PhonePe UPI, Payment, Recharge MODDED 2022

Secure UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge, Bill Payment, Mutual Fund, Gold, Insurance
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PhonePe is a payments app that allows you to use BHIM UPI, your credit card and debit card or wallet to recharge your mobile phone, pay all your utility bills and to make instant payments at your favourite offline and online stores. You can also invest in mutual funds and buy insurance plans on PhonePe. Get Car & Bike Insurance on our app.
Link your bank account on PhonePe and transfer money with BHIM UPI instantly! The PhonePe app is safe and secure, meets all your payment, investment, mutual funds, insurance and banking needs, and is much better than Internet banking.

Things you can do on PhonePe (Phonepay) App:

Money Transfer, UPI Payment, Bank Transfer
– Money Transfer with BHIM UPI
– Manage Multiple Bank Accounts – Check Account Balance, Save Beneficiaries across multiple bank accounts like SBI, HDFC, ICICI & 140+ banks.

Make Online Payments
– Make online payment on various shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc.
– Pay for online food orders from Zomato, Swiggy etc.
– Pay for online grocery orders from Bigbasket, Grofers etc.
– Pay online for travel booking from Makemytrip, Goibibo etc.

Make Offline Payments
– Scan and Pay via QR Code at local stores like kirana, food, medicines etc.

Buy or Renew Insurance Policies with Insurance App
– Term Life
– Hospital Daily Cash Insurance: Cover of up to Rs. 4.5L for hospitalization expenses
– Dengue & Malaria Insurance: Get covered for 6 mosquito-borne diseases for as low as Rs. 49/year
– Coronavirus Insurance: Stay protected against COVID-19 related hospital expenses
– Domestic Multi-Trip Insurance: Stay secure every time you step out of your home
– International Travel Insurance: Secure your next international trip in seconds!
– Bike Insurance: Protect your 2-wheeler against damages, accidents and financial losses with PhonePe bike Insurance app
– Personal Accident Insurance: Insure yourself against accidents & disablement
– Car Insurance: Protect your car against damages, accidents and financial losses with PhonePe car Insurance app
Use the PhonePe app for all your insurance related needs.
Mutual Funds App and Investments App
– Liquid Funds Investment: Get higher returns than your savings bank account
– Tax Saving Funds: Save up to Rs. 46,800 in tax & grow your investment
– Super Funds: Achieve your financial goals with expert help on our investment app
– Equity Funds Investment: High growth products curated as per your risk appetite
– Debt Funds: Get stable returns for your investments without any lock-in period
– Hybrid Funds investment: Get a balance of growth and stability
– Buy or Sell 24K Pure Gold: Get assured 24K purity & build your gold savings on our investment app

Recharge Mobile, DTH
– Recharge Prepaid Mobile Numbers like Jio, Vodafone, Idea, Airtel etc.
– Recharge DTH like Tata Sky, Airtel Direct, Sun Direct, Videocon etc.

Bill Payment
– Pay Credit Card Bills
– Pay Landline Bills
– Pay Electricity Bills
– Pay Water Bills
– Pay Gas Bills
– Pay Broadband Bills

Buy PhonePe Gift Cards
– Buy a PhonePe Gift Card for easy payments across 1 lakh+ leading offline and online outlets and across the PhonePe app.

Manage your refunds
– Manage and track refunds from your favorite shopping websites on PhonePe.
For more details, please visit our website at

Permissions for App and reasons
SMS: to verify Phone number for registration
Location: a requirement by NPCI for UPI transactions
Contacts: for phone numbers to send money to and numbers to recharge
Camera: to scan QR code
Storage: to store scanned QR code
Accounts: to pre-populate email ID while signing up
Call: to detect single vs dual sim and let user choose
Microphone: to carry out KYC video verification


UPI Lite
- Experience super-fast payments with near-zero failures
- Accepted everywhere like UPI
- 1-click payment experience. Pay upto ₹200 without any PIN.
- Add upto ₹2,000 and withdraw anytime with no charges.

Rupay Credit Card on UPI
- Now pay with your Rupay credit card on UPI
- No need for CVV and OTP; pay using your UPI PIN
- Check your credit card balance on PhonePe


40 comentarios en "PhonePe UPI, Payment, Recharge MODDED 2022"

  1. I recently changed my phone and installed the app there. The biometrics lock, though shown as activated, is not working even after switching the phone off. Uninstalling the app for this reason, as it’s a security hazard I think. Please fix the issue and maybe I’ll reinstall.

  2. Using this app for a long time. The features given are good but really disappointed nowadays, many times the payments once done are getting into processing state which really is bad during paying the due amounts or emergency. And when the issue is raised, it takes around 24 to 48 hrs to resolve the issue in order to make payment done perfectly. But i think the time being taken to resolve the issue is too long. And there is no proper contact support like in person. The AI is like repeat mode. 😐

  3. I am quite satisfied on how i could keep tab of all of my monthly payments on one single app. This is really convenient and i do not have to go to each individual sites to make the payments. Within few clicks in phone pe you are good to go, technology used right!

  4. This app is the world best app because it does not showing latest transactions even old phonepe version showing all Transactions. Due to my experience I suggest you to use Google pay because is the best smartphone but phone pe I used for 3 years or more but its latest performance is not good. Latest update is not showing latest transactions 😔…

  5. The inside look of the application makes it difficult to find very complex options. Changing upi ID cannot be customized. Everything else is fine in this app inside. Phonepe’s biggest problem is that the customer service is terrible. You cannot solve your problem easily in phonepe.

  6. No support to ESIM, Other UPI payment apps supporting very well. Over a call i provided all the information, provided screenshot, I have esim, and able to call, receive messages able to connect internet and still application saying insert sim properly, though other UPI payment apps working very well. And what a pathetic support I got, same instructions provided ‘insert sim properly’ and closed the ticket without customers feedback

  7. Recently with updates, i discovered that in taxes, there are very less providers , and they is no option to enter new provider,, i m from Ahmedabad, and i didn’t find that in home taxes, i previously done payments, but this time i m not able to do it coz i updated phone pay. Please do something about it, at least such huge city can’t be forgotten.

  8. The app is unreliable. Despite entering correct password, it says that the password/PIN is wrong. To reactivate the app, it requires me to set the PIN afresh. Even after doing this exercise correctly by furnishing the required details, again it says that the PIN is wrong. It seems that some thing is wrong with the app. It calls for details like income, vehicles insurance, family members etc which is unwarranted and very much suspicious. Don’t install the app.

  9. Have been using it for more than 6 year+, this is truly one of the best payment app. Neat and simple to use. I am an email guy, I like the email notifications and payment success confirmations. Technology wise it’s excellent, shows the payment done along with transaction ID, if something fails, the payment gets reverted back immediately. All the transactions can be easily viewed in the history tab.

  10. The metro extension on this app is absolute waste on time. It doesn’t work properly, i had to take a normal ticket even though I have paid for the trips earlier through this app. Absolute worst experience. If you can’t handle all the accounts, please don’t provide this option👎👎

  11. This app is risky. I ve requested a transfer from phone Pe to my bank account. The amount from my account is deducted but where exactly the amount went, is unknown. It seems that amount is debited on my account to the same account. Very confusing and highly risky. I can t even raise the issue as it is not listed.

  12. Could have given zero if there is an option. Worst customer support ever experienced. My money is debited from autopay two times but my disney hotstar account didnt renewed both the times. I tried contacting customer care but they didnt even responded. I raised a ticket also. Without solving the issue, it is showing that the isssue is resolved.

  13. I recently traveled to India and wanted to use PhonePe for my financial transactions. However, my experience with PhonePe has been extremely frustrating and disappointing. PhonePe is simply unbelievable and feels like a scam. Firstly, I was able to top-up my PhonePe wallet using my sister’s credit card, which seemed convenient at the time. However, to my dismay, I discovered that I couldn’t use the funds anywhere or even refund bcos,this phone number is not connected to any bank account.

  14. Padma K dice:

    During the payment, the keyboard we use to input the UPI password is all messed up. Only top half of the number is showing. And typing those half showing numbers is hard, since the button placement is also messed up. This is a UI problem, please fix it fast. Elderly people need to use this phone. | Phone model: Moto G13 | Android version: 13

  15. Since last month this app has started troubling me while making a payment to any of my contacts.. it avoids me from making that payment alerting me that this payment cannot be processed for reasons that phone pay does not ask for UPI pin and all while receiving a payment.. I AM SENDING A PAYMENT.. NOT RECEIVING ONE.. and after trying a couple of times i am forced to use Google pay for the transaction.. if this countinue then i guess i got to change my preferences…

  16. This was the best app for payment. I used it more often than gpay. But in these few months. The servers are mostly down or payments are stuck in processing mode. I am unable to view balance in these 3 days. Always server is down.

  17. Poorest UPI app. When it began it was good. Payments to merchants get failed. Till date I haven’t received refund for 2 of my failed payments. Their customer care and ticket facility is hopeless. They have the same generic reply: The merchant has given you the products and services for the deducted amount. They don’t even bother to check whether the order failed or not. I will uninstall after I get my refund.

  18. I’m not able to Sell my E-gold from the app when I clicked on wealth it is redirecting to home page. Also, no tickets provision is given for this have said this issue to another Open ticket. No contact support I’m getting frustrated. Please look into it and let me know how to connect with customer support.

  19. Bad Experience. This is 3rd time it happened. Even though my account is varified and made several transactions before, it starts varifiying at worst possible time (when making a transaction). So had to wait and go through ENTIRE process of verification which takes several minutes in order to make payments. Its frustrating since I’ve made several transactions before, on the same device. Makes no sence to re-varify again and again.

  20. App Experience is Very Good Overall, But there is just one issue, that its very difficult to make phonepe transactions with bank statement, it would be best if phonepe app allow users to download upi statment with narration and utr no so that we have match it with our bank statement. Currently there is no such option and every time i have to access history and open each and every transaction to view the narration.

  21. It is one of the best money transfer app which I used… In this time the app is not only money transfer app there are so many new features like pure Gold, silver buy options, insurance , and so on…but sometimes it doesn’t work properly money debited from the bank and the receiver couldn’t received money… I think this problem should be solved… it was great & trustworthy app I have used this app since 2018….

  22. This application offers very unsatisfactory deals, which are only related to rummy and betting applications. These companies pay them a large amount of money for promotion, which they do in every possible way and place. Their user interface is very poor. I expected some improvements, but I think their user experience team needs to be replaced. They are not performing well or not performing at all

  23. It was fine until a few days ago. But now, every time I open the app, it’s asking me to create an a/c again and again. Earlier, I used to have 2 bank a/cs with two different phone no’s registered on phonepe & I could transfer within those banks. But now, when I try to add a 2nd bank, it says the registered number is different. And all the old transactions are erased. Even If iI raise a ticket, there’s no use. Can’t contact them directly either. Banks has nothing to do with it. You’re the problem

  24. I was not able to use this app. When I tried to access this app, it is asking for authentication(“authentication is required to access the phonepe app”). When I click on unlock now & confirmed my password/pattern/pin. As soon as I confirmed my lock. It is kicking me out of the app. I have been using this app for couple of years no issue as come up before. But it’s completely different now. Please look into this issue and solve this ASAP. Once it’s get sorted out I’ll change my rating. Thank you

  25. Please add support for decimal point. I don’t want to have to transfer ₹57 when I’m only supposed to transfer ₹56.62. PhonePe is the only app that does not support transferring paise. All that needs to be done is allowing the (.) dot in the keyboard input while entering the amount.

  26. It’s easy, I have been using it for long. But, Recently I started seeing an issue – one of my contacts with which I have been doing monthly transactions suddenly started appearing in a different name just for my installed app. Weird

  27. manu kmr dice:

    Very bad experience if any transaction got fail or any outo pay is canceled, then this app do not have any option to track the events. The application support is simply saying reach to your bank in all the conditions. If any issues with your transaction no help from support all conditions they are directing us to reach to bank.

  28. Don’t pay credit cards through phonepay. Even though the transaction is successful They are not paying to merchant and after 2 or 3 months they will return the transaction amount. Meanwhile we will think we have paid for credit card but isn’t actually. We have to pay for credit card interest. Such a worst service. You cannot connect with that transaction later because by that time it is already 60days and they say we will not do anything on older transactions

  29. Paras dice:

    Gives fake messages of recharge expiring sooner than when it is due. had me recharging my phone plan 2 more times than required. P.s. I’m not communicating it to your team to some email. do it yourselves! Also lost money on recharge whose value i never recieved but it got debited. i raised tickets but bot chat was most useless, i tried several times but no. amd after 60 days they won’t entertain my complaint. i have lost money, time and my peace of mind

  30. Excellent experience , PhonePe is really really great, very easy to use, and does a whole lot of functions like mobile recharge, bill pay, transfer money from one account to the other account etc etc. I think the PhonePe app is the best app and every person must use the PhonePe app.

  31. Wonderful and simple to use app for everything related to payment. Bill payment or electricity, mobile or set top box recharge, it is done in seconds without any headache. Happy to use this app

  32. Eulogy p dice:

    Verry disappointed after making payment it’s getting debited to account and credits to the beneficiary but in my status being in processing if we come back and go to payment history, not showing the transection done , after update also no use, to get help from help center , transaction should be in history but it’s not showing in history it’s terrible

  33. I am really disappointed with this app. I have recently downloaded this app and I was trying to register or login in this app but it’s showing again and again the same thing that unable to proceed or something went wrong. Also, I have raised this issue two times in the app but they have not responded within 24 hrs. I am really really disappointed with the customer service. I want the app manager to take action against this as soon as possible.

  34. It is very difficult to transfer amount from phonepe wallet to bank account. I am also not getting the option to pay for merchant from wallet. I felt very bad, this is not helping at times of emergency. I am also using wallets from other apps, but I have not struggled to transfer my wallet amount to bank account. So I thought it’s that easy like other apps and added my money in phonepe wallet but it is worst. I will not recommend people to topup phonepe wallet.

  35. You should remove convenience fee on users for using this app because all the other apps charging nothing. Recovering loss by charging on users you bankers throw yourself in a well where there is no water. Sometimes electricity bill shows as pending even after paid it and reminding me due is left but when i checked on govt. Powered electricity app it shows no dues left. Totally this app’s purpose is wasted.

  36. I use phonepe almost everyday,but from last 3 updates it got slowed down,once you scan any QR,You have to wait..& the circle showing processing makes many rounds!! It is very annoying!!

  37. It will not show the receiver contact no. and also no. of people complaint about that account. Also the bot is talking something else not related to topic and it will not give user to right their problem bot is just giving the option to select and get the answer which is already created by the developer

  38. I installed this app. I’m trying to make an UPI PIN. The information I provided is completely right. But, unfortunately it shows that “unable to set UPI PIN”, and after retrying sometimes, it shows that I’ve tried so many times for OTP. I transferred some money to my PhonePe wallet but I cannot using my money due to UPI PIN. There’s too much technical issues exist. I totally disappointed with this app and I wasted my time and money with this app. Now’I hate this app. It was my bad experience.😔

  39. Totally disappointed. I invested SIP using phonepe. But after 5 payments my money not getting deducted. And also customer care and support team not solving this issue . Every time on call they are giving me next date only. But not solving issue and aslo not giving my money back. Now i am totally frustrated due to this issue ..I raised complete but they are not solving my issue since last 5 month.

  40. I just paid lic insurance premium and while trying to download the document showing as permission needed for storing file even though all permissions given, disgusting! There’s nothing to do in ? In phone pe support, no option is showing regarding my issue. Switching to other payment apps.

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