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Upload, organize, edit, and share your photos from anywhere in the world.
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Join the largest, most influential community of photographers in the world. Upload, edit, and share your photos from any device, anytime.

• Find your inspiration, find your people. Flickr is home to billions of photos and millions of groups of passionate photographers.
• Organization and sharing made simple. Browse with ease, select and organize hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds.
• Unleash your creativity. Edit your photos, add filters, crop images, and more!

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40 comentarios en "Flickr MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s ashame that the app doesn’t display sRGB colors correctly. The app is supposed to be more convenient, but instead it is more of a headache since I still have to resort to using the browser to see the colors correctly. Anybody viewing my photos would have to view them through the browser because the app doesn’t show them correctly.

  2. Seems incapable of handling Flickr URLs (Nov ’21). Hasn’t improved over the last several disabled months (July ’22). I understand from recent communication with Flickr that the Android app doesn’t currently handle Flickr URLs. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t advertise that it does. For the time being I’ve disabled that and let URLs open in my web browser.

  3. The old app was at least functional: auto-upload didn’t always work, but the option was there and it worked occasionally. This latest app is nothing more than a shortcut to the website – in desktop mode! – and doesn’t save your credentials, or have any of the mobile features, including auto-upload. I’m up for renewal this month – I will absolutely be finding a new service.

  4. Overall, it’s a nice app and does everything you need it to while being fast and stable. There are quite a few areas that could use improvement though: The camera portion should definitely have manual controls and the option to shoot in a raw format. The editor should be improved. Something like lightroom mobile would be awesome. It’s design hasn’t changed in several years and IMO could use a visual refresh. Dark mode would go a long way. Needs the ability to order prints from within the app.

  5. The app was working perfectly, but it kept bugging me to update. When I did, there was no update available. Finally, I uninstalled, then reinstalled and I got the update, but it’s horrible! It mixes the desktop site and mobile app in weird ways, and asks me to go through entering my username and password each time I open it. I can’t figure out how to upload a photo from my phone. I love Flickr, but the app has ruined.

  6. Notifications don’t work. For months, possibly a year plus, the app does not notify me of any likes, comments, etc. Even when I open the app, the notification bell doesn’t show any indicator. Only if I click on it will it show the recent activity. I know several people with this issue. This is a large contributing factor to me using Flickr less and Instagram more. Fix notifications, let people receive notifications of new posts, and get support for Notes on mobile. Notes are fantastic.

  7. I’ve been a long term user of Flickr for a variety of reasons. The site is purely focused on photography for all levels. Ads, except for the ocassional spammer, are non-existent. The overall feel of the site is very relaxing and uncluttered. Views don’t consist of mostly bots and like for like nonsense. They also aren’t obsessed with following every new trend.

  8. The one thing about the Flickr app is that it 8s constantly bad. It is single handedly the worst app I have used on Android and no matter how many times the update it, it remains terrible. There are constantly issues with uploading photos from mobile device. It constantly fails to load images when you try to view anything on Flickr. These are issues that have existed for years and have never been resolved. I’m almost certain the developers gave up on the app years ago.

  9. The app is great! I think it’s laid out very well, transitions look nice, and I like how they put their own spin on some little things, like loading animations and swiping between photos. I think the app’s home experience is nice, though I’d like an option to hide the most recent comments on posts, as I feel it’s just a little cluttered that way. Nevertheless, the app is great, and I enjoy seeing all of the posts that the community makes!

  10. zoot381 dice:

    I updated to the latest version and lost the ability to upload pictures. The app crashes during the steps to upload. I tried all the standard stuff, clearing the cache, restarting, etc. It still crashes. Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version. Now, it crashes during startup. I only get the white screen with the two dots. After a few seconds… “Unfortunately, Flickr has stopped.” I can’t get it to start at all now.

  11. Edit: I already had the latest version of the app, but it seems like the problem has been fixed since I wrote this. Original Review: There is an issue with images that are not in sRGB. In the app, the photos look faded and green toned in a bad way. In any web browser (mobile and desktop), the images look fine. This only happens in this app.

  12. Don’t take the update! After incessant nag screens I decided I might as well update. Wish I hadn’t. The new app won’t let me just “explore” like the old app did. I don’t have a login. I just use it for reference material. I can still explore in the browser though! Out of frustration I tried to login and guess what… I got redirected to Yahoo to login which is what they say they’re moving away from… and that login failed. So it’s bye-bye Flickr app. You are unusable now.

  13. It is slow and locks up my phone. I have one of the most powerful phones made and it frequently freezes my system. No other app does that. It is also very slow compared to Shutterfly, which gives unlimited storage and more controlled sharing functionality. This updated version is a poor attempt.

  14. John Trau dice:

    Interestingly, I found the android mobile app works better and more reliably than the Flickr website. The user experience on the app is markedly more fluid, responsive, and intuitive. Great job on the app, but please invest in improving the website as well. The visual impacts from viewing photos on a bigger screen from a laptop/desktop can’t be matched by seeing the same images on a much smaller mobile device, although the convienence for mobile is undeniable.

  15. This app is *ALL KINDS OF UNRELIABLE*!! You have to babysit it to make sure it auto uploads (yes, I turned off Battery Optimization). And then, it sometimes gets stuck and won’t upload. Trying to get past my Christmas uploads on two separate devices for over 24 hours now and it won’t work!! It gets to the third item and stops with 68 items pending. Don’t know what they are because the app doesn’t give ANY feedback besides the number of items.

  16. This app is frustrating and it is gradually getting worse. Uploading photos on my tablet using this app has always been hit or miss, but in the last couple months it’s basically not uploading at all. When I try and upload the app just grinds to a halt. The little “upload in progress” arrows will sometimes spin, sometimes not – but the photo rarely uploads in either case. I thought it was maybe my internet connection but judging by other reviews it seems like it is a common issue.

  17. I, like others, got tired of being nagged to update, and when there wasn’t an update, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Now it’s simply a blank screen when I hit ‘Get Started’. I will definitely be moving my photos off of Flickr and cancelling my Pro account. If I can’t auto-upload from my phone, I see no use for it.

  18. I keep Flickr updated though I often have issues with this app. I never know if it will work or not. Right now it won’t upload anything. In the past it would freeze and crash. Frustrating. At least I can view photos and like photos. Edit: support helped me to clear old issues with account. Thank you.

  19. It’s a very basic app, that just dumps all of your phone’s media content to Flickr. And even that it does horribly. It often doesn’t work. Recently it started to upload random photos from the past, which were already uploaded before. This app needs to have a way to specify some rules what kind of content I want to upload. Maybe just dedicated folder(s) from my phone.

  20. Lisa Zins dice:

    I’ve been using Flickr and the app since around 2013 and it is my most favorite social media app to use!! I have met so many people from all different places and walks of life, from different photography levels… that I consider friends. I’ve learned different photography techniques just by joing groups that otherwise would have taken me much longer to learn. I constantly use the app! I love being able to quickly check on friends photos. I would definitely recommend!! I use Samsung Galaxy S8.

  21. This app is just really poorly optimized. Finding anything is a chore that is really simple on desktop, too. Why is it so hard to find my gallery let alone add things to it? Why do I have to click two buttons to even see a description? I really don’t like using this and it’s a last resort. It won’t let me accept requests to add my photos to groups, either.

  22. Auto upload is now hidden… Help says it is in settings but no it’s in the three dot menu somewhere. To work it has to be logged in but to get out of the settings menu it logs you out? Like I was trying to turn on auto upload and I had to log in like 12 times because I kept being kicked out again. It feels like an app designed to encourage you to stop using it. You and me both Flickr but unfortunately I put all my pictures here 9 years ago and we are stuck with each other.

  23. The update lately will not reset after I have done it. I feel link trapped in an update now page… Also, threatening to delete all photos from a user, and when I auto paid, when changing servers and fee structure is a terrible idea. It is better to acknowledge loyal photo pro members and find a way to not delete their work. Delete all did not happen to me. Don’t confuse users of the safety of their work, or that their payment worked! Otherwise, great photo sharing site!

  24. Very disappointed. I kept posting pics that never showed up and I couldn’t find anywhere to get help. Then in the middle of viewing images I was logged out of the app. When I tried to log in it took me to a browser “to finish logging in”. The page is for a Yahoo account. I don’t have one so I’m not sure why it brings me there. When I input the info it brings me to flickr on the browser but the app still won’t let me log back in

  25. Downloaded and signed up; tried to login after verifying email and shown that it was the wrong password that I JUST created. I then try to reset and there is a continuous loop of clicking reset, clicking email link, and being taken back to the main screen of the app. After 4 times I am posting this review. I have it a go but I’ll just look for a different app. This was a waste of time.

  26. Horrible upgrade experience . Nagged to upgrade or app won’t receive any updates. Have tried to update from Play store but already have the latest version. Even uninstalled and reinstalled twice, once at the advice of their support staff but still get message. Seems I’m actually luck though. Those who have be able to upgrade say the new app is less functional than the old, when it works at all. Unless it’s fixed I won’t be renewing my pro subscription.

  27. When uploading a single album, why isn’t there a ‘Select All’ option instead of having to select every pic? Or even better, just selecting and uploading the entire album and it’s label. In that same vein, an improvement in the Organizer would be to reduce the number of clicks needed to delete a batch of pics. Selecting ‘Delete’ and then confirming it 1x is enough IMO and on every other platform I’ve used. And please eliminate the ‘Thanks’ requirement at the end. Why do I need to thank Flickr for doing this? It’s an annoying and unneeded requirement, especially when working with large numbers of pics and having to repeat it many times.

  28. I discovered Fliker when it was new and I’ve used it as a reliable picture back-up. When I replaced my phone right after retirement I thought all those pictures were gone! When I replaced that phone, and found Fliker again had added the photos from my previous use. Recently, I got a notice about space issues. I complied and spent hours deleting other people’s photos! Now, it tells me to update. The link in Google play that that takes me to has an open button and my account is EMPTY! Good job!👎

  29. Constantly struggles loading the full resolution of photos. Has no indicator or buffering symbol to show when the higher quality finally loads. Its constantly disappointing to open this app when i want to show my friends the detail in my photos and the app (or website for that matter) doesnt load the image without compression or even show if its still trying to load the higher resolution. Its been like this for a while so its pretty clear user interface is not a high priority for their customers

  30. It’s a little bit of a learning curve to navigate the app on the phone when stepping outside of the PC, but in terms of functonality, nothing is missing, essentially. So I have no complaints other than maybe a tighter UI for the optimized version so I can see the menus.

  31. I haven’t been able to get the app to work on Android. It puts me into an endless sign in loop. ETA when I try to log in on a computer, I am in the same endless login loop as the app with no option for a forgotten password or to reset the password. The toggle is between entering my email address to sign in which puts me on to a create a new account screen. ETA My login issue was not the app. It was because, though my email was registered, my account was tied to a different email address.

  32. Disappointed. I downloaded it and purchased Pro for the auto uploadr feature so I could quickly and easily share photos with friends and family… unfortunately it only auto uploads default device folders. Even then it won’t upload anything REMOTELY recent from those folders. I wanted to upload specific folders (i.e. snapbridge) but it appears in order to upload those I’d have to click every photo individually and I’m not about to do that when I take 300-500 a couple times a week.

  33. The vast majority of Flickr’s ratings are five star because this is a sturdy app. I’ve never had a problem with it that closing and re-opening the app wouldn’t fix. Auto upload works every time. Works well enough with Creative Cloud. Plenty of options for sorting, tags, and folders. Less creepy than *gram. No ads. Love it. Thanks.

  34. Have been using this app for a while but today I click on it to share some pics to a client and says I need to upgrade. Funny cuz most apps update on their own in the background. Anyway I update it and it asks me to login. Frustrating but ok I will, wrong credentials. Ok I’ll click on the forgot password. Says there isn’t an email that matches. Well geez I have these emails from Flickr that will disagree with that. Such a disappointment. I don’t have most of those pics any more.

  35. I’ve been with Flickr for years and joined Pro for the additional features, including unlimited storage. It’s easy to use, and when traveling, it’s come in handy to upload my photos each day and share with others. My only problem is the app wont upload my photos automatically. I need to open my gallery, then Flickr. Then the photos start to upload. Not sure why it won’t do it without my help.

  36. Absolutely terrible. I started using Flickr when they offered free storage that they later backtracked on and took away (requiring you to either to start paying monthly or lose all your photos). I started paying, but my experience with it has been absolutely miserable. The website is junk, and the app (which is normally better) won’t even let me login right now. I KNOW I have the right password, but it keeps saying it’s invalid; I’ve now changed it 7+ times- still can’t login. Don’t use Flickr!

  37. Provides a very good user experience, with some new features. Everything I’ve tried works fluidly and is logically arranged. Love the map link in the info/data pane. There’s nothing quite like Flickr for people who love photography. And I wasn’t paid to say that.

  38. You might have heard that Flickr had issues with the big migration, but that’s all behind us. Simple and intuitive interface and automatic backup of images & video. Easy to set up and use. I highly recommend you pop for the Pro version for the unlimited backup and storage.

  39. I love Flickr, but am finding this app increasingly frustrating. I just want to look at and appreciate all the lovely photos on your site but images are just so slow to load, if they ever do. It’s been an ongoing issue for a couple of months now. Really ruins my enjoyment, and my ability to participate in what should be a great space for photographers.

  40. I’ve returned to Flickr after lots of time away because I hesitated to pay for the pro level. But I’m glad to be back. Instagram has changed with the advent of reels & I have gradually spent less time on it because of that. Flickr is a great alternative! Also, the algorithm means you actually see the posts of people you follow!

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