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It’s a breeze to manage your account on the Ollo Credit Card app. At home or on the go, the Ollo app makes it easy to make payments, view statements, set up alerts, and check your free FICO® score.

• Fingerprint Authentication for fast and secure login
• Turn on ‘Glance’ for a sneak peek of your everyday account details before login

• See your balances and recent transactions in an easy-to-read display
• Schedule one-time and recurring payments
• View up to 24 months of past account statements
• Check your free FICO® score
• Setup account alerts
• New customer? Enroll right in the App!


Here at Ollo we are passionate about providing you with the best digital experience possible. While you may not always see it, we are hard at work in the background building tweaks and adjustments to make our app faster, smarter, and more reliable. Thanks for being an Ollo customer!


40 comentarios en "Ollo Credit Card 2022"

  1. This is a terrific card. They keep me informed about online transactions as soon as they are posted. The app is also great even though I seldom use it. I rated them only four stars for two reasons. One is I use Quicken for all my finances. Most cards have electronic transfer of funds so my payment gets posted near instantaneously and I can reconcile my account automatically through Quicken Update. This card offers neither which is a disappointment. Two not being on electronic transfer means Quicken must send them a paper check. Although the check gets credited to my account as soon as it is received they will not apply it to my available credit until the check clears the bank. This is more than just inconvenient as I routinely run the card close to its limit but pay the statement balance if not more each month.

  2. It’s a good app. I’ve been an Ollo customer for 3 years and haven’t seen much changes to it. I suppose at the end of the day you only need to be able to see your transaction and manage cash back, the extras are nice too like credit check and stuff. I wish you could expand each transaction and see how much cashback you got from it, or more information about the transaction. That’s why it gets four stars.

  3. I like the flexibility and ease of using the app. Everything I need is there including applying a card credit from my earned points. The only downfall, which isn’t even that bad, is closing the app with the back button on my phone. It won’t allow it until you actually hit the sign out option.

  4. So glad they have an app it makes it very easy to check balance and pay monthly bill. I was concerned about this card when I 1st got it and the beginning limit was only $300. Once on time payments were established it took no time at all for them to increase the limit. I would recommend this card to anyone who is looking to re establish credit.

  5. I had a lousy experience with this Credit Card Company. Seems to be an issue if you do not use or keep a balance on their card. I received a letter pending closing because of lite use. So I used the card and paid it off. Recently paid off all my credit cards (more than 4) and Ollo decided I was no longer a good customer. Their service was horrible but I seldom used it. Options to pay are antiquated and seems you’re booted if they can’t get you to run up charges/debt. Consider another company.

  6. There are multiple transactions each month that show the price but not where the money was spent, which is annoying. It also does not state when the billing cycle ends anywhere in the app which is information that has always been readily available without having to look far in every other credit card app I have used.

  7. I’ve NOT been enticed in any way to say this, but I SINCERELY love this credit card & the benefits offered. The app is one of the best. I have used this app thru various Android phones/OS updates so far without fail. I can see a “glance” of my account (without having to log in). It’s VERY easy to set up payments or view FICO score (my credit union doesn’t even allow that!) Plus, allows me to view/ download statements. Just a fine, well-designed app!! 👌

  8. This app is awesome! There are very many features and I’m very impressed with it. It gives you the ability to pay on your card automatically so when you are trying to improve your credit like I am it is very helpful. It allows you to see your FICO score for free. You can check your information without even having to sign in it also has fingerprint recognition. To improve your credit rating you need to keep 70% available credit and only use less than 30% of your available credit and pay on time.

  9. The card itself is fine but this being a rating of the app it would deserve a zero if possible because even 1 star denotes some ability to use/critique it and sadly it’s worked for a day and never again. I can log in through a browser but never the app – just a “its not you, its us” message. Cute but ideally you’d fix it at some point over 6 weeks. App is literally unusable.

  10. I love the Ollo Credit Card App. The app is very convenient, easy to log into as often as I would like. It’s nice to have real time updates to see my outstanding balance and available credit. I previously logged in through my desktop and it was time consuming and tedious at times; needing to answer security credentials, etc. I also love having quick access on my phone with just a fingerprint………it makes life simple and easy. Thank you!!

  11. the fee dree, cash back on purchases part is awsome. but it takes them way to long to renew the credit limit after a payment… it took them 3 weeks to process my first payment, 2 weeks and counting on the second attemp. the service rep said they place a 6 day hold on payments but both instances it’s been way longer than 6 days. and I hate that they only have one payment option. also the app is proving to be a pointless waist of space on m I may phone, as everything has to be done on line.

  12. When I first got this card and the app it worked great. Used modern biometric technologies, clean and concise UI and just generally nice to use. However for some reason after News Year Eve 2020 this app has stopped working. I have no idea why. I’ve tried reinstalling it, clearing cache, you name it. Ollo has no notification about the app not working. Seems like it has something to do with their website URL change but now the app is busted.

  13. Horrible customer service. My account is in excellent standing with them, no late payments ever but due to their current system issues they reported my account as being charged off today. I tried calling but their system won’t let you speak with an agent, it routes you through the phone tree then hangs up on you. Now my credit may be permanently impacted due to their mistakes.

  14. Ollo closed my account just because I hadn’t used it. I originally got the credit card for emergencies. They never sent me anything letting me know that if I hadn’t used it that my account would be closed. It really sucks to be penalized for not using a credit card. But all the Sametime it pulls your credit score if it shows an increase in your credit uses The only communication that I’ve received from Ollo was the letter that I received February 2 2022 saying that they closed my account .

  15. This card is a joke! Paid my bills on time for over a year and each time I payed I made sure to have a zero balance. Still have not received a credit increase with almost a 800 credit score. And the customer service is a dead end because all they will tell you is that everything is computer generated and that they don’t do requests.

  16. App will not open after getting several notifications that I have a charge off, and Ollo is reporting that I’m delinquent. I’m using 29% of credit limit and I’ve never been late on any payments (I’m on autopay). I tried calling and can’t get through to a representative, and the app is down. My credit score better not drop as a result of whatever problem Ollo is having.

  17. The app seldom works. Also the website seldom works. They block foreign IP addresses nos even though they have no foreign transaction fees. That doesn’t make much sense. you can use the card while overseas but good luck getting into the payment portal. The customer service agents are also rude. I have been relegating this card to the back of my wallet. It’s good to do some minimum monthly payments just to keep it open and help your available credit for ones credit score. Get it together Ollo!!!

  18. The Ollo credit card has been a real helpful card with lots of great benefits. I’ve not experienced a single problem in using my card, plus the rates are comparable to other cards. They even gave me a credit limit 3 times more than their competitors. I’m an excellent customer paying my balances every month and watching my overall credit usage to not go over 30%, all the while working on increasing my credit score. They trusted me more than the others and I appreciated their trust.

  19. When it works, it works well. However, now the app is claiming it is having trouble connecting and gives me the option to retry or to try later. I can clearly see the app actually works under this app, at least for checking balances. But I cannot set payments or anything like that.

  20. This mobile App does not work on three browsers as of this morning, firefox, windows edge, and chrome. I have been trying to open the app, and go to it on chrome web browser and firefox and edge on my smart phone (Android operating system 9), to no avail. For three days now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times, still can’t log in. The error message I get says that ollo is experiencing a connection problem, and that it’s not “me”, but them and to try back later, and try again. Well, I Have and it still does not work.

  21. REpro Too dice:

    They don’t allow you to setup an automatic payment for more than the minimum payment. Other then CreditOne this is the only other credit card that I have that doesn’t allow a payment for more than the minimum amount. TOTAL SCAM, so they can hit you with fees.

  22. Great credit card, great service, and great app. I got an automatic credit limit increase after 5 month and another one about 11 months after getting the card. App is easy to navigate and paying balance via the app is a breeze. A+

  23. It’s somewhat improved lately, but there are still times when you can’t log in; you have to end up deleting the app, starting over, and re-setting a new password. Frustrating.. when I have called in, Ollo techs say that this is the only recourse.

  24. glad they’ve made an app that doesn’t need too many frills, keep it simple! BUT I had to drop a star after customer service just told me the pending transaction list is different on the site than what displays in the app – that’s annoying & should be kept in sync.

  25. The Ollo app works well. I can view transactions, payment. Schedule payments. The only downside for me is the limit to number of payments I can make each month. It takes days for charges to post, and even if charged the same day; it stills takes days for all charges to post. Other wise, the app is great.

  26. Dale Hunt dice:

    The app is very nice. If you only want to see your available credit, balance owed or your payment due, there is a widget in the corner on the app that you swipe up to do that; once you’re done, you swipe down to close it.

  27. Great company, excellent rewards program. A little slow on their credit limit increases but overall a great card. I use it for everday purchases instead of my debit card. The app is very useful and no problems so far.

  28. App doesn’t work. Posted on my credit that card was “charged off” I never closed it and customer service hold time is well over 30 minutes to dispute it. Unreal Update: after they removed their error my credit score only went back up 13 points but due to them it dropped 35. You pay for their mistake and they pay nothing!

  29. D Irwin dice:

    This app is excellent, it allows you multiple ways to access with or without actually signing in. The customer service is outstanding. All issues are easily resolved if you communicate with CS team. It is a great support to an excellent Mastercard.

  30. This app is so easy and convenient. Anything you need to know about your account, history of payments and purchases, easy to make a payment. I love that you can also lock your account whenever you want to and easily unlock it when your ready to use it.

  31. Worst credit card app by far! Not only is it hard to use, password resets with the company are a nightmare. I will be closing my ollo card account. Run for any other product on the market otherwise you will find yourself paying late fees and needing to constantly call just to receive account status or password resets. RUN AWAY

  32. This app constantly has difficulty opening no matter how many times I attempt. I’m met with an error that ask for me to try again later and specifically states “It’s not you, it’s us.” How many “it’s not you, it’s us,” do we have to see before the developers figure out what the heck is going on? Terrible App I say…..

  33. It’s a decent app but it needs to have pin access for the app… It’s annoying to enter a password every time I want to get in and I do not use fingerprint identification on my device so that is not helpful. If pin access is added I will increase my rating of the app.

  34. So Awesome, other credit cards do not have this feature and that makes it tough to pay my bill on time. This app allows me to get my bill paid on time, no extra fees, late fees, or extra interest…and that is worth the download!

  35. Application has never worked. Their response, “Android Q is still in beta and not supported”. Part of a typical application lifecycle is to start development on your application for beta OS. Here we are, Android 10 (Q) is out and still nothing. No update since May. If they respond, I assume it will be “Sorry, you should contact our mobile team!”. Needless to say, one of the reasons I picked this card was the mobile features. Update 9/17 – they have updated and fixed the issues.

  36. Horrible Company – Consumer beware. Had the card for 1 year, never late and paid balance off every month. Just checked my account on the app and noticed my account was closed. Called Customer Service, rep on the phone was extremely rude and did not provide any info. She simply stated accounts are closed for many reasons and I would get a letter in the mail. Upon researching other complaints online, I found stories from numerous card holders with the same experience.

  37. Charles T dice:

    Very bad customer service. Horrible wait times, no tech support. Bad wait times. Asked to talk to a supervisor and was hung up on. And they had a system wide. Nation wide outage. No support. And FALSELY reported negative information related to thier outage that they say will take a month to repair on all 3 credit reporting agencies!!!. BEWARE skip this app and card service.

  38. I called customer service multiple times without any resolutions. Useless app. It won’t even log in most of the time. Also for the credit card that has no foreign transaction fees, this app or Ollo website won’t work on most foreign networks. Very inconvenient. I wanted to use it but simply can’t.

  39. Terrible for ACTUALLY LETTING YOU PAY OFF YOUR PURCHASES. Card is designed to force you to carry a balance with usurious interest rates. No more than 5 payments can be scheduled in a 30 day period so if you like to track your spending and pay off each item as you purchase it just forget it, not gonna happen. Cashback is great though

  40. So far, my Ollo Credit Card has been the best credit card offer I’ve received in the past 5 years. What attracted me to accepting their Credit Card offer was a 0% 9-Month Interest-free rate. I’ve only just started my first interest rate after my 9 months had ended (actually the interest was very low and affordable, as well as the low monthly payments). Overall, I’m very satisfied with my Ollo Credit Card as it offers me a measure of security and a cushion to count on. So far things are great!

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