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SNOW is a camera app used by over 200 million people around the world.

– Find your favorite version of yourself by creating and saving custom beauty effects.
– Take profile-worthy selfies with stylish AR makeup features.
– Explore thousands of stickers with updates every day.
– Don’t miss exclusive seasonal filters that add color to your daily life.
– Professional photo edits with just a few taps.

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Face Technology by SenseTime

Permission Details :
• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To load photos
• RECEIVE_SMS : To automatically input verification code received via SMS
• READ_PHONE_STATE : To automatically input country codes while signing up
• RECORD_AUDIO : To record sound
• GET_ACCOUNTS : To automatically input email address while signing up
• READ_CONTACTS : To find friends from contacts
• ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : To load location-based filters
• CAMERA : To capture photos or videos
• SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : To display alert messages


[Hi-Res Mode]

High Resolution Mode added! Shoot clearer pictures in hi-res mode.
Use improved beauty features to make your skin look more natural.

[Brand Shop]
Find decorative stickers in the brand shop. Customize your photos with character stickers!

[Hair Volume]

Hair volume has been added.
Make your hair look more natural and volumized!

[Create filters]

The layer function was added to the sticker menu. Reorder and edit stickers with ease.


40 comentarios en "SNOW MODDED 2022"

  1. Filters were so cute and fun to use but the app no longer allows me to edit and download my photos so it’s pointless to use. I’ve been using this app for at least a year too and was waiting for them to fix it with updates but despite getting a new phone or restarting it, the app still doesn’t allow me to use the edit and download features so time to uninstall.

  2. Snow used to have a messaging platform within the app, but it’s gone. That was a highlight of the app! I loved it and my friends and I miss it so much. The filters are wonderful and it’s very fun, but it is inconvenient to download the content and then send it on another platform instead versus being able to send it in one app with a click. I BEG YOU TO BRING THAT BACK PLEASE!

  3. I absolutely adore this app! I would say its one of the top 3 I use on a regular basis– however it seems to have change? For one the search bar is completely gone. Also I noticed the videos have become super laggy. Photos seem to be the same, but again the video option is just different. The quality is not the same as when I first started using it 3-4 years ago (╥﹏╥)

  4. The app used to be a full 5 stars, but they updated it so now when you pull a photo from your gallery, you can’t use your favorite filters on it! Its actually really irritating that they got rid of that option. Other than that the makeup options are cool, it’s also sad that you can’t change some filters intensity, only the face thinning option. But that particular part has always been an issue.For basics it’s good, but to try and use it to the fullest potential it’s trying to get to, it will fall

  5. This camera app is very fun to use and have wonderful filters! However, recently, there has been an issue whenever I open the app. One of many filters is becoming my default filter. Although I enjoy taking photos with the filter, I do not like when the app automatically choose it for me. I’m wondering if this is a bug of some sort, and if so, I would like it to be remove and reverted back to the original filter.

  6. My all in one photo editing app! I love the cute stickers and filters and border options for resizing. Beauty options are fun but can be dangerous to mental health. I try not to use any of the face slimming or anything like that. I keep it cute with fun filters and stickers! Also the ads get kind of annoying when you open the app, but it’s not bad considering it’s free software.

  7. jasmineee dice:

    I technically give it 3 stars, but it earns an extra star because of the filters. I like the filters, but it’s super laggy it’s always crashing, the boomerangs are sometimes coming out low quality sometimes or they freeze. and then I have to re-open the app and it’s draining my battery, but if you guys could fix that, it would be 5 stars. I also don’t like the fact that you have to sign in to favorite creators’ filters. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! THANK YOU !

  8. Really fun app with a lot of customization, but I wish there was a bit more customization? Even with all the facial editing turned off, I still can’t turn off some filters changing how my face is shaped or changing the color of my eyes. Also sometimes it saves a huge amount of random images and videos from the app to my phone storage and I’m really not sure what that’s about but I don’t enjoy it.

  9. I loved SNOW, but the new update is HORRIBLE!! Can’t access my list of favorite filters anymore, the new layout makes it harder to find filters in general, and there are way less filters available for photos imported from the gallery. I wish there was a way to revert to the old version. Used to be my go-to app, now I need to find something else. B612 has the same issue. Disappointing.

  10. Sam W dice:

    As others are voicing, the new update for some reason created some problems. The photos aren’t storing in the SNOW folder, but are now showing up in the CAMERA roll. The photos are coming out blurry with a warm hue to them and I’ve noticed while taking a photo with a filter on it, the blurry warm tone of the photo makes the filter look unnatural. Not only do the filters look unnatural, the facial recognition doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to.

  11. Very laggy. A friend recommend this app to me and it worked wonderfully on her phone and I loved all of the features and details it had. Great app. But its too slow and much too laggy for me to be able to take pictures or record anything at all and I know my phone works just fine and its the application itself. It has great potential but the lagging needs to be fixed

  12. I really, really love this app. However, I’m having an issue with the video editor. I was trying to use the Bling effect for my Sailor Moon edit, and no matter what I did, whether I tried to save it or export it, the Bling effect wasn’t even there. I tried doing this over and over and I even made the clip smaller thinking that was the issue, but it still wouldn’t show up! What’s the deal?

  13. I love this app and I’ve been using it for years now. The only thing is that I would love it to have a POSE recommendation so people can get more amazing photos using it. Plus while recording a video I hope it would be possible to turn between the front and the back cameras just by clicking twice on the screen.

  14. I love this app I really do but ever since the last update music (to make videos) section which was my favorite feature, all the English songs were eliminated and the music got even more limited, there’s only Asian songs in it which I like all kind of music but I prefer English. I wish there was an option to at atleast add our own background music.

  15. I love this app. I got it when B612 wasn’t functioning the best on my phone. After I updated my phone though, they started to about act the same. Now sometimes I’m getting black lines showing up in my pictures. Ultimately though, I’m willing to put up with the occasional lag and picture retake for the adorable filters. Besides my personal errors, I do wish there were makeup sliders for EVERY filter. I would like to be able to turn off the crappy lipstick smear because it tends to ruin filters.

  16. Sawyer dice:

    it’s so easy to use, you don’t have to pay for the effects that you should get for free on any app, and is overall satisfying for me. — i’ve searched through about 10 apps or so looking for simple effects and this is the only one i see that’s either there in the first place and/or free. — it’s overall a good app for people looking to upload videos and edit them.

  17. I love this app, the only big flaw it really has to me is it often does not get the shape of my eyes correct (my left eye especially) and so when I do the liner, I end up with a line going across my eyelid instead of along the top of the lashes where it should be. If this app had the option to change the points of the eyes, it would be perfect.

  18. I am very disappointed with this app. I was editing a video clip and it saved perfectly the first two times. Then I started to edit another clip and it saved until 100% but it still said “saving video” and I waited and waited, but it wouldn’t finish. I am very very unhappy with this as I LOVED the filters and borders and now IT WON’T WORK. PLEASE FIX THIS.

  19. Used to be the best app, loved the creative video inserts for lazies like me, the cutest photo/video effects. But the new update is so bad, super laggy and Im not even sure you can even add effects to a picture taken from your gallery, only from the here and now while using the app which lags taking the photo so be sure to remain still for seconds after you hit the camera button. As everyone else is saying, give us the old one back, keep the ads whatever, just want the old one back!!

  20. You guys continuously get rid of really great filters. You got rid of all the deer filters except the snow deer and you got rid of multiple animal and makeup/face paint filters as well as a variety of background filters plus background filters and face filters can’t be used together anymore. Also, I think the music option is really great, but it’d be better if we could choose music from our own personal library as well.

  21. I really love this app but it could be improved. For instance, when trying to apply stickers the image of what sticker I’m using is in the way so I cant complete my edit. Also I’d like more options for music in the video section, or to be able to add my own music.

  22. It is very confusing. For some reason i have to download each effect even if i just want to sample how it would look. Not only that, but it is like each effect downloads a whole other app within it. Im still not sure whats going on. So if anything, the effects are great, but make it more user friendly.

  23. Very promising! I love all the different effects. There are a few things that are confusing/not so great. For example, there are some effects that say “tap to change style”, but when I tap, it doesn’t do anything. It’d also be nice if you could have the option to save as a gif. There are also some effects that look like they should have the option to save as a video, but it acts like a snapshot instead (the one in particular I’m thinking of is the love in different languages (in sticker section)

  24. Latest update broke the app. When i try to open, it attempts to open in multi-window (which it never did before) and the screen remains black. Moving to full screen does nothing. Had to uninstall but will likely reinstall once devs fix their broken app. 4/7/20 – App works well enough except for the one time a year that the devs break it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Will reinstall in a couple of days.

  25. Cat dice:

    Same issues as other recent reviews. The latest update has made the app extremely laggy. It takes a minute or longer to review or even save my photos after I capture them, and the ads have become obtrusive pop-ups. I love the filters and editing features of this app, but if these problems persist, I’ll definitely be uninstalling it.

  26. I love the app… but I hate the new update. Recently I have been trying to edit a couple of pictures but some times all the filter get mix together and start doing some creepy things with my pictures. Like black circles for eyes and other creepy stuff I can’t even explain. Please go back to the old version. It was better before.

  27. I havent used the video option in snow for a while, but I will assume that after the update, the sound doesnt play back from a video that has been recorded. I even went to my actual phone video files to watch it and no sound was recorded. Other than that, the app is fun and easy to use. I love it.

  28. Mitzi Gz dice:

    I love it and really recommend for pictures. However, whenever I’m recording a video, ads pop up and it stops the video. Every. Single. Time. It redirects me to another app, the ad, and it pauses the video I’m recording. It’s annoying and frustrating. Please remove those kinds of ads. We do not want ads that redirect us to another app when we’re using the application. It’s very annoying.

  29. I used to love this app, but a recent update automatically adds some brightening skin filter even when I switch it to original mode. Please get rid of this feature. My skin is already super pale, I don’t need to look like a ghost. Allow users to apply the filters themselves, not force it automatically.

  30. I really hate this now because of the “this effect cannot be used” its really unfair (SUPER actually) and it’s boring coz they won’t show up on my phone,my phone is actually android (Samsung A01) so it’s not going to show on mine and I really hate it when you have to make a filter just to search up filters that you want but I can’t anymore coz it’s boring now when I can’t use the filters.(wouldn’t recommend the app)

  31. The app is good but there is a problem, I am making filters and added the white mask sticker, but the adjustments aren’t the same. And i putted a video after creating a filter the video has a green thing in the side, I mean that the whole video is not showing up, and I can’t use photos as a thumbnail and a model, can you please fix that and I will give you 5 stars

  32. Their is so much lag and trouble. 1, i cant favorite all of the filters. 2, it keeps randomly loading and keeps me out of the app saying snow isnt working. 3rd which is the most annoying, when i make my videos with sounds, especially when i dance, my movements seem so delayed. Like its lagging so much with the vids. I have to purposely dance 1-2 seconds to match the timing of the sounds. It wasnt like this before. Disappointing…

  33. 3 star because the other filter doesn’t work, please fix this app. a lot of people want to use it but there is no hot or no search for the filter they want, and the other one doesn’t work either. So please fix this app, thank you.

  34. This app is wonderful but the only problem I have is…when I try to use the body editor on a picture it goes black and doesn’t work. I’d be happy if that could be fixed😃. When it gets fixed I’ll give five stars. Edit: I can now use the body editor and it works great. Keep up the good work.

  35. Used to be a fantastic app, since the last update it just fully crashs my entire phone if you try to save your progress to go from one section to another. Fully my phone froze up and then shut down. Happened twice. As it is its useless to me.

  36. I give this app 4 stars because it was awesome! Their filters, hd video and more, I’m not gonna frustrated to this app but in one issue, there’s such an advertisements that’s really annoyed me 💀

  37. Look i love snow i really do. But there’s just this glitch that’s so annoying and it won’t stop! I love all the filters and when i took a picture and was about to download the pic it just showed blank just white there’s no picture of me sometimes the blank is black you really need to fix this.

  38. Yoru dice:

    Is there some kind of bug that whenever i search a filter it only says “No results” while the others can use it?I dont know whats the problem but I’ve tried uninstalling it and re installing it it still doesn’t work please fix this i love using this app i dont know what happened??

  39. it’s good for picture taking, it has so many pretty filters u could use. u can also make your own filters, but it’s kinda hard to search though because i haven’t updated it yet (for me/my opinion) but it was still good ! 💞

  40. I love this app so much however, I can’t save photos after taking pics, it just keeps loading and a pop up message asking me to choose between “close app, wait or send feedback”. It just happened recently so please fix it.

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