YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics MODDED 2022

🎄Holiday fun filters are here!🎅Try Santa, snowman & reindeer face effects☃
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☃️Have a Blast with Festive Holiday Fun Filters!☃️
❄️Have a winter wonderland of fun in a snow globe
🎁Become Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
🎄Turn into Santa Claus or a cheerful Christmas elf
🎉Try celebratory New Year’s filters with friends

Discover animated stickers like you’ve never seen animated stickers before.

Create fun selfie videos and photos in seconds! Real time filters, animated stickers, motion stickers and picture effects make the silliest selfies with YouCam Fun!
Motion stickers you don’t know motion stickers. The most realistic motion stickers you’ve ever tried!

Try out fun AR filters by transforming into a princess with a flower crown or Cinderella makeover.

AR filters get more crazy with our smashed in the face with a Happy Birthday cake with our fun AR filters!

Share photos and videos with friends to compare your masterpieces!
YouCam Fun Features:

Live Stickers & Effects
• Stickers and effects for your face! What will you look like next?
• Photo effects include new hairstyles, animal faces, costumes and way more!

Stickers on Video**
• Video effects make every frame fun! Add stickers to live video and send to friends.
• Add text to videos to tell jokes and give friends a shout out!

Selfie Effects for your Camera Roll
• Selfie collection gathering dust? Brighten it up with stickers and effects for your camera roll!

Fun Pic Effects, Frames & More
• Face effects come to your phone thanks to Photo Fun!
• Effects include Frames, Backgrounds, Light Leak, Scratch and Grunge. Create any vibe you want!
Live Filters for Photos and Video**

Real time filters spice up any photo or video instantly!
• Get the perfect look every time with our amazing live filters!

Selfie Cam Instantly Beautifies
• The selfie camera instantly beautifies your face, giving you perfect selfies with no effort!

YouCam Fun has the most dazzling array of effects, live filters and photo cut out effects for your selfies! Apply live filters and stickers to your face and let creativity take control.
Download YouCam Fun today!

**Video recording is available for Android 5.0 devices with 1GB RAM and above

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[email protected]
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Latest Update
- Optimize user experience
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics MODDED 2022"

  1. This app needs fixing. The filters are not lining up correctly with the face, especially when there are 2 people in the picture. Also, when there are 2 people it rarely detects the second face. When it finally does detect you cant see the persons face because it’s off alignment and the filter blocks it. This app used to be great, I had it on my old phone and I didnt have these issues.

  2. Great app overall, I got some really cute looks from the effects but some of the effects are lacking, you can’t adjust makeup to lighten or darken, and some of the items can’t be positioned on the face or neck properly, so for example if it was a bandana going on the neck you should be able to adjust the width. Also, one of the effects made some white marks on my lower face and neck.

  3. Okay, I gotta say, this app has the best photoshop effects I’ve ever seen. I’ve been looking for the perfect app for making the perfect photo and this is just 👌 fine. My only problem would be how slow and glitchy this app can sometimes be. Other than that, keep up the good work!

  4. Cute, fun but not well organized, I’m a guy and initially thought this was for women only. Uninstalled and then read descriptions about Santa, reinstalled to dig deeper. A gallery organized by type of effects. Gender, funny, horror, holiday etc. I am looking for funny Satan or Demonic type characters, with a voice changer would be ideal. Purpose – animated vblogging. I didn’t experience ads, app worked great, the quality is such worth paying for. Not 5-Star due to gallery options.

  5. Edited: Makes the phone screen very bright [when taking pictures.] Also, too many filters are only meant for girls. IE feminine filters, with rosie cheeks and big eyes. Not enough masculine filters for boys, such as toughguy mototorcycle caricature, skull etc. Update: yes, your app forces the screen to be very bright when taking pictures/trying filters. I was using the app in dimly lit room, so my phone at low brightness. Your app did not allow me to change the screen brightness.

  6. good app! works with much better than the other filter apps that just use stickers. I’ve been looking for a live filter app, and this is perfect. I wish it had some filters more like Snapchat, where it just beautifies your face and gives you a crown of fire or hearts or whatever.

  7. Very bad app it freezes the screen completely as if your touch screen will not work we had to switch off the phone but you have to touch the screen to switch of so we waited for 1 day and the phone went shutdown and then after charging it came back to life it happened both in my phone and tab

  8. I can’t even use the App! it shows my camera upside down and i can’t fix it! Unless they fix this, this is not worth getting. That’s sad because there is a lot of fun frames to use. EDIT: So I reinstalled the app and the problem is still occuring! Most of the apps made my this developer isn’t really ‘fun’

  9. JM Green dice:

    So far so good. Just ‘out of the box’ seems easy enough. Intuitive. No downsides discovered yet. Works good for free. Only four stars because the jury is still out.

  10. Its fun but not in the animal makeup, add more fun. The other features are same with youcam perfect, not a problem. But i really!!! Love the fun filters, its amazing. Salute to whoever came up this app. GO YOUCAM👍

  11. This app is good,but in the free version theirs a watermark and you can only recorder for around 15 seconds at a time. Not alot of adds😁! Recomend (if you dont mind a watermark) using it for photos not videos

  12. even though I have an older phone and cannot use the video aspect of this app, I can still use the photo editing and just like with you Cam makeup you have really great graphics in my daughter absolutely enjoys watching Mommy have a cat face…. or having Flowers in her hair, so for this I give you a five as it is creative and well done. I’m hoping maybe for Mother’s Day LOL Android 4.4.2 some devices cannot upgrade. I think the only key with any app is to keep updating with new stuff

  13. E Day dice:

    App is fab would love more stickers like little red riding hood and stars also more voice changing ones would be awesome seen as there hasnt been an update to the app since 2019 but its a great app none the less looking forward to the well overdue updates

  14. It’s really fun to play with & super cute being goofy your kids lol! I’ve have only had it a few minutes and only tried a few filters but so far so good! We are having a blast!!

  15. Dawn K dice:

    I used to love taking selfies and then recording ‘good morning’ and sending them to my family and friends each morning. But I haven’t seen any new additions in months so it has gotten very boring and useless for me. I will be deleting. There are much better apps like this in the store.

  16. Its Me . dice:

    Quite a fun app. No ads to annoy, if there is , i did not see any. Could do with additional content, but without taking away anything else,, (just additional , don’t change app).

  17. Last 6 features are not need to internet connection…but i have set the connection ,it shows “no connection”…. Please check it..Another thing is , if i went to edit portion most of the features are not downloaded

  18. Hafsa Taj dice:

    Hi everyone I wanted to that this app is a bit ridiculous it’s utterly ridiculous I was just kidding 😂 so this app is much more better than snap chat it’s awesome as it has no adds and of course choose your own effect and so many other more it looks like it’s real when you try an or any effect that’s why I gave it 5 star’s omg I love it anyways thanks for creating this app I love this app!!!!!!!! Please create more apps like this and when ever I get angry this app helps me be very happy! 👩‍🦰❤

  19. There are filters with lipsrick and it WILL NOT FIT ON MY DAMN LIPS!!!! There is also many glitches and the filters are not very good. As i do not recomend, A plus for effort

  20. I thought there would be funnier effects and when you think you have taken a picture makes the sound and everything but you don’t it’s not on the app or in ur photos anywhere very disappointed

  21. Adam Goff dice:

    I don’t understand how you people think this is good, I’ve been looking for filters to play with once and a while. And like a normal person I look at the reviews. So once I saw that they were good reviews I said, oh! I should try this, (I would’ve still tried it if it had bad reviews) and my phone is weird and makes me get rid of games once I try to download one, so I got rid of my Spotify for this and guess what I thought when I tried it. Garbage 🙁 Sorry, I’m not meaning to be to harsh..

  22. It’s fun, but Facebook Messenger beat you to it with its fun filters. Still, I’m sure that lots of young millennials will love posting these super cute filters all over Instagram and God’s creation. Oh goodie

  23. Much better than some of the other fun apps like this. I can make funny pics and videos to share with the nieces and nephews now.

  24. It’s fun but… have totally ignored the eyebrows! I can’t use the pics or clips when my eyebrows are not done! Who does makeup without touching up eyebrows? Please fix and update your app!

  25. a complete WASTE of time, do not even bother downloading this app. you only get ONE free filter to play around with on the camera….Pathetic and totally useless! I think I’ll just stick to Snapchat, thanks!👎👅

  26. Eva Feng dice:

    This is a really good easy to use app. Lots of face effects. You can pick and choose the ones to keep. Some allow 3 people. Brilliant.

  27. Its a great app, Cute Filters and all, But for some reason it’s been showing the filter on objects, It’s been bugging me. Is it Ok if you can fix this Glitch?

  28. Furball dice:

    Really fun and easy to use! No hassle with ads popping up with every change you make. A really worthwhile download!

  29. These filters are the same as they were 5 years ago. Beautiful quality, but please update to a different variety of filters.

  30. great app and I usually don’t rate apps, but this is a good one, even if it’s just to quickly add text to and edit your pics with frames and stickers

  31. many of the live filteres in the description was found in the actual app .. all filters are for girls and does not fit the face correctly .. gets boring very quickly

  32. I love this app! This app can let you take photos, selfies and much more fun, this is my favourite app so far, I hope there’s more games like this, if not keep up the good work!

  33. This is a great app just I widh you were able to post. ☺☺It is more for little kids that are barely experiencing app-camera face filters..

  34. I love this app!!! It is a app that has real filters ( video or pic ) that you can save! There is always new ones! Download if you want free filters for anything!

  35. I literally just got this and am having so much fun already!! I was searching for something like snap chat but without the social media part and this is it!! But like 10 times better and funner!!

  36. 💯 Absolutely love this app and I’m so happy I am getting the full experience just only paying 5.99 a month its so worth it. I love love love 💘 this app. Definitely worth it.

  37. J.Adams dice:

    Lots of fun and the toonify actually makes photos and people look great. Other apps suck and often make gorgeous people look horrible!

  38. amazing app. huge variety of fun filters to choose from! Love it! not to mention the editing. 😀

  39. 💚💛💙💜💚 ❗I LOVE IT❗ 💚💜💙💛💚 If only there were new options like weekly, daily, hourly lol. I wish that there were a ton more apps just like this one! It’s truly my absolute favorite!!!

  40. Olivia J dice:

    It’s an okay game I like how you can open your mouth and there’s a fax but I did find that my it kept glitching out so it wouldn’t actually work after a while it works for about a day and then it didn’t work for me but it’s a good game

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