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Download the Western Union® (WU) money transfer app and start sending money to Mexico and worldwide – with easily viewable exchange rates!

Sending money internationally to loved ones across 200+ countries and territories has never been more simple with the help of the WU money sending app!

● Fast money transfers to Mexico and globally from the US, 24/7
● Track a Western Union international money transfers real-time
● Repeat transfers using quick resend
● View live currency exchange rates for global currencies
● Pay bills in the US and internationally to Mexico
● Find hundreds of thousands of agent locations internationally for speedy cash pickup
● Secure access to the app with touch & face ID login
● Schedule transfer reminders weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to never forget to send to your loved ones
● Update the delivery method from cash pickup to bank account whether you are the sender or receiver

Western Union’s international money transfer service allows you to send money directly to someone abroad reliably with our money sending app:
● NORTH AMERICA: Within the US and to Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Canada and more
● SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Honduras and more
● EUROPE: France, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia and more
● AFRICA: Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, DRC and more
● ASIA: The Philippines, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand and more

Send money within the US to a bank account or mobile wallet, set up a quick cash pickup at a US agent location, or transfer money into a correctional facility account for a county, state, or federal prison inmate.

Pay for your transfer instantly with a debit or credit card or start a money transfer and complete the payment in cash at a nearby agent location! Users can receive the funds directly to their bank account or mobile wallet or pick up the cash at a convenient location near them in their own currency. We have approximately 600,000 locations in over 200 countries and territories for reliability.
● Download our cash transfer app and create a free profile to start sending
● Select the country you’d like to send money to and type in the amount to send
● Select how your receiver will get it (cash, bank account, mobile wallet)
● Select how you will pay for the money transfer (credit** or debit card, bank account, cash at a Western Union agent location)
● Add the receiver’s details, confirm the transaction and your money is on the way
● Customize your transfer with a free e-greeting before sending the MTCN to your loved ones
● Track your transfer real-time

Western Union is here for you! We have approximately 600,000 agent locations*** in over 200 countries and territories for convenience and reliability.

Want to connect with us directly? Our customer care team is here to problem solve and answer any questions. We’re available by phone, email, or through convenient chat at https://wucare.westernunion.com/. Get in touch with us today!

Western Union makes money from both transfer fees and currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare the transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.
Please use care when providing commissary or bank account information. Funds will be paid into the account corresponding to the account number you provide.
Services may be provided by Western Union Financial Services, Inc. NMLS# 906983 and/or Western Union International Services, LLC NMLS# 906985. See terms and conditions for details.

* Service availability may vary
** 3rd party charges may apply
*** As of September 2021.


Thanks for your feedback. We’ve listened and made improvements to the WU app.

What’s new:
- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Western Union: Transfer Money FULL"

  1. Each time I create an account I always see United States as the country which is annoying. I’m not from United States and I can’t change it. I deactivated the account (via customer support) and created a new one but I still see United States. Do you want me to fill in a fake address? If yes, then I think you should go off the play store. 1>Installed app 2>sign up 3>I went to profile to fill in my info (then I see United States). Or I’m I doing something wrong? PS. I’m not using any vpn. Thanks

  2. Jeff Dias dice:

    This app has been streamlined over the years. It has worked flawlessly and easily for me, though the fee charged is high. But you get great service at both ends of the transaction. I’ve done over a hundred transactions, only a couple have had any difficulty. The service over the phone is pretty weak. But the app remains practically flawless.

  3. CS Graham dice:

    I was going to send money and redeemed points to apply $2.50 towards the sending fee. My points for the discount were subtracted from my total but the discount wasn’t appleed to the fee. So now I’m out my points and my money. Also there is no way to cancel or start over a transaction. I have to log out of the app and log back in. The app is very difficult and designed to steal my points.

  4. The app makes it convenient to send money to loved ones in other countries and it’s way easier than waiting in the grocery store line. However,the developers have some bugs to fix. It takes an extraordinary amount of time to even open the app. I have to do a manual force shut down and reopen it so it works. I would give the app 3 or 4 stars but I want the developers to see this review and this issue fixed.

  5. Even after app update. I’m still having issues. It seems slower. I’ve been trying to open the app for 5 min. It keeps saying loading. I closed it, reopen, same thing. I’m about to delete it for good. Not worth the hassle.. Now it won’t even open. I keep getting an error message. I took a screenshot but there’s no way to share it on here. Used to be a good app

  6. Don’t listen to the one review comments. Western Union works pretty much well and and it doesn’t even take a minute before your money get sents just seconds. It’s been three weeks now and I haven’t encountered any problems. I guess it depends on the country and where you’re which makes the fast connection. The only problem is the fee with debit card and credit card, is not free. But apart from that after registration you’re good to go.

  7. The app is very easy to use, but it doesn’t seem to scan credit cards properly on my phone for some reason. All other apps scan perfectly from my phone but, again, the WU app doesn’t. Maybe you all should look into this issue. Also, I’m not sure if you guys accept AMEX; however, I did notice the VISA, Mastercard & Discover icons inside the shopping cart area. Other than that, the app is great! I love the user interface of this application especially.

  8. Al Alkadi dice:

    App never works with my credit card but the website works fine. Designers need to pay attention to detail. Anyway, Western Union is an aging and expensive service. I ended up using Remitly – MUCH better international conversion rates and, wow, a fraction of the fees! EDIT: You replied half a year later…. Nothing has changed App still doesn’t work. We’ve mostly stopped using the service at this point due to its crazy pricing. We moved on. Thanks for the effort.

  9. Erik dice:

    1. The menu has a good dark option that makes it more legible, but every other screen is bright and white and in your face, making it an overall unpleasant experience in darker environments 2. This new version can calculate dollars to pesos but it cannot calculate in reverse. 3. App development is understandably slow, as the staff usually reads the Play Store feedback, and, instead of forwarding it to its own appropriate department for consideration, has the gall to tell the user to do it.

  10. The app is terrible it took me almost 1 hour to make a transfer that is ridiculous. Plus it kept defaulting to a higher sum than what I intended you gotta be careful and watch it. The system kept the name of someone who i sent in the past and would not remove it. It is ridiculously slow too many pages and info. By far the very worst app in history. You can transfer via xoom way quicker in a heartbeat.

  11. I am back again this time the app has taken a step backward. When I try to use the resend function all info is erased for the recipient and i have to reenter information. I am still having problems Redeeming my points with getting credit for my points. I have tried to redeem points for transaction fees. The points are subtracted from my account but they are not being credited towards my fees. I have complained about this numerous times, but nothing has changed.

  12. App was great over a year ago. Transactions were seamless. It is too glitchy now. Slow on launch, and usually requires a relaunch because it just loads forever. Once on the app, it sometimes remembers you and your receivers, and other times it doesn’t. The app crashes often during the process, and a lot of times it happens as soon as you hit send. WU website works just fine, but the app needs technical attention. I’ve reinstalled the app several times in the last few months. Nothing has changed.

  13. So far a great app. It save me time going to an actual store to send money especially for an emergency. The user interface is easy enough to navigate, fonts are easy to read, and the menu selection is distinctive enough to look at a glance. You can still edit until the very end before pressing “SEND” if you want to change something at the last minute. Being able to share and send the receipt to the receiver is also a plus. One wish is for WU to work with Paypal as an option to send money.

  14. This app kicks ass.Very efficient and easy to use. If it was half this easy when you do this transaction over the phone or at the locations where you do it yourself(like CVS, Walgreens etc.) I’d be a lot more satisfied with your services and wouldn’t have to, if given the choice, prefer moneygram. Specially when you’ve been a customer for so many years. And I don’t even wanna talk about talking to your automated system because then you’d definitely get a bad review. I’d definitely recommend it.

  15. app works very well for about a year-and-a-half. the last two times I’ve tried to use it, I had trouble locating the receiver of the money I was trying to send. has become a pain to use. Still won’t work. Get to screen that says search results will appear here Never appears. Will not let me resend from history. Have uninstalled and installed Still won’t work.

  16. How does preventing screen capture become a more secure feature? It’s quite idiotic. This is in line with the premise of forcing users to use extremely long and complex passwords. The result is that the user inevitably creates a spreadsheet with all of their passwords or write them down on a post it note and stick it on the screen. It does not make using the app more secure period! It actually does the opposite.

  17. Quick, easy, love it for basic sending/receiving money to someone out of town or out of state. The only issue/problem I’ve had so far is being able to get to the WU help section from the menu to find out how to get and apply promo codes for a discount when sending money. It keeps saying site can’t be reached and reload, but when i press reload nothing happens. It’s a bit frustrating.

  18. Tried this on Dec 2019 to send money back home for Christmas. It kept saying transaction can not be completed so I kept trying. It finally went thru . A few days later I was surprised to get an email that a second transaction went through. Good thing I had enough funds to cover the duplicate transaction. To make matters worse I was also charged a fee for that duplicate transaction. Today I thought I would give the app a second chance. Maybe they made improvements. NOPE! Stay away, people!

  19. This app worked great. But as of late, it hasn’t been connecting and keeps giving an error. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but still not working. Somewhere there is a bad code or coding error that is preventing it from launching. I thought something was wrong with my phone. But, seeing other reviews, it seems like its not my phone but the app itself. Please fix, people’s livelihood depends on it. Thank you 🙏🏼

  20. The features and ease of use are great, when it works. I have to uninstall it constantly then reinstall to get it to work. Also I went to use my points about a month ago to pay for the fee and it took my points off but still charged me the full fee price. I went back in thinking it had surely gave me a credit back but it didn’t, i just lost out on those points, which are not easy to save up.

  21. The app is good! Some features are frustrating though, like the way you have to add your date of birth. You have to scroll down forever to find the year instead of just tipping it and it keeps errors all the time. Sometimes I have to use a different app to transfer money just because it doesn’t work. Other than that it’s really good and cheaper than most of the other transfer apps.

  22. I attempted multiple times to send money abroad using this app. Every time i submitted a transfer, there was a problem. Either a hold placed on the transfer with no notification to me, a weird misspelling of the recipient even though it showed correctly in the record, and then the money just not being available to the recipient after customer service stated all was ready for pickup. I ended up having to go to a store to successfully complete a money transfer. Worthless app to me.

  23. Paid the extra fee for immediate transfer but it failed to do so. Tried again and again nothing. So canceled orders. Then first one comes through after I paid vendor another way. Again later second one posts long past when I needed it. Still can’t cancel transfers. Once there put in motion there’s no turning back. Now I have to get the money back through the vendor with additional lost fees. Be very very careful with this company and your money. One tiny mistake and your money is lost.

  24. This app was a good one, until recently, when it just stopped working on android (Samsung galaxy note 9 here). It just crashes in the middle of the process, when I pick a receiver from the list of receivers it saved from my previous transactions. Please take care, it’s been more than 3 weeks since it behaves like that. Had to use an old iOS device to send money. It works as expected on iOS, no complaints.

  25. The app has to be uninstalled esch time and all information reentered in order to get through each screen. The stalls happen when asked to find the institution, then the phone screen goes black with no movement. I thought I would go and make coffee and the next screen would show for the receiver; it didn’t. It was still black. The only way to send money is to uninstall the app each time. I have used Western Union for the last 3 years and the site still has bugs.

  26. Really, really horrible experience on both the app and the website. I wasn’t even able to complete 1 simple transfer. It kept logging me off, even when I was actively using the website. On the rare occasion when I got to the final stage before submitting the transfer, I’d click “Next” and…nothing would happen. I spoke to 2 different customer support agents, and the extent of their advice was to clear my cache/cookies, delete all my payment info, and start again. Didn’t help at all.

  27. This app is very user friendly, you can’t make a mistake that it cannot catch and fix.! transactions are super easy to initiate, funds transfer super quick . i rate this a super app minus one. From my personal experience, there is a feature lacking that if added to the app, it would greatly enhance its superness. We the users should have the ability to use our discount points on the same screen as we check out, like the promo code discount maybe this option could be added ?

  28. ONE STAR. Please make sure the app is flawless before rolling it out to the mass. I processed a transfer via the app and chose the “pay in-store” option, which was $5. However, the WU agent was unable to complete the transaction because they were unable to enter my ID# into the system for processing. Note that the APP did not require me to input my ID when I created the transfer initially. The agent was calling WU on behalf of me to get this resolved, but was transferred FIVE times, where she had to repeatedly explain what the issue was. An hour later, the supervisor “Dan” offered a 50% off the $14 store transaction fee to be applied to the current transaction. He was very unprofessional and hung up on my agent before we could ask another question. It seems like no one in WU knows what they’re doing.

  29. This app need significant improvement. When you minimize the app to get information requested, it closes on you. You have to log in again and it doesn’t save entered information so you have to start over each time. The worst part is when you use your bank account to transfer, it is asking for your online ID, security question answer, and password! This is unheard of. All they need is bank’s routing and account number. Why should anyone give away their banking access? This is terrible!

  30. I’ve been a frequent user of this app since 2016. Started having issues using this app since 09/18. Every time I make an attempt to make a transaction an error message keeps popping up, “We are unable to complete your transaction at this time, please visit an agent location.” It was once convenient to send remittances to my loved ones at the touch of a button. Now I am not able to do so due to technical issues the company refuses to fix. Customer service agents are of no help!! DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

  31. Robyn R dice:

    I like this app. Easy to use. Makes sending money to the same persons or businesses super easy by remembering info if you choose. 1 of the greatest things about this app. is the ability to send money to inmates. It takes just minutes after finishing transaction for it to be available to the receiver. You have the ability to change the amount any time, even if you usually send the same amount. You also get points when you send money. you can save these up and get a no fee transfer.

  32. This app is as temperamental as an ass trying to be saddled. Like many if not all users commenting, it starts at loading the app. Error messages and slow to home screen. This actually is the only the beginning…it gets worse. Why does it seem like you are using the app for the first time every time you use the app to make a transfer? One moment your information is stored, the next time you have to add more security answers, or trying to change the account from where you are sending appears to

  33. Great app to start the transaction before heading to the store to finalize the transaction. Very convenient. The only thing I don’t like is the “Network Unavailable. Please try again later” message during non transaction hours when no transfers can be made. It seems as though the app is having a problem. There should be a better message to display. Should at least allow the user to log into the app but not make transactions.

  34. I’m experiencing lots of problems with the app, first of all when you look back to the historial there’s an option to quick resend and repeat the transaction so you don’t have to fill again all the information they ask,guess what, it doesn’t work. You have to fill out again all the questions. Then they give an option to share mtcn or tracking number for the receiver, it doesn’t work either…. disappointed.

  35. I normally don’t leave one star reviews. Unfortunately, over the last few months of using this app, it has serious issues. In 8 months of using it on a biweekly basis, I have had to reinstall the entire app, clear my phone cache and restart it every single time I make a payment. I have only had one occasion where the app loaded successfully for two payments. This is on top of numerous stability issues I encounter when it does work. The error code I get is longer than the word limit for reviews

  36. This app would be a good app if it actually worked. I can go thru the entire process right up to end, then it won’t send money from my banking account. I don’t want to have to go to a location to finish the transaction ,that was the whole point in downloading the app. Duh! I’ve raised my rating to 4 stars. It now works but times out frequently.

  37. I’m not sure if it’s the area that I live in, but the connection on the app when making a money transfer is extremely slow. I have to close the windows and reopen the app 3 times before the transaction goes through. Also when using my WU points to reduce the fee, I have to login online to activate the points, logoff then go back to the app for the discount to be taken off… It’s extremely annoying but for the most part I like the discounts that I get on the fee when using WU points.

  38. This app is horrible, sure. The app is extremely slow and unresponsive. Also there is no correlation between the app and coustmer service. In other words the app is in another galaxy. Also when entering senders information some how the middle name and second last name get transcribed. In other words the second last name will occupy the middle name when you go to edit the name. I have screen image if necessary. Thanks

  39. Very convenient when the app is not stalling. It has become more difficult to complete a transaction without having to close and reopen the site multiple times which causes a delay in the transfer. If it continues to buffer like this I will be going back to the store to send money. Update: 11/17/20- Website seems to be freezing more. It has caused me to miss deadlines after hours of trying to complete 1 transaction but no success.

  40. Dmit B dice:

    Barely usable. I am able to use it most of the time, but with my teeth loudly grinding. At every step (you are forced to go through many steps/screens) the rotating “loading” circle can become infinite, never-ending, requiring to close and reopen the App, restart the process. The App is unable to tell which location has which restriction (amount to be sent, if they do transactions initiated on the smartphone, etc.), so frustration continues when I have to drive from one location to another. Bad.

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