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Share photos from your smartphone to a Frameo WiFi digital photo frame
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Frameo is an easy way to share your photos with the people you love. Send photos directly from your smartphone to a Frameo WiFi digital photo frame and allow friends and family to enjoy your best moments. Add a caption to the photo to fully portray your experience!

With the app you can send photos to all your connected Frameo WiFi photo frames wherever you are in the world. The photos will appear within seconds, so you can share the moments as they happen.

Frameo allows you to bring all the wonderful photos that you take with your smartphone into the homes of your loved ones. The Frameo digital picture frame is a social gathering point for the whole family to enjoy.

Use Frameo to:
· Send photos to everyone you love from your family vacation in Spain 🏖️🍹
· Allow grandparents to enjoy the big and small experiences of their grandchildren 👶
· Take a family selfie and send it to the entire family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
· Share that hole-in-one moment you’ve been practicing for your whole life ⛳🏌️

With Frameo it becomes easy to share your moments!

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Please note: The Frameo app only works with official Frameo WiFi photo frames. Find a Frameo photo frame retailer near you


We welcome a new language to the Frameo app!
Added: Traditional Chinese.
Now supports more video formats


40 comentarios en "Frameo: Share to photo frames MOD"

  1. We’ve bought 3 Frameo frames for grandparents and inlaws, and it’s the greatest thing ever. It’s super easy to set up and send pictures. I’ve had no issues with the app. Only thing that happened is I was unable to upload on of my videos, but it’s literally only been that one. If you have distant relative, or even someone you want to keep in the loop. I highly recommend a frame that uses this app, so use friendly!

  2. The latest update has interfered with the proper functioning of the app. I can no longer send videos, I went thru all steps of the troubleshooting and still am unable to send videos. SO EASY TO USE!!! Frameo app is great, and the frame it connects to is High Definition. The setup process took less than 5 mins, including downloading updates. Video supports sound and 15 seconds – which is a plus! The frame is 10.1 inches of fantastic quality, at an affordable price!

  3. Joe dice:

    2 flaws that are frustratingly just feature failures. 1- you cannot simply expand the storage with an sd card. 2- the photos should go to a linked account where you can buy cloud storage and manage your frames. Yes friends can send photos to the frame, but they must have the app, and you have to pair each friend to each frame. I haven’t run out of storage yet, but I expect the 16GB to go fast, in spite of the 500GB sd card, because you can’t make the SD card a save location.

  4. Ge Ma dice:

    This is a great idea as a way of having friends and family send pics right to a display device. The bad part is my inability to choose the necessary folders on my phone for my pics. The menu only allows 7 folders, no way to scroll the list, and the folders I want to use are not listed in the 7. Very poorly thought out aspect.

  5. Like the frame, but bought one for Dad and one for Mom, who live in separate locations. Both frames constantly go offline. I read the troubleshooting steps and have done so. We have shut down for 15 minutes and rebooted, nearly every day! Guide points to contacting ISP, but I have trouble believing a configuration issue on their end, while other devices never go offline. That points to the device, not ISP configuration.

  6. I love seeing favorite memories whenever I am near my Frameo! The set up is very easy. The transition is smooth between photos. I appreciate the fact that captions are included so photos can be dated. Because many photos have “dead” space above people’s heads, I find the horizontal mode works great. My mom keeps hers on portrait mode, and that works well, also. I thoroughly enjoy my revolving play of favorite photos. Great product.

  7. Frame is nice. App is not good. I can only see pictures I uploaded. If someone uploaded the same picture, i wouldn’t know. I saw a trash can symbol so i was hoping to delete a picture or two. Instead it deleted my entire history of uploads. Now I can’t edit captions or share with another frame. The app needs a serious upgrade. On Some apps you can see what is showinng on the frame. Not this one.

  8. Jennifer dice:

    This app is not user friendly at all. Allows you to add the same folder more than once and it seems there’s no way to remove the duplicate. That is, if the folder actually adds to the app in the first place. Takes many tries to get access to the folder I want to send photos from. The digital frame I’m using is fantastic! I just wish this app was better.

  9. This is such an easy app to use and such a marvelous way to share pictures with family and friends! We use it to keep grandparents and kids across the country connected. The shuffle feature works perfectly for us to this end. There are a variety of vendors who make compatible frames at multiple price points, and it’s very easy to add a frame to the app. We can upload pictures once on the app and send them to multiple frames, which is great. We love it!

  10. Owning the frame is different from being the sender. When you have the frame it’s great. You can see the gallery of pictures but when you send to a family member you can’t see what they already have on the frame or what other family members are sending. It’s easy to duplicate. If they let everyone see the gallery it would be so much better. The benefit is getting new pics.

  11. Love this frame and the ability to send pictures to family members from afar. I do wish there was more editing available when you’re forced to cut your picture down to make it fit the frame with vertical and horizontal orientation. Maybe there could be an option to zoom out so that you can still include the whole picture.

  12. Reviewing the product rather than the app. Product was great for about a week or two now it won’t stay connected to the internet. Tried backing up my pics (to micro SD) than did a reset. Back up failed even though it said it was successful and I lost all my friends pics. Frame is junk and a waste of money. I’m very disappointed

  13. The app is easy to use. I have 3 frames in send photos to and so far they have all been great. The downsides are: 1. each grandparent needed help setting it up 2. When I changed phones I couldn’t sign in to keep my frames and have to get new codes. This is a bigger issue because all my frame owner need tech support and are not able to sent the code to me on their own.

  14. Mauri G dice:

    Bought 2 of these for my older mother who lives 3000 miles away. Now all 8 of her kids + grandkids, etc can share their lives/experiences with her. Was a tad tricky for her to set up since she’s completely non tech savvy, but I help her over the phone and everything’s moving smoothly now. From what she tells me the interface on the frames could be a little bit more user friendly, but she’s doing fine with it and happy with the quality of the display.

  15. Other apps are better for adjusting photos. I would like to be able to adjust the photo in the app exactly how it will show on the frame, however, all I can do is pick a center and hope that it lines up the way I would want it To. Makes it hard for when I want to send photos to a frame I’m not right next to. Other apps have this capability.

  16. The app works great with your phone software. There are several improvements that can be incorporated in future revisions to the Frameo software. However, it’s not the easiest way to send photos from my PC, where most of my photos are stored. You need to download to a microSD chip, download to the sd card, then upload to the frameo. Ok method, but a better method would have been with an HTML or USB cable. This port could have multiple purposes, such as an output function to a TV monitor.

  17. Its great when it works, but sometimes the app refuses to send certain items. When this happens, it will stop sending everything else after it and just sit there using a ton of data and battery. It used 500 mb to send a 3 second clip with no audio, and 36% of my battery over the course of 2 hours. This is on my note 9 and I tried to send over wifi and data. Force closing the app doesn’t work – it keeps trying to send. The only way to fix this is to restart the phone and cancel the item.

  18. While I had difficulty getting the frame to recognize the SD card to import pics from my PC I worked with tech support to resolve the issue. I took a while since we were emailing back and forth but they responded to all emails and helped me resolve the issue. The frame is great, easy to set up and use. Super easy if you want to import pics from a phone. I would recommend this frame to anyone. Other frames I have tried have been to difficult to maintain and use and the tech support for this one is great.

  19. The app works to load photos to my Feelcare frame….for the most part. The frame is awesome, beautiful display, easy navigation. The app however, is linked to my photos, but it is not reading all of my photos in my devices library. It only goes back a year or so. I can share directly from my Google photos, click one or more photos, click the share, and find the app. That will not work for videos thoughso even though it is a 14 second video already, it won’t load and gets stuck in history.

  20. I like that the app saves the code and its very easy to send pics. The MAJOR issue I have is that a full image can’t be sent. It gives me a circle to put around the main/ important part of the photo. So unless the photo is zoomed out, you’re not getting much. Losing a TON of photo that way. The manual says about a square, but I couldn’t find that setting anywhere. Something isn’t right. Needs fixed before I return it and get a different one.

  21. While the frame display is reasonably good, getting photos to the frame is a chore. If you only want to display photos that are already on your smart phone, go for it. Moving them from a computer to the frame is ridiculous. Really, making software so people can send photos from a pc can’t be that difficult, but without it I can’t recommend this frame.

  22. The app is not easy to upload photos to. It’d be better if it linked to Google Photos, Shutterfly, or another major photo service. It doesn’t recognize faces either so unless you manually center the photos, you’ll get a lot of odd pictures showing up. It was simple to share with other family’s photo frames, just share a code and you can see each other’s pictures

  23. App works well. However it does have some lag time communicating with the server. A feature it does need is a pop up that says photo sent. You hit the send button and have no clue if the picture was shared. When added members of the family send a photo to the frame, we’ll get 3 or 4 of the same picture because they hit the send button more than once.

  24. I think this is a great app. When you open Frameo on your phone it gives you the option of where to look for photos. My daughter uses messenger to send me photos so hers are in that section, the photos I took with my phone are under camera. Its very easy to use. After I transferred what I wanted to my frame, I hid quite a few so I could see the new photos from Christmas. The only thing you might consider is having Albums so you can pick a season or a family to focus on instead of going through the whole archive. I do like the hide feature because it doesn’t delete the photo from the frame but removes it from the loop of photos that are being displayed at the moment. If you had an album feature we could sort our photos on the frame into groups which would make it easier to find if those are the photos we wish to look at for the moment. I think the best thing about the app is that it doesn’t clog up your phone with photos imbedded in message strings on your phone. I think its a 5 out of 5.

  25. Pug Pro dice:

    Upgrade to 4 stars from 2 It’s made some improvements. This could be really fun between friends or grandparents with multiple frames in the family. Doesn’t offer to show what’s on the device or allow delete of a shared picture from phone app. Doesn’t connect to cloud accounts and it could. Overall a bit of a disappointment. On the plus side it’s easy to use & set up.

  26. I have a VERY large family that is spread out around the world (some are in the military), so I thought this might be a god thing for everyone. Got two of the 16GB model frames for Christmas gifts, and set them up before sending the frames to their respective owners. What I did NOT realize was that the devices MUST be ONLINE for them to receive images. The documentation included with the frames was not clear on this point, and does not say anything about the lack of a cloud account for potential backup, or for preliminary load if the frame is offline for some reason (especially with the larger capacity frames). Even with the option for an additional 126GB of storage on a Micro-SD card, I have had to explain to multiple family members that the frame MUST BE ONLINE. Another issue that I just now seeing is that there is no version of the Frameo app that can be run on Windows 10. I personally have about 15-25 GB of just pictures alone, but I cannot access them through the app from the networked storage drive that I have, or my Google Cloud account. If that could be fixed, the Frameo app would be awesome. So, to recap: 1) better documentation on how the device works, 2) Incorporation of access to Google Cloud accounts 3) Windows 10 (minimum 1809 Build) version of the Frameo app for the Microsoft Store. Thanks for listening!

  27. It seems to work well for the main use of pushing photos to the frame. But part of the UI just doesn’t work. The album switcher is unresponsive. I try tapping it over and over again, try tapping the middle, the edges, etc. It just won’t let me change the album to upload. So I’m stuck uploading only directly from my camera. Every other button seems to work, so I know the UI does work. But not the album switcher.

  28. G K dice:

    Like this very much except 1. cannot transfer photos via USB and 2. the frame “glitches out” about once every few days. The photos are fuzzy and they vibrate. Have no idea why. I have my Frameo timed to turn on and off at a 12-hour interval, so it has a chance to “rest”, but glitching still occurs.

  29. The concept is really cool, I love the digital frame and being able to upload pictures. However, the app is one of the worst I’ve ever used. It significantly zooms the photos and I can’t use most on my phone. I can’t see in the app which photos have been uploaded and can’t edit the photos from the app either. If the app is improved the experience will be much better and I will revise my review but even as awesome as the frame is, this app doesn’t even deserve one star.

  30. DeAnna G. dice:

    I recently left a positive review about Frameo, and a week later it started showing it was offline, but WiFi was working fine with everything else. I tried turning it off, rebooting, etc., and it won’t go past the loading screen. What are my options? This was a Christmas gift that I didn’t hook up until February 14th, so it has only been used for a month.

  31. C M dice:

    I love my picture frame. I picked one up for my mother in Portland and my husband, both for Christmas. The setup was very easy. I asked for & received one for my birthday. I recommend it to everyone. The only issues I have are: 1. I can’t delete photos. I can hide them but not delete them. 2. I can’t change the order of photos in my gallery. If there is a way to resolve both issues it would be excellent instead of just great. The videos play nicely and the sound quality is surprisingly good. Update: Frameo customer support was excellent. They helped me resolve my issues quickly, by showing me how to access the information instead of just doing it for me. This is an awesome product and I do recommend it to everyone. It is extremely easy to use and brings a smile to my heart everyday.

  32. This app has been really great for me and my relatives to share photos, as we are spread throughout the US. However, I only gave 4 stars because when I had to get a new phone, and I re-downloaded the app, it did not remember any of my connected frames. I’ll have to reach back out to everybody to get their codes again. Kind of disappointed there wasn’t an option to find my information again. Still a good app

  33. Love the concept. Frame is a little slow a lacks features that could make it awesome. [ Feature Request ] … in a future update could you please add two features ?? 1.) Ability for everyone who has upload access, to be able to view all photos on the frame and save ones they like. Maybe partner with Dropbox so a copy of every image on the frame is also stored on Dropbox ?!? 2.) Ability to go in to settings, click on a friends name, and view all the images they sent in a separate gallery? PLZ

  34. I really like it except for one glaring exception. The app only lets me upload photos that are stored on my phone but not the ones stored on the micro SD card in my phone (which is the vast majority of them). If the developer can fix this, then it would get a full five stars from me. Update: The most recent app update fixed the only issue I had. 5 stars.

  35. Marcus W dice:

    You can only upload a circular portion of a photo at approx 100% full size zoom. Unusable for most pics using standard resolution, unless you take the picture with this usable area/app in mind or spend too much time editing each photo. Sending photos to a monitor should be easier. At least offer some resizing options. Can’t recommend this until it’s as functional as advertised.

  36. This makes me so happy! Easy to load, you control the speed and the time it is on and off. Sometimes hard to get into the menu but I’ll deal with it in exchange for seeing all my kids/grands/travel and pictures from the past from the comfort of RV. Easier to travel with than photo albums. Highly recommend!

  37. Pretty good. The in app photo takes pictures that seem too big for the circle that they limit to. So, it would be nice if you could zoom or crop in the app rather than having to do that in the native Android photo editor. Otherwise it’s time consuming and trial and error.

  38. Great app and interface. Only issue is that you don’t have an account so when you switch devices, you don’t retain your connected frames or the history of the photos you sent. The individuals with the frames are not the most technologically savvy. I have not been able to get them to send me the code to add to my new phone. If I had an account with a login, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  39. I absolutely love my Digital Photo Frame!!!! Received it as a Mother’s Day Gift and have been enjoying it ever since. I’ve received lots of photos of my grandbaby which has been wonderful. It’s nice to get some snapshot photos instead of just the posed photos I usually get, although fortunately they are sending the posed ones too. The setup is so easy and I especially love the Fit to frame/Fill frame feature! It’s nice to have the option of having the entire photo displayed or fill the whole screen with a scaled photo centered around the most important part of the photo which brings your subjects in closer. Great Product!!! I will recommend it to everyone.

  40. Loved the concept as I was moving across the country and wanted a way to share pictures of our son with my parents. It takes so many attempts to load my SD card. And when it loads pictures, it doesn’t load newest first. I’ll find myself scrolling across thousands of images JUST for it to glitch me back to the top (oldest images). It has been extremely difficult to use and I have not been happy with the app. I use a fairly new Samsung.

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