SODA – Natural Beauty Camera MODDED 2022

the easy and simple beauty camera
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The selfie camera that everyone’s been waiting for.
Introducing Soda, the easy and effortless beauty camera.

• The perfect combination of filters and makeup
Don’t worry any more about which makeup and filter to use.
Capture the most trendy styles with just one touch.

• Beauty effects applied in real time Take the perfect selfie the first time around with no need for further edits Apply blemish-free skin touch-ups and natural beauty effects in real time.

• A diverse selection of color filters optimized for selfies
Try out the filters that best suit your skin!
Capture an array of different moods using various selfie filters.

• Take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary using the Portrait effect. Simply tap an area of the photo to adjust its focus and create something marvelous.

• High resolution mode for exceptional selfies
What’s a selfie camera without the best in image quality?
Take clearer selfies using our high resolution mode.

Face Technology by SenseTime
Family Apps : B612, Snow, Foodie, Looks

[Description of Permissions]
CAMERA: Take a picture or video.
LOCATION: Record location information in the shooting result.
AUDIO: Record sound in a video.
READ EXTERNAL STORAGE : Import and edit photos from external memory.
WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: Save photos to external memory.


・ 3, 2, 1, cheese! The timing of 'Burst Shot' has been made easier.

・ A new color, 'Ash Green' has been added to Eye Color.​


40 comentarios en "SODA – Natural Beauty Camera MODDED 2022"

  1. PROS: Great filters. Works well in well-lit environments. The beauty and liquify options are pretty good. CONS: Low light performance could be improved. Lots of noise (I’m using a Pixel 3). And I wish there was a way to simply adjust exposure and temperature in post. Otherwise it’s a great app.

  2. Jean Kim dice:

    The filters and the wide range of customization to fit your facial structure is excellent, but one thing that I’m disappointed is that after a certain update, the burst shot option was removed. That helped me get some good shots of myself and I wish you guys would bring that back in the next update.

  3. why tho dice:

    I’ve only used it once, but I really like it so far. The editing and makeup looks natural and I like all of the presets. The only downside is that it’s a little laggy when you use the live camera, but that’s how most live camera filters are on other apps. I’ll update if I have any other problems

  4. Tamara WR dice:

    I started filming and everything was going well until the battery died and I was not able to find the footage 😢 in my gallery. If I was using the regular Samsung galaxy camera the footage would have automatically be saved. Now, I’ve lost 10mins of footage and it’s nowhere not even appear to be recoverable.

  5. It will be the best app ever if you can save last setting such as timer, filters, etc so we dont need to setup again everytime we want to use the app and add more options for zooming in or out. Cant wait for the new update. Overall this app deserves 5 stars.

  6. Kim Koya dice:

    The recent update has disappointed me abit .. i love the app and the filters however when I use the stickers sometimes the makeup won’t apply i have to move my camera here and there sometimes and also hide and show my face to see if the camera can detect my face! I really love this app plz fix this issue

  7. Mr Noname dice:

    I’ve been using this for almost 3 years now i suppose and I would say this is the best selfie camera app but the only problem I have here is the image quality but the rest are all fine so 4 stars for now😁

  8. It’s such a beautiful app. I turn out a new person in it. It also covers Korean Beauty standards, sooo i love it. I am not much of a person who likes to write so i will write this much only 😂

  9. Fantastic,but clicking the style corner and going through it,I git many filters n all but there is no timer option available because I wanted to click my own photos keeping my camera on timer.

  10. If we could edit a particular individual among the group, shall’ve been quite beneficial without a set back. Otherwise, I love this app!

  11. It’s a good app however there is a problem that i’ve recently been experiencing. I dont know why but my photos keep turning out green.

  12. I’m sorry to say for app 😔 over all good but very lagging while filming. And not stable enough for Samsung phone, fix it as soon as possible.

  13. Nice app,it’s just you can’t choose seperate face to filtered. This is for selfie only. Cool filters though.

  14. AMAZING !!!! Can I just say it’s BETTER than B612 & other camera apps ! this BEATS everything. I love it! 👍

  15. I am already beautiful inside and out but when I am using this camera, my beauty increased 10×. 😆

  16. Your recent update I have found a huge loss in clarity and on the natural setting with NO filter it looks all washed out and I have to use Chrome viewer to add more colour to all my photos.

  17. The filters/makeups in this app are amazing and you have a lot to choose from but the image quality it produces are so low. I hope something can be done with the image quality output and at least make it in par with snow cam. Still have bad image quality output especially after the recent update. It was actually better before but the only good thing right now about the recent update are the filters. Also, sometimes, the app freezes and I have to either close or force stop it.

  18. Only the filters work, no makeup. Tried switching from one filter to another (Film, Grain, Muse), again, only the filters work, no makeup. Also, camera doesn’t recognize the face when the phone is held on landscape (even when lying down) Again, just filters but no makeup. such a waste, i love this app. might switch to a different one if this won’t be resolved.

  19. I do love the app, the filters are really nice and I also enjoy the features. But, I usually edit all my pictures after taking them with my phone camera (not through the SODA app), and I’m facing a bug probably, it crashes every 3~5 pictures edited, either it closes the app (and all my background apps, like spotify, youtube, etc), it won’t stop me of using the app, but it’s a little bit troublesome.

  20. Absolutely the best!! I enjoy each and every function on this app. Thank you for making it Devs.

  21. Best camera app ever. No watermark on videos. And a lot of free filters.

  22. Zeuston E dice:

    The app is quite fantastic. It’s almost a perfect app for taking selfies and make up. However, my concern is, how it mess a little regarding the quality of the picture. In addition, the “High Quality” is too bright that could make your face on the picture shine like a sun. I’m looking forward for the improvements.

  23. It’s pretty perfect. Keep updating new features 👍

  24. I used to have a very positive rate on this app until their latest updates. The front camera effect seems to have a circular vague element which makes my pictures weird. Tried tweaking the settings but stil. Reinstalling and deleting data did not even help. I thought it was just because of my hardware camera, but when I switched on to the default cam, it was fine. I tested it out too with my other phone. Hope you can fix it.

  25. Kayleigh dice:

    I really like how you can add makeup, and change your looks according to your idea of beauty. The only issue I have is with the video option. The camera is slightly laggy, and when you save the video, there is some issues. Overall, a nice free app!

  26. Great app, but videos are choppy! I have a phone with very good specs, yet the app doesn’t run smoothly when I take videos, which results in a delayed audio and the image not being fluid, but breaking every now in then (a little bit like when you’re watching a video with bad internet connection). Quite disappointing

  27. The app is good love the filter and the makeup .Excellent camera and easy to use without any payment and its free❤❤❤.

  28. RD6593 dice:

    App is easy to use. Beautifully made but I suggest you add filter with blurred background when taking photos if possible. But overall it’s not bad. I’m good with this app.

  29. Unnecessarily the camera lags too much and sometimes frezzes. Why it’s 80 mb ,other apps with having lesser space on storage have many unique features. My main problm is it’s lagging too much One thing to mention-in it’s editor the portrait mode is different from other apps. It can blur the background without detecting human face which is gd for macro photography .But it’s also a con as in group selfies it doesn’t do so well…it focuses one or two faces at a time (messuring subject distance)

  30. Downloaded for Filters & Beautifying Effects for Wedding Pics. The Filters & Effects work Well Enough. The App is not Fancy, which is a Plus. However, this App Watermarks Your Pics with its Logo and It Saved Over My Original Pic. Luckily, I was using a duplicate photo just in case. These issues may just be a case of settings adjustments. I don’t know. Overall, Filters & Effects work as Expected but I uninstalled due to the Watermark.

  31. I REGRET UPDATING one of the best thing this app did is to take HD photos even using front cameras. It improves your look while giving you quality resolution. The new update is beyond disappointing. The HD and non HD looks the same. The quality of the pictures became significantly bad. The little details are gone, instead my face looks so smooth my nose is no longer visible. Idk what happened but I thought updates are supposed to improve things not to ruin the experience. Sad.

  32. I highly recommend this app. I always enjoy using this app whenever I take a selfies.

  33. Speech less it’s osmmmmmmmmmm😍 It’s just amazing

  34. Just updated this app and something’s really wrong with it. After I edit my photo, I save it as it should but suddenly my photo disappears and all I can see are the tools, save button, and a white screen. I tried to press save though I can’t see my photo and tried to check if it was saved on my gallery and it wasn’t. I edited my photo for three times and rebooted my device ’cause I thought that it’s the problem and turns out that it’s not. It wasn’t like this before. Please fix this immediately.

  35. Heya! I love the app really! But i have a couple of suggestions: 1. We can change the color of the contact lense. 2. Can add eyelash extensions. 3. We can have the ability to adjust certain details about makeup looks, like how pigmented the lipstick or blush can be… 4. And a boomerang option, if its possible? 😊 I swear if yall added these features, this app will boomm, and its already boomin!

  36. Best app ever love the makeup filters and the cute ones

  37. This app is really great. Thou I just noticed it since this is the first time I edited pics on here, when I used the ‘styles’ to pics not taken by the app, the result was the photo gets too bright, the last time I edited it turned black. I used the brown sugar on my photo but it’s always too bright when I save it. Hope to be fix soon. The filters are pretty and useful too.

  38. Omo this app is so good tho I’m not pretty enough for this app. I downloaded it becoz of my k-pop addiction..and I just love it!!💜💜💜💙💙🖤💗💗💗

  39. Janey Han dice:

    I really love this certain filter which is lizzie which appears cartoon version of you. But the problem is in some phones, it is not appearing and somehow crashing (slow response) in other phones. Can you fix this up? I really love this app and so the filters.

  40. Filters are good i like all the filters and what i love about this app is you can change your skin color what i mean is you can lighten your skintone and it looks like very natural and it can also improve your facial features. Regarding to the quality it is quite disappointing because whenever i save my edited photo from this app it appears blurry specialy when i zoom my photo , im hoping that this will be fix soon 🙂

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