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Create beautiful stories with 400+ design templates for Insta Stories.
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Unfold is a video and photo editor that offers hundreds of award-winning Instagram templates. Create beautiful content for IG stories, posts, reels, TikTok and your other social media platforms. Our designs, tools, and fonts for Instagram to take your content to the next level.

— Choose templates and Instagram layouts from collections like Film and Clasico.

— Add filters, text, stickers, GIFs, textures, and backgrounds.

— Use templates and effects to create engaging stories & reels.

— Plan and organize your Insta posts with our easy-to-use feed planner.

— Create a Bio Site to share your link in bio and connect with your audience.

— Share to Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok.

— Templates & Collages

Explore templates and Instagram layouts and use the Unfold Studio to upgrade your content. Add any photo or video into the frames with our photo editor and reel maker tools and use our feed planner to instantly design gorgeous social feed content.

— Fonts & Text Editor

Apply new, hand-picked fonts for Instagram to templates and elevate your content using our powerful text editing tools. Use our text editor and reel maker tools to add text to any photo or video and take them to the next level using our feed planner.

— Filters & Effects

Use our photo editor to create and edit photos with filters like. Our video and reel maker has animated templates and effects. Photo editor tools include Brightness, Contrast, Crop, and Tint, so you can get the perfect look every time.

— Backgrounds & Stickers

Add backgrounds and textures via our reel maker to your Instagram layouts using select color presets and texture patterns. Edit with the color picker or eyedrop tool to get the perfect hue or tone for your template, or use hex codes to keep your brand cohesive.

— Feed Planner

Unfold’s feed planner is perfect for planning and scheduling Instagram feed posts. Sync Unfold with your Instagram account and use it to build an eye-catching feed.

— Bio Sites

Create a link in bio page with Unfold’s Bio Sites. Present your bio, social media, and professional website links, add ‘support me’ buttons to receive payments via PayPal or Venmo — all in one personalized design with your profile picture and custom URL.

Unfold+ Membership

Unfold+ is a subscription created to help you reach your creative potential.

· Access any story template or fonts for Instagram.
· Early access to new collections and Instagram layouts.
· Plan your social calendar with our feed planner.
· Exclusive releases and designs
· Cancel anytime.

Unfold Pro

Unfold Pro is a subscription to bring your creative flair to life on social. Create engaging content for your personal brand from anywhere with the feed planner.

· Upload custom fonts for Instagram to use in your stories.
· Add your brand colors to templates.
· Sync your logos and stickers.
· Share your stories to the web with our feed planner.
· Includes Unfold+ membership

Annual subscription billing will start after the trial period. After the 7-day free trial, this subscription will automatically auto-renew each year. Or if you choose a monthly subscription, your billing will start immediately and auto-renew each month. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled at least one day before the renewal date within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your Google account at the confirmation of purchase. If you subscribe before a free trial ends, the remainder of the trial period will be forfeited. You can manage and cancel your subscription by going to your account settings in the Google Play Store.

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Unfold from Squarespace —

Thanks for creating with Unfold! We love hearing your ideas and feedback. Email us at [email protected] or message us on Instagram at @unfold.


What's new in this version:

— Choose Your Slideshow Speed. When you turn any template into a slideshow video for TikTok and IG Reels, you can pace your speed to better match the music: fast, slow or regular.
— Export Longer Videos. Export videos that are 30 seconds long or less.

We love hearing your ideas and feedback. Go to Menu > Support > Contact Support in the app.


44 comentarios en "Unfold: Story Maker & Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. I want to like this app, I really do, but the user interface is terrible. Many buttons are too small and the controls aren’t intuitive. For example, it is very difficult to delete text without accidentally tapping on a picture behind the text. It would be easier to delete text by dragging it to the bottom (to a trash icon). Also, the app lags and then shuts down after adding many pictures. A fix would be appreciated.

  2. I just moved from iOS to Android. This app was so much better in the iOS. Its a shame that I had to buy it twice and it sucks the second time. The stability and touch functionality is way off on this one. It just becomes frustrating just trying to press the X button on the pages. I don’t even have a lame phone, its a Note 9. You try to preview and it will always start from the very first story. I loved this app, still the best aesthetics but its buggy with Android.

  3. The idea behind this app is outstanding and the user interface is very easy. However it will only let you share a page on Instagram and not the entire story. Also an Android, it does not give you the option to save your pages to your camera roll so that you can load them to Instagram. Therefore unless you are wanting to do individual Pages, it is not very useful.

  4. I love the idea behind this app. Its templates are minimalist and very aestgetically pleasing. However I’m having trouble editing the text at all. I purchased the fonts package and because I can’t seem to edit text I can’t even enjoy what I’ve paid for. I’m not sure if this is due to a recent update because I thought i could edit text before. I could be wrong. Please help!

  5. I love this app. Its straight forward and easy to use. I never ever leave reviews but I’m shocked at hoe wonderful this is. There are plenty of unpaid options that work just fine. Then you can also pay a small fee for more options. There is no ridiculous subscription. You just pay for what you use which is a one time fee for the templates if you choose to buy more. This has removed the need for me to spend tons of time of photoshop. I just use this app instead. It’s very easy and efficient without ANY ADS which is rare these days. Thank you to the developer. I am grateful.

  6. I used to love this app on my iPhone. Ever since switching to a Android I’m appalled by the functionality issues. It crashes regularly and seems to have issues saving my layouts. I’ll spend 30 minutes on a new story and click back into the app to export and post only to find they’re all gone. The layouts are nice and the typeface choices are spot on. Also the unsplash plugin is invaluable, but the functionality is killing it

  7. I absolutely love this app! it’s created for making creating stories and collages with text. What I DON’T like is that you only get ONE free set and every other set you have to pay for. There are also limited stickers, which is very disappointing for an app of this caliber. I understand that they make money from us purchasing new styles, but I feel there there should be more free options.

  8. What Happened? This app was great, I even paid for the extra options. Now it won’t even open. I figured it was a temporary issue. Nope, didn’t fix itself. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Nope. Same error message. I need to make an e-flyer right now for my business on cyber monday and looks like I’m out of luck. Seems like a lot of people are experiencing this. Would have been awesome if you’d been proactive with a fix.

  9. In my opinion, I enjoyed blending in photos and videos with the different templates using the Pro version. Although, the basic features are still decent for beginners and those who want to try the demo version. It’s a good investment for people who love designing their Instagram stories or just simply doing collages for fun. However, today I experienced a glitch in the app using my Samsung S9. I hope it would be fixed soon.

  10. This is the only app I’ll use for my insta stories on my business account. I have the paid version and I love all the options it gives me. Multiple people have asked how I get my stories so pretty! The only thing I don’t like is when I save a story and go back to it later, the alignment of text is always shifted making it harder to add to it later or copy a slide to make a new one. I also wish there were more texture options!!

  11. I think the concept is cool, but everything that is cool about this app is only included in the premium version. I don’t have $ to drop on yet ANOTHER service that charges monthly, especially one that I won’t really use. This is a cool concept, but what uses do I have to pay for the premium and get my monies worth? Instagram story making? Not worth the money for me, they should include features for free and add an ads option if they really need that good coin.

  12. **update – lowered to one star because i just bought another set of templates and it’s impossible to use. i have updated the app and it still just freezes and crashes. when it works it’s fun to use. but usually it seems to take me twice as long as it should to create anything, or completely crashes on me. make it better for android please!

  13. It has an option to save the story as is, but it never saves as is. saves in random order which sucks when trying to upload in the order you originally created in the app. There’s also a button to “share to instagram” when you click that button all it does is open Instagram. doesn’t load the picks or anything related to the edited frames in unfold. UPDATE: I have updated the app, I like the new format, but still suffer the same issues.

  14. the design is simple yet beautiful. it definitely enhances your IG story. I had issues saving or exporting to IG though which was frustrating. it would save the 2 first pages then the very last page, but nothing in between. it kept crashing saying something went wrong. I’m an android user so I dont think that’s the issue & it’s definitely not user error.

  15. I DID love it…. I’ve paid for all the layouts, but now when I save my pages, my images are much larger than the frame itself. It looks fine when in the app, the photo sits inside the frame like it should, but once I save it, my photo now hangs out the bottom, like it’s too big. It looks so goofy, I can’t use this app now because of it.

  16. NOTE 8 //: use to love this app, used it all the time and it use to work well. Now I’m having issues with the images getting pixelated most of the time (not all) when importanting images into most of the templates. It looks like it lowers the resolution of the images when importing. 《UPDATE // now I can’t load any videos》

  17. Thinking of switching from iPhone to Android? Or vice versa? Beware. I switched phones and all the extras I paid for are null and void. You can’t restore purchases. The button is useless within the app. Their response, sorry, we don’t support that option right now. Like what? That should DEFINITELY be in the description before anyone else has this issue! 🤬

  18. awesome app! it’s so awesome for being creative but not going overboard! lol. super aesthetic templates!! especially the film ones!!!! very modern design options. only rating 4/5 cause it glitches sometimes when i add a pic to a template it doesn’t fit in correctly i have to like leave the app and come back or do it again or different stuff. but worth the small fee for different packs! especially film one and text.

  19. I love this app, it has great features and I’m contemplating getting the free version, however one thing I would like to see is when you create a new story being able to add all “slides” to that story onto instagram at once rather than going back and forth into the app and IG to add them. I’m not sure if there is a way to do this already but I havent figured it out and going back and forth is tedious. If I made a story collection on the app it would be nice to see it all transfer over

  20. Just downloaded this app because a friend highly recommended it. He has an iPhone and the app opens and functions as it should, it won’t even open for me. I’m pretty sure this is because of the latest Android update and not the app itself. I’ve had many bugs and issues since the update with tons of other apps. Leaving this review for others to see. Hoping it gets solved quickly.

  21. Doesn’t save the same as I laid out in the app sometimes. So sometimes the text will move to a different spot on the page and I have to recreate the page again and try saving it to get it to look how I actually designed it. It gets super frustrating because you never know when or why it happens.

  22. Tried the free Plus trial. Set up my account and started creating content. At the end of the trial period, I was charged the $19.99 yearly subscription which is fine. The only problem is now I can’t access anything I’ve been working on and when I try to log in, it says I’m not signed up. The kicker? When I try to subscribe again (and yes, eat the cost), it tells me an account is already created. Great content but horrible app.

  23. Interesting but limited in free options, also extemely clunky to use. Button for adding text and color sometimes doesn’t respond. Adding details is not intuitive. Text customization is not saved so have to edit every time text is attached. Cannot rotate text. Very limited background colors. Most templates behind pay wall. When uploading to Instagram, bottom of story is cut off with no way to fix.

  24. love love love this app as it simplifies the process of creating clean, pretty stories. the only reason I’m giving it less than 5 stars is because upon switching phones, I have not been able to recover my purchases made on my former iPhone. when I hit the “restore purchases” button, it simply doesn’t respond. just keep that in mind when buying any of the templates or fonts through this app!

  25. After reading reviews experiencing the same issue & the company response that it’s an “issue on Androids/Samsungs end”. Even so, being that the app crashes immediately/won’t load, rendering it useless, it’s wrong to still charge us the subscription fee as the app doesn’t work for us users right now. Especially as there’s no timeline on when the “issue” & the “fix” will occur. Unsubscribing, hopefully get a refund & maybe will return when it’s fixed.

  26. This is the most frustrating app I have had to use. I have tried it numerous times trying to work with the text and the editing format will not let me select where I want to or edit where I need to. I have tried to give it multiple tries and was even excited to see the update that apparently fixed the text editing bugs, but clearly nothing was fixed. For a writer who has to use this mobile app, it has become a nuisance more than anything. The justified text positioning doesn’t even work!

  27. I used to subscribe to the plus plan and loved it. The app is basically unusable without it. I used to be able to see what it looked like before purchasing, and now it just takes me to purchase before showing. My card changed, so it canceled my subscription. It’s been 5 months, I go back in, because I have a use for the app again, and it won’t let me purchase again! And the restore purchases doesn’t work. I’m annoyed. I can’t do anything I need to do because it won’t let me purchase again.

  28. It’s pretty easy to use and I like it a lot. It’s got a clean design and good layout. I also wish that when you went to the Plan tab and clicked + to Grid that you could choose from the posts already in the app instead of having to download the post from the app and then choose it from your phone gallery. Other than that this app works great, it does what it’s supposed to

  29. Rob O dice:

    My go-to for stylized Stories. Love the selection, and the recent update was excellent. Only issue I have, and it’s a minor gripe, is that the stories created are wider than my device’s display when posting to IG Stories, cutting off the edges. This impacts templates where the aesthetic goes edge to edge … So I’ll often have to save a layout, then modify it within a new layout that incorporates borders and save again to ensure proper 16:9 fit. Otherwise, great app.

  30. Love the new feature of planning your IG feed. I would like to see the ability to batch delete photos in the planner. I would also like to see the ability for a reminder to post & repeat reminder at 9am & 3pm. I’d also like to see the ability to write a description for each photo & when you push the share button, the description for that selected photo is copied to clipboard. Also would be nice to have black for bio site background.

  31. I really appreciate that unfold allows you to just buy the new assets shortly after they come out as opposed to subscribing for a monthly fee to get them all. I had an issue where for awhile the app wouldn’t launch which was frustrating during wedding season but it looks like that bug has been squashed.

  32. PRO:Templates are beautifully designed and make create IG stories. CON: On Android it is so hard to choose a photo from your gallery unless the photo has been taken by your camera recently. It would be great if the app could just open Android’s native photo picker so I could grab images from google photo albums I’ve created. Unfold is all about curation, which likely means the photos I want to display weren’t taken that same day but rather weeks, months or a year ago (that I have since put into an album). The app is also pretty buggy, which can result in making it really difficult to interact with the text boxes and compose a story.

  33. First time using this app was great. After that the pop ups made it impossible to use. Anytime I tried changing a font to one of their optional font choices it would show an ad and revert to the previous font. Two stars is very generous. If this app worked as well as it did when I first tried it I would have given it 5.

  34. Doesn’t live up to the Hype – No matter how many times I reinstall, delete storage or clear cache I keep getting “oops something went wrong” when I try to save my story/page. To make matters worse their’s absolutely no support content online to help resolve problems. Since I can’t use it like intended I regret downloading & purchasing the extra fonts and templates.

  35. Undecided – new user here and I only have the free version. Based on comments, I didn’t want to purchase this app yet. Why can’t the pictures chosen be zoomed in or out and why can’t they be rearranged? The paid version has more layout options but not being able to move my pictures around after selecting them is a huge hassle and #1 reason I won’t purchase. Am I doing something wrong?

  36. I have the paid version of this app and they still haven’t fixed the issue that other Android users have been experiencing. Since the Android update I also no longer can open the app, I’ve sent am email and reported the issue through the error log when the issue happens. If this isn’t fixed soon, an update is proved, or money is given back I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  37. Not user friendly. Could only find 2 free (& very basic) template collections. Most features (other templates, texture & pattern backgrounds, graphics) require $$ & it’s pushed VERY HARD, obscuring free stuff. VERY HARD to see boxes for items added overtop pic & thus edit each. Text box has no easy tool to grab it & edit. No HELP menu. A time consuming b*tch to use. Could not even make 1 story. VERY DISAPPOINTED. PicsArt, tho not as fancy, HAD FREE STUFF & I was able to create story in minutes.

  38. Overall great app, it’s pretty easy to use and I’m loving the gorgeous, minimalist stories I’m creating with it. I’m not, however, in love with the fact that downloading a full story to my device completely reorders each page. That annoying glitch needs to be fixed.

  39. Mistress dice:

    I hate this app. It has made so frustrating to use. I cannot choose pictures from albums, I have to download in order to see them. Connections to Instagram is online and not through the app. I just can’t. People make beautiful things from this app, but it is not exactly use friendly is you do not know what you are doing. If I could give it zero stars I would. Works for some people, but not for all.

  40. App looks slick but it’s challenging to do basic tasks. To choose a picture you have this long drop down menu you have to scroll through instead of a gallery of your images. Adding/editing text is a PITA. Looks promising but fails to execute in critical areas.

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