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Polycam is the leading 3D capture application for Android! Create high-quality 3D models from photos with any Android device. View your 3D captures directly on device, and export them in over a dozen file formats. Share your captures with friends and the Polycam community with Polycam Web and explore captures from around the globe!

Capture with Photo Mode:
● Take photos and convert them into 3D models with photogrammetry
● Great for scanning detailed objects and scenes
● Generates 3D assets that are ready-to-use in any computer graphics application
● Runs on any Android device with at least 2GB RAM

Export 3D models with Polycam Pro:
● Export mesh data as .obj, .dae, .fbx, .stl and .gltf
● Export color point cloud data as .dxf, .ply, .las, .xyz and .pts
● Export blueprints as .png images or .dae files

Share your 3D captures:
● Upload your 3D capture and share with collaborators and friends with a link
● Publish your 3D captures to Polycam Web and share with the community

We are excited to see what you create with Polycam! If you share something online, tag us on twitter or instagram @Polycam3D to let us know what you’ve captured and get featured!

Privacy Policy: https://polycam.ai/privacy_policy.pdf
Terms of Use: https://polycam.ai/terms_and_conditions.pdf


Bug fixes and general improvements


40 comentarios en "Polycam – 3D Scanner MOD 2022"

  1. Adam dice:

    This ap is both great and frustrating until I finally decided to subscribe. I did a lot of testing, lots of fails, lots of learning, several impressive results. That is all until I finally decided to subscribe. After that I have gotten nothing but absolute failures and bad results that don’t come close to the pictures from the scan. Thankfully I didn’t pay for a year! Save yourself the headache and don’t bother.

  2. I’m sure the app works fine on the paid version when using clean-cut shots with consistent backgrounds and bright diffused lighting, but my bigger issue is that when you get a set number of uploads on the free version, when processing a file and the upload fails, reprocessing the file eats another one of your uploads. My file failed to process its 230-some-odd shots 4 times in a row, so now I have no slots left, and nothing to show for it. Not happy.

  3. Not bad overall. The quality is a bit on lower end. If the Devs want to improve that let me know and I can fill in what I’ve seen. That being said the app itself is pretty good. I would have given a higher rating if it weren’t for the subscription requirement. The price asked is not worth what you get in amount of renders or quality. If they added a way to earn more renders or pay per renders I would add another star.

  4. It looks like a good app but requires subscriptions to actually save your result as 3d. I would not mind pay as you go, or buying the app outright, but I can get better results with Meshlab for free and no subscriptions. (In my case, I would rarely use the app, so a subscription is overkill.) It was also really annoying to find this out after spending 20 minutes carefully taking photos. Otherwise, for a relatively easy scan, the results looked pretty good in the in app viewer.

  5. So you get 7 free scans, which is pretty neat. You get one useless format that you can export as though. Not being able to at least have one full range of formats for export so that the user can experience the entire range of this app is disappointing. No way will I toss money at this app without being able to see what I will be working with in model space. No thanks.

  6. Crashes nonstop. I can’t speak to whether or not it can actually create the 3d captures well because it hasn’t stopped crashing from the moment I uploaded my first image set for processing. It crashes as soon as I open the app and exit the camera feature. Aggravating to say the least. I’m going back to my regular photogrammetry software on my computer. Thanks.

  7. Good, but not the best Just wanted to make it clear that there are apps which work better, which are free. If you are paying for this app you are paying for something that does not work as good as some of the other free 3-D modeling apps. This does work pretty good in the trial, free version. But that doesn’t last very long. Hoping for more of these lidar scanning apps so that the market will open up and we will have better and cheaper technology.

  8. I did read the reviews and it was kind of what I expected. The app looks like it works great but will only let you export usable files after you sign up for the subscription which looks like a headache to cancel, or pay the $11.99 on a month to month which for myself is not worth it. I only want to scan 1 or 2 items. Would be great if you had a per model fee. I would have happily paid $1-$2 for the 1 scan I wanted to do. I might never use it again but you made $2 instead of me uninstalling.

  9. [TRIED IT]: My mouse has holes in it…… It has issues with black objects. [OLD]: How about making 3D models by video capture as well? Not only by taking photos. Also, add the option to use the camera flash! How did you miss that SMALL detail? And all these tools should be free for people who want to play with this technology for fun, as well! The Premium subscription should be only to increase the number of pictures taken per month, etc. But damn, it’s expensive as hell………

  10. S G dice:

    Polycam is better than the alternatives including (for my use cases) desktop software like metashape, meshroom, realitycapture, micmac and others. User interface is extremely intuitive, export options are excellent and the photo recognition/alignment algorithms work well out of the box, giving a mesh of a workable size with a good quality textures. End user gets the experience of using a ‘smarter’ software. Less clean up time post-export, whilst cloud processing also saves time and resource.

  11. Matt L dice:

    Seems ok. I’m a bit disappointed that i can’t use lidar mode on my Pixel 6 Pro. Edit: despite new features appearing on the ios version this Android version still only has the basic camera mode. It’s only a pale imitation of the iOS application. ** Still missing the features that come standard for the iOS version. Couldn’t be bothered making use of our LIDAR sensors. **

  12. It simple does not work I payed for the monthly and even after take time to set item it will fail on the processing with no reason given and the takes away from your monthly count. This should not be the case. This is the second time I have tried this app and even when the scanning works the results are not good at all will be cxl my monthly payment

  13. Not a single successful scan of object. All 7 ‘free scans’ were used up on ‘failed’ captures. Used soft lighting, white background, used both auto and manual photos, auto kept losing focus and taking photos of the background and would refuse to focus on the onject once focus was lossed. Not impressed.

  14. Horrible free version. It succeeds once but the result is not what i expected. Fine. I change the photo sets and try again. Keeps telling me it fails despite my best effort. When i click try again it uses up an upload. Don’t advertise yourself as freemium. Just change to fully paid.

  15. Franz dice:

    3D scanning for every android phone very nice. uses photography in the cloud. so it makes sense you have to pay a subscription to use there servers. however I would prefer some smaller options. 150 scans is to much for a casual user.

  16. Just says failed every time and uses up my free credits without any information on why it failed. Trying to scan an incredibly simple object on a turntable. Waste of time.

  17. 3D mapping and rendering not working. I have a Note 20 Ultra and I am not able to conduct a 3D rendering using my phone. I have a friend who has a IPHONE that he doesn’t have issues when doing 3D mapping. Is this an issue with the Android based phones?

  18. This app has a ton of potential and works well, but monthly payments… Downfall of a great thing is always greed.

  19. science dice:

    Decent results but they hide the fact you have to actually pay for it *after* you spend all the time doing a scan. Only option is overpriced subscription

  20. GrainPain dice:

    Utterly garbage app, only got one decent scan from the pitifully small free amount and can only export it on a useless file type. Just make this app paid so people fully avoid it.

  21. Jason H dice:

    You get 5 free captures but I used ALL my free captures trying to get it to upload. It failed every time and took a capture every time I tried.

  22. Crashes all the time. I haven’t been able to open my first scan. App keeps saying something went wrong!!!

  23. Haven’t checked out the mesh in an editor yet but the photo scan itself works really well. With 26 captures in low lighting I was able to get a pretty decent scan of a bust. Way faster than what it takes with the software Google maps uses to create building scans and some other open source software I’ve played with. Redundant export options is awesome. The devs on this really care about their product. Well deserved applause! PS: Not sure how it will handle 1000+ image scans of rooms.

  24. Trying to get the pro version. Selected an expired card. Now I get a Null value, and cannot purchase. Seems like a bug!!! . Trying to reinstall. Will change the review if it works.

  25. Dominik dice:

    It’s an amazing software to capture anything in 3D Very easy to use and it’s processing is really quick but at least they could give us 3 exports a week in obj format

  26. I wish there were some kind of pad that I can like download and put on my tables so I make scanning easier That has a grid so it’s automatically deletes I don’t know I haven’t used it yet seems good

  27. This is a great product and is very accurate. Inexpensive when compared to the major competitor. Please keep Polycam Pro affordable and avoid meging with bigger companies.

  28. so far I love it. I have had some meshes that didn’t turn out well and some that turned out great. I’m still learning how to get all takes perfect.

  29. Nice app and very convenient. Got free 7 trial models but the pricing after that is reasonable too.

  30. bad app. it still works and is fine but it’s because of exporting and huge file sizes, I tried scanning my entire house and even my room and when I exported it just didn’t work, the last time I scanned my entire setup and it worked, so I tried scanning my setup and obviously you know, nope it just didn’t work. waste of my time, please improve this app, premium only gives other file extensions

  31. You can get some amazing results but the thing I find frustrating is viewing objects. I want to look at them with my phone ‘upright’, but if I do, the rotation controls don’t work. Can anything be done to fix this? I can only rotate objects left and right when I use my phone sideways.

  32. Nick E dice:

    No matter how hard you try, environments always look distorted and incomplete. Hardly any photos are allowed in the free version and if you want to go premium, it’s extremely expensive.

  33. Jason dice:

    It should have a depth scanner option because photos waste data and take a long time.

  34. They offer users “free credits” to spend on a few scans, which is fine, but all the scans I have tried this week have come back as “Failed” (no further info or feedback or reasoning are given) AND every failed scan also cost me a credit. Why would I spend money if you’re just gonna charge me and tell me my scan “Failed”? Customer service is non-existent, and I tried multiple channels. Useless and frustrating.

  35. Scans really well if you know how to use it. Works great, but the free version is limited. That’s to be expected.

  36. I was able to scan my head and then import my head into blender and then Garry’s mod. After that I was able to play as myself. The quality is perfect too if you take enough photos.

  37. I’m using this App for work. Scanning objects, removing any unwanted parts in Sketchup, then loading into SpaceClaim to do my final drawing over top. Scanning issues: Auto scan gets stuck on Calibrating. Need to close the app and re-open before each scan. Not a major but a pain. It would be nice if it would stop the screen from timing out and going dim in the middle of a scan. I’m using an S21. The ability to scan with more photos would be nice. I use the 250 up too often. Good job guys!

  38. Uploads failed, unable to use website, exceeded uploads even though they all failed. Garbage product trying to get you to pay to even test.

  39. This app reduces the necessity for a $30000 camera to a tiny monthly fee. Incredible.

  40. When it works it’s very cool but it’s not fair that they use up your scan amount when they fail to process, would be nice if they would let you at least try again with tweaks to the images you took.

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