Pixgram- video photo slideshow MODDED 2022


The BEST app to make a creative video and slideshow with music you love.
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Pixgram is the best app that you can customize your own video and photo slideshow with music.
Only three simple steps, Pick Up Video/Photos, Choose Filter Effects and Music, then you can create a video and share everyday wonderful moments with your family and friends.

★★★ Import your Videos and Photos!
– Now you can mix your favorite videos and photos together to have an amazing slideshow.
★★★ Add Music
– Add your favorite songs into your video and slideshows.
– Discover kinds of the online music.
★★★ Powerful and Simple Editor
– Easy to use and edit the video slideshow in one place, It’s so convenient!
★★★ Video Filters
– Enhance your video with exquisite filters
★★★ Share with your friends
– Instant sharing slideshow to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
★★★ Various Video Size
– You can save your video and slideshow in 1:1, 16:9 or 9:16.

Credit for the Promo Video:
The video clip, “Fireworks Display”:
source: https://www.videvo.net/video/fireworks-display/5358
author: MotionDigital, https://www.videvo.net/profile/MotionDigital
license: CC3.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


1. We killed some bugs what we must do in the summer time.
2. Improve production performance.
3. Add privacy policy agreement. (you can find privacy policy agreement on website previously).


4 comentarios en "Pixgram- video photo slideshow MODDED 2022"

  1. Paul Wardrip dice:

    This app is the best one I have found so far for creating slideshows. It supports portrait and landscape, makes the pictures fit without as much prep editing. The controls for adjusting speed, watermark, titles, etc are minimal and intuitive. It’s well designed. There are two things that stop me from giving it a five, hopefully the dev could address them in an update: 1) I would really like a way to sort and/or search on the folder names when selecting images, if you have a lot of folders it’s hard to find what you are looking for because the order seems arbitrary. 2) I would also like to have a way to change the sort on the files, on my old phone it seemed to follow the filename, but now it seems to be date… the pics I cropped/edited are out of sequence.

  2. Stephanie White dice:

    Would love to give the full 5 stars. It was nice to be able to make a memorial video for my beloved dog. But it wasn’t easy to select where I wanted the music to start/stop without watching through everything over and over and over. And even though I picked the perfect place for it to end in the editing part, every time it saved the video, it cut the end of the song off. I tried to fix it multiple times and it still cut it off, even though in the editing mode it shows it lasting longer.

  3. Zeynep Dilli dice:

    Once you enter a folder to look at pictures, it doesn’t reload the folder if you switch to another app and edit pictures. Can’t force it to reload, you’ve got to clean the cache. For music selection, it doesn’t look into folders, but gives you a flat list of all music files on the phone. I have upwards of 2000 mp3s, since I record with my phone. There’s no settings to ask it to look in somewhere specific. The design and UI seem nice, but this app is functionally useless if you have more media.

  4. elly nicole dice:

    I like the app but I wish there was a way to show all the pictures the way they are in a mix size format and not be cut or me being forced to crop them to fit (or eliminate them because they won’t show properly) I did try to change fit/fill/size/portrait/landscape/square but that didn’t help much. After much playing around and deleting some pictures 🙁 I made a video that I was satisfied… without some of the pics :(:( I would love a paid version of this app without the watermark.

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