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Insurance that's quick and easy to buy and use—anytime, anywhere.
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Easy access to your insurance, whenever and wherever you need it.

Here are some things you can do with the Progressive App:
· View coverages, discounts, ID cards, documents, and policy details.
· Report and add photos to a claim.
· Pay your bill by credit card, debit card, or checking account.
· View your billing history and upcoming payment schedule.
· See your progress in Snapshot®.
· Quote or make a policy change.
· Request roadside assistance, exactly when you need it most.
· Take and submit photos of documents that we’ve requested from you.
· Get in touch with your agent and claims rep.
· Start an auto insurance quote—and then buy online.

Learn how we use your app permissions:

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We’ve boosted performance and fixed some bugs.


47 comentarios en "Progressive MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s odd why Progressive Snapshot encourages you to bring your phone while driving and then penalizes you with an “event” for phone use everytime your phone lights up. This happens with navigation or someone calls or texts even if you don’t touch your phone or even look at it. Heck, if you pull over to make a call, you get penalized. Just makes no sense. And yet no penalty to people who have nav systems on their dash, which is a glaring distraction.

  2. ant s dice:

    Same, purchased a policy about two weeks ago, downloaded the app and it has yet to log anything. Just shows “we havent heard from you, be sure to keep your phone on you etc. Be sure to keep the app installed. Also that annoying progressive is running that never goes away. Snapshot is saving me 78$ but in the long run its just an extra 13 and some change a month. I’d rather pay that then have my payments double

  3. The app itself is easy enough to navigate with a clean interface. The insurance, though, is crazy expensive. That is all I will say on that. They might have nice features to offer, but you will pay out of your butthole for it. Also if you don’t have their driver app (Snapshot) to track your driving they will charge you more. I went with another company. Will never recommend Progressive.

  4. More difficult than it should be to setup app and snapshot for multiple drivers, and half the stuff on the app redirects you to the website or a phone number that’ll have you on hold for 10+ minutes. Also, seems to be an overarching issue with Snapshot detecting normal, average braking as hard braking. I drive a couple miles to and from work with almost no stopping and have this issue. It gets the bare minimum done.

  5. Decent but tracking is invasive. Thankfully it seems we can turn tracking off. If we are tracked I will never use progressive for insurance again when I need it. There is no need for an insurance company to track their customer’s movements, it’s invasive. Hopefully they don’t remove the option(s) to turn it off. It is convenient for those that want it, invasive and offensive to me.

  6. Was fine until I opted for SNAPSHOT🤨! Now after 3 years without an incident I’ll be finding a new Insurer. Thanks to their tracking app that penalizes your driving “score” for using using your hands-free phone. They’re hinting at a rate increase. Adios Progressive 👎! 1/22/21 This is a response to your reply. I guess I have to repeat myself 🙄. I only use the buttons on my steering wheel to make and accept calls. Also I don’t have to “glance at my map”. My vehicle has its own Nav display!

  7. Mary Cox dice:

    The app is not user friendly. The snap shot didn’t even track every time I was driving and then i didn’t get a discount unless they tracked enough of my driving. I used to have insurance with them years ago and it was great. This time I’ve had to cancel. They lie about how much I’ll be paying and then can only pay less if I let them track me. I had to cancel and went somewhere else. WAY BETTER. More coverage and cheaper.

  8. Nicolas dice:

    Didn’t get an option to edit my last review for some reason. App didn’t start for most of the time I’ve had it installed. I reinstalled it like 2-3 times and I finally got it to open. It worked for a bit, but now it freezes when I try to select my location for roadside assistance. I’m currently stuck I’m an an isolated area frequented by homeless. This isn’t okay.

  9. The app kinda sucks because every single time I use it I have to go through the “forgot password” ritual even though I just changed it and recorded it, it makes me jump through that hoop…EVERY TIME ! even if I just jumped through it one minute before. The “remember me” option doesn’t work either, I guess because everytime I log on I have to do the change password deal. Hope I never need the app in a hurry.

  10. Meg Jones dice:

    Snapshot is great when it works, but it only works for a maximum of 5 days or so and then it breaks. It stops collecting my data, says snapshot needs attention, and then I need to redownload the app resign in and we get set up for snapshot. It’s ridiculous. Every time it says I have phone usage in the app, it’s for 0.1% of the trip when I’ve never used my phone while I drove. I better not get a worse rate because of the way the app is running.

  11. App is fine but progressive sucks. They were easy to set up a policy with but are so quick to cancel over any problems instead of trying to work it out first, ive set up two separate policies within a month of each other and both times I got an email from progressive saying that they were cancel and to call them and give them info from people even outside of my home! In order to save the policies. These are people who have literally nothing to do with my life or vehicle. Progressive is the worst

  12. They said my rates can’t go up, only down. Not so. The app said I brake suddenly too often. Actual passengers have commented on how smooth my driving is. And the app flagged a trip where I was a passenger, where the trip was very smooth. Or maybe you use your phone for navigation, or podcasts, or music while you drive; the app will flag those as “phone use” too.

  13. This app has many flaws. I agree with the previous review about phone usage. I listen to music from my phone through my car and it counts against me as phone usage. It also is always on! There is constantly a big “P” on my phone screen. I don’t understand why it constantly has to be running. It feels very invasive.

  14. This app is not even close to ready for use. I installed it, activated finger print then closed it. Tried to reopen and it takes about 3 minutes to launch. Doesn’t recognize my credentials, doesn’t let me use fingerprint. I figured I must have to reset password. It sent me email, instructs me to click reset password… Which launches Google play store. I’ve tried this 3 times with save results. You guys might want to consider using experienced coders, and do some testing.

  15. It’s a real bummer when you need service and the whole system is down: app, customer service, roadside, etc. Today, I had to pay for roadside service out of pocket because they couldn’t verify coverage that I’ve been paying for for almost 2 years. It makes me want to go to another company when that happens. I’m definitely going to be doing around after that… I need a company that’s reliable and can meet my needs whenever I need them to. As far as insurance apps go, it meets the need

  16. Not a good insurance company. Shady at best. And the app is just awful. Insurance increases EVERY 6 months, and if you are not in AutoPay, they will add an additional $20 to your rate. They will cancel your policy then still expect you to pay the full 6 months remaining balance. Don’t pay for this. It is overpriced and your pretty much paying for the name ‘Progressive’ and their advertising commercials.. That is it. There are cheaper insurances through local towns.

  17. Every single aspect of obtaining insurance with Progressive has been really simple! They’re really nice and I would recommend them to anyone needing insurance for any vehicle at all. In addition, I could easily understand every conversation I’ve had with them on the phone…no weird accent to deal with! I fully intend to keep them forever!

  18. Had hail damage to my cars. Progressive wouldn’t send out adjusters so I had to download this app. The app asks for permissions it doesn’t need and if you decline it force closes and logs you out. Had to log in at least 5 times to change permissions for location and microphone. App asks you to take photos of things that aren’t there. Would rather have had an Adjuster than doing Progressive’s job for them.

  19. Update: I have a Google Pixel 3 phone that shoots 4k video by default. When I changed it to 1040p I was able to successfully upload. That may have been it or the fact that i did it early in the morning when their server traffic would be lower. Tried to use the file a claim feature and use the photo estimate feature. App hung at 92% while uploading photos and video. It’s been over two hours now. Looked great but now …

  20. Nothing I ever try to do on the app works. I press a payment button, and it changes color like I pressed it, and the app becomes totally unresponsive. I try to get to my renter’s insurance, and every download fails. Eventually I just got sent back to the login page, where the password I just entered didn’t work, so I have to set a new password every time I want to log in. I’ve literally never got anything to work on this app besides seeing my balance.

  21. Progressive rarely pays for the damages that actually occur during collisions. They also use snapshot to sell your personal data they collect (read the fine print on that contract). This app itself is okay, but also collects personal data that isn’t needed for claims under the guise of “excessive data is better then not enough”.

  22. This is the absolute worst App I’ve ever tried to use. It simply doesn’t work. I am unable to log in or even set up an account so I can’t even view my bill anymore. It says it will send me an email to finish setting up an account but then it never sends the email. It is absolutely useless!! I just called and switched back to getting a paper bill in the mail. At least I’ll be able to see my bill again. It is a totally useless App and I highly recommend not wasting your time!!

  23. When requesting roadside service, you can’t just type in the address. You get a map and have to verify the address by getting the pointer to locate the specific place. When I finally got it to come up with my address, it jumped as I clicked to verify. As a result, I had to call Progressive to prevent the tow truck from going to a location two blocks from where I was. It would have been easier and more accurate to have been able to just type in the address.

  24. Easy to use. I was happy to finally hear that Progressive is offered in Hawaii. I haven’t really used it much. I did sign up for the snapshop tool which, surprisingly, gave me a bit of a discount after the 90 day use. Or however long it was. It definitely made me more aware of my driving habits to where I found myself making adjustments like leaving more space in front of me and slowing down early before an intersection. But yeah, the APP is great!

  25. Everytime I open the app it has me logged out even though I check the “remember me” option. And then I have to go through changing the password all over again. Not that it matters since Progressive decided to raise my rates for absolutely no reason. I will be canceling soon. 10+ years of being a customer (with a spotless driving record) doesn’t mean a thing to this greedy company. Shame on you Progressive.

  26. Chuck dice:

    Very Annoyed with Progressive. Rates beat my other insurance company hands down. There are two apps to download. One for insurance payments and insurance info. The other called Snapshot. Snapshot is supposed to monitor your driving skills, but really screws up saying you are using your cellphone (i.e. “DISTRACTED DRIVER”) THE ONLY OPTION since the snapshot app doesn’t work that well is to install a device in each of your vehicles although it doesn’t matter who is driving.

  27. I was rear ended by a cement truck with progressive insurance. By far the worst claim experience I have ever had, with their “photo estimate” of the damages to my car! First the text messages wouln’t show up on my phone, then the app wouln’t accept the code, and when I tried to look up my claim, the app couldn’t find it. They claim this is the only way to get an estimate without taking the car to a repair shop. If you have progressive cancel them!

  28. This is the worst app on the net. Period. It does not remember log in information you can hardly reset your password, the menus are incredibly hard to navigate and are completely counter intuitive. Good job Progressive. You lose customers for literally.. having the worst GUI interface of any app.

  29. I just wanted to view payment history and options, and it correctly advised I have chosen the full payment option, due on April 1st. Last time, I sent in a timely check for the full amount, which cleared the bank, of course. I was also sent an unauthorized and way underfunded ACH to my bank, for the same amount, from Progressive. I told my agent locally, that I was going to pay in full, by check ! One hand did not know what the other was doing. My other experiences have been great !!

  30. I’ll be switching to Geico when my policy ends. It’s 1/3 the price and the user experience of the app and website, at least on mobile are horrible. I forgot my password and was sent a link to change it. I click the link and it asks me a few questions for verification, and once I click submit it just brings me right back to log in without the option of entering in a new password.

  31. As Apps go, this one is very good. Quick access to various car insurance documents, proof of coverage, current balance, etc. The payment section of this App is quick and easy. Payment can be made in less than 30 seconds, with instant confirmation. If you have Progressive Ins., you’ll like using this App. Definitely recommended.

  32. They sucker you in with a good rate for the first six months. Absolutely nothing about my driving record changed but my rate increased by $200.00 for the next six months. I changed to State Farm! Bait and switch all the way. Very deceptive business practices. Take advantage of the 6 month savings but make sure to shop for a replacement for the next 6 months. Thank you State Farm. My rates actually went “down” for my 2nd term with State Farm. Bite me Progressive!

  33. Been with progressive over a year, and the price has gone up each time I renewed my policy, even though I have 0 tickets or accidents, and qualified for multiple discounts. I switched to another insurance, saving me $365 per year. When I cancelled my account they charged me an additional $50 for processing, plus the non-refundable agent fee of $35. I was paying $765 yr with them while the new company is charging only $400 per year with no hidden fees. I will never recommend them to anyone, including my enemies. No one deserves to be treated like I was.

  34. I’m a bit disappointed with progressive insurance. So they kinda had me over a barrel for the past 2 years but I figured that was due to me having an accident on my history. Long story short, the accident came off and they raised my insurance $100/6 months to $940. But I did get an $8 discount for 3 year good driver, woot. Saved $340 with switching to Geico and got more insurance, roadside and rental in addition. When calling to cancel my policy, no attempt made to retain my business.

  35. David Mak dice:

    Totally useless app to monetize data mining. Slight stops it marks as hard braking. Speed up a little to safely cross junctions is considered as speeding!! It’s been more than 3 mths running the app and still in data collection mode. Other competitors only need 1 mth of data. Not worth the aggravation for the minimal savings.

  36. Using the device on my car. It’s ok but it’s to sinsitive it keeps throwing a fit and saying I’m hard breaking half the time when I’m not. Mined you do have to hard break on fast light changes when the speed limit is 50 it 55 and I know I won’t make it. FOR THOSE WHO USE THE PHONE VERSION. You can actually go in and make it so the thing doesn’t count using Google maps GPS as using your phone.

  37. I strongly urge everyone to never use progressive. You can’t change your policy or opt out of auto billing. And for mediocre coverage you’ll be looking at well over 2k per year in payments. It’s honestly comical how much of a scam Progressive is. I’ve tried to reach out to customer service before being charged and tried to update payments but I was ignored. Please take your insurance at a better company

  38. The app itself isn’t hard to navigate if you only want to look at your payment schedule but they’re the cheapest option for a reason. Horrible customer service anytime you call, answers that stretch the truth at best, and incoherent. I promise it’s worth it to pay a few dollars more than to deal with this bull.

  39. The Snapshot aspect is fraudulently bad at what it does. Constantly says I use my phone while on a trip even though it sits unused in console. To base a rate on Snapshot is tantamount to malfeasance on Progressive’s part. Fix your app’s erroneous use of sensors or disable the function.

  40. Always has me as driving. I have to go in anytime that I’m the passenger and change it in the app. And then if I forget and go back to do it a day or two later I’m unable to edit it therefore if I’ve been on my phone while whoever is driving it counts against me and makes my Snapshot score go down. Meaning I went from an A+ driver to a B+ driver when that’s not the case.

  41. The app doesn’t stay open when logging trips. I have to constantly open and leave my phone on when driving if I want to log any drive time. Otherwise it just doesn’t get anything, so I get marked for phone use. It’s way too sensitive, it will ding you for hard brakes when pulling into a driveway with a slight bump.

  42. Snapshot device drained my car battery, causing me to need a jump several times. Car battery tests fine. Sent it back, started Snapshot app. App’s “decisions” are hokey, like when I pulled over to use my Google maps, but it counted it as phone use while driving. When I called about that they said to leave the car to use Google Maps to not be counted as using phone- in winter! Ended up with an A on it, but to keep my rates lower, they want me to keep using the app. Scam.

  43. The app is constantly running in the background using about 15% of my battery. I can no longer go a full day in a charge with this app installed. Following up to comment. I only drive 4 miles to work. Most of the time it isn’t worth taking out of my pocket, let alone plug it in. The amount of power used by the app during the day is way more than the charge I would get while driving. I almost replaced my phone/phone battery thinking that the battery was failing. Was the app.

  44. App and service are terrible. Can’t access most information on the app and are redirected to a web page instead making the app mostly pointless. Had progressive run into an issue processing my card via auto pay, my card was fine, their system had the error. Only warning they gave was was right before canceling my service, which i got late so my insurance got cancelled. After paying extra fees for reinstatement for their mistake, I’m also noticing my rate has doubled. Stay away.

  45. This is a horrible app. It encourages running yellow lights rather than breaking for them,and it gets things wrong OFTEN! Fast acceleration is bad…even when getting on the highway! It said I used my phone yesterday which was absolutely not true. No discount will be given if you don’t let them monitor your driving. I wouldn’t mind if it actually worked. Pulled over and parked,turned off my car. Turned on Bluetooth on my phone. Put phone away. Restarted car.Still got hit for using my phone.

  46. Fairly intuitive and user friendly app, but there’s one important technical issue: for automatic password fill, the fields are reversed between the username and password boxes. I don’t know the scope of this issue, so I will add that I’m on a Google Pixel 6 pro and have the most recent update of the app. I am signed into my Google account on my phone, which stores by passwords to automatically fill in for a number of sites. This progressive app is the only app that has reversed the fields.

  47. Rate hikes are out of control. They have spiked my rates 2x in 6 months. I have a clean driving record and my rates have gone up 3xs. They say it is because of inflation but I don’t know how you justify going from 128 to 388 dollars with no other reason. I would recommend going somewhere else because they will randomly hike your rates and have no explanation.

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