the correct pin and fingerprint too. In starting it was on of the best trading platform.

  12. This is a great app. But when I launch it one of three things happen. 1. It opens the same email every time and I have to exit out of it (even if I delete it) that seems to randomly change every few days. 2. It opens the wrong page such as calendar or files even if it’s a fresh launch. 3. It just loads nothing and stays blank. Even when I can get into the app it takes forever to load and just lags the whole time. I only have about 15 emails in my inbox as well.

  13. Really very important app for me! The web view on a browser is far superior to this app. Every time I alter the symbol, the colour of the lines (of indicators) is reset. 2. The symbol change filter (Types & Exchanges) occasionally remembers the filter and frequently forgets. Please consider adding a function that will LOCK the height of the indicator rows because sometimes it can get untidy when we glide our fingertips over the screen. There is no better charting platform than this one.

  14. Overall good app for all the app users. The software is excellent and the experience is good, but there is one issue: switch the chart to a trading view chart. This will make it easier to use because the chart is stuttering and laggy and I can’t target the price in it. One of the top trading apps I’ve ever used. Additionally, the basket order functionality is the finest available, however a basket with a margin requirement would be excellent. I love all the features and especially UI.

  15. Thanks for latest update. Following things need to be consider for future update: 1.option to use all indices at the same time. Currently only two indices can be viewed at a time. 2. The user inter face needs to be made sleek and more precise. For example :while placing the buy or sell order for f&O segment, once you click the lot option the keyboard area is not visible and it becomes difficult to edit all the time. 3. Presently there are limitions for only 5 watch list creation.

  16. This app before was very good but from the time it became angel one … Whenever u go to chart the chart will get stuck and no Movement at all…. Then v have to close the app and again enter the app then it works for a minute then again it gets stuck…. So until 3.30 v have to do the same thing on mobile…. As i use angelone app on my mobile….. So if management reads this pls update and clear this problem…. Thanks

  17. Md Feroz dice:

    New Query: Chart is rotating automatically if I put my phone down it’s rotating to landscape, it’s rotating according to the phone it’s very much disturbing during the trading hours. give an option to turn off/on chart auto rotation. kindly consider the request and resolve this issue as early as possible.

  18. Dear Angel one team, your new update is very bad experience, option data premium rate of two table is showing same and when we touch on slot it change on its real value. It happens again and again, and after this update we can not see option atm range easily due to no difference in color on atm range price. And this time app not showing short/long build up & unwinding frequently. I want to uninstall this update, but i have no choice, so please correct it fast so i will not change broker.

  19. As I used its good to see portfolio in these comings latest version is awesome as well as we can see mutual funds in one place also and other things like its speed of application and reports, etc. One more thing is its user experience design is also good.

  20. The service is quick I have to give Angel that plus point, but the customer service at the end of the delivery person and the in app chat/help response needs to be better streamlined. The delivery personnel should be made aware of all the appropriate names of the places the serve and be able to read and identify them in prevalent languages, the delivery person should be refined in communication skills, and the in app chat/help & support and the app’s functionality needs better optimisation

  21. Such a pathetic response from the team.. I how can I click on click in given in response… following is my query. I always find problem in searching… It never show up one time I have to close app and re open… For example if I first went to watchlist or my portfolio n do a search it won’t show up any result

  22. Overall features are good. However app requires high speed internet connection to view portfolio section and it’s kinda slow in connecting to the server. And also we encountered lagging while opening option chain which sometimes freez the device. I hope developer will look into it and fix the problems solved.

  23. This is an amazing app! this could replace the default weather app on my phone. Love the interface with the Material You design. Ultimately, I was disappointed that widgets are a premium feature which is why I initi ally switched to this from another Material You styled weather app that didn’t have widgets.) Don’t really like subscription-based payments and I’m having a difficult time justifying 30 dollars for what realistically is for one feature that my default weather app can do for free.

  24. New ui is better than the past. Only concern point is the MTF. This is a very good feature but. Why i am receiving emails if l alrady have the balance in my account. It’s annoying and frustrating. Some times I added extra Amount due to that. Just an advice don’t sent such a irrelevant email.

  25. Began adding lots of superficial features such as stickers and ‘story time’ that I find useless, and with the announcement that they’ll be dropping SMS support I no longer see the point of Signal for the average user. Barely anyone in my contacts list uses the app so it’s not worth keeping as an encrypted messenger. On exporting messages to a new app I chose to delete the SMS from Signal, leaving me with 3 ‘conversations’ (one of which was Signal advertising new features). That says it all.

  26. Previous the app was more 7ser friendly now the jumbling has been made. The chart were accessible with a single button somewhere outside now we need to opt for it deep inside Also the app gets stuck in Android 8.1 As my phone is old it doesn’t works smoothly in it.

  27. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE DEVS 1. I would love if I had the ability to accept certain types of messages from all or from specific people in order to have a more focused an intentional experience, like accepting only text messages and not media. 2. Having the ability to create sections/topics for different part of conversations is crucial for any community. I hate Discord and I would love to use Angel for more complicated groups and communities with many topics inside them, but right now I can’t.

  28. The updated version is not user friendly, the previous version is soooo good , this latest is not good to use , unable to zoom as required in mobile Even there is no exact indication of values on the price bar of graph sheet, like rsi value, macd values, moving average values are not indicating the exact values It’s more accurate to watch and analyse if they r shown as earlier This updated version is lacking so many ,the previous version is better

  29. Ridhi A dice:

    App is good also the chart and various parameters are exactly what i have been looking for. But one dissapointment was unable to set stop loss when i do i see a pop up message saying “client BOID doesnt exist”. Dropped mail to support but no reponse.

  30. App is good and UI is easy to use. But as soon as you take account in Angel One, your data is sold to trading agencies and you’ll start receiving calls every day from them. Very annoying. Me and my friend both experienced this.

  31. Lots and lots of glitches, interface is not good, lags most of the times. App is substandard. In order to appear better they’ve cluttered the app with too much info. During non trading hours positions are not reflected correctly, sometimes leading to confusion. Their switching on and off market and trade related settlements is not smooth. Overall not a very encouraging experience.

  32. Need popup buying for fno while seeing the chart. Like see the chart and take a trade while sseing the chart. But ur fast trade option open a new option buying window thats not usefull. U can code for popup buying with slide down feature like wts app quick reply. Now i am using split window feature in mobile to see the chart and take the trade using another app while seeing the chart. But it whould be great if u add that kind off split screen in ur app.

  33. The application is good though but exploring variety of mutual funds is difficult. Everytime I have give a search and goes back to main page vice versa.

  34. Good to see the app walk through it’s modernization. Getting better and richer in features. Kudos to the team. One small concern.. I am running the app on a Snapdragon 855 smartphone and the portfolio scrolling is not soo smooth. Needs performance improvement.

  35. There are many good features in the app, but there are also some flaws like slow execution and not getting cut even after applying stop loss and most importantly not saving even after changing the draw line and candle color, no matter how many complaints to the customer center, No improvement in this. , The company is very old. customer no longer needed..?

  36. It is worst application. In very vital situation the price data are not updated as per the market movement. Most of the time I loss, because of that. I am writing at this time, similar issue is happened. New comer don’t use this application. Some other time, the account money was not released in most vital market movement. It may be locked due to wrong data feed. App itself misuse our money. I strongly recommend not to use this application, which is intern loss making app. People do not use.

  37. Angel one is not good for trading aap..that’s why I have lost my money only reason this aap.. I’m complaining and I have sent video and pics but they have not solved this problems and in trading between stop working..Last friday I have exited 326 and this aap is showing 318.. many times same problems I’m facing please don’t use this app if you do to trade more lot you can do more lose..

  38. Android app is great and always has been. You can go from editing a graphic intensive resume to editing a simple promo website – all in the app. Just like the iOS app. It’s great when a company keeps their app designs consistent! I’ve always been a mobile power user and Canva is such a key piece of my toolkit! Also, their premium plan is ridiculously accessible enabling me to cancel other creative service plans and allocate that budget to more meaningful things like an OpenAI subscription.

  39. I am the user of angel one from last 2 years , really it improved very well, my favorite section is stock details, option chain data, holding window and all others are really good. . Please add 1 feature that will save all indicator for every stock. .

  40. Vundra dice:

    Very First is, the videos released by Angel are maximum in Hindi, only the titles will be in English. could have provided English subtitles atleast. Regional channels, does not provide videos often. The email support team, is not much helpful. The mutual fund updation after purchase takes long time to reflect in dashboard. The desktop version needs page adjustment based on browser, especially in the chart screen. mobile app has some lag in CMP for options.

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