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The Even app partners with leading employers to provide a game-changing new benefit: the tools you need to manage your money.

With Even, you can:

— Get paid early.
Request up to 50% of your next paycheck early, and you can receive funds in seconds. Say goodbye to “gotcha” fees and hidden interest. Say hello to Instapay.

— Start saving automatically.
Choose a percentage of each paycheck you want to save, and we’ll put it into your savings. Adjust or transfer funds at any time. Earn interest at 2x the national rate.*

— Manage your budget easily.
Even detects your monthly expenses and gives you a daily, personalized snapshot of what’s ok to spend.

— Project your earnings.**
Even tracks your work schedule, and makes automatic updates after each shift. You’ll see how much money you made per shift and per paycheck.

The Even app is only available to employees of companies that have partnered with Even and offer this product as an employee benefit.

*Members now receive 0.125% annual percentage yield on all funds stored with Even. It comes at no additional cost and is currently twice the national savings rate. Rates are subject to change.

**Available for members whose employer has configured this benefit within the app.


Bug fixes and performance improvements


47 comentarios en "Even MODDED 2022"

  1. The app itself works wonderfully, but unless you pay all your bills from one account it won’t track it properly, even if the account used to pay is also linked. It also doesn’t integrate well with credit cards, unless you just want to look at recent transactions. If these were fixed I would give it 5 stars, as the bill tracker is by far the best I have been able to find outside of the issue stated earlier.

  2. I just installed this app and I already love it! It’s perfect! Easily access money from my future check. I can set up bills going out and set what day each bill is due and how much it is so that way all of my bill money is subtracted from my balance so I never have to worry about overspending. I can also set it up to where the app automatically deducts a certain percentage of my check each payday and puts it in savings. This app does it all! And without hidden fees and charges! Great job so far!

  3. Really love this app!!! It’s very helpful and and easy to use and navigate!! Has many options and tips! Love being able to get an advance should I need it! Like how you can set up to save money and budget your bills. Only issue is eventhough my accounts have been verified, it still says that something went wrong when I try to enable my even savings and I’m currently not able to use the savings tool.

  4. I got the app when I was working for Wal-Mart and kept it after I left. It works when it works. Once again, they update it and it quits working. I shouldn’t have to reinstall this blasted app every time it gets updated for it to work. This is the second time an update has caused the app to stop loading. NOT HAPPY right now! Reinstalling did NOT help! Update: 8/21/19 apparently, they fixed the issue because it works once again. Because this seems to happen with every major update, leaving at 4⭐

  5. I really like this app. It shows how many hours I worked and money made per work period. I have it linked to my bank so I can see how much money I have left (slight delay sometimes) and the purchases made. You have the option to mark things as bills, and you can set money aside to help you save. And there’s an option for weekly pay and insta pay for emergencies!

  6. The app has been great so far, except for a couple of things. I’d like the option to add bills that occur every other month, to keep track of my razor subscription. Even is very easy to use, and if your employer offers a free month it is even better. It was super easy to sign in using my employee credentials as well as my bank credentials. I am still having trouble signing in with my credit card credentials, however. Overall, I’ve had a mostly positive experience with Even.

  7. Quit refreshing after update. Since the update that installed the week of February 7th, the app has not been refreshing or loading correctly. It has been inaccurate as far as what’s in my account, what hours I work as a Walmart associate, and what I need to hold back. I think the tax savings update is causing more problems than fixing them, unfortunately. I spoke with customer service, and they told me my experience is the normal operation of the app, but it absolutely has changed. Not useful.

  8. Good app for what it does, but it keeps disconnecting from my bank account at least one a month and showing nonsensically high amounts of money available. I can’t trust this app to accurately keep track of my money, and end up using my bank’s own app instead. Additionally, the support section should not be used to post notifications, it’s very confusing and irritating.

  9. I began using Even while working at Walmart. The paycheck advance was a selling point that I only used once, but the app is so great that I continued to use it after leaving Walmart. Easy to use, and its great for tracking expenses. It also offers financial advice depending on what you want to focus on like saving, retirement planning, or budgets. My only complaint is that the program for my credit union is a beta stage program, so sometimes the connection failed.

  10. It’s useful when it works. I never used it to get my money early but before Walmart instated core hours i used it to track my earnings on the daily basis. It’s useful for that. I’m giving it two stars because TWICE in the span of having this app, it suddenly just lost connection to my bank (capital one) for MONTHS at a time, rendering the budgeting aspect of it completely useless. Do not think I’ll be redownloading.

  11. This app legitimately helped me get my life in order on a huge scale, to the point where I was able to save enough money to buy a new car. My only complaint: the suggestions when entering what company you work for are too aggressive. I’ve been forced more than once to slightly alter the name, because if it’s too close to one of the componies already in the system, I will not be provided with the option to save my custom entry.

  12. This is an edit from my previous review. After the glitch I experienced from the “failed to load” screen I immediately contacted their support team that was provided on their website. They were both professional, experienced and both quick to please and solve the bug that caused the problem and seemed to have a whole team dedicated to resolving a minor hiccup. So I’m happy to give a much better rating and review of my experience. Thanks to their team for being so quick on the replies and the fix. As for the app itself, I recommend just picking up your Instapay via cash if possible. Since many banks are still in beta and that’s what caused a bug for me but that doesn’t make a bad app. I really enjoy and appreciate having the option to pick up a portion of my check a week early when I need it with little fees. And you can cancel the fee when you don’t think you will need it very soon so that’s pretty convenient as well. They are working on more features to help manage your finances so there is something more to look forward to and hopefully they are able to provide better connections with more banks in the near future for much easier, more convenient access.

  13. Great support team if there’s ever any problems. I almost couldn’t pick up my instapay twice two different times. I chatted with an advisor and they got back to me very quickly and resolved the issue. The first time it was because the Walmart employee at customer service didn’t spell my name right. I didnt even know that until the even app advisor let me know shortly after the instapay was declined. If it wasn’t for the advisor then I’d have walked back home without any cash.

  14. Its a good app, I really enjoy knowing what we are going to get every 2 weeks. its also nice that we the option to take out money from our paycheck early if we run into problems. I would like to suggest some features. Like for instance being able to delete a bank when you are not using it or have moved away from it. It would also be nice if the even app updated at midnight instead of later in the day.

  15. Ive had no issues with Even, so far. Comes in handy when money is tight because of an extra expense. I LOVE the Even savings feature. Being able to have moeny set aside before it even has a chance to reach my bank balance is great. i really like being able hide my savings balance. Not knowing the total amount in the account takes away the temptation to spend!

  16. The ability to get an advance on my paycheck of up to 50% is awesome! Just started back with Walmart and it even allows you an advance if you are new. $6 a month is a small price to pay for that option when you have 3 children to feed. Link your bank account info and it will help you budget and tell you what you have to spend out of each check. Great app, runs smooth, amazing service!

  17. Took off stars because it won’t update to any of my accounts in a timely manner. It last updated to all my accounts 16 days ago and will not update. I come across this alot. My app is up to date, it says connected to bank, says already connected to everything so I don’t know what the disconnect is. Now, when the app does work correctly it is wonderful. There have been times I’ve had to get $ 3 days early so my mortgage isn’t late. Can’t have a late mortgage payment on my credit just for 3 days

  18. For the last 3 years I’ve used this app and have loved it. I often would use it as a schedule reference along side the ability to budget better and have funds for emergency. I’ve used it to pay bills, have fun nights out, and spontaneous adventures, emergency mechanic visits. Not to mention the app itself runs so well. I quit my job it was used for; so I’ve had to delete my account; and even that was so easy. In the future if offered I will use again. Highly recommended.

  19. What a great idea! Once you get everything set up, you no longer have to sweat waiting 2 weeks between paychecks. You can pay yourself in between! In addition to the “Instapay” service, the app has a setting that automatically deducts portions of your pay to up to 3 separate savings funds. And it has tools to help you budget your money, and reminds you to pay bills on time. I’ve only scratched the surface of what I can do with it so far. I can’t wait to try out all the features!

  20. I’ve never had a problem with the app. Until these past few days. It wont update my “Okay to Spend” money. I’ve tried getting a hold of an “Advisor”, but it wont send any messages and for the past two days, I’ve just been trying and trying again to see if I could get my bank to refresh, but it doesn’t. I’d be fine with all this, but I have money in my savings, that I cant get now.

  21. Never got to use. While setting up account it hung with message “An unexpected error occurred. Oh no! Something went wrong. Tap above to try again.” Tried every combination of clearing the cache, data, force stopping and uninstalling the app only to end up with that message and no way around it every time.

  22. I’ve been using even for a couple months now and while I do like it, I wish your info could be updated faster. For example I worked yester and am scheduled today but the app still shows it as yesterday instead of being on today. That and It would also be nice if you could cancel a one-time insta-pay within a few minutes of requesting one if you realize you don’t need it. Aside from those two things, good app!

  23. If it weren’t for instapay I wouldn’t even still use this app. It was a fabulous tool up until a few weeks ago, when it lost connection to my bank and still has not been able to reestablish. It’s been buggy and inaccurate for a while, but still usable. Now I can’t even see my bill pay schedule and had to manually reconnect my payment account. I’m so disappointed, I absolutely loved even when it worked correctly but in the 3 years that I’ve been using the app it’s gotten less and less convenient

  24. Even is a amazing app. I love it. All the other apps where you can get money in advance has fees and they never let you get up to half your paycheck it is always $85 or bellow at the max. Even is life saving I have had to get money early for bills and they never fail me. Extremely convenient and highly recommended. Thank you!

  25. In my personal opinion it is quick and easy if you select the cash pick up option. If you select direct deposit I personally would like it to be faster but its okay. Like the save option it gives you, since its like a saving acount but less hassle than a regular bank. Like that it gives you an adverage of how much it will be your paycheck. I didn’t put a 5 stars because it lets you use it it once per paycheck and few times have a few technical issues.

  26. I dont leave reviews, but this app and what you guys do is great. I’ve never used Instapay because that’s a dangerous gamble for me in itself, but I do use it to save. I’ve done better saving with Even than I ever have on my own. I havent had any issues. any time I reach out to customer support on the app, they always get back to me in a timely manner and are quick to fix whatever issue I had. Thanks Even. Dont go anywhere.

  27. The app has saved my hundreds in payday advance fees. It tracks you spending and warns you of up comming bills, but it does not allow you to add any reoccurring bills until after the first bill is paid. The time it takes to recieve the advance has increased from a few hours to 12 or more hours. Also the account information that monitors spending balance is not in real time and sometimes the information has been wrong altogether. I am limited to 500.. If had more chacters I would elaborate more

  28. The service is great but connecting and remaining connected to Capitol One is difficult. iIt hasn’t been connected to Capitol One sober the 26th and getting help is tricky. You start a chat and just kind of wait but there’s no notification when somebody replies (at least for me) so I’ve missed them on two occassions. I’m still a paying member for the instapay feature which works great.

  29. Eve Geary dice:

    I love Even. Whenever an unexpected bill comes up or I just want to make sure I’m covered for the week I use even to get me threw til pay day..although I don’t like that we can only use it once a week but it’s worth it and it’s fast and easy. Straight to ur bank or Walmart pickup at money center.. easy!

  30. This is a great app, if ur company does instapay. It works great for instant pay, to go pick up at your job.. I managed to link my bank account to even but couldn’t link my one card. It asks you to give email and password to your accounts, but my one card has no password.. just a passcode. I had to change my direct deposit to my bank, so I could get the instalation service..

  31. First off it doesn’t detect my paychecks because i have my dorectvdeposit split between two banks. look for it by the description of the transaction it says its payroll deposit. no phone support. May that should be stated and honestly some people may have reading disabilities in which reading may be an issue. Email states no open conversations. FIX and i will update. All features not available in my state and this should be stated. May be reason i downloaded app.

  32. I don’t know how many times the Even app has saved me. Since I’ve started using it, my bills are always paid not only on time but ahead of time. My credit score has increased because my payments are always on time. Every time I can’t quite make it until payday, the Even is there for food purchase or emergency car fixes. It gives you 3 savings accounts that help you squirrel money away. I really like the direct deposit feature ☺️. Thank you Even app for helping me get my finances under control!🥰

  33. It’s strange I work for the same company as a friend and they got improved very quick. But for some reason my information is not being verified. And I’m pretty sure I put it in correctly each time I retried. The app seems nice ,but apparently I want get to find out.

  34. I love this app while it worked but lately all it’s doing when you open it is showing a white screen and that’s it. I find that to be very inconvenient for me. Update app is working

  35. Ever since the last update the app won’t sync with my bank account anymore. It hasn’t updated since January 5th and when I try to reconnect it it says successful but it still doesn’t update.

  36. S Merc dice:

    The app has been unable to successfully set up an acct and connect me for at least a week now. Advisor’s don’t help just keep being told my info is right then suddenly it isn’t right but I’m literally looking at my info on my employers website. I wanted to love this app but so far its garbage.

  37. Worse app ever to keep track of your hours and pay rate. I’ve had this app for a almost two weeks and they do not keep accurate track of your hours. Only Plus is that you get to take from your pay check the bad part is you don’t know how much your getting paid until you actually get paid.

  38. Was easy to setup and use . The balance is a little lower then my earned income but the ability to get access to my check was awesome

  39. App overall works great however I’m not too sure on how to remove an employer. It doesn’t give me option to remove since I don’t work with then any more and would like to add a different company I work with

  40. This is a great app I only wish it didn’t HAVE to be linked to a company. The weekly saving feature is really nice and wish you could use it despite not being linked to a company.

  41. So far, so good. Very helpful tools for me to help stay on budget. Can see this app and the services it has making a difference in my accounting, and it seems easy enough to use. Will update this rating as I use the app more. I don’t rate anything a 5 if I haven’t been able to use it very long, or there is still plenty for me to learn about the app. I only see the rating going up at this point, though. I’m very happy so far.

  42. I downloaded this app 6 days ago and still can’t connect me to my job. I reached out to support and they suggested that it wasn’t available to me, but I’d already clarified I wasn’t the type of employee they were describing. It’s been hard getting tech support because the app keeps freezing, and I have to close it, often in the middle of writing a sentence to explain the problem. Now I can’t even open to read the last response from support. If this changes, I’ll be happy to change my rating.

  43. It’s asking me to contact an advisor for help because a test transaction had an error, but there’s no option to do so. E: I was able to talk to someone and solve my problems, but I wish the button to activate a chat wiyan advisor was a bit more accessible

  44. Great app 👍 it really does help out a lot when it comes to budgeting and I love the reminders way to go Even if I could give a higher Rating than 5 stars to the Even app I would thank you for making my day a little bit easier I still love the even app have used it for years and it helps out alot in day to day life really helps me budget for my expenses way to go Even app really the best app I have used.

  45. Very convenient and resourceful app. Whenever I have a problem, customer service is always prompt and helpful.

  46. This has been an absolute blessing. I am able to pull money out of my paycheck without being charged anything extra and without having to worry about paying it back, the amount is deducted from my check immediately. Thank you!

  47. This is actually pretty cool. I can see how much I’ve earned and even get paid early. I wish it would start on the Earn tab every time, though.

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