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Stash is a personal finance app that makes investing easy and affordable for millions of Americans. By combining banking and investing in one app, Stash helps you build wealth your way.

Join the 5+ million people who know it’s never too early to invest in yourself.#

Get stock with #StashStockParty
Score bonus stock and more in new investments every week, with Stash Stock Party—the digital bash where you can invest, on us.

Smart Portfolio—Now with cryptocurrency exposure: Invest effortlessly.
Build wealth automatically with Smart Portfolio—by letting us invest for you. Plus, now get exposure to crypto—the Smart way. We’ll help you build a diversified portfolio that hits your financial goals.

INVESTING: Invest what you can afford.
With fractional shares, you can choose how much to invest. Choose from thousands of stocks and ETFs.

STOCK-BACK CARD: Invest as you spend.
When you use the Stock-Back® Card, we’ll give you stock in well-known brands.†

BANKING: Invest in your goals.
We can help you save money and protect you from hidden banking fees.§

RETIREMENT: Invest in your future.
Stash can help you plan and save for a secure retirement.‖

FAMILY: Invest in your children.
Help the ones you love most with children’s investment accounts.¶

ADVICE: Invest in your knowledge.
Get personalized investing guidance & financial education.

Our three plans can make it easy and affordable to build wealth.

Includes: Investing, Stock-Back® Card†, banking, saving tools, personalized advice, and more.

STASH GROWTH | $3/mo.*
Includes: Everything in Stash Beginner plus Smart Portfolio and a retirement account with investing tax benefits.‖

STASH+ | $9/mo.*
Includes: Everything in Stash Growth plus premium advice, and children’s investment accounts.¶

*Access to investment & banking accounts under each subscription which are subject to different regulations & limitations. Monthly Subscription Wrap Fee starts at $1/month. You’ll bear the standard fees & expenses reflected in the pricing of ETFs in your investment account(s), plus fees for various ancillary services charged by Stash & the Custodian. See Advisory Agreement & Deposit Account Agreement:

# Not an endorsement or statement of satisfaction by any client and is defined by the number of clients who have e-signed.

Stash pays pre-determined compensation to strategic partners who drive users to a Stash web property. Accordingly, you may have been redirected to the Apple Store by such incentivized third-party who would not have otherwise redirected you here.

Bank Account Services provided by & Stash Visa Debit Card (Stock-Back® Card) issued by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Investment products & services are offered by Stash Investments LLC, not Green Dot Bank, & are Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed, & May Lose Value. Securities offered through Apex Clearing Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC.

Investing Involves Risk. Preliminary information provided to prospective clients prior to Stash accepting a signed advisory agreement is not investment advice & should not be relied on as such. Stash Investments LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser. Must be 18+ to open an account. Stash only available to US citizens, permanent residents, & select visa types.

Crypto is relatively new and can be volatile. Investments are Delaware Statutory Trusts and offer indirect exposure to Crypto.”

(1)The recurring transfers feature is offered by Stash Investments LLC and is not sponsored or endorsed by Green Dot Bank.

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View last preview image for all disclosures & footnotes †, ◊, §, ¶, ‖.


Hey Stashers,

You're working on your goals. And we’ve got your back—this release has performance enhancements and bug fixes that make it easier to build your wealth.


40 comentarios en "Stash: Invest & Build Wealth MODDED"

  1. It’s impossible to withdraw your money and to change banking method. They asked for the impossible. They’re asking for a statement from a previous checking account, an account that doesn’t exist anymore to check. It’s impossible to connect to a new checking account to transfer my money. I thought as identification, they’d the new account statement, but no. I’m out of that apps. Please go SEC.GOV or/ and your state regulator to fill out a complaint against them. I just did mine.

  2. interesting platform. It is hard to track individual transactions and not possible to find historical data on what you avg cost/share is. Not always easy to find individual performance for your history. the app is better for getting a holistic view of how much ypu are investing and when when using automatic investing. the web site should be as easy to find all your upcoming automatic investments, amounts and dates. You need to use both ways to access your accounts.

  3. Buggy, Slow, and Limited Stock & ETF selection and options. Cannot search by dividend yields. Poor graphs/projections; no dividend tracker. No custom rules/batch edit for investments besides a buggy simple reoccurring purchases that often reset when over 100+. Other than that, it’s has basic features, and has a decent UI. Support is also powerless in some cases.

  4. Starting to turn more and more into Coinbase with the red tape of verification, account locking, etc. There needs to be major revamp. Update: keep an eye out for those automatic overdrafts. Instead of saving money, I’ve lost over $400 in fees during the course of my using this app. Update: they’ve gotten worse. The app wont load properly, they keep taking money for my subscription, and they wont let me downgrade because I need to fill out an IRA distribution form that they dont have available.

  5. Using the app as well as the website are actually very easy to use. However, for someone like me it becomes quite difficult at times, for due to a stroke I suffer with memory loss. So, I’ve set it up for automatic deposits after choosing certain stocks and I just let it do its thing. I have reminders set for me to check it occasionally. But again, I have difficulty remembering what to do once there. All I can do is pray that it’s all working out for the best! So far so good!..

  6. Shogun dice:

    Don’t do it, once you sign up there will be a mountain of sluge just to leave, beside the market insider repot. The interface is not smooth and moves to slow regardless of what device I’m on iPad, laptop, and 2 different phones. And now I find my self spending an hour and more just to cancel my account for good all because I didn’t pressed “Close my Stash for good”. I pressed “Cancel Subscription” and found my self continuously paying for the subscription for another 4 months without realizing.

  7. If you try to cancel your subscription in the app you will be given instructions that will REQUIRE you to sign up for their card. Do not do it. You can navigate around it by logging in via a computer with web access. Very sad that apps have come to this point. Opting out should be an accessible option. This app is deceptive in the same regard with other add on services throughout. Trash app. Do not recommend.

  8. when I first started using app I thought it was great however now I am not so sure. it’s like having another bank account which I really don’t need. the only difference is you earn stocks for that store. once you set up your transfer amounts you can’t change them and you can only pause the auto pmts you can’t cancel them. which if I would have known that I would have never set it up. other than that it’s an okay app.

  9. Tried it out during the trial and didn’t think it was the right fit for me. Never activated the card but was still charged the monthly fee. Cancelling is near impossible because you aren’t able to do in the app it redirects you to the app when you use a browser. Not enough benefits for the cost and lack of transparency.

  10. Worthless: I’ve had more problems with this app in 2 days than I’ve had with all my other apps combined for two years. It was very frustrating when I created my account. It kept switching my name before I submitted and then the system wouldn’t take a two state abbreviation, but it didn’t tell you that. It just wouldn’t submit. I finally got it to submit and they need IDs. When I go to submit IDs, now it can’t compress the image. Worst app ever so far.

  11. So incredibly disappointed in this app and the customer service Stash provides. In my opinion, things on the app are purposely vague to keep you stuck using it and paying them. Too much to go into details over. Out of the maybe ten people in customer service I was bounced around to, one was helpful. Incredibly frustrating experience and my recommendation is to save yourself the headache. Really, truly, can’t complain hard enough.

  12. Mary L dice:

    Another one star review. I rated it one star previously and was told to contact support, which I did. I have been wrestling with support for nearly two weeks now. The only answer they have is to relink my already linked bank account with the routing and account numbers. When that doesn’t work, they tell me to try it again. The issue isn’t even with my bank, it’s with Stash auto failing my transactions “just in case” I might have insufficient funds. But the requests don’t even reach my bank!

  13. It’s set up so you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to close your account. You cannot close your account from within the app. It directs you to a web site, which directs you to a seemingly absent customer service. Seems they’ve made it intentionally difficult and convoluted to cancel. I’ve given up on cancelling and I’ll be initiating charge backs through my bank. They obviously do not have their customers’ best interests in mind.

  14. Joe Paul dice:

    Well, two years later is still missing what I would consider minimum information like historical returns, value of your portfolio overtime. Instead you have to keep track through their “snapshots” that just provide you a fixed value for your return on investment right now. It’s frustrating because the app is stuffed with garbage that isn’t explained or you will rarely use… Credit where it is due, they finally added a dark theme after almost a year of my use.

  15. I want to cancel my subscription and they make it near impossible. You have to do this and this but only after this is done in accordance to this. It’s either figure out the fine print, waste time trying to contact customer service, or have 9 dollars taken out of your bank each month on an abandoned account. Make it easy to cancel, simple.[UPDATE] After leaving this review, they called the next day to finish closing the account, congrats, you earned an extra star.Only helped cause of this review

  16. Rob M dice:

    The app is alright, I don’t have much feedback – positive or negative, except for one (negative) bit: when searching for stocks, I am no longer able, for some reason, to bookmark them. Whenever I tap the bookmark icon of a given stock, an error pops up saying “Record not found”, then gives you the options of trying again or canceling. Trying again yields the same result 🙄. So now I’m forced to keep a personal note of tickers of interest bc bookmarking them is no longer an option 🤷‍♂️

  17. Awesome app! Tried another one & it kept taking out large amounts of money from my bank account. This app lets me choose how much & when to take out. No more worring if my bank account will be empty the next day. My top earners are more than double my ivestment. It’s easy to dump the ones causing you to lose money. Really that simple! Anyone having issues its because they dont follow the easy instructions or their device is the problem. I use a Blackberry Key2 android software.

  18. I have found that alot of their recommendations are not very profitable. I lost almost a grand at 1st, then started going with things I learned about through other sources, and doing much better now on my own. They show my portfolio isn’t balanced, but it’s making money. Got in on early things that have worked out well. Here’s an update. I just ordered in split amounts for the sale of profit. Someone chose to cancel it on Stash’s side, only to approve one of the sales. I’m angry.

  19. When I first started using Stash, I had a few issues with transferring everything over because my VA disability couldn’t find the account, or something, but the customer service was excellent and I haven’t had any problems with them since. And yes, CSR and I were able to fix the issue and my VA disability is on direct deposit now. Plus, I love their Stock Roundups. That’s where they round up your purchases to the next dollar and take the change and put it into a stock of your choosing.

  20. For some reason I can’t edit my original post so this is my updated review. I had some issues to start, and kept getting billed after I tried to cancel. I made a review here and within a day or two an agent reached out and helped me with my issue, and refunded the charges. He was super nice and very helpful, this app may not be a fit for me in the moment but the amazing customer support for sure will have me at least looking into coming back in the future. Thanks 😁

  21. The app has started to act up recently and no one with their customer service can explain why. I called three times and had three different useless experiences. I then uninstalled the app and it won’t download now. There are many other options that do more with less headache. I finally was able to install it again, but it crashes every time I try to use it.

  22. Difficult to use and poor customer service. The fees aren’t terribly high but you can get better elsewhere. The usability of this app is not in line with its ads. I would highly recommend any competitor if you are a new or semi experienced investor looking for an easy to use app. Closing the account took an act of god and 3 months so my recommendation is to not open one in the first place.

  23. I like the ease of buying/selling stocks on this app. But really dont like the new update, when you look at each investment, the new top stock chart display take up the whole screen, only leaving a small window at the bottom to look at more specific information. The top chart is hard to read, especially for the most recent trends. This update is genuinely annoying.

  24. The new graph on each stock is terrible. the old one was so much better. New graph is not accurate, it gets stuck, you can’t see the previous couple days since you have to move your finger so close to the edge, and most of the time you have to have your finger over the price on any gives date of history which defeats the whole thing. Please fix the Movable graphs!! The rest of the app is great and I have been using it for over 3 years.

  25. A very confusing set up. I keep finding out some of my deposits keep getting canceled, without any alerts. What money I have invested, I can’t figure out if it’s earning money or loosing. I can’t find where to transfer money between personal and retirement, but I know I’ve stumbled upon it once before..? There has to be an easier layout… The idea behind the app is great, the aggressive/ conservative differences are explained well. First timers are given an easy opening in stocks and bonds.

  26. Waste of time and money. Its played off as an easy beginner app for learning to invest. The app works nice and smooth and granted I did earn cents, not dollars playing their recommendations. All the while they charge you a dollar a month for a subscription. And I’m finding out now that everything can be done so, so easily through the app except when you’ve had enough and want to cancel. All of a sudden one of those oh so easy links to cancel subscription isnt so easy to find. Irritating!

  27. I love this app. Doing it for long term investment is your best bet with it, so it eventually does pay off. However, the HUGE issue I have right now is having trouble logging into my account. It’s extremely frustrating and while new features are great, if core elements for the app don’t work, it’s useless. I have a good bit of money in there that I can’t do anything with, even after changing my password THREE times. The support didn’t even answer my question about log in either.

  28. Stick with actual professional investment alternatives like Schwab or Fidelity. While the interface is simple, the process of closing your account is anything but simple. They purposely make the information hard to find…it’s a tiny text link at the bottom of a page full of upsells. Then when you do find it, there are 3-4 more screens of upsells and again the actual unsubscribe link is barely legible. Simply put, they’ve designed this process to make it as hard as possible to close.

  29. The company and concept are awesome! I am glad I started with them sooner than later, even when it was during the rocky 2018. i just wish they would stop updating the app interface so dramatically and often. I liked it before. This recent interface change is completely confusing. The ones in the past were hit and miss, but never terrible. But this recent one, it needs to either go back or take a break. It now takes me more effort to get to the functions i want, and the dashboard i care about.

  30. The app is fine but every update it gets harder and harder to navigate. The menu is a labyrinth of options that are unintuitive and poorly labeled. Equally frustrating are pop ups, notifications, reminders to set recurring investments. The app used to be much cleaner, easier and more user friendly. I still like the app, but the redesigns have been going in the wrong direction. It may be time for a massive change to get back on track.

  31. App works great and the service is fantastic, saving little by little is a great way for people to get involved in investing for their future. Only issue with the app is whenever I need to contact support the app freaks out and displays an error. Either try again or cancel. I end up contacting support through other means but it’s frustrating not being able to use the support options through the app.

  32. Good but could be much better. . . I feel it’s important to have a very easy transition between funds and availability, also including easy access to personal investment choices. As is I believe it is quite confusing to navigate the app both in Android and on a desktop. More specifically it is hard to find personal investments and lists of stocks or other investments you have bookmarked. Also, there is an option for round up and they are “hopefully” automatically invested into a personal .

  33. I like how easy investing is, but PLEASE take off some of those constant popups. No, I don’t want to schedule purchases, it asks me every time I buy. It takes 8 clicks to get from the home screen to sell or buy and get back. That’s too many, and every time I come back from looking at one of my investments it takes me back to the top of the list. It’s always bugging me about all the stuff Stash has and I don’t care about it. Can you add a “don’t show again” feature or something?

  34. It’s fine, I guess. My wish was that there would be a way to download or print all the stocks and ETFs that are offered through their platform. It’s too many to flip through to find. Would be better and easier if I could do the research outside of the app that way. Having to pin back in every time you look away from the app is annoying. Also a better way to see when new stocks have been added would be nice.

  35. Tom Tran dice:

    App is slow. It is especially slow to look through your holdings if you have a large list. Worse case is during times of high volume the entire app doesn’t load up at all. Would really like the ability to export account statements to an excel or csv file; or some kind of integration to other portfolio trackers. A couple years ago, this was a very progressive investing app. Now, however, many other investment apps and services have caught up and offer more features.

  36. Love the app, though I’m only playing with a small amount of money. Just an FYI for the developers – the Reinvest Dividends button seems to be not working as expected, and dividends are automatically reinvested no matter what the button is set to.Not a bit deal, but somewhat annoying. Also, please make it easier to view your bookmarked stocks. The only was to see them outside of the Discover Investments screen is to use the search, and there’s not much point in having a bookmark if you have to use the search screen to look up the name.

  37. So far, there have been some hiccups with the software but nothing that gips financially. For days, I have been marking off specific questions or actions as complete and the system just won’t register as complete. For example, STASH asks me to get ready to receive my card in the mail and to activate it. But I’ve always received and activated it, and it just doesn’t seem to mark off as complete. Things like that. Other than that, I’m really enjoying the concept and service provided by STASH.

  38. I have had nothing but great results with STASH. I save money and watch it grow with no hassle, albeit with a little effort and curious passion to learn. On a side note, the newer UI transition to a blue scheme was a good decision, in my opinion. What really matters is the “meat and potatoes,” not just the UI. I think they have done a great job with that when it comes to investing made easy. With STASH, I was able to begin investing and create a portfolio with little money and know how.

  39. Its a great app for what their mission is and what they advertise. This is not for constant trading. Investing in the long run is what this app is built for. The only issue is the subscription. Considering there are so many free apps, this is the one thing holding back from a perfect rating and always a constant question to want to switch to a different platform as that subscription builds up over time as well.

  40. 4.8 – app look and feel is very good. Navigation is fairly straightforward and the automatic funding transfers really make it easy to add to your account. I can’t give it all 5 stars because there is a limitation on the investment choices available. Plenty to choose from but doesn’t seem to offer the ability to invest in all vehicles – no options trading and not all stocks are available.

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