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AI photo editor & cartoon photo editor for collage maker, profile maker & aging
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Photo Editor Pro is an All-in-one handy photo editing app that offers everything you want to enhance photo. It enables you to remove background, create photo collage, make stickers, and add stylish effects, filters and presets in one tap. If you like change face into anime, try cartoon photo filter to double your fun with our AI swap face editor. With Photo Editor Pro, you can directly post your No Watermark artwork in high resolution to Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Unlock your creativity, and edit pictures like a pro!

👓100+ Filters for Pictures with zero cost
– Y2K, VHS, Aesthetic Glitch, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa…
– HSL color picker: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth, etc.

✨Glitch Effects & Blur Photo Background
– GB, RG, Neon, Negative, Swirl, Pixel, Fisheye and more;
– Blur photo background to get DSLR Blur Effect.

👑Photo Blender & Light FX
– Mix and blend two images to make stunning artworks;
– Bokeh, Lens, Splash, and dozens of light leaks effects.

💃Body Retouch
– Slim body and face with body editor tools to get a perfect figure;
– Smoothen & brighten your skin with refined pores;
– Elongate legs to make your proportion better.

🎨Photo Collage Maker
– Remix up to 18 pictures into a photo collage instantly;
– 100+ grids, massive backgrounds, frames, filters to choose from;
– Halloween, Aesthetic, Cartoon, Emoji, Doodles, and more photo stickers for BABY.

+ Powerful and easy photo edit tools;
+ Free to add CUSTOM FONTS on your artwork;
+ Hundreds of filters for pictures and photo effects;
+ Stylish photo effects: Glitch, Drip, Light FX, Cartoon, etc;
+ Face retouch & body editor for perfecting body & face;
+ Collage maker with 100+ photo layouts and backgrounds;
+ Blur photo editor with motion blur & DSLR blur effect;
+ Massive fun stickers;
+ Draw and add text with various art fonts;
+ Insta 1:1 square & blur photo background for Instagram;
+ Share pictures of high resolution to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
+ New material updated every week.

100+ Photo Effects
Highlight your photos with charming photo effects. Sparkle, art, old, aesthetic, vintage filters for pictures, glitter, overlay, glitch, angel wings effect…

Blur Photo Editor
A must-have blur photo editor with advanced blur image brush. It is used to blur parts of your photos to get DSLR blur effect. You can also unblur the image with eraser and adjust its blur strength as well.

Background Photo Editor
Use this advanced background eraser, seamlessly combine your cutout photos with a ton of creative background templates. Both an AI cutout tool and a background changer designed for you to make artworks easily and quickly.

Photo Collage Maker
Just select several pictures, Photo Editor remixes them into cool photo collages. Pick the layout you like best, and edit collage with filters, background, stickers.

About our permissions:
Photo Editor Pro asks for permissions “READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” to read your photos so that we can edit and save photos. We do not use this permission for any other purpose.

Photo Editor Pro deserves your try right away. With Photo Editor Pro, your moment will be as brilliant as an artwork. Follow @polish.photoeditor and remember to post with the hashtag #polishphotoeditor on Instagram. If you have any problems or suggestions, let us know. Email: [email protected].

Polish is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or officially connected with Instagram or Facebook.


Get restarted and meet our new features!

🔖 Template: make your picture an eye-popping work of art with exclusive templates.
➡️ Arrow Brush: magic brush photo drawing to mark your stuff on a photo.
🌊 UI Optimized: better UI interface surfing experience to release your unlimited inspiration.

If you have any questions, please contact us via [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Photo Editor Pro – Polish FULL"

  1. Herb dice:

    Honestly, this app is great. With some of the layouts and even just with the basic editing features, I’ve had people ask me how I managed to do that kind of stuff just on my phone. Yeah, there are ads, but they’re usually way less than 10 seconds long, and the result is always worth the wait. If there’s one feature I’d like, it’s splicing full images together. Making a collage, pics have to be majorly cropped go fit in their templates. Aside from that, amazing app!

  2. It’s not bad. It has a lot of unique filters, and some unique options to advance, or add to the photos. But I find that premium is too much, or many premium features should be free, because other apps have those options as free. It would be great to see them cut down on making basic features as premium features, so that people wouldn’t have to download many apps to create what they’re trying to achieve.

  3. Just played with the free version, i was able to quickly find the feature i needed to edit my photo. Not bad for just downloading and not being familiar with app. If it continues to be that easy, Ill opt to upgrade to paid version. Easy and convenient is what i need. Had lots of great reviews, so thats why i decided to try. I have some more editing to do, so we will see if it continues to be easy and effortless. If so, they will definitely have my business via paid subscription.

  4. Needed a photo editor because IG has been super glitchy with editing photos for posts lately. I tried out several other apps but ended up downloading this one for a second time because it’s easy to use and gives good results. Four stars because I wish I could brighten up dark pics more and there is sometimes a weird yellowish hue to edited pics, but all in all gives me what I need. The ads on the free version are annoying, but short compared to other apps, so no complaints here!

  5. I’ve been using this app for close to two years now ($4.99/yr premium for one year) on an almost daily basis. It has all the basics you’d want for quick photo edits and simple image manipulation. I don’t have any real complaints as it suits its purpose very well. I do hope for its continued feature additions but those have been somewhat minimal and slow to roll out (there’s my only complaint but it’s not a big one!). Love the simplicity and glitch-free nature of this app.

  6. I am really happy with the paid version. I have this app installed on my tablet as well as on my phone which was automatically done although I just bought it on my phone. That’s great to have a version on two devices with one payment. The features are fantastic for amateur user like me. Really user friendly. Intuitive. I recommend this for anybody who wants to edit pictures, make collage, to post on Instagram or Facebook or other social media sites. The templates are relevant, and beautiful.

  7. A full year of regular use of this app under my belt……. and ready to purchase my next year! Great, easy to operate and has plenty of options within the adustments. I really wanted to give 5 stars so I’m giving it a solid 4.7……. For me, the filters fairly repetitious even when updated. But overall, this is a very well done app! Kudos to the developers as well as those who maintain the ease in use within the apps functionality as well as it’s design.

  8. For several weeks, the quality of every picture I have edited on here has been absolutely terrible. I have the picture quality selected to “high resolution” and yet all of my pictures that I add a caption or some text to turn out very blurry. Therefore, all of the pictures I edit on here are very ugly. This never happened until very recently. Don’t use this app.

  9. This picture editing app is very good. It allows me to touch up, or “beautify” selfies and regular pictures without distorting my face or looking unnatural. I wish a few more features were included for free. Or at least a free trial of the features you have to pay for. Overall good app. Definitely try this one. 😁

  10. It’s so easy to use and amazing for making book covers and aesthetics! I use it all the time and it’s so good. I wish it more features (ways to add magic highlights and a way to half animate faces) but other than that it’s awesome! And quick adds so I don’t have to worry about them messing up my progress.

  11. Jasmine dice:

    Exactly as described: a reliable photo editing app. You can do certain things with easy automatic features and it looks good, or you can go full perfectionism and fine tune nearly any aspect of the photo (or collage, or layered photo!), and make it look exactly the way you want it to with little struggle, and no interruptions from ads in the middle of editing! Love this app, best free photo editor out there!

  12. One of the best free picture editing apps! I use multiple apps for editing pictures, but this is, by far, most frequently used, even without paying for extra features. It’s well rounded, with many features, and its easy to use. I dont experience glitches of any kind and only see an short ad, occasionally when I first open a pic to edit, but that’s it. I absolutely love this app!!

  13. I have used Polish for over a year now. I am impressed by the free features. I do however wish the watch to unlock features were permanent. Also the annual cost could be a bit lower. I have paid less for apps with similar features that were not a reoccurring charge but one time. I hope they consider a change in their rates or options for upgrades. Overall for the free features there are not many that top it. I wish they would add a motion feature for making gifs. Don’t stop adding features. TY

  14. Love this app & recently upgraded to Pro for $8/YEAR (not $8/mo as another reviewer erroneously stated). Well worth it! Usually do basic edits in Google Photo & use this for advanced edits (eg. wrinkle removal) & fun stuff (background blur, transparency, cartoon effects, collages, etc). Really wish it were available for PC as well! One glitch: I can’t access the “trendy color” backgrounds. I rarely want them, but when I do, I’d like to be able to use something I’m paying for. Otherwise, love it.

  15. The app seems to have some cool features, but a lot of them are subscription based (paid), and I’m not sure it’s worth the $8 per month. Maybe if you’re editing a lot of photos but there are some pretty solid photo editing apps now. This one only stood out to me because it is connected with xrecorder, which is handy. My only complaint is the in app ads (in order to unlock a feature instead of paying) don’t work.

  16. Useless unless you buy the paid version. With so many ads and pop ups, this app should not even have a “free version”. It is unusable using the free version. I know apps have to make money, but you completely waste my time offering this free version if it is unusable, and only serves to advertise your product. I am absolutely puzzled at the high review score.

  17. Im usin the free version. If u plan to, read! The issue I have is resolution reduction. I can edit a clear pic. After editing it automatically lowers resolution, even with the HD setting when u save depending how much free space ur phone memory has. It makes them extremely blurry. Even with a lot of free memory it always reduces by half. Not sure if thats only the free version. Otherwise easy and good. The resolutions a deal breaker for me

  18. Good app for edits. Supports transparent PNG images also, will usually, but not always, retain the transparent quality after editing, depending on which filters and effects one applies to the image. I wish there were a setting regarding PNG vs jpg. Otherwise total 5 star experience, highly recommend, and I use the pro version. It is a one time, nominal cost, and totally worth it. This app has good stickers, great filters, and a colorize black and white photo feature, among other things.

  19. I was previously a digital graphic designer and digital scrapbook creator. Now legally blind, I can’t function on a computer with my old graphic arts program. This app is AMAZING! After several years of not being able to create, I’m making little scrapbooks again!! The graphics are fantastic and the apps ability to a arrange photos, add elements and text have given me my creativity back! I only miss my digital elements, Staples, thread stitches and customized drop shadows. THANK YOU!!! 😍😍

  20. Not as accurate as I had hoped. Sometimes (many times) I try to ‘tweak’ a pic but it will say that no faces are detected in the photo. This is quite frustrating when I’m literally looking at a picture of my bf & I on my phone that I’m trying to ‘clean up’ etc. Some of the filters are ok, but several are just ones that I’d never use, not on a pic of people anyway. Also, the ads are annoying af. After I edit a pic, I have to watch a video or ad first. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 📷

  21. I always try a lot of different photo editing apps always trying to find the one that has absolutely every single thing that I need when I need to do detailed quick creations/editing on my phone. I have been using polish since 2019. Hands down one of the top 2 Android apps for editing. One feature I’d like to see is cloning. It would also be nice if I could transfer the lifetime subscription from my other account to this one.

  22. Unknown dice:

    Ok, so in body when trying to select areas of a image to adjust. There needs to be the ability to place adjustment tool outside of the border of the images. To many images cannot be adjusted because the tool does not go outside of the image itself. I have to make a extended border, just to reach the very edge of a image properly. Then crop it to its actual size again.

  23. Absolutely LOVED this app until the latest update. Now my vertical pics come up horizontal. I edit the orientation and then proceed to crop and resize, only for it to change from square to vertical rectangle and completely distort the pic. I know, first world problems but my income depends on my ability to submit correct parameters for size and pixels. Edited after the December Update: Seriously thank you for fixing that so fast!!! I tried other apps and no others are as easy, fast and fun!

  24. Pretty solid app👍 I really can’t live without this app for editing, when I try something else it doesn’t hit like this one does. I’ve been using it for about a year now and yeah I am really enjoying it. The ads can be a lil annoying but they are definitely not terrible either. I only don’t like how you can’t zoom in enough when your adding something to your picture, that would definitely be a good update for the future for sure, But yeah mostly solid app.

  25. Left PicsArt after 9 years. This is surprising really good if not better. One critique I have: When adding a photo to another photo, it would be helpful to have that center lines and border lock. I don’t know what it’s actually called, but it helps when you’re scaling or moving a photo around, just to be sure that it’s dead center, or scaled to the borders of the original photo.

  26. Free version has lots of ads but you get what you pay for. I have barely used this app which is a little irritating that they want me to rate it on Google after the first picture I edited. It seems to work good. It is doing what I expected so far. Sorry I can’t be more detailed because I have literally edited one picture and messed another up. So maybe when I get some experience I can update this.

  27. Chris B. dice:

    I like everything about this app so far and obviously there’s always room for improvement. But one feature that needs to be polished even more is the body warping features. If I use the hip or waist tool you need to add the ability to rotate those tools you guys have it there as if a model is always going to be standing up right sometimes they’re laying sideways come on yo I don’t know how you guys didn’t think of that. With the waist tool you also need the to separate left and right side

  28. Honestly best app I have ever used for photo shop. It gives you so many option and a lot of different specifics. There are some features you have to pay for and some you have to watch an add for but there are other features that do almost the same thing. If you are just starting out photo editing or have been doing it for a while this is the perfect app for you!

  29. Dan W. dice:

    EDIT: the font color glitch had to do with my high contrast text settings 🤦 This is the absolute best android photo editor I’ve ever used and buying the full version was very well worth it. I found a glitch though, the font color options (text, label, and border) will not be applied unless you first apply a curve. Otherwise only black and white is available. If someone could fix that this app would be flawless.

  30. I have used a lot of differwnt photo editors. Some have much better options but I have found them near impossible to navigate. Others are easier to use, but truly lack in content and substance. This app is the perfect combination of content and functionality. Great job guys!!! I look forward to Future updates and new content. 5 starts!!! If I could give them 10 I wouldn’t hesitate!!!

  31. Jen P. dice:

    This app has a lot of really fun features. My only drawback with giving it five stars is that it’s missing several functions found in most every other editing app that are really useful. For instance, there’s no way to do adjustments to certain portions of the photo, like brightening a face or fixing skin tone without affecting the rest of the photo. The filters, stickers, etc. are surprisingly realistic and there’s a lot to choose from.

  32. It gets the job done, if you aren’t picky about imperfections. I make amateur book covers. This app is very useful and contains a lot of handy tools, like making “stickers” and typing in a variety of unique fonts. There’s a catch, however: whenever I alter an image with certain tools, the resolution drops a bit. Pixels are more visible than in the original image, and the more I edit, the worse it becomes. I work hard on my covers, I don’t want them looking low-rez and low-effort.

  33. K S dice:

    Overall a really great app. It has what I need without even paying for premium. One complaint that I have though is that sometimes when I put an effect or sticker on a photo, after I save, my picture disappears and all it shows is whatever I put on it. Quite annoying. Other than that small detail I love the app and would really like to see the glitch fixed. I have tried reinstalling the app and nothing has worked.

  34. App works well and I love it. One problem though. I had did a trail for the pro version and when I tried to cancel it, I was unable to find it in the store nor in the app. I had eventually gotten a refund for the charge of the yearly subscription. Minor inconvenience but a long process. That was disappointing. But all else works perfectly and and I love it.

  35. John dice:

    Tons of features in this app. A quality and useful app. I’m using the free version currently but at $7.99/year this may be the first app in the Play Store that I actually purchase. I see the tons of additional filters and features but I don’t have access to them… yet. I’ve tried almost all the photo editors on this site. Most are useless, just filled with unusable “painting style” filters. This app has it all. You won’t be disappointed after downloading.

  36. Emma Lynn dice:

    It works well with editing photos and gives you many free options. It has many ads which can be very annoying when editing photos. You can also use the options that are for premium, just by watching an ad. At first I was it looked kind of sketchy and looks like it could give my device a virus or something but it does work well. It gives you options to use text with your choice of color and font, blur, drawing tool, effects, and add ons to photos. Overall, it works well and comes with a lot.

  37. I got this initially to edit some sensitive data out of a photo. It saved my document in a weird “/storage” location on my android that I can’t find in the file explorer to delete. The interface doesn’t give me a way to delete files in an obvious way. I subscribed to the free trial hoping it was just an additional feature, but it wasn’t there. I also don’t have confidence of what’s in the file and am nervous it contains back versions as undo information because some simple edits left the file 4 times its original size. That would make the sensitive data not gone, just hard to see. Maybe it’s fine but the editor has no way to visualize what the file contains, no apparent way to control output formats to shrinkwrap for a particular resolution. I also totally hate the subscription model. That leaves me getting used to an application only to find it poorly supported later and a bunch of my files stored who-knows-where. If they’re going to be doing updates, they should charge for each, but just tell me how much the app is worth and I’ll tell you if I want to buy it. An unmaintained app doesn’t gain value over years but still seeks rent. If it’s maintained, charge for that. Just the subscription model was enough reason not to buy this, and I really only got it to try to be able to clean out the mess I’d made in my trial. I am really angry at the entire experience.

  38. Im fairly familiar with editing on my Laptop, Editing from my phone can be tricky , So far! Im impressed! I’ve only just begun to discover all the tools packed inside. With this you can cut out part of a photo and and paste it to another. By using it’s filters and tools, You can adjust color to perfection, and so much more, all in the palm of your hands. I will do another review when I’ve had more time using it. If you enjoy photo editing. You will love this app! Hood job to the developers.

  39. Not only do I use this app for the pics that I add to my YouTube videos, so that my pictures are more clearer, crisper and richer in color with a bunch of different choices to make – more than any one else has – like, double exposure, blur, adding photos, filters, and more, so much more…… The bonus is I’ve Never had a problem with this app, it has always worked perfectly. The only thing I couldn’t find was a negative /invert option that wasn’t in a color.

  40. I give a 3 only because you have to pay for over half of the app, plus you have to pay, for a,”free” 7 day trial, I’m not entirely sure if I will be able to do what I downloaded it for; which was to cut, and splice 4 different pictures together. I’ve only had it for about 5 mins, but I’d say the feature I need is locked behind a paywall. If not for those things, it has potential to be a good app!

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