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Helping you take hold of today and helping you move toward a brighter tomorrow.

Meet our Principal® app dedicated to helping you build your future. Make moves on your retirement account(s) and feel great that you can move toward your goals. Download our streamlined, trustworthy and sleek app, now.

Log in to the app for retirement account information and:

• Check your defined contribution account details (i.e. account balances, vested balances)
• View your defined benefit, nonqualified and employee stock ownership plan details
• Change the contribution rate to your retirement account
• Make transfers between investment options or change how your upcoming contributions are invested

While you’re there, gain access to your insurance information too.

The availability of information and functionality will vary depending on your employer’s plan type(s).

To make changes not available on the app, visit

Some screens may contain more information than is illustrated in the samples.

This document is intended to be educational in nature and is not intended to be taken as a recommendation.

Insurance products and plan administrative services provided through Principal Life Insurance Co., a member of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392.
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40 comentarios en "Principal® MODDED"

  1. C J dice:

    Don’t describe the app as having the ability handle a rollover when it clearly is a buggy unstable mess. I have tried the process on two different phones ( a pixel 7 pro and an old LG V30). The process simply crashes when attempting to take pictures of the checks and never registering the picture being taken through the pixel. While on the V30, the process continues until the end when the app states “Here’s some info you’ll want to look at.” and then “Oops, something went wrong”. What nonsense

  2. Just started using this app. Easy to use, easy to interpret the numbers with graphs, seems easy to transfer funds and setup external accounts. One thing I don’t like… Should be able to run/download reports for balances/fund performance! BTW, I don’t know why so many are complaining about speed. There are a couple of functions that take a couple of seconds, but it’s not tragic like some are saying. I work in IT; this app could be much worse. Im wondering if certain phones or net speeds are why?

  3. Complete Edit: My primary complaint about the app continually making me reauthenticate nearly every time I use the app has finally been addressed (at least on my device)! Additionally, that chat bubble is gone, too, which is nice. At this point, the app is fully usable and is, more importantly, useful. I think the only thing I’d like to see still is the ability to change the date range for things like personal performance and whatnot.

  4. UPDATE: Very responsive team! Fixed issue from my rating and feedback. App is working again & it gives me the info I need to see! Thanks for the responsiveness! On S10+, used to work nicely, but now doesn’t even work! After logging in, takes you to page with gray bars that just flash until you’re greeted with an error message that says, “Here’s some info you’ll want to look at” on an otherwise blank page.

  5. I updated to the newest version and now it won’t start. It just opens a window saying Principal keeps stopping and do I want to close the app, see app info, and one other choice. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but it didn’t help. Now that the developers responded to my problem so quickly, I changed the rating to 5 stars since that’s what I think the app deserves. I’ve used it for a long time and I’ve always been happy with it.

  6. Just installed the new app and logged in. Got a blank screen with message “error occurred while retrieving your data”. Disappointing to say the least. After a couple more attempts of opening the app and going through the initial process, it seems to work. having to install a brand new app is odd, then had the old and new but icons are identical. had to go through initial process multiple times. when switching between apps, it requires fingerprint verification but my data is still visible. EDIT: I appreciate the response from the developers. As of right now, the app still prompts me to login every time I open it even though I have gone through the setup and configured fingerprint recognition. Hopefully, we’ll see some great updates soon.

  7. App looks great and is easy to use. However, you have to be sure to have a phone number set on your account’s 2 Factor Authentication Preferences. Without it, I kept getting a generic “Sorry, that didn’t seem to work” message when trying to log in – when I called support, they just wanted to reset my password even though my login worked fine on browsers. The error message makes no mention about needing 2 Factor Authentication to be via SMS.

  8. It’s a beautiful app but it lacks some basic functionalities. It’s a bit difficult to find investement information e.g. performance, and fees. I like the account balance chart. I wish it had more advance charting options. It also lacks the ability to add or view beneficiaries. Will the app provide me a reminder of the monthly webinars? Lastly, there is no option to adjust retirement planning tool.

  9. I have been using your old app for 3 years…. It has always been clunky and slow. Now you finally upgrade it and I was crazy happy about the finger print recognition and the ability to do more with investments. But sadly…. It constantly logs me out, requires a text to be sent, restart the app and login manually. Then the retirement score calculator doesnt work! It screws up the calculation! For such a top-tier investment company, you should have a working app by now.

  10. I downloaded the app, signed in, did the verification, and then.. The app has this message /announcement that is larger than my screen. I can not go any further. There isn’t any way to close this message and access ANYTHING on this app. As a first time customer, this doesn’t look like a promising investment of they cannot even get their technology to be user friendly, or even better yet functioning correctly at all.

  11. Jaeho Yi dice:

    Recently, it was taking forever to load the financial data. I was told it was when i use bio log in, unfortunately it’s on all log in. Since yesterday, 8/28/2020, it won’t load at all. I even restart my phone, reinstall the app, but no luck. Please stop trying to improve what’s working well… each time you try to improve, it seems get worse. Very frustrating

  12. I use to have the wells fargo and im now on this. I guess its not really fair to compare this app to the masterpiece that was the wells fargo app, but im going to anyways. Its slow….painfully slow, its like surfing the internet 20 years ago slow. Poor design, wells fargo had only about screen and a half of options that you could easily see from top to bottom, very consolidated. Principal is alot more spread out so it takes longer to find what you are looking for.

  13. Incredibly slow! I can’t stand to try and open it. I spent 15 minutes and couldn’t get through more than 3 or 4 screens and back. What is wrong with this? Update: The apps speed has gotten better but unfortunately today it will not open on my device. It’s crashing within a second of selecting.

  14. does not provide anywhere close to the same capabilities as the web interface. thus i consider this app of no value whatsoever. Follow up: Examples include if you have after tax and pre-tax balances you only get the total balance (I also have both pre- and after-tax in the same investment), transactions are not available, balances by source are not available… to name a few.

  15. Mediocre app. As user unfriendly as their website. Edit: I looked at the “improvements”. The app is not any better than before. Take a hint from other brokers. Edit2: there is no transactions history in app. The tickers of the funds are not readyly visible. For a bunch of functions you have to click through at least three times and end up on the website.

  16. Terrible experience. There do not seem to be very many options for viewing and managing your account. Information is difficult to find. Information that should be readily available in a normal account statement isn’t there. Edit: it’s not a tech issue its a lack of transparency. Where’s information on exact transactions for the month? Fees? Contributions? You only show information for very broad categories. It’s all graphs and charts. It’s impossible to truly track what’s happening. Very shady.

  17. so far is way better than the old app it replaced. displays much more info more quickly with more options to change things. I like that it supports finger print log in too without constantly asking to verify my account beyond initial login. two notes: 1 sometimes trying to back out of the app will result in getting stuck in a loop of the app attempting to log you back in. 2 checking on a work disability coverage redirected me to the actual website where the document wasn’t formatted correctly

  18. App advertises the ability to upload a picture of a rollover check for your 401k but crashes every time you try to take a picture of your check. I’ve been trying for 30 minutes and it crashes every single time.

  19. The system cannot locate me with my information provided. I wish I could enter the app but this is what I was shown when I entered my personal information. I am confused by this as it is accurate. I will keep the rating as 3 star average since I cannot provide any information besides trying to create an account.

  20. Annoying. Try logging in once and it sends me the code. After putting in the code it says I’ve attempted to many times. I got the log in right the first time!!! And no other way to fix it but call and/or email. How about just letting me log in on my FIRST attempt?!

  21. There is too much security. I download an authenticator, every single time I go to log in I get locked out because all of the codes from the app are wrong some how? Even the back up codes don’t work. I just want my money.

  22. I think its needs to be more simplified, as far as changing allocations and finding options to change to. maybe terminology for the average person.

  23. It’s not dependable and tech support sucks. It has potential great when it works.

  24. Uploading check image doesn’t work. The app keeps on crashing when I try to upload the image of my 401k rollover check.

  25. Teresa S. dice:

    This app is ridiculous. It basically just loads the website and it’s not formatted for a mobile phone! I’ve never been this mad at an app in my life. Zero stars.

  26. Inaccurate information from them. Can’t email them the task is always unavailable when I try. The site says check is on its way but my investment value has changed since I lost my job. They say check in its way but they are still using the money for investment when I need that money for bills

  27. It would help if the app didn’t crash or actually take a picture when I try to deposit a rollover check

  28. All I get is I get when navigating is my connection is bad and check internet. All my other apps are fine.

  29. Niki King dice:

    Very easy to update, check balance, take a loan out and arrange payments…made open enrollment this year very easy 😀 👍

  30. good platform but it’s annoying to have to dig up my log in info every time bc it forgets it after 90 days, and so do I.

  31. Garbage. My gain is negative $13,000 an I’ve used it for a year work at my company my growth hasn’t changed in a year using this app. I’m still at $5,000 an it hasn’t gone up in a year the gain/loss continue to grow in the negative. This retirement app is pathetic. Start fixing the situation an idk figure out a way to grow our investment better

  32. crashes when trying to take pictures of checks for rollovers

  33. stiv k dice:

    save my info. do ibreally have to keep inputting? and its slow. and just accept my code off my phone directly to login when msg is sent, instead of having me look it up and send as if its off another phone

  34. articles won’t load and your asking for a review before i can even fully explore the app , why are you asking for a review minutes after downloading, makes me question your competency

  35. so far everything has been super straightforward and easy!!

  36. App will not open or load anymore. Tried deleting and reinstalling and resetting my phone but app just gives me a blank page. Edit. Issue resolved very quickly.

  37. 1. App never remembers that I’ve enrolled for logging in using biometrics. 2. Takes forever to load…. 3. The silliest error message of all “please check your internet connection” when trying to access menus.

  38. One of the most unfriendly apps, with very limited options to invest 401-K Funds. Always losing money. I have other similar fund with another investment firm and it performs far better because it has a wider variety of pension plans investment options

  39. The app is just okay. Mainly I just want to check an account balance once in a while, and it does that much. What I’m pretty tired of is every time the app upgrades my biometric authentication breaks and I have to go find my stupid login credentials. Newsflash: I want to setup my biometric login once and NEVER again. This is so annoying. Other apps I use don’t have this problem. Stop making it my problem.

  40. My company switched from Wells Fargo to this. Its by far the worse app I’ve used, but it was usable. At least untill the last update, now I cant even open the app. Not like its a huge loss, since its basically worthless as a tool. Lack of any friendly user UI, hard to navigate menu and almost impossible to adjust where your investment ar spent (well totally impossible now since I cant even open it) utter garbage for an app as well as a company.

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