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The DasherDirect Card by Payfare is designed with Dashers in mind.
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DasherDirect is a prepaid debit and mobile banking app for US-based Dashers, powered by Payfare. It provides Dashers with no-fee payouts after every dash, access to convenient banking functionality, and cash-back on gas, dining, groceries, travel and more.

Here’s how it works:
Instant no-fee deposits: Your earnings payouts are processed automatically—and without a fee after every dash, via the DasherDirect app and Visa prepaid card.

Access to banking: Core mobile banking functionality is available, alongside other financial benefits like bill payments, money transfers, deposits, ATM withdrawals, and more.

Cash-back rewards: DasherDirect unlocks cash back rewards on gas, dining, travel and everyday purchases.

The DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card is issued by Stride Bank, N.A., member FDIC, pursuant to a license by Visa U.S.A. Inc. Subject to eligibility; use of the card is governed by the DasherDirect Cardholder Agreement and Payfare Program Terms. Payouts from deliveries initiated after each dash; funds are typically available within an hour pending any delays. Reward categories and amounts subject to change without notice. No-fee transfers and no-fee and low-fee ATM withdrawals available.


By implementing the challenge questions in this release, users will be able to authenticate quickly through security questions when they contact support, eliminating the need for users to remember other account details.


40 comentarios en "DasherDirect, by Payfare MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a great way to keep things separate, track expenses and manage deposits. Instant deposits are a huge plus so is the cash back on gas. A few issues sometimes with card when trying to pay for gas and one issue in the beginning with an external transfer but recently all the external transfers have posted quicker without any delays. You actually have a better idea of costs when you use this card for those purposes!

  2. The app itself has given me no problems. The only thing is, I still haven’t received my physical cars yet. But I have used my digital card daily specifically for gas, and it is amazing. I am getting 10% cash back and it is pretty much redeemable that same day. You are also able to link the card as a bank account to pay bills as well. So even without the physical card, I have pretty much been able to do everything without it by using the tap feature/ google pay.

  3. This app once upon a time made life as a dasher easier, The card doesn’t work everywhere, even after you have the physical card it doesn’t work. Then the card magically is locked and your funds frozen for no reason. Support has no information & can’t help. This is only useful for getting paid without fees or waiting – use it if you have to, but transfer everything you can out as often as possible to an actual bank before it becomes more inaccessible than before you involved this terrible app.

  4. The ability to receive my funds instantly and SAVE money on gas is amazing! I have had almost no issues with my card or account. The one thing that has been frustrating is that you can’t use it at some places and at others you have to use it as credit or it will decline. Besides that, customer service has been amazing as well.

  5. Kelvin dice:

    It can be a little clunky but the App has worked as intended for me. Could probably use some improvements to simplify it. I had no problems navigating it but I could see some people having trouble. Edited review. Do not use your card for anything except fuel for the cash back. I was having my phone bill taken out and the pending transaction remained even after they posted the transaction to my account. My available balance is short an entire phone bill and they won’t do a thing about it.

  6. easy to set up & use. Definitely more convenient than fast pay (charges a fee & limits how often it can be used) & the standard direct deposit option. Pay loads instantly every time. I have never had an issue with it, except maybe once when it took about 10 minutes to transfer. 4 stars only because of the use of free atms in my area is low then on top of that most are located inside stores that don’t allow 24hr access to atm & Stride also doesn’t work with other money transfer apps.

  7. May dice:

    This app, as a service is very helpful though there are two things that are somewhat annoying to deal with. Moving money out of the dasher direct account is kind of a nightmare and takes a very significant amount of time. I also had an issue where the app forced me to set up security questions before I could use the app again. Other than that, I get immediate notifications following any spending and quick updates after pending transactions.

  8. At first, I was skeptical, as I am with all apps regarding my finances. However, the DasherDirect app has worked very smoothly. Whenever I complete a Dash, my earnings automatically transfer to my account for immediate use. Plus, the rewards (like cash back in gas) make it preferable to using debit/credit cards in some scenarios.

  9. This app, along with its companion app, ‘Dasher’, was created then fielded by the most singled-handed, hands down most incompetent people I have ever interacted with. Forget about the numerous crashes & glitches from both apps, ESPECIALLY after each update…. No it’s the support team tasked with helping with our issues that has me & likely others banging our heads against the wall, maybe even contemplating eating a bullet. If I have to deal with support one more time, I’d rather eat a bullet.

  10. Really a good idea. Super convenient getting paid automatically as soon as a dash session ends. And the cash back rewards really stack up quickly which is great. It’s easy to use. It’s an excellent work in progress. There are a few bugs to be worked out. And occasional issues with online or mobile payments or purchases not working. As soon as those are smoothed out I will have 0 issue increasing my rating. All around, very useful.

  11. I should have been dashing when it 1st started. I’m making that extra income that I needed. The customer service is great so far, they answered all my questions that they possibly could and if they couldn’t they would transfer me to someone who could. I just wish that the ppl who use are service would at least leave a tip of some sort being that it is very very convenient for them to get their items but for the majority they do. Overall if you need extra income $$$ sign up…. thanks DOORDASH 😊

  12. No Refunds, when they lose your money. It’s not thier fault. They will not help you. Unless you need to use this, don’t! Also the APP never shows your Balance of either before or after transaction’s., It may show pending transactions, and your total bank balnce drops but no sign of why, or anything. even with store returned money to card. your total and balance are never Shown as to HOW it got to where it’s at. FIX this issue, because Banking shouldn’t be a guessing game!

  13. Saves my bank from bouncing everytime. Seriously though, this is a wonderful payment wallet, easy to use and I really enjoy the cash back and other rewards for using it. It has a savings account and a checking account. The delay transferring from savings the checking is about 15 minutes. I would like to see that sped up.

  14. Constantly freezes. I’ve Uninstalled it and re-installed it so many times… it’s RIDICULOUS. I just want to check my balance. That’s all. The dasher app is constantly doing the same thing. It’s very embarrassing when you’re trying to make a purchase. My other half is a developer and says that these were created with plebian mistakes. I BELIEVE IT WITH ALL OF THE ISSUES IN CONSTANTLY HAVING.

  15. The app itself is great, but the service could be better. My only issues are that I have been dashing about three months now and still haven’t received my physical card, and that bank transfers take two business days minimum. I like having my pay deposited to my account immediately, but since I don’t have a physical card, I can’t use an ATM to retrieve cash, and have to use Google Pay to pay for things, and bank transfers are too slow to pay bills

  16. Good app. But there is a bug in it currently that needs to be addressed. Phone will not let me stay logged in for more than a minute before it notifies me of the bug. Phone is a galaxy s21 ultra. Never had this notice before and it only shows up on this app. I’ve scanned my phone as well. It’s not on my end. Other wise great app!!

  17. Nice upgrade to receive income faster and free! However, dislike the feature of how to transfer money to bank. Mainly because you have to have bank account and routing number. Be easier and more convenient if that feature was added. Other than that, great app! (So far)

  18. Dasher direct allows you to get access to your money right away which is awesome! The only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5 is because the dasher direct card is not compatible with apps such as cash app. This is a bummer because it makes it to where I have to use two different cards when I really prefer to just have one card to keep track of.

  19. The cash back is pretty darn awesome, the instant payouts are amazing, and the atm withdrawal limits are great. The only downside is that it’s a prepaid account. If somehow this could be an actual checking account, it would be superior all other financial institutions. Still pretty darn awesome though.

  20. I have been enjoying the dasher direct card and app they are absolutely awesome to have. You can get paid instantly with no hassle, and keep track of what you’ve earned and what you’ve spent, or bill you’ve paid it’s a automatic receipt book. They also did a great job at correcting my pay instantly with no hesitation, which I greatly appreciated. All in all it’s a very good card to have it your interested in using it as your payment method. -A happy dasher

  21. I don’t know why people dismiss dasher direct and say it’s garbage. Yes it took a while to get the card, but after receiving the card it has been flawless and great. The 10% cash back on almost every transactions. The funds from my dash being available immediately without any cash out fees is great. My only complaint which honestly doesn’t matter that much is that I wish there was more fee free ATM options available. But I highly recommend it to any dasher

  22. Cashback rewards! Great options in where to go to get rewards i.e. restaurants, store or gas station and the Cashback is soooo close to instant. The only flaw was the goal account isn’t transferring money back to the main account. It took a few days to get the money back to me but tech support say that they are working on fixing the bug. I like the DasherDirect card because the developers are starting to help Dashers out more. Thanks❣️

  23. Been dashing locally and on the road while traveling fir about 6 weeks now. I can see potential but having allot of issues with the ap freezing up. Have lost many gigs because of it. Have FREE tech support right now. Unclear if, what and when I will have to pay for support in the future. Tech support is helpful sometimes and other times just reading from script. Will.update as time.goes.on.but.for.now, it’s worth checking.out.

  24. Mostly happy thus far. Dasher pay is immediately available. Searching for gas stations is simple. Cash back is easy to redeem. Only negative is that it offers cash deposits via the greendot services and neither this app or the site shows the actual fee for each location which can be up to 4.95 so it certainly doesn’t appear to be a viable option. This app also suggests the Visa Savings Edge but when attempting to attach my dasherdirect card to that program is says ineligible.

  25. Arri Reid dice:

    The app is very easy to use and transfers funds immediately after a dash and I like the amount of options you have to move your money. My only complaint is I don’t like how I have to do 2 factor authentication EVERY single time I log in from The same device. Using text authentication takes longer then I would expect.

  26. I’ve had nothing but positive experience so far concerning my Dasher Direct card and the accompanying app. It’s awesome when I log into the app and see that I’ve got money banked up in my rewards. One swipe and it’s available to use. I try to forget that it’s there and then it’s available for emergencies.

  27. Very convenient. Works like a credit card. Some terminals don’t work well with it, i.e. some self-pay gas pumps, but going to the clerk resolves the issue. I’m sure this will improve over time so still giving it 5 stars. Other than that it takes a little while to get used to where everything is in the app, but that is mostly on the card holder.

  28. Demont dice:

    This app is user friendly and although every once in a while it’ll act up but the second you call and report an issue it’s fixed right away. Customer service is excellent and the money transfer takes some time for it to complete and yet instead and if I or you would like, go and find an ATM and withdraw your earnings immediately. Good job developers…

  29. Wow. This takes being paid to a new level. Love this. App is great, and honestly the worst I could write if I was paid to be negative is that it can occasionally be a little slow. By “a little slow” I mean, you could spend the wait asking yourself if I’m just impatient. It’s fast. It’s fingerprint secure. It’s easy and user friendly. I’m sappy, it’s good. Other companies could stand to think similarly.

  30. This account is a serious PITA. Have not been able to add as a payment method for various accounts as the bank account/routing fails to work properly. Can’t add it to Facebook Pay as a debit. Unless I am missing something I can’t use it with Zelle. If I try to use it as a payment method via PayPal The fees are crazy. The ONLY benefit is the no fee deposit from dashing, but the rest is too much of a pain so I think I will just cancel it. Very sad in 2022!

  31. It is the greatest experience to DoorDash, but their GPS navigation system sometimes take you to the wrong address or freezes in the middle of the delivery. I just need for them to help us drivers be a little bit better with the directions so that we won’t get frustrated on the road because we have to be safe and careful thank you for the opportunity of dashing. It’s a wonderful experience and customers have to do better on tipping. The times are getting phenomenal frustrated with us trying make

  32. I was pretty skeptical when it first came out and didn’t even consider setting up direct deposit when I could just as easily send it to my bank account. When they started the extra gas incentive though I had to give it a try and I have been pleasantly surprised. Very easy, app is simple to navigate, incentive goes in without me having to think about it and actually now, I think of it as sort of a savings account. My favorite feature is the notifications I get when I make a transaction.

  33. I love this card and the app.. The cash back rewards add up so fast and I’ve never had a fee. I also get paid after each doordash order. The app is easy to navigate and I’ve never had any issues with it in the past almost 2 years I’ve had it. Only gripe is sometimes I can’t load cash at the register, but I’m not sure if it’s actually the card or just the cashier. But the rewards are really awesome, highest paying rewards system I’ve seen thus far.

  34. For the most part, DasherDirect has been sufficient. It is very helpful when it comes to last minute expenses and repairs! Definitely a benefit of getting paid after each dash! On the flipside however, it cannot be used with mobile payment apps, the app/server is constantly crashing or down, & the card only works 50% of the time meaning it will decline at all kinds of stores….. soooo 😒 it’s just okay. Much work needs to be done. That’s forsure!

  35. NYK dice:

    I’m gonna give this app 4 stars cuz I haven’t had many issues with it as I’ve seen others have. It works well for what I need, which was just a free way to collect my earnings daily. The app runs a bit slow at times and that’s annoying when all Im trying to do is check my balance and I’ve dealt with doordash app crashing & glitching out all day. But I don’t have to wait til the end of the week to get my earnings and it’s free so for the most part, it’s good. Not great, but good. Could be worse.

  36. R A dice:

    Mostly this is a great service. My cheif complaint is that there is no way to access it on a regular browser, and there is no search or filter feature for viewing account transactions. This means that it’s impossible to generate reports containing specific information for specific date ranges. It also means it’s a little more complicated to print monthly statements. There is also no feature for exporting to excel. These are all very typical and basic banking app features.

  37. James R. dice:

    It’s made getting paid easier, hence the 4 stars. One star has been left because of the hold ups, at times, with the security code to log in. There was a time when I needed to see my balance, that’s when the app acted up again with the codes, no matter how many times I requested a resend. It banned me for 30 minutes when I couldn’t log in multiple times. For the most part, it’s been good. Looks like you still have bugs to fix. Thank you

  38. At work the app frustrated me because my pay wasn’t getting deposited into my dasher direct account when I first started using it. It wasn’t until I finished dashing 4 hours after I started that the money got deposited. I was under the impression that the pay would be deposited and available right away after each delivery. But honestly it’s really not that big of a deal. Also the 2% cash back is an absolute plus!

  39. It is a great thing once you have your actual card. Lots of cool features. I have tried the card at the fueling stations they suggest and fuel rewards add up and can be redeemed instantly. I am already at a few dollars in savings so then I cashed in on those bucks and transgeted the balance over into the savings account feature. It’s pretty easy to save those coins when the option to transfer to savings is so easy. DOWNSIDE: NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE so minus one star. On your own for that!

  40. My experience so far has been excellent! The dasher direct card/ account is very easy to use anywhere. (with the added bonus of purchase rewards–cashback on fuel purchases, etc.) Funds are deposited automatically after each dash, which is incredibly convenient. There’s no question about when you’ll get paid. In summary… glad I got it!

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