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Discover the insights you need to make the most of your money. Start with the big picture and see all your financial accounts on one screen. Or zoom in on the details of your cash flow, expenses, credit score and net worth. Plus, get Nerd-approved tips to build it all.

Here’s how our personal finance tracking app works:


– Track spending across multiple cards
– Get detailed spending insights
– Track your bills, expenses and more
– Discover ways to cut back or save
– Compare spending month-to-month
– See your top spending categories and trends


– See how your income, debts, investments, and home value all add up
– Follow the history of your net worth
– Zoom into the details of your net worth and track individual accounts over time


– Access your credit score and credit report any time
– Get score change notifications
– Understand the factors that affect your score
– Learn ways to keep building – whether it’s increasing your credit utilization or paying your bills earlier, and more


– Quickly find and compare more rewarding credit cards, better loan rates, and higher-earning bank accounts


New Nerdy updates:

- We’ve updated your home screen – now you can more easily see how your money is tracking over time at a glance!
- We’ve updated the settings screen to provide better access to notification controls


40 comentarios en "NerdWallet: Money Tracker App FULL"

  1. This app is great! It gives a clear picture of where my finances are in that moment in the form of a dashboard, bills, income, investments, tracking how much you have spent and what’s still available for the month. The details of you credit score good or bad with explanations of why it’s affecting you score. It offers articles, tips and financial experts to answer questions or guide you on how best to achieve your goals. It’s really fantastic!

  2. I really like this app a lot because of what it offers and the layout. But the fact that you can’t change the names of the existing categories or create new ones makes it kind of useless for me. Like I’m using “donations” for my businesses shipping fees and “fees” for my credit cards. There’s no room for my other needs so it just goes into “other.” It’s a real pain and I feel like it’s an easy fix, no??

  3. Elyssa B dice:

    I like that is links to my accounts. However, it would be better if there was a connection to bills being paid and what it gleans from the bank account. Right now, it lists bills you enter, but just marks them as paid when the date passes, it doesn’t matter if you actually paid them or not. Also, the categories for spending are not able to be modified, the repeat option doesn’t work and they are very limited. So significant categories are just “other,” which is useless. Uninstalling

  4. * dice:

    Great app, great idea but there are several accounts that I cannot link with NW. I have money in all three of these that is not being counted in NW because they cannot be linked and I have to constantly relink my accounts…very annoying. Also the information isn’t always up to date, doesn’t sync often enough, but very useful when it is.

  5. Pretty useless for someone who already has experience managing their finances properly. They are missing top tier credit cards from some providers (the biggest being amex). Wouldn’t have rated, but per their terms, they don’t let you fully delete your account at all when you want to (you can only deactivate) and they will retain your information which is very poor service in my eyes.

  6. This app is a great concept. Its useful to a point. could be better. Navigation is clunky. You try to do something you have done before or try to navigate through quickly to what you are looking for and its difficult. There is no concise menu. I like how it breaks down my spending, but my biggest complaint is that it will compare to last months total but I cant go review prior months breakdowns. For something as simple as this, its a pain, and why I give 3 stars

  7. UPDATE: After uninstalling and re-downloading the app twice, I can now login. Winslow was very helpful in assisting me. We were using Samsung Note 10s, so it might have something to do with that. Love this app now that it’s fixed! OLD: I can’t login to the app anymore. It says my email address and password are wrong, but I can log in on the computer just fine. I have even tried signing in with Google and it still doesn’t work. It’s doing the same thing with my fiance’s app.

  8. I really like using this app – it’s intuitive, I get to see all my money in one place, my credit score, etc. I think there’s a fairly obvious feature missing – it doesn’t let you set your budget! You can see how much you’ve spent on restaurants or groceries in a given month, but can’t see it as a percent of your limit . Also, the main page says “$X left to spend this month” which is just exactly equal to your remaining income, and doesn’t factor in your desired savings goals at all.

  9. i like the clean design/layout; it definitely feels more modern and aesthetically pleasing compared to all of the apps I’ve tried to date, including mint…i really gave it a go for about 2 months; at the end of the day, however, mint proved to be more functional. missing/lacking features include not being able to rename or split transactions, no budgeting function, just to name a few…

  10. This app has a lot of potential. It syncs with your bank accounts pretty seamlessly but doesn’t update the accounts enough for my liking. It’s gotta a clean UI, however is still buggy. The spending tab thinks I spent -$6k last month, which really doesn’t make sense. Lastly, it’d be great if it had a full fledged budgeting feature / allowed you to split transactions. Overall, it’s a step in the right direction but not there yet.

  11. I love this app. I’ve been using it for about two years and it’s helped me get a grip on my finances in a way I couldn’t do on my own. The weekly credit score updates are awesome and have shown me how my score moves up or down based on my financial decisions. My credit score has gone up nearly 100 points since I started using it. My only gripe is with the “money” tab. I’ve tried programming the categories a few times to help its accuracy but my income and expenses are always off.

  12. Matthew S dice:

    For as good of an app as this could be, its a total waste. I signed up and was able to get Chase connected, but thats pretty much it. Was looking for a good all in one solution to track my bills, but this is not it. The app couldn’t handle 2 factor with Amex or CapitalOne. And it doesn’t work with Citi at all. Those are three major credit card companies that this app doesn’t allow you to track.

  13. I was able to link all my accounts, except for my car loan (not a huge deal), and it’s been super helpful getting to see everything in one app. The only thing that would make it better would be to add the ability to make your own spending categories. I’d love to be able to break down the “shopping” category to pet supplies, books, beauty supplies, home DIY projects, etc., that way I could better figure out a personalized budget plan. Otherwise it’s great!

  14. This app was recommended by a friend and I have to say it is one of the best apps I have. I check this quite often. I started out with Poor credit. Even my own bank would not issue me a Secured credit card. But a credit card is what I needed to get credit. With NerdWallet, not only am I able to see where my credit score stands but it gives tips on how to improve it. I followed the recommendations. Found a secured credit card that did not do a credit check and use it only for gas. Pay it off once a month. My score went from Poor to Good. This app is a great way to keep track of your spending habits and helps you to set long term goals.

  15. Best free app for understanding personal finances. It’s not a budgeting app. It shows you trends, warns of upcoming bills, tells you when your credit score changes, alerts you when bills go up, tells you when you’re spending less or more in certain categories, and more. Ads are minimal and they’re upfront about their relationship with advertisers and recommendations to improve your credit.

  16. This, imo, is the best free budgeting app. By far. The only other good one is Mint, but it is owned by Intuit, which also owns Turbo Tax. I don’t evade taxes, but I want my financial information to be as non-centralized as possible. Personal finance + all tax records in one place is too much. But anyway, NerdWallet has a few issues connecting to all varieties of banking accounts, but it is still the best. Great job!

  17. Post install setup flow is a bad experience. There is a screen where you can select the types of use cases you plan on leveraging the app for. I was planning on clicking a few but when I clicked the first one (credit score) it automatically navigated into the credit score setup flow. Upon completion it didn’t take me back to select another one. So I then I linked my bank account and the account balances were incorrect. The app allowed me to unlink my bank account but not my credit score account.

  18. Nerdwallet’s app has a lot of good ideas, most of which appear in similar apps, but this one has the unfortunate problem of being very unpolished. Pages don’t load particularly quickly, but if you press the button again, it takes you to that page twice, so you have to press back twice to get back to the original page. Account links often break and relinking is a taxing process. The UI also isn’t really well optimized for accomplishing any single task, but the overview on the home page is nice

  19. easy to use and a overall amazing app to help track money and understand where it disappears to! it can also help track your bills and keeps a total of how much they are combined, it’s very efficient. it combines them into groups and it’s good to see if anything unusual pops up because it’s all named and broken down for you to see in it’s own category. RECOMMEND COMPLETELY!!!

  20. Priya D dice:

    Doesn’t let you edit the mortgage term when you’ve already searched for refi rates. Sticks you with the first term you picked. Makes you revalidate every time you switch between apps. Doesn’t seem to recognize passwords when linking to other accounts (edit: issue is with the 2fa on the account, which I’m not removing). The site is great but the app is lacking.

  21. It’s great for what it does. I was hoping it had an actual budgeting feature, as claimed it the description (“Credit Score, Budgeting…). It does not! Sure, you can see what you send to help you budget, but since it doesn’t actually allow for budgeting in the app, it’s not particularly helpful for me.

  22. Your past due bills are marked as paid simply because the due date has past. Not because you paid the bill. Too much advertising to sort through just to try to find and use the actual features. Has NOT helped me with any sort of budget plan at all. Helped a lot with letting me dispute credit report and finding and getting a secured credit card to build credit. Not useful for anything else.

  23. I really love this app and it works great with most of my accounts. When it comes to my main checking account (USAA bank), it can never hold the connection. Every time I open it, it needs to me to fix it. I usually can’t fix it and have to remove the account and add it again. Just to start the whole process over again the next day. It’s honestly not usable the way that I want it to be so I just use it for keeping an eye on my credit. No issues there. Better but still needed to “fix account”

  24. I had high Hope’s but this app is like all the other budget apps, it’s just too rigid. There is only a few categories to organize with leaving most purchases uncategorized, for someone with OCD this is a nightmare. This is also one of those apps that is hard to get around with very undefined menus. They are trying to hit too many “percs” in such a small space that it just doesn’t work for me. Also annoying that it categorizes any money in checking as savings. It’s not in savings….

  25. cam o dice:

    unable to connect to some banks. not sure if it’s an institutional thing or an app thing. other than that, it’s great for adding bills and budgeting, seeing the total amount of money you own and owe, and when! also shows credit score, suggests loans and credit cards. I already recommended this app to others!

  26. Joseph M dice:

    Great app! It’s easy to use and gives tons of info on your spending and debt management. Better than other apps I’ve used for similar things. I had an issue with two loans being mis-categorized as retirement accounts. I contacted support and they fixed the issue quickly, and real humans replied when I had further questions. I’m honestly very happy with this. My only question is how they make money, because there’s no premium version or paid features?

  27. It’s pretty good to view multiple banks, etc. provides a lot of useful information. Like all budgeting apps, it makes it very difficult to really understand how much money you have per-budget in a given month. It takes a lot of attention to categorize transactions. Symbolically putting money into savings is impossible. It does do a good job of showing top-line how much cash you have left at the end of a given month, which is not terribly relevant if you’re trying to increase your savings.

  28. I wanted to really like it. It’s got a ton of great info, especially for a free app! But the linking w my bank just didn’t work. It was fine the first day, but I had to continue to re-link each time I opened the app. And it never really worked after that. Maybe it’s my bank’s system not properly “talking” with this app. If I could manually enter transactions, it wouldn’t be a problem, but that’s not an option. Oh well.

  29. The information on this app is great. I love seeing all of the tips and new account choices. The reason it lost a star is because I can’t link all of my accounts. My credit union holds my savings, a personal loan, my credit card, and my car loan. But nerdwallet is only detecting my savings. It can’t seem to differentiate the other accounts.

  30. This app is great in theory. Love it when it works. The problem is it almost constantly has an error when trying to open it and says “having trouble connecting to nerdwallet, try again later”. Have tried installing multiple times. However for budgeting and tracking your finances in one place app is awesome (the 30% of the time it works)

  31. To put plain and simple, after I open the app I couldn’t put it down. I was in it for 4 hours before I looked up. The tools, tips, and financial advice is unlimited. I actually downloaded the app for advice on how to get rewards and cash back from my debit and bank cards. I got a lot more than what I bargined for. The app is literally a college level financial course, a budget guide, and a financial advisor balled in to an app.

  32. NerdWallet allows me to organize and manage all of my accounts and help make the information easy and digestible, with tips on how to cut bills, improve credit scores, and information to choose the best loan to suit you. It also makes budgeting easier as it shows your income with your upcoming bills, and how much if leftover. I highly recommend this to anyone, even if you’re already fiscally responsible due to the friendly user interface and the time it can save.

  33. I downloaded this app to replace mint because I was frustrated with having things put in the wrong categories in my budget. Little did I know that NerdWallet would be even worse on that score. Not only that, but they were not able to locate my credit history, which is long and full. Also they kept unlinking one of my bank accounts for no reason and I kept having to relink it. Do yourself a favor and try one of the other apps first. This one kind of sucks.

  34. Samantha dice:

    I want to love but it just doesn’t work properly. I have 3 accounts that I can’t get to stay linked (I’ve tried 10-15 times over the last couple of months). It automatically applies tags to your purchases which is great but it flags a lot of stuff as restaurants when they aren’t. It’s a pretty easy fix just very time consuming .

  35. Better than Mint in certain ways, like it allows you to add many more accounts. But, it’s missing things like the ability to edit transactions, and the ability to refresh all accounts at once, as opposed to individually. Spending categories are also limited. And it’s frustrating having to open up another app to authenticate an account over and over again. A few of these updates would make it much better.

  36. I truly do not like that I am forced to sign up for a credit score thereby agreeing to have my information provided to their affiliates with no option of opting out. To be clear, this only happens when you sign up through the app. I was able to bypass this by signing up through their website, then I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to sign into with my account. There should be an option in the app to skip that process. Very concerning.

  37. This has been great so far! Significantly better than the credit karma app or TurboTax app, securely links multiple accounts with constant monitoring and notifications if anything changes. Plus credit building assistance through video tutorials, budgeting made easy with graphs and suggestions. Of course all while keeping your credit score up to date. Easy to setup and quick to get into a routine using.

  38. i tried for a month and i don’t feel is accurate enough, it got so many wrong numbers that I have to double check on my bank account apps to see if it was right, and it was never right. the idea is really good! and is a really convenient app if it work like it suppose to, but it need to be more accurate and faster on the info.

  39. I love this app for managing my money! The high level view is just right — my favorite feature is tracking my spending as a trendline vs. previous months. Minus one star because I have to regularly re-classify my transactions, and I’d like to see other elements of my budget (savings, paying down debt, rent) in addition spending for a birdseye view of whether I’m on track with the budgeting system I follow.

  40. EDIT (gave app 2nd chance): This team needs to figure out what this app is trying to solve, because it’s not very helpful. It’s a bunch of offers with a data dump of your overall money and credit score. The monthly spending versus saving breakdown is hard and not helpful, there’s not really a monthly trending (its hidden and poor), a breakdown of all expenses is also hidden (9 clicks is too much) it seems like its a “spending projection” tool, not budgeting.

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