B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor MOD 2022

Meet trendy effects, filters, and stickers!
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B612 is the all-in-one camera & photo/video editing app. We offer various free features and tools to make every moment more special.
Meet trendy effects, filters, and stickers that are updated every day!

=== Main features ===

*Create your own filters*
– Create a one-of-a-kind filter and share it with friends
– No problem even if it’s your first time creating a filter. Filters are easily completed with just a few touches.
– Meet the creative and diverse filters of B612 creators.

*Smarter CAMERA*
Apply real-time filters and beauty to capture every moment as your pic of the day.

– Don’t miss out on daily updated AR effects and seasonal exclusive trendy filters
– Smart Beauty: Get a perfect recommendation for your face shape and create your custom beauty style
– AR Makeup: Create a natural look from daily to trendy makeup. You can adjust beauty and makeup to suit you.
– Shoot clearly anytime, anywhere with high-resolution mode and night mode.
– Capture the fun moment with the Gif Bounce feature. Create it as a gif and share it with your friends to double the fun!
– From video shooting to post-editing with over 500 kinds of music. Turn your daily life into a music video.
– You can use a custom sound source for music by extracting a sound source from your video.

*ALL-IN-ONE PRO editing feature*
Enjoy basic, professional-grade tools.

– Various Filters & Effects: From retro to emotional modern style! Create the atmosphere you want.
– Advanced Color Edit: Experience precise color edit with tools such as professional curves, split tone, and HSL that brings out details.
– More natural portrait edit: Complete your pic of the day with beauty effects, body edit, and hair color styling.
– Edit Videos: Anyone can edit videos easily with trendy effects and various music.
– Borders and Crop: Simply adjust the size and ratio and upload it to social media.
– Decoration Stickers & Texts: Decorate your photos with various stickers and texts! You can also make custom stickers and use them.

Face Technology by SenseTime


B612 is beginning its VIP service!
Enjoy VIP-exclusive unlimited filters, effects, and editing tools. Shoot FHD videos and use B612 without ads.
Press the "VIP" button at the bottom of the app to start your free trial now!


40 comentarios en "B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor MOD 2022"

  1. I love this app! It has great fun filters and effects plus tons of stickers, and a great selection of filters and photo editing tools. It’s also 99% free and doesn’t pester you to pay for it. I would give five stars except for the fact that once you save a picture, the app closes. I’d like to be able to save and keep working on a photo. Also I’d like to be able to go back in and keep editing things like text, stickers, etc once I’ve confirmed the edits, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

  2. PLEASE READ THIS!!!! I think that it is a great app, but PLEASE make it so when you tap “add music” you can use music that you have on your phone! It would give people way more choices and variety to app. Over all it is a really good app that allows you to make very cute videos. For example maybe collab with Pandora, Apple music, and other music apps. I just feel like this would make it even better! Thats why I decided I would give it a three star instead of four.

  3. Love this app.. But.. The 20 second time duration for videos is aggravating. Because as soon as you get into what you’re recording, the video turns off. and there’s no way to adjust the time duration to make it longer.. Otherwise it’s a cool app. it’s one of the few apps that allows you to select mirror imaging.. Instead of flopping the view of the photo that you take.. & it allows you to adjust a lot of other things too. I just wish it would allow longer videos. 20 seconds is not enough

  4. I really like the new “portrait” background blur effect the app has. The quality of the pictures isn’t as good as my normal camera app though. I wish there was a quick way I could send photos from Google Photos to the B612 app for editing as that would be a lot more efficient for me. I also wish there was an easier way to “undo” slight edits similar to Snapseed.

  5. This app can be great but you really have to dig through the filters to find good ones. Lots of repetitive stuff and lots of garbage stickers. But there ate some great effects & filters you must be willing to look through all the fillers. Can take time to load the filters — just be patient and you can make great pics.

  6. The app works great, it’s essentially photoshop for your face, it looks so realistic, but since the most recent update when I’m editing, as I go on through the face editing, the eyes get more blurry. Please fix this, I love playing around with the face filters and editing but it really ruins the quality when the eyes get too blurry.

  7. I dont know what is happening, but none of the face filters work anymore. The filters like the sparkles still work, but the actual face stickers don’t. Please fix this as soon as you can. This is a great app and i want to continue using it, so for right now, this is why I’m rating it only two stars, but after this problem is solved, I’ll rate this app 5 stars because it’s an amazing app that i dont want to delete.

  8. Demands access to stored images, videos, and control over phone calls, or won’t let you use features that don’t even need that. Probably just so app can harvest info. All the filters need is access to camera to try them out, but it wants to force everything and won’t let try them.

  9. This is an awesome photo app! There are so many options available that I don’t even know what all the app offers yet. However, I’m still learning and trying new things everyday! The reason for the four stars instead of five is because when you edit a picture with more than one face, most of the time, the app only allows for editing one face. Mostly, I do recommend downloading this app, especially if you need to smooth wrinkles and add lip color. Those are the important reasons I like this app.💋

  10. I’ve gone through a lot of picture editing app’s over the year’s and this one is, by far, my all time favorite! It’s the most entertaining, so many songs to choose from, the filter’s are unique, the make-up filter’s are realistic and not silly looking. I’m definitely obsessed. Nice work! 👏🏻

  11. Joe G. dice:

    Literally the best app for this that I’ve used. They don’t try to tack on a whole bunch of features that then you have to pay for. The interface is easy to use. It doesn’t look super fake (as long as you don’t set your settings out of cobtrol) and really an all around awesome app for this. Definitely recommend

  12. I’m giving it only one star because of its ridiculous performance. Whenever I try to open it, it stops working. I can’t use it normally because as I said it stops working and hangs. Keeping this app in my moblie phone has also started affecting my device. Kindly look into the matter.

  13. I am giving it 4 stars but this app is amazing I love its filters..They are wonderful and awsome..This app is really useful in editing piuctures and videos .. but I am giving it 4 stars bcz some times it stops working and when I edit a picture the results i expect really doesnt match..Which is a bit annoying..

  14. Richa dice:

    One thing that I don’t like about it is the filters keep changing even when I save them. I see some of them disappear and others take their place, those which I never tried/saved before. For example, I saved 12 filters then 5 would be still available in saved/favourite section but rest in that section would be those I never saved. Pretty annoying and nulls the purpose of saving. Else it’s quite customisable.

  15. B612 app is good for filters but always keep stopping and glitches and when i edit any photo with ar filters it’s not saving, it’s becoming black 😭plz fix it.. and it exits on it’s own while I’m editing and crashes a Lott🤦otherwise it’s good

  16. This is one of the best camera app ever in my opinion. It’s my number one go to camera app! Has everything you could ever need! I love using the makeup filters and can even use the filters during a video 😊😊❤ love it. Now the only thing I don’t like is the shortening of videos that they changed. Really didn’t like that.

  17. The choices are amazing! 🔥 You can take a pic after waking up get into the app, add make up and make it into the most amazing look you ever had.

  18. This app is really awesome..all the filters and the templates 🌟but the complain I have is that it stops frequently..some times the edited vedio is not good the way templates are so kindly fix this problem…it would make b612 really very prefect.. thanks

  19. I like this app alot because it have soo many amazing filters and effects. It also have the feature of bouncer,which i have not seen in most of the other such apps.I rated it 4 stars out of 5 because the only problem which I faces while using it is that the filters which i download are disappeared after sometime and they need to be downloaded again, which takes lot of time.

  20. It blurrs the picture from top automatic which ruines picture please remove this option or atleast provide an option to change it everytime it ruin the perfect picture hel0pp0ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp0ppppp rest app is good and have good filters but songs are very less and hard to find that is also a problem it can be so convenient if you can provide the new songs in the application wr can find it at one place so please do something about it also app lags too much while cli

  21. It’s actually good at use when u have less time and more work. Editing and Photoshoping is much better in this. You can smoothly complete your work. But I had to uninstall one time, cause brush didn’t work well.

  22. OmgIt is very disgusting, very bad and boring, the quality of photography is bad, the voice call is vile, this is the worst program ever, I do not recommend downloading it also it cuts off, uses a lot of the Internet, it is necessary, it violates the privacy of others, something illegal it’s a

  23. Well I know that the reviews for this app is quite good but still I want to say that my experience is not good at all this app shows too many ads and the secondly is this app is not user friendly in my case I cannot take pictures and the pictures whenever I am trying to take a picture an add is popping on my screen

  24. I love this app…nd don’t use any other editing app…it gives a DSLR effect which is okay but the earlier DSLR like blurry effect was far better than this…i don’t like the way how pictures are blurred… earlier version was the best

  25. I have used this app for the years!This the only app that I have used for the years and though different phones too.I think B612 take good pictures . It is wondeful it be recommend it to anybody and I often do . I would like to add that it is lagging behind a little bit when I move around and photos and videos . l’m sure they’ll fix it’s so it’s not big deal!! Thanks for being my favourite app ever.Till now l am also using it

  26. It’s an amazing game, and I love all the makeup and accessories. But the reason I gave 4 stars was because whenever I wanted to film a video,I always had to hold the film button and then start. Then the time. The videos are really short, and there is no option to increase the amount of time. So, I am hoping you will change this. Anyways this game is amazing!!!!! I repeat Amazing!!!

  27. Overall this app is soo amazing i like all the filters and stickers but there is a difficulty while shooting a video because the videos hangs many times that’s why I gave this app three stars. So please fix this problem as quickly as possible

  28. Redownloaded this app after 2 years and I must say it’s much more better. Anyway I’m having I issues with the video recording. The Audio and video don’t tally. It actually lags and is so slow sometimes. Can it be fixed please. Plus the picture and video quality reduces when you take a pic or video. It gets a bit dark like an old 2008 camera.

  29. Good, there are many filter you can choose. But everytime i edit a picture, when im just in a minute in the middle of editing, it gets back everytime

  30. This app is showing intrusive ads and ads everywhere. This app keeps stuffing with unnecessary sticker. I never used stickers and animated effects but it keeps loading junk resulting in high storage usage in this app.

  31. Best Video editing app. Only irritating thing with app is – i cant search filter or songs to add in a audio. SEARCH feature should at least be added for audio.

  32. Until last year, this app was fine. But this year, many filters will be missing.Especially the black hair editing filters, which I personally like a lot.fix it.

  33. SuYunJin dice:

    I love this app. Filters effects everything!! But it is deleted my photos. I can’t found any photo that I took or edit with this app. They are suddenly gone. I don’t know why this happen but that is just make me so sad and it’s kinda felt uncomfortable 😕

  34. Used to be a good camera app! User friendly and 0 adv, now everytime app is opened, the adv would pop up right before we taking picture its really distracting… And some other times the picture taken would turn darker that what was taken before.

  35. I love this app this is great from clicking pictures to editing its awesome… but there is one thing tht it hangs so much, no app on my phone hangs this much as b612 does… that’s why I stopped using it because whenver I try a filter or sticker it keeps on lagging please so smth about this…

  36. Finally! I decided to take some time off Instagram because social media was taking up too much of my time, so I had been searching for an app that has AI beauty filters similar to the ones on Instagram stories and this fits the bill! It allows you to blur out blemishes and enhance your features easily and uses AI tech to make it a filter so you don’t have to edit every single photo you take! Awesome app, looks really natural!

  37. Hello 🌸 B612 i just wanna say that this the best app of my whole life i used but since you have added vip in stickers which we can buy from real money I’m not 🥺 happy soo please don’t put vip in stickers remove it or else like add ads in it i mean if we can get it by watching ads ✨ it will be awsome 😍.. 2nd_ And please add 2 new filters in it like …. Filters will choose my lipstick And …. Filters will choose my eyeshadow and … Also, filters will choose my eyeliner 2nd one (liner)✨ .

  38. Difficult handling and very poor quality.. as well as the video makes my phone slow down every single minute!

  39. I had this app for 2 years and it was good until now, I now can’t find the spring section for the Butterflies. But overall its a good app.

  40. its very heavy on my device and it causes heat to which is weird I’ve used the app for years but the last couple of months it started to lag and it’s not like it’s used to be

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