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Prime members get unlimited photo storage and 5GB for video
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Amazon Photos lets you store, print, and share full-resolution photos, keeping favorite moments secure and in the spotlight. Prime members get free prints delivery and unlimited photo storage for a lifetime of memories. Not a Prime member? All Amazon Photos customers have 5 GB full-resolution photo and video storage.

Amazon Photos for all Amazon customers
– Storage: Free 5 GB combined photo and video cloud storage means you keep memories secure while freeing up space in your phone
– Full-resolution: Keep your original image’s resolution: more pixels equal better quality photos and videos
– Display photos on devices: View photo memories on your Echo Show and Fire TV instead of tucked away in a phone or camera. Customize your Fire TV screensaver and Echo Show photo display with family and travel photos.
– Order prints: Consider Amazon Photos a one-stop-shop for turning memories into photo prints, custom gifts, and home décor. Available only in the U.S.
– Secure photos: Back up photos and videos automatically by turning on Auto-Save in Settings
– Alexa: Enjoy many Amazon Photos app features using just your voice on your Echo Show and Fire TV or with the Alexa app on your mobile phone. Try saying, “Alexa, show my photos of sunsets,” or “Alexa, show photos taken in Sicily.”
– Groups: Privately share and comment on selected photos, videos, and albums with friends and family across devices
– Subscriptions: Expand storage (and cancel any time) with flexible monthly and annual plans starting at $1.99
– Search: Easily locate photos when you search by date or location
– Auto-Save: Enable Auto-Save in Settings to automatically secure every photo and video you take.
– Re-live Memories: View and share photos from this date in years past, whether it’s one year ago or five years ago. See special moments set to music and re-surfaced as a curated slideshow to re-live the good times.
– Privacy: Share photos and albums with friends and family by inviting them to a private Amazon Photos Group. Consolidate photos of special events (vacations, playoffs, parties, graduations) into a single album.

Prime members get all the above PLUS
– Unlimited photo storage
– 5 GB dedicated video storage
– Refined search filtering
– Free prints delivery

Get the app and upload your photos
Upload your photo collection to access memories across all your devices.
Move your existing photo collection from one provider to Amazon Photos in just a few easy steps. Learn more here.

Amazon Photos provides online cloud storage. Easily access pictures stored across devices such as your Fire TV, Echo Show, and Amazon Fire tablet. Securely store, print, and share photos: Once saved to the cloud, you can safely delete them from your phone to free up space. Safekeeping your photos and videos in the cloud keeps them secure, even if your devices (and the pictures in them) are lost or destroyed. Turn on Auto-Save in Settings to save every photo you take to your Amazon Photos account. Learn more about Amazon Photos security by reading our Terms of Use. Amazon ensures that you have access to customer support 24/7. You can conveniently share images on your app with private groups. From ready-to-frame prints to ready-to-hang wall décor, your memories are ready for display. Shop effortlessly right from the app and create custom keepsakes like wall décor, prints, and wall canvas’ for special holidays.

U.S. Customers visit us at:
Learn more about Amazon Photos here


We’ve updated our app to make it easier to find the photos you’re looking for, and to revisit favorite memories. The new control panel puts your photo collection within thumb’s reach. Tap the smile icon to find your account info, order prints, and customize Fire TV & Echo Show screens. Tap the paper airplane to share memories with friends and family. With this update, you'll only see photos and videos that have been uploaded, so you'll know exactly what's saved to Amazon Photos.


40 comentarios en "Amazon Photos MOD"

  1. 1/10. One star is that it stores and saves your photos. -9 stars on accessing and viewing in the app. We’ve had Amazon photos for over 4 years. With the new UI upgrade, the experience is trash. You can’t replay old video, as it crashes. Also, when you need to go back to find another photo in the same year, it starts you back all the way at the top. What’s the point of having this storage if you can’t access it? Time to move on to another cloud storage. BRING BACK THE OLD APP!!!

  2. When I go to the “on this day” section to see photos from years past it will let me scroll down for a moment then sends me back to the top automatically. If there’s a year with a lot of photos taken, I can’t even get to the beginning of that day without it sending me right back to the top in 2022. I use this app for only 2 reasons, photo backup (not for long since cloud drive is being discontinued) and to see the photos in my history. Fix your app functions if you want anyone to use it.

  3. Yang Wang dice:

    Unlimited photo storage makes Amazon photos a no brainier. I hope this does not change once they have a captured audience. The app itself is decent, if not a bit unintuitive. It’s sometimes unclear how to add photos to family vault. The Android app does not keep photo selections persistent while you try to figure out how to add photos to some albums (and then cancel the action when you select the wrong thing). On the ios app this behavior is different (the selection remains persistent).

  4. DIY Dave dice:

    Whoever updated this app must not use it on a daily basis! When looking at a photo and click back it goes back to the top of the main screen in stead of back to where you were and auto rotate doesn’t work any more! Why do programmers have to f#&@k up a good thing! It was totally easy to use and get to my photos, not any more with this weird flip screen and middle of screen menu! Unlimited storage for Prime users but now I’ve payed for extra Google Photos storage! So long Amazon Photos!

  5. Recent changes have made this app virtually useless. I want to share a daily memory photo (even getting to daily memories is more difficult than previously), but texting is not an option? If I can share, it seems to want to send a link, instead of just sending the picture file. These are MY pictures not Amazon’s. Let me do what I want. No ‘settings’ available for like a dark mode.

  6. Storage was my main concern and this is a great solution. Everytime I use it I find new things. I am older and some things are more difficult to navigate. But I recommend this picture saving service to friends all the time. I save recipes, travel photos, art ideas, and of course, friends, family and moments to remember. Who has time to go back and look!!!!? But all are there if I do.

  7. Since I already pay for Prime, it was a no-brainer to switch from Google Photos. There isn’t much storage for videos, but I save those to a hard drive, so no big deal. Most options are very similar to Google Photos, which made the switch super seamless. I love that I can share a family vault with my parents and they can see those photos as a slideshow on their Firestick TV screensaver. I do not like that if I create a video using Amazon Photos, I can’t download it to share and must use a link.

  8. This most recent update is so frustrating. This app has become completely unusable. Takes me 20 clicks to find who I’m sharing photos with and to find albums. There is nothing intuitive about this app. Please bring back the ability to delete photos from Amazon photo and the device at the same time. The navigation is absolutely horrible. Even though I have selected not to send to family vault, it still does. PLEASE restore the old app, and go back to the drawing board on this one. HORRIBLE!

  9. Update : Still can’t rotate my phone to view landscape photos. This is the most basic feature that works everywhere in the phone, but no longer in the Amazon photos app! New update doesn’t show which photos are still needed to be uploaded, but only after they have been. The photos also cannot be shown on landscape mode! It is more difficult to find albums. Someone needs to fix or will cancel the subscription.

  10. I loved the old version of this app, but this new version has some terrible problems. The biggest problem is it is locked in portrait mode (if you rotate your phone to landscape, the app doesn’t rotate). This means if you have photos or videos taken in landscape, you can’t see them full screen! This is TERRIBLE for viewing. PLEASE FIX! I also dislike the continuous stream of pictures instead of how it used to separate by day, and you can’t see which pictures are waiting to be uploaded.

  11. Great app! Lots of options on controls like privacy, editing, notifications, etc. It’s not annoying. My favorite feature is that with the memories that pop up, if there are times/people/experiences that you want to avoid for whatever reason, you can easily control that. I find it exceptionally helpful. We had a fire almost 7 years ago. My 2 young kids and I were in ICU for 3 days for smoke inhalation. I have pics of the damage, but I don’t need them in my face every January; so I turned them off

  12. Katie W. dice:

    While the app is great for backing up photos from my phone, updates in the last year have simplified the interface by removing helpful features. Now when I view photos in the family vault, I can’t filter them by family member or quickly jump to a date in the past. I just have to scroll and scroll forever. And by the time I get there and click on the photo I want, it just loads a black screen and I can’t do anything (e.g., see file info, download the image).

  13. The latest update sucks. The redesign is confusing and not helpful. For one, I’ve lost the ability to remove photos from my phone if I remove them from photo app. That was useful so I didn’t have to go to multiple places to delete the same photo. Then adding/delete to an album doesn’t seem to be working. It looks like its doing it but I don’t see it in the album no matter how many times I’ve gotten in and out. There’s so many annoyances with this ap I’m considering uploading my photos elsewhere

  14. Terrible! It used to be acceptable until November 2022. The Good: backs up all my photos with zero effort and included in my Prime account. The Bad: everything about the user interface. Cannot view on landscape mode. Can only multiselect in gallery mode, which means that you can only do important categorization on thumbnails. Any action for any photo takes a minimum of three clicks. All of this means that managing your albums, deleting bad photos and sharing with friends is a lot of effort.

  15. I used to love this app! Now it’s basically unusable. It’s so bad, I had to switch back to Google photos to backup my pictures. Which I’m very limited on for storage, so I have to back them up with a lower resolution. 😞 That really sucks because my Prime membership comes with unlimited photo backup at full resolution, which is an included benefit I absolutely love! But the app has an awkward Ui now, that’s NOT intuitive at all, which makes using it difficult, and very frustrating!

  16. It’s easy to use. Only thing I noticed is that the pictures appear to lose some of the definition. On the screen I clearly see patterns in the clothing , in the prints it’s like it’s been airbrushed . The colors are also off a bit. Good for snapshots, but for professional pictures or larger photos I’d go elsewhere.

  17. I used to have a better experience on Amazon photos. There has always been frequent crashing but now it’s worse than ever. The update has ruined many features that used to work fine. For example, I look back at some of the oldest photos on my gallery but anytime I want to open a photo for a closer look, it opens the wrong photo and the app reloads so I have to scroll all the way back down and try to find the photo I wanted to see.

  18. Lastalas dice:

    This used to be a fantastic app. Now the navigation in wonky. It used to be ready to look at a date in previous years. I loved seeing how the day was in previous years. Now the year links only work part of the time, and the back and forth navigation is totally screwed up and it takes you back to modern photos and not the the previous year navigation.

  19. Val Perry dice:

    These are my cons. Had to switch back to Google photos. When adding items to albums it reverts back to last photo taken instead of taking me to the photo I was working with. It’s hard to find pictures based on date. There is no way to search for pets like Google photos. I like the app I like the unlimited photos. With something as important as memories there needs to be more features and easier ways to navigate pics without starting back to the very beginning each time I hit back arrow.

  20. Bad, not a user-friendly interface. There is no way to see all the media in the cloud and organize them as you wish. If you have one photo in one album and you want to move into another to organize better your memories now, guess what? You have twice the element, and if you delete one of them in one album, it dissappear from both albums. You cannot just create an album and upload directly to there this is nuts, the worst interface I have ever used in my whole life

  21. Update – Was a 5 star app, but removing the feature that controlled both my phone storage and cloud storage together SUCKS. I used to, for example, hit delete on a photo in the app and I’d get a challenge screen asking me to confirm that I want to remove it from the cloud, from my device, or both! Awesome! After the latest unnecessary version, this feature seems to be removed. In app controls only work for the cloud; local storage is only available in Gallery. Garbage! Roll back!

  22. I love the Amazon Photo storage and integration, but I don’t understand why Amazon ruined the excellent mobile app. The previous app allowed me to easily navigate multiple years of photos, but the latest version doesn’t and is broken. I used to be able to rotate photos but can no longer. When I view a single photo in another year and click back, I don’t return to the year I was viewing but get pushed to the top photo and have to navigate back. The new app is painful to use, so please fix it.

  23. Kathy dice:

    Not a good update. Used to actually like this app, but not so with this latest update. Why did you get rid of so many abilities?! Select All? The ability to just drag your finger to select multiple pictures? The ability to just select a date and automatically select every picture for that date? The ability to set how you viewed the order of pictures without literally having to RESELECT it every time you open the app? I don’t really want to use this app anymore, I’d rather just use the website.

  24. It’s always “waiting for wifi” on my S21 ultra, but my older S10 has no issues. Toggling metered connection only works sometimes and only for a limited time. Uploading a 2-minute HD video is impossible. Why I can’t use my unlimited data cell plan is beyond me. Update: The above is still true, and now, with the updated version, there appears to not be anyway to add photos to the family vault. I think I’m going to need to find a new service.

  25. Update is terrible. Seems like this happens often. You find an app that may not be flashy but is practical. Then they completely change things, moving things around or eliminating useful options. I think developers get lost because, since they know everything about the app, they don’t realize how much these changes impact people who actually use it. I’ll be looking for a new photo storage app that I can share photos with others.

  26. I don’t like the new Amazon photos at all. Photos from text messages no longer download into photos. If I didn’t have Google photos, I would not be able to view and print. It’s almost as bad as the new Amazon music, which has deleted quite a few free downloads disappear. They have replaced apps that worked well, with new apps that are overwritten.

  27. The new update doesn’t work at all. Half the time it doesn’t open. The half of the time that it does open, it freezes. Haven’t been able to look at my pictures for a week. Nor have I been able to even upload photos. I never had any issues before this giant revamp recently happened. Hope they undo the update…. this new app does not work.

  28. Unknown G dice:

    New update has made this app useless. Can’t tell if you’ve already uploaded a picture. Can’t edit photos anymore, can’t upload photos directly into albums anymore. UI is terrible. Amazon really took big steps back. Update: The latest update to correct the previous updates issues didn’t help much. UI remains worse while functionality is lost. Still can’t do things such as upload photos from your phone straight to an album. Lost ability to tell which photos were already uploaded or added to albums

  29. I love the Amazon Photos system, but the Dec ’22 app update turned a good, usable mobile app into a frustrating POS. The old filtering options were better and more intuitive to filter by date/type/etc. The Family Vault (the main reason to even have this service) was a short logical hop with the same filtering capabilities. Now it’s virtually unusable — just swiping up and down an infinite scroll without any filtering… Not even a scroll bar! We need to be able to download from the Vault again!

  30. I would give this app 0 stars if I could. Latest update doesn’t fix that issue. It’s hard now to add photos into album for entire day. I have to select each photo individually and if I have couple hundreds that’s a huge pain. Please add back ability to add photos into album based on date photos were uploaded or taken. UI is not intuitive to navigate.

  31. Constantly trying to back up folders that are no set to backup. Putting a notification in my bat that it is backing up the photos in those folders, I can’t swipe the notification away, I have to click on it. About time to more to another storage solution, this has gotten beyond annoying. Every update makes the app worse, more buggy, and harder to navigate.

  32. Big fan of this app. It’s great that you get unlimited photo storage for having a prime account, I can’t think of any other storage service that offers unlimited storage. It’s also packed with useful features comparable to photo storage programs like iCloud photos and Google photos (basically the best photo storage platforms available). However, I would love to see more features and an ugraded UI to make it easier to navigate faces and upgraded photo sharing capability to create shared albums.

  33. This app went from great to absolute garbage. They redesigned the layout, meaning it’s confusing. The app tries to sell you on stuff way more now. But the most frustrating thing bar none is that when I’m viewing all of my photos from a certain day via memories, if I click on one to view it and go back it jumps to the top of the list for that day, sometimes several years back. This means I have to scroll all the way back down and find where I was (and sometimes the thumbnails have to load again).

  34. The new update sucks. I used to be able to delete photos in Amazon and my device, can’t. I used to have a setting that only backed up photos while charging, can’t. And instead of getting rid of the home view that displays all photos ever, rather than just the photos that haven’t been added to an album yet, they doubled down on that. I would really like to see albums treated as a primary sorting function, rather than an afterthought.

  35. The latest update completely changed the UI and it’s terrible. The older UI was much easier to navigate. The new UI has a huge bar at the bottom that hides pictures, I can only see 9 pictures at a time now I used to be able to see many more. I have my preferences set up to only back up photos when my phone is charging, and every time I take a photo or download a picture, I get a notification telling me I have new images to back up. YES I KNOW I DO.

  36. Edit: From 5 stars to 2 stars. Putting the search and filter options in the middle of the page doesn’t make sense. Every other app and web page (that I’ve seen, and I’ve worked in app and web development so I’ve seen a lot), puts the filters at the top. Therefore, since the inception of search/filter features, users have been trained to look for them at the top of the page.

  37. Since they updated it’s horrible. Recent screen caps don’t appear, it takes a day or so for them to show up, I could take 50 screen caps of the same thing and they don’t show up, but they’re all there in Google photos. Also, since the update, if you multi select and add to an album, it automatically opens the album, which is fine, but if you click back, it doesn’t pick up where you left off, it starts with the most recent picture (but not a screen cap if you took one recently.) Unusable now

  38. Jake Pf dice:

    The UI is pretty doggy in my opinion. I don’t like how clunky it is to navigate. It’s not buggy or broken but it’s clunky. One thing I really dislike, is that you can’t quickly select a large portion of photos by clicking and holding and dragging your finger down to select a bunch. Instead you have to go through and click every single photo you want to select. Very inefficient. Overall I like the service though, only considering when I have a prime subscription.

  39. Was working great for the past couple of years, and now with the latest update, I can’t even figure out how to load my pics manually anymore. I don’t want to turn on autosave because I might not want to save every single thing I take a picture of. Great, I can see the pics I’ve loaded in a prettier format, but my primary use was photo storage. If a user can’t figure out how to load a pic in the first couple of taps, then its useless. UX design planning is evidently lacking in latest release.

  40. Alison P dice:

    I hate the new UI. When I view “this day” photos, a feature I love, I can no longer select them to add to my various albums! The one reason I really liked Amazon photo app. Can’t edit them either. Finding and sorting might be easier…but not worth the change. I like that I can now select all the photos for a day/year with one click. But then all I can do is share them. Totally sucks.

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