Google Pay: Save and Pay MODDED 2022

Send money, shop, pay bills & earn rewards — plus a secure mobile wallet
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Google Pay is a simple, secure, and seamless way to pay and save, giving you helpful ways to do more with your money:

– Pay at your favorite places

– Send and receive money instantly

– Earn rewards for everyday payments

– Discover offers from your favorite places

– Understand your spending


Send & receive money

+ Transfer money easily to friends & family safely

+ Create a group to send and receive money for things like trips, dinner, bills, rent, and more. Google Pay will even help you do the math on who owes what.

+ Money transfers are instant and free with Google Pay balance. There are no fees if you use your linked bank account to withdraw funds.

Your shared payments stay with the group

+ When you send a payment with Google Pay, it’ll stay between you and your friends. Only the people involved in the transaction will see it.

Pay contactless

+ Pay with your phone anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Just unlock it, hold it to the reader, and go.

Connect with your favorite businesses and discover new ones

+ See businesses where you’ve used Google Pay when you open the app. Get quick access to your transactions and activate offers.

Shop online

+ Use Google Pay to check out quickly and securely when you shop on websites and apps.


A more rewarding way to shop

+ Get cashback for things like paying friends. Any money you receive will go straight to your Google Pay balance so you can use it instantly.

Take your rewards even further

+ Activate offers and get cashback for redeeming them – whether you use Google Pay or your plastic card. Better yet: get twice the rewards when you redeem with a cashback credit card.


Stay on top of your spending

+ See the total balance and weekly summaries from all of your eligible accounts in one place, so you’ll always know exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out.

+ View recent purchases and upcoming payments to see how you’re spending.

Access all your transactions with a simple search

+ With your permission, you can see activity from accounts you’ve linked. Import receipts from Gmail and Google Photos and then simply search for any of them.


Authentication for every payment

+ You’ll need to use your fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or face to verify your identity each time you open the app or make a payment — only you can pay or send money.

Keeping your private information safe

+ Try out a more personalized experience to see the most relevant offers from stores and get recommendations for ways to save. Turn it on or off at any time.

+ Manage and control personalization and other privacy settings like location preferences and contact syncing from settings.

Your cards encrypted

+ When you pay cashless with your Android phone, Google Pay shares a unique Virtual Account Number instead of your actual card number with the business, so your payment info stays safe.

Still have questions? Head over to

*Payments processed by Google Payment Corp., a licensed money transmitter (NMLS ID: 911607). Licensed as a money transmitter by the NY State Dept. of Financial Services and to Transmit Money By Check, Draft or Money Order By The Department of Banking and Securities, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To learn more about Google Payments, visit the Google Payments Help Center.


We're giving the app a fresh new look. Enjoy the latest features and offers, from Groups experiences to convenient card payments!


40 comentarios en "Google Pay: Save and Pay MODDED 2022"

  1. Sahad S dice:

    The app is good.But need some functionalities like search on split. I have a group with my colleagues. It is very difficult to scroll and find and persons we want. Also it is difficult to identify amount we put on the long list for every single person. So need to have confirmation section. Also if you can pin the selected people to the top of the list. It would be great.

  2. removing feature of previous app in belive of new look. very disappointed ☹️. 1. now i need to do extra click for self transfer. 2. Recharge bill payment section is at header as well bottom. it doesn’t make sense for me. 3. there should be functionality user can set few feature as favourite or pin. so that frequently used things can easly accessible by user.

  3. No doubt.. Google Pay is one of the best UPI app in India. And also my personal favourite. It mostly have all the important features except one… I. e the unability to pay using RuPay debit cards.. And it is really annoying. Because of this, I use other payment apps (phone pay) etc. to perform card payments. Otherwise everything is much better than other payment apps. Google should add this feature also.. So that we could do everything in a single payment app..

  4. On in-app purchases of $0.99 (+$0.06 tax, total $1.05) the issue that’s existed for years is it won’t allow you to split the cost between GP credit & another source. At 1st when the GP pop up & says it’s $0.99 + tax, the GP credit is auto selected. It declines it though obv. But when you select your other form of payment, it doesn’t keep the GP credit up, it just says that option is “insufficient funds”. I wish they’d still allow a point-per-cent equal exchange in-app. That evaded this issue.

  5. Good Very fast app opening and scan QR scan and pay. Good optimization. But one thing is cons i.e. rupay creditcard upi payments are failed in so many times but in same time I try to payment on anther app, its successful. In this matter, look in the enhancement. Why rupay creditcard upi payment fail? Otherwise it’s awesome 👌 I Love for its speed operating.

  6. The app works fine , trouble free. But thats only half the story. We need periodic statement of transaction in a spreas sheet to be able to do our own accounting and for record keeping . The Government may ask for data any time. Its ridiculous to open phone, tap in all transaction. The option of Note does not appear every time. Actually , you help credit cards companies to survive. People use cards not only for credits but more often for the systemetic details they provide. Information is d key.

  7. I have been using this app for more than 5 years, it was working very smooth. But since December , when I updated this aap, since it is not opening when I opened it. It shows only blank screen. Even I have awaited 1 hr for that, but same screen appears. I reinstalled it but facing same problem. I think, there is a bug. Please rectify it

  8. Awesome fluid. The UI is seamless. The integration is beyond and above when it comes to accessibility and features that are available for financial institutions, ticket events like concerts and meetings as well as flights ticket information for transit. This is well worth the wait and a big leap in regards to what it can offer and in the future what it will potentially integrate and create

  9. After the last update, QR scanner no longer works, clicking on anything in the QR scanner section (like turning on flash or scanning from image) gives an error “Oops, something went wrong”. Kindly look into this issue as soon as possible. Edit: Yes, the internet connection is good. This only started happening in the last update. My bank app’s QR scanner works just fine. Same Issue for many of them, Please fix it.

  10. The app is simple and intuitive for fast payment. I have some suggestions to make – 1. Reduce the number of profiles of contacts that is visible in the main page, it could be added as a folder as it looks clumsy. 2. Background image is unnecessary 3. The transaction history can be more refined 4. UPI Lite transaction history option can be displayed seperately 5. Add more options for bill payments

  11. Its good when compared to adding the money into the wallet and then paying,but sometimes there’s some issue while paying for which I’ve to use another account. If the issue is solved and the payment is done seemlessly, then it’ll not be an issue at all. The app will definitely deserve 5 stars. Thanks.

  12. While paying to someone the app is asking for the pin which is great and it’s very useful but when someone sent you a “Receive” request or in other word, is someone sent you a request to pay them, application is not asking for the “Pin”. Application just asking the “Yes” and “No” question. This is the true fact and I’m the victim in this case because I got attacked and lose all of my money. Just by answering the request “Yes”. This is the great app but PIN should be asked first for any payment.

  13. Don’t force us to create a screen lock password in order to use the services. Not everyone uses the android default screenlock and others may use other Play store apps for screen lock which is not detected. Instead , prompt us to create a 6 digit password for Google pay would be better than solely restricting one’s access due to their own personal choices. It’s overall great for payment and there are occasional cashback which makes it better than their competitors but I’ve lost this access now

  14. I have a couple of feedback for the product team. # Need an option to see the consolidated amount due to me and the people to whom I owe. # List of people with whom recent transactions were done occupies too much space and doesn’t serve any purpose. Instead showcasing it as a list of debits/ credits would be more intuitive. # The page header (background image) when you open up the app for the first time is a total waste of landscape. It should be used for placing the scanner button.

  15. After porting my sim to another provider, app asked me to activate the account again. While trying to activate always giving error. Not able to delete account also. Account is perfectly working with other UPI apps. Tried all possible solution by contacting Toll free support. Interstingly all the time they are asking me to wait for 4 hours and try again. Nothing helps. 👎

  16. Update2:Google Pay Offers never work like Lays “Snack Time” offer!! TERRIBLE SUPPORT EXPERIENCE AS WELL! NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE THIS APP DUE TO THIS!! Update:Bring back the old reward path animations!! Current one is ugly and bad!!New version is buggy+can’t set default upi id on recent versions! It auto selects one id and doesn’t allow us to change it!!! Original:The support agent himself had sent the email but never bothered to reply to it after my reply. Tickets close automatically as well!!!

  17. I had recently started using this app and It was running smoothly. Bit as I travelled abroad and lost connection with my India sim, I am no longer able to use it. Tried reactiving my bank account in gpay but the sms could not be sent on time. I lost my money for sending SMS to activate but it doesn’t happen somehow. I am really pissed off with this.😡😡 I tried all the possibile ways and followed instructions by the help center and FAQs. But it doesn’t work out.

  18. It is fast, user friendly. However big security concern is its on its own go on registering with multiple banks. This increases financial risk. Let user decide which bank to add. This is very important.

  19. mikk s dice:

    please all, don’t buy anything through google play store. The actual app owner is not linked to your purchase. I bought a norton through app store and norton doesn’t have my records. so When I tried to reset it, norton say there is no records! and Google will tell you it is not their problem. Google absolute reject your request and no one wants to talk to you at all. Google is too big and too powerful to care about individual remembers. Will the government break them and stop the monoply!

  20. Lost me as a user of the remittance service when you started charging me. I hate having multiple money remittance services linked to me but I’ve moved to sell for the no-fee service. I like Google products, but no longer this one. It does a good job at holding onto my store rewards membership, earning the two stars.

  21. Juan Luna dice:

    the recent update my CTA Ventra not showup…I referring to Google pay….I when I click ” Tap to pay” my Ventra card use to show on the bottom now it does not display…now to get to work I have to do 1. Tap to pay 2. add to wallet 3. transit pass …I see the ventra card but it says expired even though I have a monthly pass that will expire August 4, 2023…it work even though it show expired to many steps just for a simple transaction

  22. WORST experience in receiving rewards… nowadays only seeing better luck next time which is disgusting… especially rewards… other apps have more choices… like Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon, etc. bcoz they are at least giving certain rewards on certain transactions and not fooling by this rewards… also needs to add credit card bill payment feature if able to… actually, too much improvement needed like Freecharge, Phonepe gives.

  23. While I’m glad to have google pay, trying to find my “loyalty cards” in the interface is maddening. I’m in a checkout lane and with the old wallet app I could pull up everything I needed as it recognized where I was at and was able to show me the card/barcode that was needed. Now, not so much and I have to go digging for it every time I need to use it. So frustrating. It’s the only thing I really open the app for.

  24. sometimes money is deducted and transactions go on waiting for confirmation page and it gets difficult when you want to leave the shop you paid at. Also very disappointed with poor rewards been given which are of no use. I have the latest version of app. Better luck next time is what I receive from every coupon

  25. This app has become pretty bad and even customer support sucks! My bills are not coming through, I have no option to unlink and re-link, screenshots can’t be taken to explain to support team, I am not sure how to fix my problems here. Even rewards aren’t updated, although I make payments scratch cards aren’t made available, its glitching over and over again.

  26. The recharge option is not good in your app.It is asking the network i e., Whether it is jio or Airtel like that. And for example if we select Airtel ,it is directly going to the number to which the recharge had done previously. With this the user will be in a mode that he is doing the recharge for the number which is in their mind.But it’s being shown in a very small size.But it is absolutely unfair. The selection of number should be shown very clearly for which the recharge being done .

  27. so this is the only payment app i use on my phone and now suddenly from last 3-4 months it just stops working. does not take to the UPI pin page just comes back to payment page. to make sure i went to the individual bank app and did UPI payment and that worked but this app does not. you call customer care they are already aware of the issue and already resolving it.. you can’t have such big issues blocking your customers usage completely.

  28. Till date I have had great experience with gpay. But recently I found a glitch. Basically I changed my password with is 4 digits but when I enter password for the transaction it shows 6 digits. Because of which I am unable to make payment. Kindly rectify this as soon as possible. And kindly revert back. Thank you 😁

  29. I was using g pay since 4 years. It was working smoothly. But since 2 month my accounts automatically deactivating from the app, it’s continuously happening, I’m fed up to link my account again & again. App doesn’t working properly. I’m unable to do transaction wen i have requirement. Finger print security lock also not working in g pay. Several times my a/c logout automatically & asking to re activate by number & mail I’d. There is huge security issue in this app since few months.

  30. This app NEVER works. Every single time I’ve tried to use it, it either hangs or I get an error message that the transaction couldn’t process. I just got a call from my bank alerting me my debit card was canceled because of fraudulent activity: turns out Google Pay tried to process last night’s takeout—that it “couldn’t process” when I wanted to buy it—FOUR TIMES THIS MORNING. The bank declined all the transactions and killed my card.

  31. Horrible App. Almost always payments get stuck. moreover they show processing payment and deduct amount but that never reflects on the recipient’s account. Fraudulent app. Always need to contact bank to get my money back. 3 days have passed since my last 2 unsuccessful payment still no solution. Better to use other apps for peace of mind and proper handling of your hard earned money.

  32. Would give it no stars it that was an option. They (Google) tricks you into thinking you have to renew a subscription when I have one already, charge you for the subscription, and then will not work with you to correct the issue or refund your money. NO customer service at all.

  33. Whenever I am playing energy rain on g pay for points and my score is heigh automatically my phone gets hang and I am not able to collect the points and I have noticed when I make less score that time I am able to collect the points, there is wrong with my phone because I am using a high advance smart phone it you Google team who don’t allow us to get more points because it’s been 1 + year now and still facing the same problem so don’t give excuses n stop cheating. Thanks🙏

  34. It was going great using gpay, but today out of nowhere my UPI pin wasn’t working when I went to recharge my phone, I tried to reset but it keeps showing retry or something went wrong. Now I’ve to wait for 24hours to even do anything about it. Any second any emergency can occur and this happened. Annoyed.

  35. I have been facing issue with credit card added for payments. Every time I add a card, it vanishes in a day or two and am forced to add again when I need to transact. I am successfully able to add and transact every time, issue is that the card vanishes later from app. I have contacted the customer care who suggested to clear cache, reinstall and contact bank. All done but the issue still remains. Customer care just hangs up on face stating they have no issue when I request for further suppot!

  36. ajay n dice:

    Yeah just reconfirmed.. Reinstalling the app works for me.. Can’t have this as a solution with a 5k limit everyday. I am surprised that GOOGLE guys are actually clueless about your own app on why it just doesn’t work.. And you send us links to faqs which aren’t even connected with the issue.. when I open the app I get a screen with lank spaces instead of people’s name or whatever comes on the main screen! If you can’t solve I am moving to some other app!

  37. Gpay is such a scam. The app is slow and also they some up with fake rewards. The other day I earned a voucher for scull candy earbuds which said I can buy 7.5k earbud for 2k rs, the voucher discount was 5500rs. When I tried to redeem it it took me to the site and also showed the discounted price. When I checked the same earbuds price on the normal site it was less then 2k. The rewards idea was completely mesleading. This has happened so many times and other apps are better with the offers.

  38. Prem K dice:

    Worst in the last few months as my app just doesn’t work. First it would give an error something went wrong for a month. After speaking with Google help and no resolution or suggestion I worked with my bank to solve the issue. Now again it just doesn’t allow me to transfer money. It just reloads.

  39. Constantly getting an error “your money has not been debited” even though the app is updated and linked account has sufficient amount required for the transaction. Yes the internet is working properly as well..!!!

  40. App is great. If you could add favorite option to add contact or frequently scanned numbers it would be much easier and quicker. Also somtimes when we are hurry app may not load quick. Can you add a shortcut for quick scan QE code, so it will directly load the payment page in the APP.

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