Binance: BTC, Crypto and NFTS MODDED 2022


Access the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem on the go, anytime, anywhere.
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Access the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem on the go, anytime, anywhere.*

Trusted by over 150 million users worldwide, Binance allows you to securely buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Rune, Cardano, Binance Coin, SHIB, and much more — all with some of the lowest fees in crypto.

*Binance App is available only to non-U.S. citizens and residents. For U.S. citizens and residents, please install the Binance.US App.

Here’s a small sample of what you can do on the Binance App:


Choose from 350+ listed cryptocurrencies, set up recurring buys and price alerts, and trade with an arsenal of advanced trading tools at your fingertips.
Enjoy best-in-class liquidity with minimal slippage and seamless order execution.
Fund your account in minutes with a variety of payment options, including credit/debit card, P2P, and bank transfer.


Make your crypto holdings work for you with Binance Earn, a one-stop solution that combines user-friendly investment products — from Savings to Staking — with market-leading interest yields.
Automate your crypto investments and generate passive income in a way that suits your preferences using Auto-Invest.


Binance currentlys hold regulatory licenses, registrations, and approvals in 15 jurisdictions.
All user funds are held 1:1 and protected by a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) worth $1 billion.
Our ecosystem is built from the ground-up with state-of-the-art security measures, including real-time risk monitoring, stringent KYC protocols, and advanced end-to-end data encryption, to name a few.


Shop with your crypto and get up to 8% back in BNB using Binance Visa Card. Available in select markets.
Pay and get paid in 70+ cryptocurrencies with Binance Pay, a contactless, borderless, and seamless crypto payment service.
With one swipe, open the Binance Marketplace — a comprehensive portal where you can shop, book vacations with crypto, participate in Binance Launchpad, and even earn rewards with Liquid Swap


Get tailored Web3 content delivered straight to your homepage, including live crypto news and over 400 Binance Academy educational articles.
Bridge your funds across different networks and interact with DApps safely inside the Binance app.

We’re always here to help, whether you’re a longtime user or just getting started.
In addition to an expansive, constantly-updated FAQ section, our 24/7 live chat customer support is available in 18 languages (English, Arabic, German, French, Filipino, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Korean, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese).

Bahrain Fintech Bay (3rd Floor, Arcapita Building, Bahrain Bay BH 346)
Contact info: [email protected]

One Central, Dubai World Trade Center, Trade Center 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact info: [email protected]

Disclosure of associated fees
>0.1% trading fees
0% fee is only for the BTC/TUSD Spot Pair.

Binance Bahrain B.S.C. (c) (Binance Bahrain) is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (the CBB) as a category 4 Crypto-Asset Service Provider to operate a crypto-asset exchange (defined below as the “Exchange”) in relation to Crypto Assets). These Exchange Rules constitute a contractually binding agreement between Binance Bahrain and each Client governing access to the Exchange and its facilities.

Binance FZE (Binance Dubai) is a regulated entity with an MVP license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) to operate a Virtual Asset exchange (defined below as the “Exchange”) in relation to Virtual Assets). These Exchange Rules constitute a contractually binding agreement between Binance FZE and each Client governing access to the Exchange and its facilities.


-Prioritize new zones and hot zones on the zone page.
-Add notice of upcoming delisted coins on the Lite portfolio and earn holdings page.
-P2P added selecting payment time limit in the filter window.
-P2P added sending advertisement in the chat room.
-Feed added advanced data analytics in the creator center.


40 comentarios en "Binance: BTC, Crypto and NFTS MODDED 2022"

  1. If you switch to another app & come back few seconds later, all the market prices are frozen. You just have to close reload the app every time. App’s up to date, phone memory nowhere near full, internet connection fine, etc. Update 3: For the 3rd time now, NO your very basic & non-specific solutions make absolutely no difference. Nor were private chat any help last time when they suggested exactly the same. There’s no need to reply again. Also remove the annoying pizza day popup after 2 months!

  2. The app immediately stops and the android system closes it automatically. I assume that this app uses a lot of system memory and resources which the android system is unable to offer. Most of the other apps built using flutter is behaving in the same manner. Please, change the flutter version or fix the issues for lower end devices. I hope this message is not ignored by the developers. My device is LG Q6.

  3. Hello! It was always nice, guys. But it seems to me, latest updating in July 2023 has a bug. App works incorrectly, memory is overloaded, phone is slowing down, Binance app closes and closes. There are big problems during financial operations because of that. And, yes, I cleared cache, I uninstalled and downloaded app, restarted phone. There is still glitch.

  4. I don’t know others but this one is the king. However, I believe feed, news, and blog should be in a separate app for convenience. Feed from the app is over-sluggish. Other than that, overall a well-thought and smooth app.

  5. It’s good, but their Visa has 1) no scam protection and no updates on cases, 2) Monthly total cash back was dropped by 85%, without any information! I just spend till the cash back limit and then my other credit/debit cards. Edit: I’m sorry, I tried for months, and despite the fact that I had rock solid proof, your partners did not even want to counter the arguments and just answered in everything he wanted. As for the cash-back, you dropped the limit of the maximum cash back by 85%.

  6. This app is very useless, after seeing the app on TV I decided to use it but when I downloaded the app. It says verification first before using so I start to verify myself, the facial verification is the waste it will keep telling you to nod your head, shake your head, blink your eyes but at the end nothing happened. And you will keep doing that until you get tired. I’m deleting the app now

  7. The issue is the same uninstalled updated dude these are basics. I am pointing the issue very clear. The STYLE TAB -> BEARISH CANDLE STICK HAVE DEFECT. IT CANNOT BE CUSTOMIZED WHATEVER COLOR YOU CHANGE ON IT ALSO AFFECTS THE BULLISH CANDLE STICK COLORS. Why dont you try it yourself i tried with two android phones same issue.

  8. I am more familiar with the desktop App, but the mobile phone is doing great for me. You get to choose whether it is the Pro version or not that you want, and the Pro version has all the features you will ever want on a Crypto exchange plartform almost on on place. I am so glad to have known Binance and I still spread the word untill today. Too bad that people’s perceptions link it to the pyramid schemes which it has never been, it is not, and will never be.

  9. Customer service is too poor and very slow you need to add a time frame for both parties to be able to cancel trades if payment hasn’t been made. Your customer service is one of the poorest I’ve seen so far 4 to 8 hours yet they take up to 10 hours without making any decisions on trades and it’s very bad

  10. The app is very well designed, I use the pro version, the only thing that I would change is when you are about to buy/sell any crypto, it would be easier to set the las price instead of writing the price manually, and it would be more comfortable that when using the charts, it would let you configure more functions such as more indicators to choose, but I also understand that, watching a chart is not the main purpose of the app. But everything in the app is very intuitive, is very easy to use.

  11. The app is giving me headache since the update everytime I clicked on Launchpad it crashes and stop working I have been uninstalling it and reinstalling it back again multiple times but it getting worse..I have to be honest I love binance but I have to let it go and use bybit instead. It’s frustrating me using it but I hope you will fix it sooner.

  12. Absolutely rubbish app, If you can’t maintain quality then why do you make an app?? I closed a position at a very good time and as soon i clicked closed position, the app started giving error “operation anomaly, Please try again later”. after 10 mins it started working again and i found the order unfulfilled and liquidated.

  13. The apps worked flawlessly for many moons, but since yesterday I’ve been experiencing absolute difficulty accessing the app…I click on the app and sometimes it goes to the login page but more often than not gets shut down they the android software on my note 8..I also get phone system notifications saying the ‘app is not responding’…I’ve cleared the cashe and certain even if I uninstall and reinstall it again it still wont work..I’m I the only one???(REINSTALLED IT, WORKING FINE, 5 STARS)

  14. ikou wing dice:

    liveness check keep showing : system error, message. It wouldn’t go pass it despite permitting the app to use the camera. What could it be? Ps: I only gave you 1 star rating so that you may notice my comment and reply since there was no one to directly adress with my question.

  15. I’ve been trying to register with binance but for more then one year now i’m still stucked in Facial verification. Unable to go any further. It keeps telling me to fit your head withing the frame, keep your phone vertical (my phone is already in a veritical position), don’t cover your mouth with your hand etc. Please help me out, i’ve doing this more than one year and i’m tired.

  16. At spot market trading when I want to buy any crypto, can’t see how many Usdt worth. Before it was enough to place with how many Usdt want to spend on any crypto and that was easy to use. Please update here in mobile app and also in desktop mode. Thanks in advance. Update: now it’s works everything fine.

  17. Feeling trouble while trading. On Trades (Spot) Page coin buying with USDT option is not showing. We can buy token only via Amount (token). Few days earlier buying via USDT option was showing, but now vanished. Please check and update it so we could buy coins directly with USDT by filling the USDT amount Thanks.

  18. I reinstalled the app and still the p2p option isn’t working. When I click the p2p option the app still stops functioning and closes. Another thing i just sold some crypto i had and after recieving payment when i go to the app to confirm payment the app closes so i can’t release funds. The app experience is terrible. If i don’t release the fund the normal use of binance will be affected and it isn’t my fault.

  19. While putting orders in futures, I choose a certain amount to open the position on, but more than once, the app just opened the position on the current market amount, and it caused me huge losses. I recommend that everyone should use any other reliable app that won’t actively work against you.

  20. It’s obvious that Binance also owns Coinmarketcap, both don’t give anything to anyone, Coinmarketcap “learn and earn” don’t give the cryptos , even when you answear everything correctly, if you looking for airdrops, Binance or anything that belongs to them, isn’t the right place. I’ve spend/ lost money on Binance for a long time and never got anything from them, except when I made some profit with a cryto, but that’s because I bought it.

  21. Did everything as suggested but not yet resolved. After the new updation App is not working properly. Screen is closing by itself with in few seconds cannot do anything. Developer please rectify it immediately.

  22. App feels useless compared to 2 years ago. Bloated with useless features, annoying notifications no one ever really asked for, buggy interactions, unclear navigation.

  23. Mike dice:

    Upd. Nothing changed since last month Constant ‘UI’ issues even w/ good network and App update. UX is terrible. Support couldn’t solve. Changed to 1 star and moving to another Exchng. (Old comment: I like app ux and functionality, but terrible trading experience due continious bugs “request time out” or “something went wrong” almost on every UI interaction (charts, order setup etc). Cache cleared, app reinstalled).

  24. Display magnification of app features and functions is so poor that people of different ages can’t see the texts clearly even with reading Glasses. BINANCE needs to instruct the App Developer to improve display font size for various features by way of possibly incorporating the features into two or three pages (or slides) which will be accessed by sliding the screen left or right so that fewer features are shown per display for larger & bolder appearance for Users of all ages to enjoy seeing.

  25. Always freezes and crashers after last update even I have 8 cores and 4G RAM. No other apps are executed at the same time. >>> Reply 1: I have cleared the cache within Binance app settings, restarted app, restarted phone. Nothing helps: it takes 20-30 seconds to again open the chart I was just looking at. Android version is 11, phone is Realme 6, with all firmware updates

  26. I have a problem creating a defi wallet. When it reaches 99% it would prompt “error exceeds” not really those words but somewhere along those lines and it wouldn’t let me create it.

  27. The new version give problems to signing in, nothing has chance the app doing the same glitches, bugs, i uninstall and installed it but its the same, really i dont know, i didnt enjoy it anymore

  28. Jem Rain dice:

    Everytime l try to login using Google the verification code only comes after l resend the code for the 2nd or 3rd time. When I try the option for using password it doesn’t open at all. Have also noticed that my interface is different from others even if my app is updated.

  29. The authenticator verification system is difficult. Although it’s safety for all of us. But from my thinking phone number & Email verification may enough and easy to use. One thing more while I switched site by minimising from Binance to another site to making confirmation of Make payment / Payment Received like as Bank, Rocket, bKash & Nagad then again need to login with unlock bu using pattern or finfering unlock system. This system need to improve with adding 4 to 5 minutes duration. Thanks

  30. I can only remove from Watchlist. Can’t add, or it’s smwhr hidden. Update: Suddenly, due to “internal policy” couldn’t sell crypto to my fiat balance. Needed to transfer to bank with the 1.8 % fee! Goodbye binance.

  31. The app says I need KYC Verification since it expired. But I am unable to take a photo of my id, the camera is turning blurry when using the app. My camera works fine but it seems that the app itself is what turning the photo blurred

  32. What is happening, Binance app always shutting down or logging off whenever i click on p2p. Not even able to use p2p for for a very long time now even after clearing cache on the App due to this everlasting issue.

  33. Please what is happening to Binance app… It keeps hanging now and them, I have cleared cache and also update, still yet no results. Please kindly address this issue technical team. Thank you

  34. Ahsan Ali dice:

    I can’t login to mine acc everytime whenever i click on login/signup portion to login to my acc on home page of app after click the page shows everything blank and it didn’t show email password portion where i can enter my email or password and access my acc but the whole page is blank kindly solve this issue its very irritating and annoying i didn’t see my acc for 3 week

  35. Your app is so frustrating 😠😠gosh it’s always tripping off whenever I’m using it if I want to comment on something it takes forever to type please fix it and I can’t transfer from binance to another app

  36. My phone is stolen I got a new one I was trying to log into my account but the app crashed I even updated the app today but is still crashing when I enter the app I can’t even stayed for 10 second it crashed and exit by himself I don’t know why pls help it even show me crash happen,will restart app

  37. Please fix the bug in the latest update. Mobile up doesn’t open and crashes alot. It is making us lose lots of our trades that are margin called. Fix it ASAP

  38. Can’t seem to do the sms authentication, can’t P2P nothing…. Reply: Done that, isn’t working…I’ll see to contact live chat Reply: couldn’t fix the issue, agent said since I can’t receive code again due to constant request for code, I should try tomorrow, hopefully it works

  39. SAIF-KHAN dice:

    Need Black Amoled style theme, it helps save battery on amoled screen phones. I know that there is dark mode but I’m talking about the Amoled dark mode (complete black).

  40. Since I shifted to Google Pixel 6, the app isn’t working properly. I am unable to open any currency, as soon as I click to open, it closes and takes me to the homepage because of this I am unable to trade. Plus, it automatically logs out every other day. Fix it.

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