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Fast, secure access to everyday essentials like cards, passes or tickets
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Google Wallet gives you fast, secure access to your everyday essentials. Tap to pay everywhere Google Pay is accepted, board a flight, go to a movie, and more – all with just your phone. Keep everything protected in one place, no matter where you go.


Get what you need fast
+ Three quick ways for accessing your everyday essentials: use your phone’s quick settings for fast access, open the Wallet app from your homescreen or use Google Assistant when your hands are busy.

Carry cards, tickets, passes, and more
+ Catch a train, see a concert, or earn rewards at your favorite stores with a digital wallet that carries more
+ [US Only] Unlock the world around you with a digital wallet that carries your drivers license and digital car keys

What you need, right when you need it
+ Your Wallet can suggest what you need, right when you need it. Get a notification for your boarding pass on the day of travel, so you’ll never have to fumble in your bag again.


Keep track of receipts
+ Easily find transaction details in Wallet, including smart details like location pulled from Google Maps

Seamless integration across Google
+ Sync your Wallet to keep your Calendar and Assistant up to date with the latest info like flight updates and event notifications
+ Shop smarter by seeing your point balances and loyalty benefits in Maps, Shopping, and more

Get started in a snap
+ Set up is seamless with the ability to import cards, transit passes, loyalty cards and more that you’ve saved on Gmail.

Stay in the know on the go
+ Make boarding flights a breeze with the latest information pulled from Google Search. Google Wallet can keep you posted on gate changes or unexpected flight delays.


A secure way to carry it all
+ Security and privacy are built into every part of Google Wallet to keep all your essentials protected.

Android security you can count on
+ Keep your data and essentials secure with advanced Android security features like 2-Step Verification, Find My Phone, and remotely erasing data.

Tap to pay keeps your card secure
ALT: + When you tap to pay with your Android phone, Google Pay doesn’t share your real credit card number with the business, so your payment info stays safe.

You’re in control of your data
+ Easy to use privacy controls allow you to opt-in to sharing information across Google products for a tailored experience.

Google Wallet is available on all Android phones and Wear OS devices (Lollipop 5.0+).
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• Keep everything protected in one place, no matter where you go with the new Google Wallet.
• Enjoy faster, safer, easier access to essentials like your payment cards, loyalty cards, concert tickets and more – all from your Android phone.


40 comentarios en "Google Wallet MODDED 2022"

  1. Hopefully they stick with this direction instead of pivoting their payment strategy again. 🙏🏻 If they do this could become a super solid app. For me what it needs to take it over the top is more options for replacing my physical wallet. Things like ID cards (which is being worked on), insurance cards, more digital transit options. Tighter integration with the WearOS app also. I’ve found that after I add a card on the phone for tap, I have to add it to the watch again separately.

  2. Very basic and needs some additional features. I should be able to add loyalty cards beyond what is in the predefined list. I should be able to add pictures of the cards if need be. For example Costco needs to see the card each time…. The bar code isn’t enough. To truly replace my wallet this app needs some work. Good start though.

  3. My account was suspended when I tried to add a new card. I went through the process of sending ID and address verification but that was WEEKS ago. Over a month. I have not heard back and I’ve reached out to various support emails about it. I haven’t heard from any of them. Many of my subscriptions can only be managed through the play store so I’m screwed if I want to renew my subscriptions. Support is non-existent for this service.

  4. The second you open the app it puts out the signal to pay for your transaction, which is cool if you only use ONE card, not so cool if you have more than one like a normal person. The amount of times this has cause me to use my credit card on something I wanted to use my debit card for (or vise versa) is COMPLETELY unacceptable. At best, this is an annoying design flaw, at WORST it’s a ginormous security risk. Phones accidentally open apps all the time so one like this is just asking for trouble

  5. After unlocking phone, wallet payments generally fail and requiring unlocking Google Wallet app (which cannot be unlocked prior to the payment failing). Very cumbersome. In addition, there are few ways to organize cards vs membership vs tickets, so it’s generally looks messy and not easy to find what your looking for.

  6. Ron Slay dice:

    I figured out why this app does not open for some (mostly pixel phones). They updated the app and messed it up to where if your phone does not have a passcode the app will not open. It will show the splash screen then force close on it’s own. The moment you put a passcode on your phone this app opens. Google needs to fix this. This was never an issued before and it shouldn’t be now. Some people just swipe to use their phone not have passcodes and passwords. Google wallet in the USA

  7. I had zero problems with this app until I had to factory reset my phone. Now I can’t add my Chase credit card. I’ve tried resetting and clearing everything and working through the Chase site to add it, and nothing is working. I keep getting told that my card details aren’t correct, when I’ve tripled checked. This is super frustrating for me.

  8. Not user friendly at all. I can’t seem to save anything that is not already “wired” for wallet. Put a link in Gmail to make it easy to pull in tickets and boarding passes. This is very frustrating to use. No link in Google Photos to bring in screen shots. Here is an example of poor instructions: 3. To turn on data sharing, under “General,” turn “smart features and personalization in other Google products” on or off. ????? Really, turn them on or off. Holy smokes this is bad.

  9. This is a great product and a lot of ways, but on my Pixel 7 it works in a much more irritating fashion than ony Pixel 6, and I don’t know if it’s a software change or something about the hardware. It constantly prompts me to unlock my phone, even if I have the wallet app open and a card selected. I have to tap into a card and go down one layer deeper before it will function. It didn’t used to work this way, and the new method of doing this is frustrating. Please go back to the old way Google!

  10. Each and every single transaction is blocked by the app the first attempt with a message stating “Verify yourself”. This occurs while the phone unlocked. I verify, then in the second attempt it always goes through. I reached out to Google support but only received copy/paste messages that are 100% irrelevant to the issue. Google support does not even try to acknowledge this verification issue. Moving forward, I will not be using this and hope people read the negative feedback as it is all true.

  11. Ran Sou dice:

    Google wallet is very easy to use. I like that I can have everything at my fingertips. The best feature is unlike competitor apps I don’t have to have the app up front in order to use credit cards – just unlock the phone and hover the phone over the payment device. Very easy, very convenient, very secure.

  12. Really annoying having to swipe though pages and pages of cards to get to the one you want. The old version handled this much better. *UPDATE* I’m using Google Wallet, not GPAY. The old version had an option where you could display your cards vertically, and smaller, so it was quicker to select the card you wanted if you have a lot of cards. Now, if you have 30+ cards, it takes ages to scroll through them all to get to the card you want.

  13. Overall works well. A few features I’d like to see added to improve usability: 1) Ability to search loyalty cards/passes/tickets. I’ve got like 50, and scrolling to find one when in the checkout line at a store is not fun. 2) In conjunction with above, ability to sort loyalty cards alphabetically, most recent, oldest. 3) Maybe have groups/labels, i.e. loyalty, tickets, medical, etc 4) Ability to add a store that doesn’t exist in the predefined list.

  14. Matt dice:

    App looks really good and it seems to work really well until you get into the big hassles that are there for no reason. Biggest issue I have is I’ll have my phone unlocked ready to pay and then when I try to pay it says I need to unlock my card again. I understand that you don’t want people to be able to buy something with a screen that’s been unlocked for too long. But maybe you should have a passcode pop up whenever you hit that time limit. Very frustrating, other issues as well

  15. Shen M dice:

    The application works quite well sadly the issue I have with the application is security. Within the application you can turn NFC on but not off within the application. How unlikely for a person retrieve information on an unlocked phone is low, there is still a chance it can happen. For instance you finished paying with the Google wallet and you put your phone away, if the phone is accidentally unlocked someone can access your information even though that is complicated. There’s still a chance.

  16. Maxime dice:

    +: Very performant and practical app. +: Being able to store my fidelity cards is a huge help. -: Security is too low. For security reasons I would like to disable the feature that enables paying with the app closed, but I can’t. I can’t ask for the app to systematically verify my identity (via the phone lock for example) each time I pay either. -: The app is supposed to show tickets received by mail, but this only works in rare cases. For example, I’ve never seen my train tickets in Wallet.

  17. I like the fact that regular overseas payments by credit card can be controlled via Google Pay/Wallet, and that you can set up a backup payment. However, because a regular payment into my current account has gone astray, I’ve recently had to cancel backup payments, and delete the data for this. NEVERTHELESS, a backup payment has been made, leaving me critically short of money!

  18. Red Robin dice:

    I reset my phone recently, and now the app won’t even open. I get a message saying ‘There was a problem setting the active account’. I have uninstaller and re-installed the app, I have cleared the data and cache, and have restarted my phone multiple times. Still getting the same error. This is for the Google Wallet app. But it seems my phone is now having issues with all Google apps. Help me if you can!

  19. I haven’t had any problems with Google Wallet and find it very convenient to use. However, it allows me to make payments without using my security access to the phone (fingerprint / PIN / pattern / facial recognition). Obviously, this is a security risk if I lost my phone. According to Google Search, it should be possible to enable security via Settings / Connected Devices, but this option doesn’t seem to be available on my phone (Galaxy Ultra S20).

  20. Ash Wood dice:

    I’ve been using Google Pay, then Wallet for quite a long time but it won’t let me make payments anymore. Everything required is checked, turned on and up-to-date. My loyalty cards still work but I can’t use it for contactless payments. This is a real pain as now I have to carry cards. If I can’t use it for payments and have to carry cards, I may as well just delete the app. Very disappointing.

  21. The app works as described. BUT there are lots of important missing features. First of all, unless you have stock android, you cannot disable the purchase of a small amount while your phone is locked. Second, there should be an option to ask the user every time for purchase confirmation. It is very for someone to take your phone while using it and tap it on a terminal.

  22. The app is terrible! You end up losing so much money! The amount of times I paid contactless but the app says error and the other end also says error, but all time my card was being chaged, is ridiculous! That happened many times in the bus and in a store, that I even had to leave my shopping at the store, for then minutes later to receive a notification from my bank saying that my card was charged; And to later notice, each time it was declined, it was charged by the total amount of the bill.

  23. I wish I could arrange cards order. Also, they should fix smart unlock with It. It makes you miss the first attempt every time… only then It asks to really unlock, which is a pain in the a*s specially when the machine has to start the whole process again, making It too annoying to use. quick fix is to disable location or Bluetooth(whatever your smart unlock depends on) before the payment, blocking the phone and then unlocking. only then it will pass the card on the first try.

  24. Months on, still terrible. It’s amazing that Google hasn’t sorted this out yet. Multiple reviews point out that the updated app seems to require some sort of internet connection and tries to update the cards in some form, causing a delay. Only when in flight mode is this problem absent. Despite this the Google team keep posting responses saying an internet connection isn’t required, when there is clearly some issue going on. So far below the quality of a Google app; embarrassing.

  25. Great way to keep organized and reduce wallet spacd. However, there are some things I’d like to see as some improvements. Example, have a bit better layout to choose between cards like how Apple Pay is set up to be more organized whether payment or loyalty cards and even event and boarding passes, include more card options without having cards with a singular letter and grey background and possibly biometrics or passcode prior to payments.

  26. App has worked intermittently for a while. Yesterday, it stopped altogether. Tried to email the “developer contact” …. that link no longer works!! What hope is there if they can’t add a link that actually works?????? *I am based in the UK. Problems first started intermittently with one particular retailer…..I thought it was their systems. I tried 4 times on Monday at different retailers around Oxford with amounts ranging from £5.00 to £30.00….all declined. Tried again today…..declined!!

  27. Cannot tap to pay using this app any longer – it simply stopped working. I can use the physical version of my linked credit card without any problem – it’s clearly just a faulty app released without sufficient testing. Whatever you do, don’t rely on this as your only payment method when you’re out and about – it’s guaranteed to leave you stranded at some point.

  28. Mamma Ev dice:

    Underwhelming. Whilst this Google Wallet app is good for adding payment cards and loyalty if from the pre-approved list, it is virtually impossible to add concert tickets. The help is no help with just a comment that says there may be an option to add from the app. Surely you should be able to add from a pdf as that is a common delivery method?

  29. I’ve been using contactless payments for years without fail, but transactions through Wallet have been declined since January 17. I’ve confirmed it’s not an issue with the bank. Frustrating since I was used to not carrying cards. Google troubleshooting has not been helpful. If the issue is not fixed I’ll get an iPhone. Edit: I’m using the default payment. In the phone settings it shows the Pay logo. I’m in Poland.

  30. Shaun dice:

    Still no update to sort the issue I have done everything Google has said, also sent a insta message and no response, having to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work. Was really good but the last two attempts on using my phone it wouldn’t pay luckily I had my card. I have the app Google wallet . I’m in England. I have spoken to Google said to uninstall reinstall worked for a bit stopped again very frustrating.

  31. A little larger payments may be declined, when an unlocked device cannot be unlocked (seen the pattern button only later). Or does the latest version address this bug? Also the tutorial doesn’t cover this optional confirmation step; does one have to do it close to the terminal or is network connection required? Somehow none of this is being properly explained in-app.

  32. I used Google pay for ages with no problem. I just got the flagship Google pixel 7 and it DOES NOT WORK on NYC’s OMNY subway fare system …. How is this possible? No I didn’t unlock with face unlock. I just get an error message on the OMNY screen on the turnstile. It sounds like this is a known bug. This breaks the app. Edit: turns out that particular card just stopped workingwith Google wallet. I have no idea why it suddenly stopped working (as the same bank issued a card that still worked).

  33. Google Wallet stopped working altogether a couple of weeks ago. Unistalled. Reinstalled. Nothing works. I have seen other comments on this. Wouldn’t give it any stars at all at the moment. Prior to this, it worked great. Would not recommend. Looking for alternative option as it doesn’t appear that a fix is imminent or a priority.

  34. I always use Google wallet it’s always been great for me. One feature I would like to see though is the ability to add site safety cards for those in the building trade. I have to carry more than half a dozen cards to be able to access sites or to show I’m qualified to operate certain MEWPs. As the physical wallet is becoming more and more obsolete it would be good to have this feature too.

  35. It’s great when you use a phone, but a couple of times, I tried to use it on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro when I hop on TFL. Each time, I put my watch close to my local buses card reader, and it does not like it saying there something wrong or its goes sorry but didn’t go through and ok it been paid like it can’t change it mind. I use it with Samsung pay, and there is nothing wrong with that but it fine when I use it in shops.

  36. I’ve been using Google pay for a number of years on my One plus 6 in the UK. With a recent update, the entire payment through app has stopped working. I’ve tried to restart the phone but no joy. Had to result to platic payments. Issue was resolved after a couple of weeks. Now seems to be working fine.

  37. Dan Clare dice:

    Installing and setting up Google wallet was easy. Then getting it to function,well forget it. My bank is happy no concerns. But when I go to pay an in app purchase,it will not and does not work. I had one gift card to download well it just swallowed the information and promptly lost it. No matter what I did it was as if the gift card never existed. $50 down the drain. Tried getting ahold of someone and all I got was some computer bot. Telling me to try the things that I already just did.

  38. Anne Bell dice:

    A highly functional app but recently discovered I get a $2 charge if I give permission to Google Wallet to process a payment in a web browser. Not cool. Now I have to dig and find the setting to disable that. Edit: adding a star based on developer feedback. Would be even better if temporary authorizations were clearly marked as such.

  39. cecelia n dice:

    Added concert tickets when purchased. Said it added them. Couldn’t find them. Tried to add them again, said it was already there. Still couldn’t find them. Concert was last night night. Thank God I went I to the website I purchased from and screen shot my tickets. Your wallet is not very user friendly.

  40. Steven J dice:

    Worst digital wallet I’ve ever used. Like so many others here, after you unlock it and try to pay, it will fail. You have to unlock it a second time, and then wait like 15 seconds for it to work again. And when there’s a long line waiting after you in the register, it makes such a poor experience. I wish there was another option for the Pixel. I never had this issue on my Samsung when I had Samsung Pay.

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