Lili Banking for Your Business MODDED 2022


Checking account, tax tools, accounting software, savings–all in one app!
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Named one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World 2022 by FastCompany, Lili brings you banking designed for your business. By combining a checking account with technology to save on taxes and accounting software, Lili is an all-in-one mobile banking app designed to save time, money and energy for anyone who runs a business on their own. Only available for Sole Proprietors and Single-Member LLCs eligible.

Lili is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC


– Visa Business Debit Card
– Business Cashback Rewards*
– No minimum deposit required
– No hidden fees
– 1.00% APY on Savings*
– Fee-Free Overdraft up to $200*
– Connect to all your marketplaces and get paid up to 2 days earlier
– Mobile Check Deposit
– Cash Deposit at 90k participating retailers
– Fee-Free ATM withdrawals at 38k locations


– Write-Off Tracker
– Tax Bucket
– Estimated Taxes Calculator
– Schedule C Generator*


– Built-in invoicing software*
– Scan & Save your receipts
– Automatically generated quarterly business reports
– Transaction Categorization


– Full library of tips, tricks and resources
– Exclusive webinars and community events
– Promos and discounts from our partners
– Curated newsletter and business-related content

*Only available with Lili Pro
** The Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”) for the Lili Savings Account is variable and may change at any time.


Big changes come with small improvements. 💪


40 comentarios en "Lili Banking for Your Business MODDED 2022"

  1. Great app for banking, both personal and business. You can categorize EVERY transaction, it even reminds you to sort them. Highly suggest downloading it & trying it out for a few days. If you dont like it, you can always delete it. There’s a free version & a paid one. I only have tried the free one.

  2. pretty great the only thing I don’t like about it, is they don’t tell you that you can’t use the last two dollars if you needed them. but besides that pretty awesome free, I decided to grow up and upgraded, and it’s even more awesome than the free, switch between transactions to let them through or to pause your card, and all kinds of sweet things… and the thing with the last few bucks is only been a couple of times..

  3. David K. dice:

    It’s ok. Nothing awful but nothing extraordinary either. I have a pro account, the balance is feature and the life/work feature is nice. Mostly no hidden fees, but i will say, you guys gotta get more atms I’m rural areas. I have to drive 30 min either way to get to one that’s free. With gas prices it almost isn’t worth the drive, but you guys charge an arm and a leg in fees if it’s out of network. Also, to deposit cash, they don’t tell you that there is a 5$ fee. Pretty smooth other than that.

  4. Definitely not worth it. If you opt for the Pro account, the monthly fee just doesn’t equate with the waiting period and the minimal overdrafts approved. Further, when you have an imperative financial issue, you want to be able to reach your financial institution promptly. Right now, I can’t access my account because my phone number changed and in order to login to the app, you need a verification code which is texted or provided via automated phone call. There is no way to view your account information online, on a computer, outside of the app. I’ve sent an email and awaiting response. I also tried calling the contact number and even though I opted to stay on the line rather than get a call back, I was disconnected twice after waiting over 30 minutes each time. On my 3rd try, I just went ahead and took the option to get a callback with no advisement on approximate time the call would be returned. This is not the way I like to do business for my business.

  5. J Nuzzo dice:

    This is a good app for disorganized freelancers like myself. It lets you organize your transactions from personal to business as easy as swiping right or left. It automatically determines if your business expenses are a tax write off and you can even send invoices to clients straight from the app to your customer’s email! Customer payments go straight into your account via ACH, saving you a trip to the bank! Life is easy!

  6. Update – finally got it worked out and account is set up. We’ll see how this works moving forward. So far I can’t even create an account. It wants a copy of my ID but the app keeps crashing or doesn’t even give an option to upload the image. I’ve tried from the app on my phone and logging in through my computer. Very frustrated.

  7. Absolutely the worst sign up process I have ever tried. They keep putting me in a loop with no option to reset a password or even create a new one. How the hell am I supposed to create an account if I can’t even create a password???!!! This app is absolutely useless and the customer service seems to have no idea what they are doing. I called twice and they just send me back into a loop of confusion.

  8. Love this card, the concept behind it, and how easy it is to use. App is appealing to look at and easy to navigate. Only thing I would say that could be improved is it does take a bit for your money to transfer and post. I think I waited a week for the first one. However, it did say after initial transfer that it should go faster for the rest. If that’s the case I will update because so far that’s my only critique. Highly recommend!

  9. I really like the idea of Lili, and when it works as intended, it’s great! However, for an online only bank that has no web interface or access via physical location to not have a reliable app with consistently working mobile check deposit, ACH Transfer, or debit activation, that is unacceptable. In addition, in all customer support must be a complete lie, as I have made 2 separate support requests through the app and never received any response or even confirmation.

  10. Great concept. Terrible execution. I tried to transfer funds from my bank account, something glitchy happen after I initiated the transfer, and it sent me back to the screen asking how much money I wanted transfer. I don’t have enough funds in my bank to cover the transfer twice. I looked for a pending transfer screen. It doesn’t exist. So, I contacted support. This is why the one star review. They don’t understand this simple question. Back and forth for days. Horrible customer service.

  11. I was disappointed when I got this. It wasn’t user friendly, I saw hidden fees somewhere, and it won’t let you link any bank accounts where you have to pay a fee to place money in it. I felt it to be promising, but you’re better off with PayPal for your freelance. At least they don’t leave out missing fees, as it’s mentioned on their site in plain view. If it could link any bank, this would have potential.

  12. Freelance/Small Business OWNERS… Try LILI I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with this bank. I love the tips for life and business finance. Plus, the adding of a percentage of every deposit into a ‘tax bucket’, that you can add to or withdraw from at any time, is awesome… It’s been primarily a savings account type thing for me so far, but it is nice to not have to decide an amount to put aside, it just does it for me. It’s helped me a lot actually… Give them a shot!

  13. Lette dice:

    I was charged for an upgrade that I do not have. When I contacted support I was given a refund. However, although the transaction is labeled that way they, my account was debited the amount ultimately charging me twice for something I don’t have. And now all that can be done is an “escalation to a different department” that has no title, direct contact info nor any timeframe possible to be updated “anywhere between the same day and 1+ years from now” I just have to wait to be contacted”

  14. Sean Zett dice:

    App doesn’t work. Anytime you try to login it crashes and forces the phone to hard reboot. I have not been able to successfully login to the app at all. Since the lili account can only be accessed via this mobile app with no option to use a website based login that means you can’t use the service at all. This racket is clearly aware of this issue and hasn’t done anything to fix it. All they seem to do is respond to the flood of negative reviews by saying “we will fix it” but never do.

  15. Love this bank! Super easy to turn transactions on& off instantly- if I misplace my card I can turn it off in less than a min &back on with no time restrictions. Love the option to organize, such as the ability to label & categorize each purchase, & it tells you specifically how much you’ve spent so far each month on personal transactions, as well as work expenses. It’s really simple- there’s never any issues or confusion navigating the app to find whatever info or tool I’m looking for.

  16. So far I’m very disappointed in this app because they are missing features that are absolutely essential for any bank, and those missing features weren’t made clear until after I applied. 1. They have no desktop app. That’s perfectly fine for many apps, but isn’t acceptable to me for a bank. And I’m not speaking as someone who can’t get with the times, I’m 25. At the very least, it’s something crucial enough that you have to say up front that you don’t offer desktop. That wasn’t communicated with me until after I signed up. Still, I kept with it because they’re the only ones offering what they offer. So I thought it’s gonna be a major adjustment to do banking on the phone, where I try to not think of this stuff, but I’ll stay with it. 2. Now I got my debit card and they’re saying they don’t do transfers with my main bank, Simple, which isn’t necessarily small. The point of having a business card is to separate from my personal card. And Simple is one of the best banks I’ve worked with – they do online banking right and I’m not going to give up their budgeting platform for this unreasonably limiting app. If they’re gonna make me pick one or the other to keep, I’m keeping the one that works on a desktop. What was promised as a bank for freelancers, turned out to be a huge waste of my time since I can’t even get set up to do the things they promise. As much as I hate hate hate hate my current bookkeeping setup, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to go back to that. Hopefully someone builds a bank for freelancers that does what Lili promises along with the bare minimum that lili doesn’t have. Tbh this feels like something that should still be in beta.

  17. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this app. It’s perfect for my line of work considering the many jobs I do and don’t have a steady check to deposit every month, but several payments coming in over time, and sometimes, nothing coming in at all. They do not trip on that. This bank and app helps me to keep track of expenses and where my money goes it updates my online account immediately in real time. Helps me to keep track of personal vs. biz expenses and profits.

  18. I really like this app and the banking service. It’s really easy to use and helps me keep track of everything. It synced perfectly with square and Shopify. Sometimes it’s annoying that I can’t deposit cash, but that’s not a huge deal for me. The only thing I would really like to have is the ability to create more buckets. There’s a tax bucket so I can put aside for tax, but I like separating my money out even more.

  19. I’ve been using Lili for 2 years now and love it! Their cx service is very responsive for an online business. The app is easy to use and tax time has been easy. I love their quarterly statements and catagorization of transactions is soo easy. The only issue I ever had with the app is the password but I haven’t experienced that problem in about a year.

  20. As a freelancer this app is super awesome. I hope they keep up the great work and keep adding more amazing features. The best is the the tax bucket when you have a W-2 job they take money out of paycheck for taxes well this banking app does the same thing but you pick percentage so when tax season comes you have the savings aside to pay best part it automatically does it for you anytime you deposit ANY money into your account. Super helpful.

  21. I really enjoy using the app it keeps track of my income and expenditures and allows me to divide them into two parts work or life since it’s the pro edition. It has been helpful in setting where I can cut back and also allows me as a self employed person to be able to set up and save for retirement. I do have some issues with specific websites like zelle and credit karma in linking my accounts. But the developers are always adding new updates. Cecilia Barnett

  22. When I first started my business, I opened Lili Pro just as a trial. When I finished registering, I was immediately given a Virtual Card to use for purchases. I had my actual card in 5 days. Opened app, activated & done. Get paid 2 days faster with direct deposit, but before I got mine setup, I had to add cash to my card, So easy. Hand card & cash to cashier, done. I LOVE it!!! The Pro is worth $4.99 with extra benefits, cash cks in app, no fee ATMs. I hope it never changes! 05-22 still in love

  23. When I first loaded the app, it did not allow me to enter my personal pin. I called customer care and they handled it right away. The app has been updated twice since that incident, I hoped they rectified that problem thru the app since then. My only suggestion is being able to talk to customer care 7 days a week instead of the standard Monday through Friday post times. Besides that, everything has been great through the app. 👍👍

  24. jim owens dice:

    Great with 2 exceptions. 1. There are no free ATMs as described. Every location the app says there is an ATM, none exist.. 2. Would be much better if the app kept a running log of expenses and balance. Would make it easier to track money’s out and in.

  25. This is a most useful application. Different categories in which it offers to seperate expenses and add pictures of the coinciding receipts is fabulous. No mote messy file folders full of single little scraps of paper. Thanks Lili!

  26. I went with the “PRO” account. Huge mistake, THEY AREN’T TRUE TO THEIR ADVERTISING!!! First they say that if your deposit is large enough that they will sign you up for overdraft protection. One check was deposited for well over a $1,000 and i waited 30 days,nothing. So again, i deposited well $1,000 to no avail.So i called them and come to find out, they DO NOT accept ANY type of state or federal checks for balance up. This was the only selling point. So plz don’t support Lili and discriminate.

  27. Great App and Account and all around killer product I really like the ability to categorize my spending and attach receipts for tax time, all of the bells and whistles to make my life easier and simplify my taxes is greatly appreciated and the convenience of a bank with early direct deposit and no fee overdraft and ability to categorize my expenses makes Lili a must have for business accounts.

  28. Itemize along the way eveb snap receipts to avoid an audit. It would also be nice if you could add a freeze payment method on pending charges. I got a charge today at 2:05pm from a company i have never heard of. I was at work from 9am-7pm while my card and wallet were left at home locked in my safe. The only option on the site is to contact the company and freeze my account. I dont know the company and cant find them on the web and need to use my account. I have no options.

  29. Unsure, as I messed up & put my old phone number instead my new one. I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix that, so… I’m giving y’all the benefit of the doubt, (& I suck at technology!) & Just ask y’all; How do I fix my phone number? I can’t through the APP, as it wants to text/ call after I enter my login credentials… Help me pretty please? Thank you!

  30. It was kind of off at first but after speaking with one there customer service reps, it got better. I’m loving how they are separating life from work & all. I am still learning it but so far, I’m loving it!

  31. I’ve been trying to reach you guys about an unauthorized purchase and I haven’t been to reach anyone on the matter. Also I don’t get the balance up feature when is that supposed to kick in?

  32. I love this card and the great service that comes with it! Thank you for not having a balance minimum requirement!!! I will recommend Lili to everyone!

  33. Miya Cox dice:

    Simple to use app that has great benefits for freelancers. I’d definitely recommend as an alternative to a regular bank account.

  34. I’ve had this app and account for about a year. I make way more than the required amount for the balance up feature this app needs to be eligible for the overdraft. Customer service is a joke. will send email after email but don’t get a response if you do it’s so vague. Some days I can’t even use my card because it declines so I have to transfer my money to another money app just so I’m I’m able to spend it and not be embarrassed when the car gets declined at checkout or an ATM. Scary.

  35. Lili definitely makes life easier when freelancing or running a small business but also wanting to have your personal expenses separate. Also, I have had terrible luck with losing my debit card and it’s super easy to request a new one on the app. I loveee that you have access to your virtual card immediately. I cannot tell you how many times that has saved me with being able to use Google Pay. & Let’s not forget how quick they are with depositing funds when they receive them.5 STARS, HANDS DOWN!

  36. My lilly pro doesn’t work although I’m charged for it.June 7th Lilli although Lilli pro still doesn’t work they’re ultimately great at handling problems I’ve only had an issue with one person where they hung up on me while speaking to them being as this account is used for my business it is absolutely great Lil my pro still does and I just don’t understand but ultimately overall they resolve issues quick June 21 ridiculous my card was hacked 2 days ago and Hacked quickly issue my Lilli pro

  37. If you’re thinking of going with Lili, do it! It’s an amazing bank app, especially for small business owners and as a personal account. It’s easy and efficient, they explain things in detail. Just makes things so much simpler!

  38. D K dice:

    Love it, honestly. Every feature helps. Well made app that functions. And you get paid 2 days early, no overdraft fees, and if you’re on pro you can overdrawn up to $40 with no penalty. That’s a free $40 any time you need it, and that goes up over time apparently as well. Dope app, nice looking card, good service, everything works as it should. 5 out of 5 baybeeee

  39. D'Sharie dice:

    Ok, ok, ok! I want to clear the air…Lili is one of the best financiers of the year!!! They have definitely been dependable and resilient in the face of turmoil and they have created new platforms for doing business, streamlining the process of creating revenue and equalizing the freelancers’ productivity. It wasn’t until recent that I felt confident about curating my own life, taking chances symbolically and realistically. I am looking forward to the fruition of life’s lessons. ty Lili.

  40. I’m a new small business owner and this app really helps me simplify my finances. It makes it easy for me to catergorize business spending quickly and easily.

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