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3 New features are now available! Become a beautiful ELF or a fearsome ORC with our new features or just create an amazing fantasy style art of yourself in just 1 tap with FANTASY BEAUTY feature.


Turn yourself into an amazingly looking CARTOON character. Don’t forget to share your new pictures with friends!


Gradient is the most advanced AI-powered photo app in the world!

– Exclusive AI effects and masks
– Incredible beauty tools
– Professional photo editor
– Handcrafted filters

All these features in one app! Download now for free and join 50+ million of happy Gradient users.

With Gradient Photo Editor there will be no more bad shots for you because everything you need to make a photo look beautiful is already here! Gradient Photo Editor is powered by the latest artificial intelligence and beautification technologies which will help you tune your photos to perfection in mere seconds.



This features tells where your ancestors came from. Just upload your photo and our algorithm will estimate your ethnic background.



Gradient AI Face Collage is out! Find your twins from Asia, Brazil, India and Europe with this exclusive AI-powered feature! Be the first to check out Gradient’s new mind-blowing technology!



Gradient’s Celebrity Look Alike is the most accurate look-alike finding technology! See which historical person or celebrity looks similar to you!



Let AI create your classical style portrait with the best AI painting technology in the world! Check it out now for free and share your pics with friends!



Curious how you would look like when you are older? Just upload your selfie and let AI do the rest. Send your friends old versions of themselves and see their reaction!



Resize eyes, lips, nose or body, adjust skin tone, change hair color – all these and many more features will help you highlight your natural beauty.


Gradient Unlimited SUBSCRIPTION

UNLIMIT yourself with Gradient Unlimited subscription! Gradient Photo Editor Unlimited grants you instant access to ALL tools, filters and textures.

Subscription Plans:

* Weekly subscription for $4,99
* Monthly subscription for $19,99

Please, note that the prices are in US dollars and may vary in other countries and subject to change in the future. Payment will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of current period. Your account will be charged according to your plan for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Google Play account settings at any time after purchase. No refunds will be provided for any unused portion of the term. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Limit of one free trial per one Google Play account.

Please see the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy:


Contact us

We develop our app together with our great community so feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on [email protected]


In this update we have improved the app’s interface and performance.


40 comentarios en "Gradient: Celebrity Look Alike MOD"

  1. I used to love this app. There was a feature that transformed face pics seamlessly into a wide range of classical paintings that was unique among all the apps that purported to do it. That was, until the latest update where the awesome feature has disappeared, replaced by a new portrait feature that is terrible. The new portraits likenesses dont look a thing like the original face pics. Congratulations, guys. You ruined the best thing about your app and

  2. It’s obviously just for fun and cannot actually collect DNA from uploading a photo. It was entertaining for a little while but after a couple pictures with myself and friends the fun part ran its course. Not worth a subscription. But for a fee app I’d be willing to sit through ads. I’m definitely worried I subscribed to something I dont wanna be billed over 10$ for and trying to figure out how to cancel a subscription if I have one 😭

  3. This app is terrible. They charged me at the beginning of my free trial, and there was no option in the app to cancel the subscription. I emailed their help line the day I started the free trial asking if I would be charged when it ended and never got a reply. I was finally able to cancel the subscription just now, but they could have made it a little more clear. I basically got scammed out of $60 by this terrible app, and nobody should ever download it.

  4. It’s not free, they try to trick you into 3 day trial and then $20 a month or $4.99 weekly. The “features” like the DNA and celebrity are useless. It’s literally as bad as a facebook quiz, completely random. The only reason I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 is because of the photo editing part where you can change lighting and facial features. Not worth the price for that alone though.

  5. Honestly wasn’t expecting much. Good call on that. Seems like it doesn’t try at all or just randomly picks a face. Either that or it just takes the first thing that looks like a face and bases it’s guys off of that. Tried matching well known celebrities and it only guessed 2 correct. Doesn’t help how it’s a subscription-based “service” when Microsoft has this but better and for free. Seems more like a cash grab than anything else. I don’t know why someone would monetize machine learning.

  6. Liz dice:

    Not good at all, I tried to do all the filters and most of the time it always says there’s not a face detected and whenever I did get it to work, the app would close right before it finished loading. It’s a really poorly done AI system and I definitely don’t recommend paying for the membership or even downloading the app at all.

  7. 3 Day Free trial with credit card info is a way to scam you into paying $20 for this app. Apps are never worth $20/month. If this was available on PC it might actually be worth that much but not for a mobile device. Sad that you can’t try the app out without promising to pay money but obviously they don’t actually care about the users or you wouldn’t have to input your credit card info.

  8. To cancel the subscription, you have to go through Google play not the app itself. If you didn’t read it fully when prompted that would by why you’re having issues unsubscribing. It says right on there that the service isn’t free. Although, I do think the app should just cost money rather than having a subscription based system that confuses twelve year olds. Seems deceptive and dirty to me

  9. Predatory subscription. The app is listed as free but unless you sign up for a subscription you cant even use a single part of it. Many reviews say how hard it is to cancel because the developer just takes the money and wont respond to emails. This app needs to either be taken off the app store or it needs to be marked as a paid app more clearly before downloading and then finding out.

  10. $20 a month for what? Sure, it’s fun seeing who you and your friends kinda resemble, but you can only do that so much. I got my whole experience in 5 minutes. Thank god for the free trial. The “photo editor” is so basic and bare bones; a free app will serve you better. The hair color changer isn’t even out. 2/10

  11. Uninstalling this immediately. You can’t use anything now without paying for it. Your subscription fee is extortionate compared with similar apps. No way are you getting almost £70 a year or £19. 99 a month for this. There are better apps which are far less expensive. This app should be moved to the ‘payed for’ section, because nothing is free. I have found a better app than this, which has free features and a lot less expensive subscription fee 😎

  12. Echo Echo dice:

    The ads are always there and is bothersome but that’s expected when you’re on free trial. Developers worked hard on this so they do deserve to profit. It does what it promises, however there are some photos that get rejected because “no face was recognized” though there are clear images of faces so I don’t know if it’s a bug or is a strategy to make new users on free trial subscribe to get the full features, but i doubt the latter because why proceed to subscribe if there are clear limitations.

  13. Pop Naty dice:

    It used to be a fun app with free features as long as you’d watch their annoying ads. That wasn’t good enough for them, now they put everything and I mean EVERYTHING behind a paywall. Don’t bother downloading this unless you are willing to shell out around 50 euro. Google should put a warning that this is a paid app not free one.

  14. Your app is a scam! The only free thing about this app is the downloading! Then once you get into the app, already you guys shove payment plans down my throat. I was able to do stuff for free for 5 minutes. Five minutes later, BOOM! all the free stuff was gone. There is no free options on here at all! Even accessing your photos in your personal phone is not free! I shouldn’t have to pay to access my personal photos that I took on my personal cellphone!!

  15. amanda dice:

    You used to be able to use some features without paying but now everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is behind a paywall. Uninstalling.

  16. Advice: Do not update the old version, it’s a trap, all free features are not free anymore, actually I’m going to uninstall it! It’s consuming space on my phone for nothing

  17. Yr app is not good at all , it does’t work on my phone, for every action it sends this msg that you aren’t connected ! And it is not true because i am online ! And yr app dosn’t prosses any action completly ! What’s wrong ?

  18. Worst app ever , has the longest ads and all of the features are horrible, don’t download this.

  19. Dave Kemp dice:

    Awesome app with cool features (although they could improve especially the cartoon effects) the only problem is that it’s ridiculously expensive to buy.

  20. This is an amazing application. I hope to add Avatar the movie (blue character) effect. My best regards.

  21. Angela G dice:

    first timer here, it really works, does exactly what it says it’s going to do, fun funny outcomes, exact, no bugs, fast, easy downloads, fun ads, I love it highly recommend, ty! keep up the good work😸🤗🥰

  22. i resent as a man how this app neglects its male users. they have a lot pf cool stuff on there but the best stuff does not even work for me. and that is why will NEVER buy the full version. they should really make 2 version of certain effects like how face app does when it recognizes you are a man.

  23. App is good but the dna ancestry features is not good because there is not showing Nepal while we search of people of hilly region. And also there is many problem. So that it is not good for more star.

  24. What the hell is going on. Everything is paid. The moment you start using gradient, you are bombarded with advertisement. There is no option. Now the most liked feature star has been made paid all of a sudden. Remove it from the pro list or i will be left with no option but to uninstall your app

  25. A great app. I’m giving it 4 stars because of the ads, they’re so annoying and sometimes I cannot close the ad because there’s no x button so I have to restart the app.

  26. Signed up for a 3 day trial only to be immediately charged for a full year. Misleading and despicable. Refund sought

  27. I unstalled the apps, but they keep deducting monthly payments from my account. I need the management to read this.

  28. Mary K dice:

    I updated my review to 1 star instead of 5 simply because you havd locked many features that was free. Unfair .

  29. It would be great if the filters were free, but the same filters you allowed to use also have problems and cannot be used

  30. Worst app ever it’s a pretty useless app in my opinion to begin with and that’s why I just wanted to try the free trial. They ask for my credit card information because it was needed for the trial of course. You can see where this is going. So of course the trial ends and I forgot to end it and they charge my card close to $30. I email them several times for a refund not a single reply. Horrible customer service.

  31. Dave dice:

    Horrible, horrendous, atrocious ads. Uninstalled after getting ads that cant be backed out of.

  32. I had this app for maybe a month. At first, i was able to use all of the app features and also save 5pics a day. There were adds after almost every step but i wasn’t rly bothered cuz ofc, they must make their gains somehow. Then, at one point, almost all the app features were suddenly locked for a pro (paid) version with only a few “free” options to *try* and even those could not be applied or saved without paing. So, i guess theres literally NOTHING free on this app. Free+adds was better.

  33. Love this place. What’s better then being able2take photo’s & sell them 4REAL$$$$$?? Nothing… & If no 1 buys them, it’s ok! U get meet some pretty awesome friends, plus check out some amazing photos urself. So get this app start taking photo’s, try 2 sell them, & in the process, MEET SOME KOOL PEEPS!!!

  34. Has some great filters to turn itself into a cartoon character! These r a lot better than the ones I’ve seen on most apps!

  35. Samo dice:

    Horrible experience with the amount and duration of ads Is this even ethical to use dark strategies with longer than life itself. Shame on you. I can live without it. Deleting it after review

  36. Snow Bird dice:

    Don’t download this app! They offer you a 3-day free trial and, if you cancel your subscription before the 3 days is up, they don’t let you have the remaining time left of the trial. Just a trick to get money from people. Ridiculous subscription fee for a mediocre app. I have found a better one which is much cheaper. Everything in this app has to be payed for now. Don’t think you’ll get many subscribers, charging that amount 😅

  37. Was good, but absolutely ruined it over time. No longer usable without an overly expensive subscription, pathetic move from an app that was the best I could find, and could do stuff no other free app could do. But now, it’s an unacceptably poor experience that requires a $20 per month (far, far too expensive) subscription with a measly three day free trial. Total catastrophe, don’t waste your time with this app

  38. Jim Lynch dice:

    Not only does this app take forever to download, it wants you to pay for it. It sucks.

  39. Summer dice:

    I used to like this app a lot. The ai features were quite fun, and now although there’s more to choose from, the app itself has gotten worse. Unskippable 30 second ads between every photo/feature makes it borderline unusable. I understand you need ads for people to use it for free, but that’s just way too much. Also the review section is plagued by bots with generic good reviews.

  40. Once u start to use gradient u will be dead from the ads !! Uninstalling immediately

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