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0 brokerage for investments and flat Rupees 20 for F&O trading from Zerodha
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Zerodha’s flagship trading platform Kite Web as an Android app! Clean & intuitive UI, super fast and super light back-end for all your investment and trading needs.

₹0 brokerage for investments and flat ₹20 for F&O trading.

Check this link for the Kite user manual:

-Built from scratch using brand new technologies
-Significant speed improvements
-Brand new design, everything from login to the order window
-Biometric (fingerprint and Face ID – iOS) 2FA for seamless logins and better security
-Embedded Console reports and widgets
-TradingView charts along with ChartIQ on both web and mobile
-Universal overview screen for all instruments
-Instant status update after order placement
-Order update push notifications
-Extended filter and search options on marketwatch, holdings etc.
-Customisable multi-marketwatch views
-Multi-exit on positions
-Seamless login to other apps in the Zerodha Universe
-Dark mode!


- Added virtual contract note.
- Bug fixes and enhancements.


40 comentarios en "Kite by Zerodha 2022"

  1. It’s simple and easy but missing lot of things which could enhance the overall experience of the app for intermediate users. I with they have premarket and after market view. Also the watchlists are not that good. Not all features are available on the app even the simple feature to sort the holdings by day gain/loss which is very helpful and easy to implement. I just hope they have an option where you can have different modes which you can enable in the application/web.

  2. Arceus dice:

    The app is really good overall. But till now I found two major flaws: First is the market depth should be a bit more descriptive like why not add a divided line showing bid price and ask price. The second is that the limit orders for both, buying and selling don’t work most of the time. That’s all nothing else. Otherwise the app is awesome

  3. I really like the Kite app for its simple, easy navigation and the kind of features. I think the very recent feature ‘virtual contract note’ is really useful to look at the charges for the orders placed in a day well before receiving the email for the same. Thanks for putting continuous efforts in enhancing the app.

  4. Sam S dice:

    The graph page(IQ chart) is opening blank or with a continuous loading sign since yesterday. I have tried every possible way to resolve it including clearing cache, uninstall, Android viewer update and everything else but no results. I have even spoken to the customer care about this but no results nor any response from them. This is extremely irritating!!! It’s a humble request to you to contact me and get it resolved.

  5. Since some last updates, there are some issues related to UI, charts which other users mentioned in their reviews. So, I’ll not repeat those issues. I have noticed an issue which I want highlight here. Since few days, I noticed that when the new in-app notification/popup arrives then I discard that notification, but I have to discard it two times. If it’s not know issue then fix it ASAP.

  6. The graph page(IQ chart) is opening blank or with a continuous loading sign.even I use any indicator or any tool like trandline, horizontal anything,when I refresh the chat or reopen the chart it automatically erase.I have tried every possible way to resolve it including clearing cache, uninstall, Android viewer update and everything else but no results. This is extremely irritating!!! It’s a humble request to you to contact me and get it resolved.

  7. Fearures not working on kite when i clicked on view chart then page is blank. Then i click on option chain again page is blank. Website is working properly but mobile app is not working. Kindly fix this issue urgently as i am not available with my laptop to trade. I have to look each and everything on kite app. So fix the option chain and view chart error

  8. Mobile app is disgusting..Every thing work fine,but if I do some changes in scales properties option,but save option not present there.that means every time when I login in need to do same task every time..I am tired..Even there is not save chart drawing..Why not save???Every time we need to do all the Basic tasks??

  9. Sham G dice:

    no b*llshit, the best platform for day trading as well as long-term investing. but the charts needs improvement, trading view charts get refreshed and removes the applied drawings, indicators as soon as you closes the app which is frustrating and needs to be improved ASAP.

  10. Very good aap to use, but when we use tradingview chart in kite, there are still many features that are missing. Please add CPR indicator in tradingview kite charts also like IQ Charts. Also in auction window show 20 depth is not working in kite app. We can’t see the auction sellers.

  11. Zerodha Kite is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced traders. It provides real-time market data, allowing users to stay updated with live price quotes and market movements. It has advanced charting tool for trading such as trading view and ChartIQ. However all features of this application is good and useful but according to my experience if percentage of PnL will show in the position tab under portfolio.

  12. Unable to get used to UI. I have been using other platform for investing which was more easy to use. UI as in the terms, words, processes and all. A lot more technical terms have been used which can be good for professional but confusing for a new user. Also, when I first tried kite out, i wasn’t able to figure of how to set a buy price limit which I found one of the part missing here but found easily accross other platform. E.g- ind money, groww, etc.

  13. The App is great and I’ve been using since long time but in Mobile it has became really difficult to use all draw functions. The lines get plot at random places or we can’t control what we’re drawing well. Can’t properly draw a channel, horizontal or anything. The old version had it better or try Tradingview type of reference for easy draw tools. Fix this then it’s a 5 star. EDIT: they fixed it. Great!

  14. I am using this app since 7year plus but recently facing a lot issue. Sometimes it gets hang or not shown a fluctuated price of the share. Even if the volumes are in million the user interface does not support it. Today, for 2 minutes approx, for some share prices were not reflecting. Which is a major issue. They need to fix it on priority.

  15. The App is easy to use but if we comparing the other app’s they also easy to use and also they give us more features and facilities to trade. Option chain is very poor and lack of information. If we explore other app’s they have quite good interface and also very informative option chain. Its hard to believe zeroda is No.1 broker in our country. Zeroda if you read my reviews please update your features and improve options chain.

  16. Initially the design was difficult to use, due to so many info scrammed into the screen. But gotten used to it and its actually beneficial now, since you get a lot of options and info within the app itself. This one is the best trading app out there IMO.

  17. Every thing is good, just want to strongly suggest that check if you can show % profit and loss of positions in mobile kite app. It shows on website but not on Kite app. It will be helpful to calculate % wise returns.

  18. App lags at the right time and end up losing capital. They will only refund brokerage in such cases. Update: I have already sent mail, not willing to refund the loss. Claiming it is ISP issue. Other apps have refunded in the past for the glitch issues.

  19. Just waste of time. Lots of glitches, have been fighting to open the account more than a week. Every time it starts from the beginning and fails in between. Finally I managed to complete but didn’t get any response more than 3 days. I created a ticket, you know what the reply was? ‘please try again’ I got fainted. Please don’t reply with a template message `Please create ticket…. ` I am writing this review after creating the ticket.

  20. Everything is ok. But the charting feature is very poor. The drawing done on web not sync with kite app chart and vice versa. Chart save layout is need to PC on PC. No auto save charting feature is available here. Other brokers fyres, angel etc are doing very good in charting experience. Do something for charting feature so that this app should me no.1 in charting and trading and for my 5 star

  21. nice, reliable, but has very less features especially for traders. Web version is worse; much of my screen’s left and right sides remain unused by it, and I cannot even make it fit to the whole screen. Dhan is better for traders when it comes to features.

  22. Kite and coin not behave correctly in iPhone device. It won’t refresh at all until I will switch off and switch on device. Very weird experience in iPhone. In kite app sometime unable to search IPO listed share. And in coin protofolio profit loss still shows the same until I will restart the iPhone. It will shows same profit or loss after 10 days also. I need to restart my iPhone and then login to coin then it will appeared. And kite as well multiple times it won’t refresh the price.

  23. 1. In option chin, open intrest is not matching with NSE option chain OI, Other platform have machhing with NSE option chain OI. like grooww app. 2. TredingView chart is very slowly movements needs to be fix, 3. In chart long &short position option not available.. It is good when above issues will clear quickly.

  24. Not able to see RSI. Not working well with tradinview API which I prefer. If the drawings in the chart haven’t been autosaved. How to trade if nothing is working in our favour in charts?? Look at Fyres they are doing better with charts. Zerodha Kites used to be best app for trading but nowadays it’s not working well as before.

  25. In mobile app companies trading graph i.e view chart of the company is not working properly..when we search for the other companies view chart it doesn’t show it properly we have to refresh it again and again then it shows it properly that takes too time and we have to suffer lots of lossess.. Please solve the app issues..😞😞 Now a new problem in the app.. Having problem in adding funds in the account which also leads to lossess..😞😞

  26. Very good, but still needs some improvement First of all on mobile app there is no option to save scales of more than one chart in trading view charts option, scale should be saved within chart when lock scale, also switching from dark to default mode scale lock reset which should not be, second in this chart scale properties view doesn’t fit on mobile and not convinent to use. Please make update to app with this feature

  27. Lacks essential features. Ironic to see leading discount broker’s app doesn’t have all the features. The entire console is unavailable on the app, any thing under the menu of Console prompts to open in web browser. Unable to understand why Zerodha hasn’t made those features available in Kite or why haven’t they launched seperate app for Console?

  28. The UI is neat and simple. I love it. Kindly reduce the sampling time in charts. Now it misses peaks and quite often present a little bit unrealistic trends. Other features are great.

  29. Cannot select the saved layout in the chart. Will be better if full option chain is provided in the app with columns like OI, OI chg, IV etc. The option chain provided doesnot have the facility to view chart directly instead needs to add in watchlist to view the charts of a particular strike price.

  30. Worst Trading view chart implementation amongst other brokers…. the ‘cross’ cursor always overlaps finger cannot move it independently. Other brokers app have long tap to enable the ‘cross’ cursor but in kite it’s always enabled and moves with the chart making it impossible to see precise price in time period like it’s there in trading view and other brokers chart apps plus lot of trading view chart settings are missing.

  31. Nice update. Tickertape and all other fundamentals and technicals loading smoothly. But, Charts Load slowly and too difficult in smartphones to view charts. Not a pleasant view. Fundamentals are not at all loading in android. Error 2 not resolved, Connection error.

  32. I have never felt this much difficulties to open and trade. This app is absolutely worst in process of account opening. I didn’t know how the people given the high rating to this app. Because of high rating I tried and got tired to open. Very lengthy process on opening the account. After Opening again it is going to another process of Console. My god. Finally I got fed up and requested to close the account. I Strongly recommend to do not use this broker.

  33. So far good UI with enough options. I have one suggestion that add some NOTE option for all tickers (at least for the watch list) to add notes like our analysis, entry point, exit point etc…

  34. I cannot save charts settings if I am using trading view. It’s quite annoying that I have to add the indicator every time when I close and reopen the app.

  35. There should be 2 tabs active total pnl and overall pnl, it’s very confusing tracking trades. Once the position is closed, that should be moved to in history, continuing trade from previous position is super confusing. Also active positions should also show progress in percentage along with the price.

  36. User friendly app. My experience with the app has been good so far. Just a suggestion to add a tab where user can write some handy notes so one can refer to his/her notes and make decisions.

  37. This is a great broker for all my stocks needs. Easy to use and navigate through. I just have one request for to add a new feature making it even better that no other service provides. Some of the stocks we buy are for short term and the others are for long term. It would be really great if we could bifurcate those stocks into 2 different categories manually. In Holdings section this can be added. Holdings can show all stocks and there can be stocks folders: Short Term Stocks & Long Term Stocks.

  38. I have been trading for last few years. It was good earlier, but recently I am experiencing some difficulties as price is not showing on time, especially in F&O. Even in equity right price is not displaying ontime, its lagging to display the current price, i tried to log off and log in multiple times, still no benefits. Even today I experienced the same.. Then I have to use sharekhan to get the right price…kite web is ok although… Technical team should work on this issue…

  39. In Tradingview chart SAVED Layout Not Loading or Not applied, everytime hve to apply all new settings. Please fix it. If saved layout not loading or applied then how can we trade, everytime applying new setting not possible. It big issue. Also previous day closed price Not Showing on chart too. Please fix it asap.

  40. Akash M dice:

    A good app… kindly requesting to add a filter or some kind of icons for long term investment which are available on portfolio. That would be a great help for the users.

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