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Turn your photos into beautiful personalized photo cards for only $2.
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Mail REAL one-of-a-kind cards without a trip to the store! Create cards right from your phone and send them straight to your lucky recipient’s mailbox. For a more personalized touch, use our NEW RealScript technology. Choose real handwriting options for your cards and envelopes for a true pen-to-paper style! Upgrade to a premium card and embossed envelope or order packs of personalized cards, ideal for holiday photo cards and thank you cards.

Customizable cards for every occasion:

– Holidays
– Thank You
– Birthdays
– Grandparents
– Babies
– Weddings
– Graduations
– Travel
– Invitations
– Father’s Day
– Mother’s Day
– Anniversary & Love
– Thinking of You
– Get Well Soon
– Congratulations
– Halloween
– Valentine’s Day
– Thanksgiving

Ink Cards are printed on thick, glossy 5×7-inch cardstock at a resolution of 300 dpi. (That’s printing-nerd-speak for “super detailed on really nice paper.”) And they cost just $2 each (with free postage)! Upgrade from postcard-style to a premium card to mail a thicker, matte card in an envelope. You can even make your card extra special by adding a gift card for virtually any special occasion! Choose from dozens of brands and restaurant gift cards. Easily purchase with Google Pay, PayPal or your credit card.

You create. We deliver.

– Cards are delivered to the U.S. and Canada in 3-7 business days and to anywhere else in the world in one to three weeks.
– Card packs are delivered in just days to anywhere in the U.S.
– Receive email and push notifications to know when your card has been ordered and shipped.
– SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You are going to love Ink Cards. We guarantee it. One card and you’ll be hooked! And your recipient will love your personalized greeting just as much. In fact, we guarantee that every card you make will be perfect – or your money back.

Our app is FREE to download. We can’t wait for you to make someone’s day!
Our customers love us! Check out our reviews.

“Love these cards. I’ve made many and the people who have received them smiled and it made their day. So worth it for the price!”
– Heather Gately

“I love this app!!👍 It is so easy to use and it makes it so easy to send a personalized card at such an inexpensive price!! It cost more to buy a card at the store…🤔”
– Tiernan Trout

—– Contact Us —–
We’d love to hear from you!
Email: [email protected]


• This release includes bug fixes and improvements

We’re always trying to improve Ink Cards and to make it easier for people to connect with their loved ones and friends all over the world. Keep sending your feedback to [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Ink Cards FULL"

  1. I was offered a free card through the t-mobile Tuesday app. It must be a scam because I can use the app until I select the free version. The rest move to the next screen the free version freezes up and won’t move to the next screen. I was really excited to try this app out too. After 20 tries and even deleting and reinstalling it still won’t work.

  2. Pros: You wind up with a good product and it makes sending cards to people SO easy. Cons: the app is so messy and it’s so hard to find just a blank card to work with. I do all my photo editing on my computer so I wanted to just upload my finished product to the app and send it out. When I searched blank cards, I got a TON of pre-decorated cards. When I thought I found a blank card I flipped over it said Happy Easter or happy pride, with no indications that it was themed on the front.

  3. Fun app but major glitches. I love the idea, and cards arrive quickly and in good quality, but the app itself has so many bugs on Android. From freezing, to slow load times, to my personal least-favorite: not being able to access the camera roll. I don’t know why the photo selection doesn’t have the option to pull up all photos, it only lets you choose a small handful in a tiny window! It is so frustrating. Because of this, I’m going to try to find another app to use.

  4. This could be a great one, but unfortunately it has many bugs. The first time I created a postcard, it crashed while I was proofreading, and I lost everything. Then it worked fine for the next two cards, and crashed again during my third. Now it shows a HUGE question mark over all selected pictures so you can’t see what you have chosen for your cover. The app also doesn’t allow copy/paste or have a save function even though the projects sections shows draft as an option. Fix the bugs!

  5. Updated 8/2020: I still love this app. I routinely send cards, especially now in the pandemic. I’ve sent Ink holiday cards the past three years. Every time, people askme what service I use because I add stories about the last year in the message section. Always high quality & great selection! First review 2018: I love this app. It’s so simple to send cards, there are plenty of options, and I have the ability to add my own text. Plus, it saves all addresses for me! Such a time saver. I love it!

  6. This app is very slow loading. I assume that the graphics are just too large to be optimal. Also, the printable area of the card is relatively non-existent. Actually couldn’t finish my recent card at all. I would prefer to have a folded card and pay extra for the mailing and such so I could add a real note. And on that note, picking the point size of font would be preferable, especially since I use these apps to send cards to elderly relatives who haven’t got the best eye sight. Thanks.

  7. Update: looks like the app was fixed, within half a day. I can now get on. Thank you for the prompt fix 😊. App is user-friendly and I was able to order a card easily. $2.00 for a customizable classic card with options for photos on the front is a decent deal. App doesnt work. Won’t load. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, no difference.

  8. Used this to make holiday cards. I found some significant bugs: (1) for some reason, multiple drafts are saved (multiples of the same draft). I had to keep on deleting duplicate drafts. (2) when I made text edits to a draft, for some reason the edits many times were not saved. I had to edit, then edit again to finally have a draft with final edits. I was finally able to get a final draft and ordered the card to be sent to multiple people. I had to manually add their addresses.

  9. I downloaded this app on the suggestion of Instagram just to see what it was about. I fell in love! The customizable cards are perfect. However, there is an error message that pops up every time I make a purchase. The app tells me “your purchase has been cancelled” every time I buy a card and then immediately afterwards tells me my purchase was completed. It’s a bit frustrating and confusing. Please fix.

  10. Lots of creative cards to choose from! On the back, it’s easy input whatever you want to say with cool fonts & multiple colors. The entire process took me less than 10 minutes. You can pay through a variety of ways – including PayPal!! Best thing is; they notified me that the purchase went through & kept me updated on the delivery! All $2 and above, depending on what you purchase 🙂 BONUS: free shipping!

  11. so disappointed. first time using this after saving a coupon from tmobile tuesday. went through all the steps. chose photos. chose card style. wrote the note. signed my signature. tried to select recipient and it wouldnt take me to the next page. no matter how many times I clicked the button. tried it with wifi on and off. restarted the app. did the whole thing over again. that one step failed again and again. never been so let down by an app that initially felt so simple. please fix it.

  12. I really wanted to love this app. I like the designs and the ease of creating cards and having them delivered. I have 3 cards I was going to purchase for Mother’s Day, but for the life of me I can’t get passed to the Recipient screen. After creating the card the app just spins in circles like it is loading. I’ve given it time, I’ve restarted the app, and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same issue.

  13. App absolutely unusable. I attempted to use this app to take advantage of a free offer with T-Mobile Tuesday, but the app loaded indefinitely when I reached “Select Recipient”. Other than that, the app is ok I guess, a bit slow and wonky, but the fact that I can’t even send a card makes it absolutely useless to me. I can’t send a card before this free offer expires, and I wasted over an hour of my time.

  14. Very nice app. So convenient to send nice postcards or upgrade to cards with envelopes. Text is glitchy in that the cursor skips to the end if you wish to edit within the text. You must delete a signature if you wish to have different ones for friends, family, etc.; it would be great to save multiple signatures. Please consider a category of Christian cards. Update 11-19-2020: It seems they have fixed the text issue and it is so much nicer to use. Up my rating to 5 stars.

  15. They do send the cards. Those are post cards, but still nice. They have upgrades for card and envelope. You have the option to also include a gift card from their selections. The personalization is tricky, as is adding contacts, hence 3 stars. Other than that, it’s a nice app. I like the signature, for which only one is stored. If you want a different signature, you must delete old one first.

  16. Bea dice:

    1st time I’ve used it. it’s one of very few “approved vendors” for TDCJ (Texas prisons) for greeting cards. So far so good, will update if that changes. little disappointed in the ability to accommodate (by that i mean not distort or blurr) older, smaller or different photo file types. would prefer if it helped enhance photos. something besides filters🤷‍♀️

  17. I ordered baby announcement postcards with professional photos uploaded, but when we got the card in the mail the pictures were really blurry! I was very disappointed in the print quality and it made the cards look cheap. They didn’t look like that in the print preview. I liked the ease of using the app and the preview of the card looked really great, but the end result was very disappointing.

  18. I have had this App for many years and never have had a problem. I noticed now it does have a yellow triangle ⚠️ icon appear if the system doesn’t think it is a clear picture but u can still use the picture the triangle doesn’t appear on your card. Also I love now that you can purchase things also. I included Walmart gift card and my sister said it was super easy to use it. They just scan the bar code from your phone. Very convenient. Thank you for a great app all these years.

  19. creative and professional templates, clean user interface, and reasonable prices. I’d love a bit more control over the layouts (resizing text, graphics, etc), and the ability to add a real signature on the back, but those features would just enhance an already great experience.

  20. Mixed… I have sent quite a few cards and only once that I had the experience that a card didn’t make it to its recipient but the customer support staff were really great about making up for it and getting another card sent. My main issue is the fact that the app hasn’t been working for the last couple of days and it’s not accepting payments which is very frustrating because now I’m up against a time clock that I downloaded this whole app to try to avoid…..

  21. Horrible experience. It takes so long to advance from screen to screen and once I am really close to checking out, it kicks me out. It says my work has been saved but all my pictures are frozen in a default setting that does not preserve any of the cropping I previously did.

  22. Need some work with Android’s. When you have a message written out and then you want to add a sentence at the beginning or middle of your message…the cursor moves to the end of the message after you type 1 or 2 characters. Just a bug! Other than that it’s simple and easy to use!

  23. This app is great and a affordable way to send cards. I’ve been using it alot to send cards to my girlfriend but the photo always has a small rub or scratch somewhere on the photo. Usually not easily noticable but if it is found on top of your face, etc. It’s not very pleasant. I’ve had to send it back once and today I just received my card and as expected it has a few errors. I’ll take it since it’s not on anything important but I feel Like there should be some kind of quality control.

  24. App is good, product is not. 3rd time ordering and there’s always a weird print right in the middle of the card. & no its not from transporting it or anything like that. It’s the 3rd time and it’s the same little weird white glitch right in the center. Ruins the whole card. Not worth it. Won’t be recommending this to anyone. & definitely wouldn’t purchase anything ever. Would be waste of $.

  25. Horrible customer service! Receiver did not get the item. Contacted customer service two days after app showed item delivered. They said to wait longer. Contacted customer service again after one week but got no reply. Horrible service. Update: card delivered to MY address even though I entered a different address for it to deliver to…. I HATE THIS APP. So many issues. Never wasting my money again.

  26. Tia W dice:

    I hate to do this because I have used this app for years and until this year I haven’t had any issues. I ordered a christmas cards for my family and friends and upon receiving them they were all cut off at the top. I have tried to contact them 3 times and I have yet to get a response. Super disappointed.

  27. This app is really cool. Their delivery is fast and they always got a special discount or sale to apply at checkout. Sometimes even free post cards or anything cards like birthdays, anniversaries, thinking about you, or just anything cards. There is even fonts that look like handwriting. Ink Cards is the best card making app. Oh I almost forgot they also let you use your pics in most of the cards you can create and make it your own. Great app Ink Cards! Thank you for having an app like this…

  28. The photo cards are a great idea, however I do not like the idea that they ship them without envelopes. I get the post card theme, but these are photos of our friends or loves ones. With the holiday season, weather elements, etc. the cards can get damaged. Had a watermark on both the cards I ordered. Thanks for letting me try this out T-Mobile, however there are other solutions with better shipping arrangements and privacy.

  29. K D dice:

    Glitches in app. I filled out all of the custom text in my cards which took hours. I go to open the app and it all disappears. Then 10 minutes later it reappears. This kept occurring throughout using the app. No customer support

  30. Ordered one card and it never showed up. Ordered another card for a specific date and it shows up a week early. Unreliable with customer service that is ruder than any customer service I have ever experienced, specifically someone “named” Mary C. This company needs to just shut down and leave this to companies that can actually do the job. Iwon’t be using this app again. Never use this app. Period.

  31. I paid extra for expedited shipping, and here I am nearly a week later and multiple messages to customer service that have been unanswered asking when my cards would be here, where they are, and for a refund of the expedites shipping extra cost. I could have paid the same for professional grade cards from MPIX. Don’t bother doing business with this company. They won’t respond to your concerns and do not honor their promises. I’d give 0/5 if I could.

  32. This app sucks. It offers something special but never delivers. Don’t download. You create your card but never make it to the end to send out your cards you have created. This app is stuck on stupid. I contacted support and no response before I even posted this. So maybe you should talk to your support team because they don’t care either.

  33. I had this app on another device but don’t remember my password. I’ve tried to rest the password but the email never comes. Sent a help request through their useless website, still no response. I need into my account since I already have all the addresses for everyone in there. The cards themselves are adorable but the support sucks.

  34. I have been using this app for over 2 yrs. But for the past yr every order I have made had never made it on time. Even making the purchases 3 weeks in advance. I would be purchasing from a different vendor. I never get a solution even after multiple I send them.

  35. Ordered a free print Christmas post card in TMobile Tuesdays app. All fine and then magically it says the card was delivered. That’s kind of funny seeing how it never was delivered to my mailbox, if I could rate it 0 stars I would have. Go to vista print. At least they value their customers. Now my family won’t receive there Christmas card. Time to speak with the BBB.

  36. I have loved my experience with Ink Cards. I used to not be the card sending type but Ink Cards makes it so easy. I have been able to send Christmas Cards for the last few years, encouraging cards to friends when they needed it the most. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about stamps or having to physically send it since they take care of all of that for you.

  37. Worst experience. So I bought a customized coffee mug for Christmas and it said it was delivered and when I go outside to go get it wasn’t there so I was like okay let me wait a minute maybe they say they delivered it but it’s a little behind so I wait a little bit and I go back out not there so I emailed the company and explain to them that the package says it was delivered and never received it and it got back with me and told me that they would look farther into it and they never got back to

  38. Appears a network error just at the bare end. Tried like 10 times, checked that my internet was good but ot was an app issue.

  39. Great app but one of our cards were not delivered and now custermer support will not respond. Sadly it was the first card so we still don’t know if this app can be trusted with xmas coming close investigating different apps today.

  40. Ya Sabes dice:

    I don’t usually like these promos, but I had a free code. It was a lot easier to use than other sites. One in particular. This site was easy and fast. I might use it in the future. Thanks T-Mobile for my code!

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