Timestamp Camera MODDED 2022


Add date and time watermark to photos and videos
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Timestamp Camera can add timestamp watermark on camera in real time. Easy to take photos and videos.

● Add current time and location when recording videos or taking photos, you can change time format or select the location around easily. Timestamp Camera is the only App that can record video with the time watermark accurate to millisecond(0.001 second).
– Support 61 timestamp formats
– Support change font, font color, font size
– Support set timestamp in 7 positions: top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, center
– Support auto add location address and GPS
– Support change timestamp opacity and background
– Support add altitude and speed on camera

● Support display custom text and emoji on camera. For example, you can input “Good day at the zoo”
● Support display map, you can change the map scale, transparency, size, position
● Support display compass on camera
● Support display custom logo image on camera
● Support record video with or without audio
● Support “Battery saver mode”, the brightness of screen will be 0%~100% of normal when turn it on. Support double-tap to turn on the “Battery saver mode”
● Support turn off the shutter sound when shooting
● All of the time effects are real-time and can be used when taking photo or video
● Can change effect, toggle camera when recording
● Support portrait and landscape
● Support change resolution
● Support capture photo when recording
● Support save photo and video to SD card directly, enable it in the advance setting

If you want to upgrade to the pro version, you can pay for the pro version from Google Play which costs $4.99. And you only need to pay for once and use it forever. Don’t trust anybody that charge you outsides the Google Play.

Please mail us [email protected] if you have any problem or suggestions. Thank you.


- Support using bluetooth microphone
- Optimize the Settings UI
- Add date and time formats
- Add file name formats
- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Timestamp Camera MODDED 2022"

  1. I have been using this app for 6 months and I really like it a lot. It is very functional and does not try to reorganize the photo folder. It’s noninvasive and does not run in the background eating processor/ram/data. The app gives some good options for putting information on the photo. It will also put GPS location if you want. When I want a photo without a date/time stamp, I just use the native photo app on my device. This app works well for photos. I have only used it a couple of times for video but I had no issues with either.

  2. Zoomed images are very blurry. this is not the case with the Samsung stock camera app. the photo and video buttons are too close together and too close to the shutter button causing the video mode to be started when I dont want to. Also, sometimes it switches to video mode without touching the screen. Other then these issues, the app does a good job.

  3. Lee Halle dice:

    I do animal photography and got tired of having to look up the details and date info for ages of pets, somtimes years after taking the pictures. This app posts the date on the front of the photo wherever I need it. The font can be colorized and sized however you need it. No issue with zillions of ads. Only complaint is with the ‘video’ button, which I have to swipe multiple times to get it in the right place when changing to or from ‘photo’. Pls work on that. Otherwise, I recommend it.

  4. The software sucks. Its gtitchy and works only when it wants to. Lost some good footage trying use this app. I have to keep double checking my phone to make sure this video is even recording because it will just stop. Or it will have you believe it is recording then when you go to play it back you get an error and no video! This app is still janky acting. Every single time I try to use it there is an error and it will not record. I just get a grey screen with a spinning play button.

  5. Stoni Blu dice:

    I really do like this app the only problem is sometimes the GPS is wrong and the address that shows up in the picture or video is sometimes a neighbor’s house not the house you are at when dropping off deliveries. I would say it is accurate one out of every three stops. Other than that it works very well and the pictures are clear

  6. I appreciate the fact that we can save recorded videos in sd card since my phone doesn’t have much internal storage and I couldn’t record longer video’s with some other apps I’ve tried. Also I like to know when each video was recorded and sometimes I have to put recorded video’s in order of time so the date is very helpful to me. It would be great if we also could change the speed of the video’s after recording them. Thanks

  7. J Crow dice:

    Why is the timer so hard to find? I had to dig through a page and a half of functions just to find it hidden in the “advanced” section. Every other camera app ever made has an icon right on the face of the camera for the timer.

  8. Good at times and then app loves to lag and save a corrupt or blury photo as if it were a moving night shot. Only fix is remove and re install.

  9. When the app worked , it was amazing. All I need is address, and date. The address was working at times when it was free. I have now paid for the app, and again it works at times, how can I get my money back?

  10. Excellent for taking pictures that need evidence of location and time! Like a car crash.

  11. I am using this app since more than a week, it’s very useful for the purpose. How ever some times there is blur in snaps, if rectified would be great.

  12. B S dice:

    App is a great idea and helpful however the quality of the photos are not good at all. My pixel takes fantastic photos….not through this app at all

  13. Ethiy Ali dice:

    Sometimes the camera doesn’t work because it tells me unknown camera ID. I have to uninstall and install it back or force stop the app and open it again for it to work properly.

  14. Great basic cam for when you need something with a time on it. It was pretty much perfect for my insurance inspection gigs where they required time stamps.

  15. Good app to use especially with location I can remember when photos was taken. The only issue is to give exact point.

  16. Works ok, if you need a flash when taking a pic with app dont hold your breath, it just took 71 pics before the flash came on when it was supposed too

  17. Just the job for time and place stamped video and images. Loads fast and quick to take pics

  18. GPS not working correctly location stamping the wrong address on the photos I take not sure if it’s due to the rain

  19. Great app, I’m a Driver and this app helps allot when some customers say you haven’t arrived at their location.

  20. Very useful for instacart worker, because it shows all the info about the drop off.

  21. The Time stamp camera is very beautiful and more user friendly. Thank you…

  22. Very reliable. On and offline. 5 star I would say thanks for sharing your apps. God bless you more.

  23. very good app using it every day for work purposes. only issue for me is folder creation. i wanted my all time stamp photos in one seperate folder . this app has an option to create or select the location of storage but this function is not working properly. as soon as you close the app and restart, it saves photo to default location not in the folder you selected . hope for fix soon.

  24. Love it !!! Sometimes it does give me the wrong address that I am at but over all most of the time it is correct. Very pleased with it

  25. It’s different from the usual photoshoot from the phone except it gives you the time & date it happens

  26. Would be 5 stars if it would be a bit more precise or had option to add apart # to the picture or update to show as apartment number

  27. Don Jerry dice:

    Very useful in case photo and location is needed Camera have settings which are easy to make adjustment

  28. It’s very much easy to capture the events with data and time accurately

  29. App is not working right now, when I start recording app is closed.

  30. After update, picture become blur because it cannot focus on object

  31. Great app. Can use as a time sheet for each employee to clock in. Love this app 👍🏼👍🏼

  32. Very, very good apps and very useful especially if u using Samsung phone flagship and iPhone flagship 🥰

  33. Pictures are clear & most importantly informs the details of time, date & location of the pictures

  34. I wish this was a timelapse with stabilization app.

  35. This app is very accurate on locations working very well for my job start time stamp

  36. Good app,very accurate and easy to use. Keep ot up

  37. It’s nice because it gives exact details of where the picture was taken .

  38. Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one’s view and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  39. Really useful, but a tiny bit slow to open.

  40. Works great. I like the time and location stamp.

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