JMO (Jamsostek Mobile) FULL


JMO (Jamsostek Mobile) - Claim JHT, Track Claims, Check Balance, and Update Data
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Inovasi terbaru layanan digital dari BPJS Ketenagakerjaan

JMO memudahkanmu dalam memenuhi kebutuhan layanan digital BPJAMSOSTEK tanpa harus ke kantor cabang, kena macet, panas, hujan dan antrian yang bikin meriang.

Hadir dengan berbagai fitur :
1. Pengkinian Data
2. Pengajuan & Lacak Klaim JHT
3. Kemudahan Daftar & Pembayaran Iuran Segmen BPU
4. Simulasi Saldo JHT dan JP
5. Cek Saldo
6. Kartu digital
7. Lokasi Kanal Pelayanan
8. Promo
9. Berita
10. Pengaduan
11. Laporan
12. Informasi Manfaat

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Informasi lebih lanjut silahkan menghubungi pusat layanan BPJS Ketenagakerjaan :
Call center : 175
Twitter : @bpjstkinfo
Facebook : BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
Website :
Email : [email protected]


JMO kini lebih cepat, lebih mudah, lebih lengkap dengan fitur terbaru seperti :

• Fitur tracking proses tindaklanjut dari pengaduan yang dilaporkan
• Pelaporan upah dan pelaporan tenaga kerja yang tidak sesuai

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40 comentarios en "JMO (Jamsostek Mobile) FULL"

  1. D V dice:

    everything is good except when I want to claim something, biometric validation is (pardon my language) suck, limited to 3x for verification of the face but I took the selfie with good lighting, and my face is very clear but it failed , the problem is.. why its limited???? even for opening a bank account they are limitless, we can take as many times as we want

  2. utama oil dice:

    Bad experience while using this apps, the apps always response with : bad connection BLA BLA BLA. Who was managed the apps? Can you understand with every comments from the users? You have a bad rating but never fixed the problems. What simplify direction you can offer to us as a user ? Come on wake up, alot of user’s gave you only one ⭐ please fixed the issued ASAP. Thank you

  3. After new update, we can’t login, our connection and the phone is very good, the problem is the apps its really bad

  4. If you see an update required button while opening the app meanwhile your application has already been updated and cannot use the application. You have to uninstall the app and then install it again. It works.

  5. I think, the connection problem comes from JMO’server and I guarantee that my internet connection runs very well. However, the pop up always tells that I have internet connection problem. So desperate with this apps.

  6. It request an update, but update nowhere to be found. If you aren’t sure the update was published, don’t block the existing version. Use v1, v2, v3 instead if the API radically changed. Blocking existing version is a dumb idea.

  7. It’s wired when u open the app then appears warning to update, but when u go to the playstore, ur existing app is updated. I already uninstall and install it again and still facing the same issue………

  8. Censia dice:

    What is wrong with this app!!! Cant even login and always showed a message “no internet connection” like what?! Please fix this!!

  9. This app is so broken, i cant even complete my registration… i didnt receive any OTP but app blocked me because of too many OTP requested. Please fix the user experience flow, ohmygod

  10. Come on u guys..Cant event open after installing..always pop up show us to update and comeback to the open button repeatly..bad app.

  11. The only app on my phone that need to put login details each and every single time I opened this app. Does this app not having any function to save my login data? Used the forgot account feature but it just for changing my password. Still cant login even after receiving OTP from my email and inputing my new password. Are you serious?! Such a joke for a high rated app

  12. Wira Yuda dice:

    Bad experience, need update to much, and after update i can’t login to my account

  13. cool! really user friendly, makes some inquiries be accessed easier

  14. kinda hard to update, and slowly. but, you finally get what you want.

  15. Useless Apps, AI biometric not good, stupid developer, not user friendly too many validation, fill in data every where and also have to come to branch office to open validation and fill in data again. Why use biometric validation if not ready to use, and why has time limited (3 times), not helping me at all..

  16. Update, crash Reinstall, crash Open, crash

  17. This apps is sucks, I even can’t get into this app. Can’t update. Already reinstall but still the same. Last time before update, I can’t even check my fund. Please hire a new IT support whom capable to do this! Embarrassing!

  18. This very terrible. They make slogan Claim by application fast within 5 minutes. But the reality this app always make a pop up and pretending lime a customer make a mistake. Even when I put the right number. Bpjs sok buat aplikasi tp aplikasi bodoh. Belum siap launching mendingan di perbaiki dulu lah

  19. nichol ni dice:

    to much bug there, the apps do for close so many times

  20. Always show ‘Bad Internet Connection’, my connection are completly fine, your sever sucks

  21. Alfino dice:

    Each month we need to either update the apps or re-login. Kinda annoying

  22. useful and interactive also simple to understand to access. thanks

  23. Update, done! But i can’t find menu to check my balance. Where is it?

  24. It request an update but update nowhere to be found. Already reinstall but still the same.

  25. Totot dice:

    Taking a picture in “pengkinian data” is always failed. 3 times failed the feature would be blocked. To solve this case must come to office, so “offline” again.

  26. Sucks Apps! Keep crashing while trying to open. Also everytime this apps is updated you can’t access your account. Public Apps like this should be develop with more professional people and maintain by professional people.

  27. I can’t even login back to the apps, the apps didn’t recognized my email. It always says “Coba Lagi” but when I tried to change my password. I got my OTP from my email. Are you joking?

  28. Malik dice:

    Good responsive app with neat UI to observe your JP balance

  29. What kind of app is this.? I can’t even login.. been trying multiple times, always says error.. Reinstall the app didn’t work.. please solve the issue ASAP..

  30. Forced to be updated and after finish updating, screen only show pls update?????

  31. Not even working, only up arrow and green button showed. When I click the button, I was redirected to the Google play

  32. nice UI, and easy to use. great apps, thanks

  33. Bad apps. Always force close when trying to register.

  34. The suggestion response from the app admin that I read from others feedback, it doesn’t affect anything from the app being forced close the moment you start the app

  35. I can’t login the apps, my email and password were correct, I did Uninstall and re-install also can’t login, i don’t even know what to do with the apps, previously I could login but stuck in pengkinian data for submit the picture, please help me out with this issue, I will give 1 star and if the issue can solve I will add more stars for the apps, thank you.

  36. The apps keeps asking to update, even though it is already the latest version. Until now I can’t even open the apps.

  37. The app updated a new one UI but very bad UX for me. I’m having a hard time checking my balance. The user is forced to update personal data, then I update the data. after returning to the home page, the data update alert still appears. there is no notification to us as a user after the data update has been successful or not. very confusing!

  38. Unlimited loading for check saldo. Update sudah normal

  39. very easy, fast and clear

  40. The updated version is completely useless. Can’t check balances and always takes a long time to process every menu, even though the internet network is very strong. If there is no problem with the old version, why should you update to the new one, when it only disappointing costumers

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