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Photo Editor with 100+ photo filters, effects. Adjust, decorate photos easily.
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Lumii, as a powerful photo editor pro, provide all features you want to edit pictures. This photo editor as one of the best pic editing apps, offer you 100+ stylish preset photo filters and photo effectsto edit photos. No ads while editing.

No matter you are a newbie or pro, Lumii will be your best choice as photo filters editing apps among plenty of similar photo maker and presets photography apps. Just simple and fast touches, you can create artistic high quality works without any professional skills. Apply photo filters for pictures and fill your aesthetic needs.

What you can do with Lumii (FREE and All-in-one Photo Editor Pro):

👓Customize Photo Filters
✦ Exquisitely designed filters for pictures, presets for Instagram, make your photos stand out. Best filters for pictures and Instagram photo editor app.
✦ Add custom exclusive photo filters and effects, such as Film, LOMO , Retro, etc.
✦ Fine adjustment for photo filters and effects strength.

✨Customize Photo Effects
✦ Exquisitely designed effects for picture, make your photos stand out. Best photo effects editor app.
✦ Add custom exclusive photo effects, such as Glitch, Light Leak, Double Exposure.
✦ Fine adjustment for photo effects strength.

🖼️Background eraser
✦ Easy to repair or erase unwanted part with background eraser.
✦ Mix your cutout photo with preset background templates.
✦ Best background editor, just one tap to change background.

🎨HSL Color Mode
✦ Easily control Hue, Saturation, Luminance (HSL), support 8 colors channels, intuitive darkroom effect photo editor app, photo filters and effects presets app.
✦Totally FREE and advanced HSL adjustment picture editor app.

🍭Curves for Photos
✦Powerful curves tools, pro level darkroom effect photo editor for Instagram.
✦Advanced adjustment with 4 color options.
✦Free picture editor, photo filters and effects with curves and colors.
✦Undo feature to easily correct photo editing.

☀️Professional Double Exposure Blend Editor
✦Best blend editor tool, create trendy double exposure effects for pictures, easy & powerful Instagram photo editor app.
✦Lots of blend photo editor templates to choose from, edit your photos to perfection.

📺Glitch Photo Editor
✦ Amazing glitch photo effects to enhance your photos, such as VHS, vaporwave etc. Free and funny glitch photo editor.
✦ Easily adjust photo effects value to fit for different scenes. Fastest glitch photo editor.

✨Basic Photo Editing Tools
✦Adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, warmth, shadows, sharpness, exposure etc.
✦Selective options for image enhancement, best picture editor and filters for pictures app.
✦Control the strength of all the photo properties.
✦User-friendly pic editing apps for Android. Ultimate darkroom photo editor pro. Photo filters and effects app.

🖼Rotate and Crop Photo
✦Crop photo freely (in multi aspect ratios).
✦Crop photo to adapt for social media ratios. Best presets app, Instagram photo editor.
✦Rotate photo to a perfect angle, horizontal, vertical etc.
✦Picture editor with ultra-fast rotate and crop tools.

✍️Add text to photos
✦Add text on photo, with lots of fonts for selecting.
✦Add text on photo, and apply different styles in single text.
✦Best pic editor and effects with text.

📖Photo Library History
✦Import photos from your gallery according to albums.
✦Photo editing history supported for free.
✦Quickly identify the edited photos in your gallery, picture editor and filter app with multi workspaces.

With all the powerful and distinctive photo maker features above, Lumii helps you become an expert in photo editing (photo filters and effects adjustment), and discover endless fun during the time.

Lumii is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Instagram.


* BG & Sticker: Stroke tool added
* New Effects: Blend with Rain Effect
* New Filters: Spring series added
* Bug fixes and other improvements
If you have any suggestions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Or DM us on Instagram at @lumii.photoeditor.


40 comentarios en "Photo Editor – Lumii MODDED"

  1. DG Alicen dice:

    I got this based on really positive reviews. But once I tried it, there was no way to access all my photos, including, of course, the ones I want to edit. There are no menu options, no FAQ, no tutorials, nothing, nada, zip, zero hints as to how to navigate to the photos I want to edit, even after signing up for the pro version. Two thumbs down.

  2. Awesome app. Played with it briefly before buying the pro version. Well worth the price to be able to do serious photo editing from my phone. Only quibble so far (and I may just not have figured it out) is that I’d like to be able to zoom in while selected areas. However, very happy with the app even without that ability.

  3. Finally, the photo editor I’ve been looking for! Very feature-rich with an intuitive interface. I don’t have to guess how to do things. The premium features FEEL premium instead of being basic functionality locked behind a paywall. The filters are attractive and varied. The brushes for doodling are cute. This is now my go-to.

  4. Best photo editorp I’ve used hands down across the board. It has a large variety of filters all of which are of quality and usable, a very wide array of texture and ambient augments, and can apply most adjustments to the entire photo or just a portion of it. It’s is very powerful, quick, and has yet to crash on me. 1 of 2 photo editor apps I use: more than worth the money for the full version.

  5. Suzy dice:

    Easy to use, there are alot of free options/features to edit photos. I like how the photos on my phone just pop up in the app automatically so I don’t have to go search for them. And then after you edited and download a photo, it immediately goes to your camera folder so you’re not looking all over the place for the edited photo!

  6. Honestly a very simply easy to use photo editing “software” or app whatever you want to call it. My only complaint would be it’s pretty limited when it comes to things like effects and filters because of premium, but other than that it’s really good. Plus the premium isn’t that annoying since almost everything I need is there for free.

  7. I spent a lot of time editing pictures (and had to watch ads every time I finished editing one) then I went to look at my edited pictures, and could only view a couple of them… This was because they wanted me to PAY to get access to all the photos I made. This was very annoying, as they did not tell me this upfront, I had to waste a bunch of time before finding this out. I won’t be using this app again, and unless you’re willing to pay $13, I would suggest not wasting your time either

  8. CJ Haley dice:

    I just started using this app and was able to complete adding text to screenshot successfully. And that was using trial and error to figure out how it works. I took 1 star off for no user guide or ” How to” being visible. Still haven’t found anything that describes what the icons do. I’m sure they do a lot more than what I was able to with them. Still very happy with results and can repeat them.

  9. Fun – Fun – Fun Okay I’ve had some time to really get into using this app and I really like it. I really needed photo editing for dummies, but once I spent some time here, it became very easy to edit my photos I did spend more time than expected on this app. But not becuz it was complicated! I found a lot of cool things to do on here, therefore got lost in the artistic side of the app.

  10. Just edited my first picture and I’m delightfully surprised at how many different options and variations there is to choose from! Blown away! Some of them say available with the pro version, I didn’t check that out, but others are available if you follow on Instagram or watch a video/ad…for example. There are tons of cool options without doing any of those things also! Hours of fun!

  11. It’s a great app for doing the basic photo enhancements and corrections. It was very easy to learn, too. There are a lot of filters to choose from. You can do layers. There’s not a lot of effects in the free version. I downloaded this app for adding text to pics and to change the background. It’s really easy to do. Best of all NO ADS – that I can remember.

  12. I can see why so many of the reviews of this app are so glowingly positive! Very high-quality results, easy to use. I like the way all of the edits are cumulative, and yet you can use the history button to selectively block out each category of edits (the adjustments or filters or effects, etc.), to see how that affects the project. That feature alone gives you much more control than is usual in this type of app.

  13. Love it. I love the overlays, and all the different options. When using the app for free there is still a lot of options. The creators of the app place the filters which are free right beside the ones that are what are considered, “VIP”. Do you can use both options while creating your masterpiece; you just can only save the, ” free” choices to your phone, or post on websites, or share with the world… So If you don’t mind the ads and previewing pictures you can’t save or use… I recommend it!

  14. This app is amazing. Love it. Wouldn’t want anything else. The the way it allows you to have so many settings yet still be easy enough for a 3 year old is awesome. Was able to find some photos on Instagram and was amazed by the outcome of the edit. Will use alot. It has exposure grain filters temp skin tone u can even make your own filter. And that’s just the stuff I can remember. For an app on a phone and a website on a computer, I would pick this app very easy to use. Will use every day.

  15. I have been playing with a lot of phone editors on my phone trying to find one that can clean up cat photos that are often not taken under the best conditions. When the cats are being cute, I have to grab my phone and start snapping pictures but that often results in dark and sometimes blurry photos. This app has features that are letting me turn some of those photos into something I am much happier with. I don’t mind having to watch a short ad video to get access to some extra features.

  16. Lumii is a useful and good photo editing app, it has a lot of useful intuitive features that are easy to use and understand. There are numerous tools that you can use to edit your photos and make your pictures look amazing! In addition to the various editing tools, there’s a large selection of filters to choose from. I’ve used nearly every photo editing app out there and I have to say, lumii is my go to editing app, Because of it’s great software and useful features. I highly recommend.

  17. I enjoy the curve editor the most!!! Actually all the features of this app are so wonderful. The sliders to adjust your photo are just right. This is one of my must have apps. I was going to buy the premium version but I need to be able to zoom in and out while editing, otherwise I would never look for any other editing app. But everything about it otherwise is my favorite!

  18. This photo editor is exciting. I have been using Lumii for a couple of months now. One picture can be changed in numerous ways. My husband & I travel & have to allot time for photo taking. Then we edit to our hearts content. The vibrant colors, the overlays, the different lighting choices, etc. are my bread & butter. Needless to say this app is very pleasing to us. Thanks to those who make it possible to indulge our passion for photography using imaginative perspectives.

  19. My favorite hobby is to take pictures of my son athletics and scenery pics This is one of my top 5 free photo editors. It offers more options than most when adjusting your photos and the keep it simple. The app is easy to navigate through. The only option I wish they would offer is while you are editing your photo is to be able to view the original photo when needed.

  20. I have gone through a lot of these damn things trying to find one that is any good and this one is by far the best. One thing that is frustrating with many of them is they shrink the picture and greatly reduce the quality. This does just the opposite. It makes the pictures sharper! It is worth having just for that. The ad free version is very reasonable and well worth it. Even the ad version is less obtrusive than others out there and doesn’t leave a watermark.

  21. I’ve only just started using it and it has some awesome freatures. It would be nice if all the features were free but they have a good amount of free ones. Escpecially since there is an ad everytime you save something. Itd be better (to me) if all the options were free and they add another spot for ads rather than make you pay for features. But, at least they offer the premium options for individual sales of features rather than it have only monthly options.

  22. Granted, I’ve only been playing around with this app for about 10 minutes, but I do really like what I’m seeing so far. Very easy to jump right in and begin tinkering with photos. Im sure ive only scraped the surface. 4 stars out of 5 because im a bit disappointed in how many filters are behind either a pay wall or ad wall but at least you’re given the option to avoid ads altogether.

  23. A 5 star app. I definitely recommend paying for the pro version if you plan on using an editing app as much as I do. I use them to edit my poems, originally screenshots from Samsung Notes, into pictures that are colorful and aesthetic. I didn’t rate 5 stars because I’m not sure if it is my own incompetence or the app having an undeveloped feature, but I when I try to add a second effect at the same time it deletes the other. I tried adding 1 effect, saving, editing, but the picture lost quality!

  24. 2 weeks later. I was so impressed with this editor, I purchased the pro version. It is a great application, but it doesn’t come with any ‘ basic user” instructions. If it does, I can’t find it. I went to YouTube , looking for a video, You should try that I promise it will be a new experience. The videos are in every spoken language on the planet, but english, or it’s a fast moving video with just music . My guestion, where can I find more user info on this app? And again, Great Application!!

  25. Great app for editing pictures. The fact that it’s free and includes so many features already is great when compared to other apps, in which you expect the free version to have so little to work with, prompting you to buy the full version. With this app, it’s easy to make great edited photos for whatever purpose, without even having to buy the full version. There are so many great tools for adding whatever detail you want to your photos. Well done on this one and congrats on a great mobile app.

  26. I love taking photos and running them through different apps to see what I find and this is definately a keeper. I try alot of apps and buy the ones I think are worth it. This one merits a buy. Lots of filters and effects and it has a few things from the lens distortions app, which I own as well, maybe they’re the same people behind it. Only 1 prob, laggy on certain effects, probably my phone. I got the lg stylo 6, but its full so… I could go on, but cool app, worth a buy! I like it alot!

  27. Maya Lee dice:

    I like many things about this except one. The background eraser is very poor. 2 stars. I can take the same picture in 2 other apps & have 95 to 100% of the background removed accurately. That same picture on this app removed about 40% and it was very hard to get tight erasing in this picture of a somewhat detailed vase. This is a tool I use constantly for my work. Other than that everything else is five stars. Especially like a huge number of automatic adjustment and filter options.

  28. Well Heck dice:

    So it used to be a super nice app with the filters, I didn’t mind watching some ads to get a certain filter. There were some that were only for pro, but I didn’t mind not using them because there were so many that I could use. But after an update, most of the filters are now only available if you get pro, which is absolutely ruined this the entire experience.

  29. Deceiving. It seemed to be a very good editing app only it is missing simple features. You cannot change the ratio of the picture, like adding boarders to the top and bottom, or sides. That’s a necessity for me. I’m overall not the happiest with my purchase, but I suppose it almost gets the job done. Must say I will only keep it because I already bought it.

  30. Unpredictable Results I like some of the bokeh effects and the breadth of presets but there is limited manipulative control. Twice on save, there was nothing but a black image. I will update my review when it is fixed, but I use several hundred apps… so I may give this one a rest for awhile. Overall, the app has potential, so I encourage people to explore it… justcwith caution.

  31. I have made an extensive search for a great photo editor and this is a gem! The “blend” feature which lets you mesh photos is nice. The filters are actually useful and look good. The are a lot of looks to mix and match when putting text on your image. There are very few ads and a ton of options even without pro (the paid version). * Make your pics look marvelous with Lumii! *

  32. I usually don’t use apps like this for anything but since I have an album release coming up for a small project I’ve been making flyers promos and edits for pictures with the app and it has been outstanding. The ads are minimal and you get a lot of functionality. I might end up purchasing the pro, who knows. Hope this helped. I haven’t figured out all the kinks but I’ve only had it for a few days.

  33. This app enables users to creatively edit photos with professional results. It is both user friendly and fun to use. One draw back, however, is when editing facial features that come in pairs (eyes or ears, for example), one is unable to edit only one of the pair. Other than that, so far, so good.

  34. Over half of what they tell you is “free” you need to watch a 30 second ad to use… every time you use it. Which I know is to incentivise you to buy pro, except it’s over double what most photo editors apps charge (at the time $12.99 to unlock forever compared to most apps that charge only about $5.99 to unlock pro forever) and you get maybe 1/3 of the editing options. I wouldn’t say this app is bad since the features work as intended, but it’s just not the best option when comparing.

  35. Just purchased pro because this is without a doubt the best editing app I’ve used in a while. Not just a money making gimmick like most in the app store. Awesome filters and effects, the text and stickers are lovely, the only thing I would like is to be able to use any font with the text effects instead of only the featured ones and also if you use a blurred sticker then add a frame, the blur overlaps the frame and it doesn’t look good. Other than that it’s pretty much perfect.

  36. Great filters! I’m a Microblading artist so before & after photos have a huge impact when marketing my services. This is the 1st app (of many) that easily improves my eyebrow/face photos. With just 1 filter, I can touch-up my client’s skin and soften lighting without blurring or negatively affecting my work, as if professionally done. There are many lovely filters so there’s 1 for any skin type without annoying ads. I use the free version and love it. I hope nothing changes.

  37. Best photo editing app yet! So many options, a great substitute for picsart! This app replaced my app picsart because picsart was always freezing then I’d lose my work. I do love the curve option! I do wished it had some of picsart features like, negative,and a mistake option letting you go back through some of the steps instead of resetting the whole picture to the beginning. This app would be perfect if we could do videos.

  38. This is the best one I’ve found. It has a lot of good options & features. I was able to make a printable version of a picture I thought I was going to have to delete. Now I don’t have to!! I Love this app!! It saved a beautiful picture from having to be trashed, into becoming an Amazing part of our memories 😃 Thank you for making it so easy to understand and use!!

  39. I didn’t like it. After 5 minutes, the app gets slower, your markings more clumsy looking, and there’s no subtlety you can achieve. Then it doesn’t automatically save anything. The save button is way off to the top right, and three times, I forgot to save, and all was lost, after man y hours of frustrated work.

  40. Awesome app! Each time I edit a photo I find more tools I missed. It easily pics the subject of the photo to allow it to placed on different backgrounds or blur everything around it is fantastic. While browsing the numerous filters, backgrounds, effects, etc.., you can watch a 15- 30 sec video and add tools free. Stickers, frames, borders, so far everything I have used can also be edited to your taste. The app renders fast, runs smooth and nicely done! One time price of $12.99 is incredible.

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