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All-in-one editor for text creation with 1000+ fonts
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Hello & Welcome!

Add Text app is the all-in-one tool for text creation. Texts can be added to a photo, gradient, solid color or a transparent background.

• 1000+ fonts, + ability to add unlimited number of your custom fonts (including emoji fonts)
• Add layers: texts, photos, shapes, stickers and saved text styles
• Design parts of the text separately: supported in Font, Format, Color, Stroke, Highlight tools
• 3D text tools: 3D Rotate, 3D Depth, Perspective
• Change text size, wrapping and scale to get any type of text layout
• Layers view: reorder layers (overlays), change visibility, lock/unlock for each layer
• Tools for background: Effects, Crop, Resize, Flip/Rotate, Square Fit
• Save your text creation in Style tool to reuse later for watermarks, signatures, branding etc
• Save project to edit & reuse later, create templates
• Save image as JPEG, PNG or WebP file
• Dark mode to reduce eye strain and save battery life
• Professional support for all users: [email protected]
• Constantly maintained according to our users’ feedback

• Add multiple texts (and overlays) on photo, edit each one without losing final preview
• Move, scale, rotate, edit, copy, delete (for overlays) and wrap the text by text-box handles
• Font and Format tools: change font, alignment, text size, with bold, italic, underlined & strikethrough options
• Change text color & opacity: can be applied on each word/letter separately
• Add Stroke (Outline) to text with colors and stroke width
• Highlight the whole text or separate parts with different colors & opacity
• Letter & Line spacing
• Positioning grid with snapping option, flip overlay horizontally and/or vertically
• Bend the text: text along a curve
• Shadow with colors, opacity, blur and positioning
• Predefined Gradients: edit start/end colors and gradient angle
• Texture by adding any photo and make any type of transformation with it
• Opacity and Blend with background
• Erase tool: Clear parts of text with brush to achieve Text Behind effect (see screenshot)
• Color tools have eyedropper, color picker and predefined colors
• Add Stickers/Emojis, hundreds of them arranged in 8 categories
• Add any photo from your phone as an overlay
• Add 100+ shapes: with both filled and outlined versions
• Tools for other overlays: Opacity, Position, Perspective, Crop, Shape color, stroke & width
• Change the background without starting your work from scratch
• Pan mode: move canvas with one finger & pinch to zoom without worrying to accidentally touch overlays
• Pin mode: pins the background so that you won’t accidentally change its position
• Fit: bring canvas to its original position (fit to screen)
• Undo & Redo history
• Fast sharing: showing recent apps you shared your work to
• All these and more in a small sized APK

All the features are unlocked and free to use for everyone. We show ads in the app to support our development. We give you an option to purchase the Ad Remover which is a one-time payment. We don’t have any subscriptions!

If you come across any problem or have a suggestion please contact us at [email protected]

Spread the word to make this free tool available for everyone. Inspire us for the next releases. And rate us in Play Store.

So go ahead and create a meme, quote, Instagram story, Youtube thumbnail, banner, cover photo with captions, word art, poster, flyer, invitation, logo etc.

Stay Young at Heart!


Added new 200+ fonts totaling 1200+ fonts + their variants! 👀

If you find problems or questions please contact our support: [email protected]

When you give us ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ it makes us 😃


40 comentarios en "Add Text: Text on Photo Editor FULL"

  1. Overall, I think it’s a great app. But I’m having a lot of issues with fonts not showing (that I downloaded following instructions). I get several “Connection Errors” where the font choices are simply blank. But other than that, I really enjoy it.

  2. Pretty good app for adding text to pictures. Lots of font color options. Helpful tools to center text on picture. I would like to have options for borders. But the ads are terrible. When you go to save your work an ad pops up and blares at you. I keep forgetting to silence my media volume before I save. There should be a setting to not allow the noise to come through, it is extremely disruptive. There are actually no settings options on the app at all.

  3. UGH!!! You know when you spend a lot of time, too much time, perfecting a photo? You’re excited when its finally done, go to save and BAM an ad pops up. It’s cool, wait for the ad to pass and move on right? well not when it deletes EVERYTHING you just did. The first couple times I used this app flawlessly, even to the point that it was my go to for adding text. I never had to worry about losing the info because it always saved into my projects. Somehow this one did not. UGGHH!!!!

  4. Frustrating. Too easy for the box of text to be moved to angles you didn’t want, and way too hard to adjust text size. Takes two fingers zooming in and out for text size, and that’s when text box starts moving all over the place to different angles at the same time. Used for a few different photos but had to let it go because it was raising my blood pressure too high lol.

  5. I have two huge problems with this app. My biggest issue is deceptively inflating it’s rating by effectively pimping additional fonts for a 5-star rating, which I actually tried at one point and the fonts never showed up. My second complaint, is that wow the features are impressive and varied it lacks the ability to go back and edit the text after you begin developing a picture! For me, this is a major flaw partially because I am visually impaired and ultimately because I’m human and typos happen. I really don’t like the idea of having to start from scratch because of a grammatical error or misspelled word. It’s a shame, because this app has the potential to be the best meme creation app available.

  6. I have been using this program for over a year and I liked all the features and ease of editing or adding simple text effects. But I’m switching to another app now – the ads are intolerable. I lost work because an ad had no close button. They said it’s fixed but now I spend more time trying to hunt down the buttons to close the ads than I do on my projects. Not worth my time.

  7. Pretty good. Impressive selection of fonts. But a few problems: 1) The typing space/box (where you type in the text) is way too small. Makes it hard to edit any text that’s more than 1 line. This should be changed ASAP. 2) Stickers are just emojis. Quite disappointing. 3) The fonts should have names to identify them. It is difficult to find the same font I used in 1 piece of text if I want to use it again for a heading. 4) Workspace is cluttered and crowded with all options crammed together.

  8. I LOVED the previous version!! Is there any way to get that one? The old version the text size was controlled by the text box size which made it really easy to adjust. And I can’t figure out where to change the wrap function of the text box Also, I have to save EVERY picture as a project if I want to save it, check it, and go back to it for adjustments.The old version allowed me to save a picture and immediately go back to it and adjust and save, and again. Saving every single picture is a pain.

  9. I’ve used several different apps for adding text before. Each one eventually placed pop up ads right where you needed to touch the screen, changed or deleted the fonts that I frequently used, or some other type of foolery to corner the app user into buying the upgrade. So far, none of that has happened with this app. Keep up the good work.

  10. mcadams dice:

    I’m reminded of Photoshop Pro back on Windows. In my opinion this is the best photo editor available if you don’t want to pay money to Adobe for Photoshop etc, and you’re selling it short by calling it an “add-text” app. I found it a little difficult to modify the text and its appearance once I had done other things, and I couldn’t figure out how to insert another pic as a new layer, but it’s real good, and the user interface is better than 99% of the other apps out there. Kudos!

  11. I like it much better than other text apps, but I wish it were easier to zoom in and out when zoomed in without accidentally resizing a font. It’s also nearly impossible to tap on smaller text boxes when the larger ones are on top of it and get in the way. This gets very frustrating. A way to resize the canvas without resizing the entire image would be great, too. I noticed that it resizes all the fonts, and even if you undo, it doesn’t properly undo it.

  12. This is one of the best apps to use for editing, adding text to photos, screenshots of documents, ECT. I’ve went through a lot of them too! This one let’s you not only change the font, and color, but the size, and let’s you duplicate text, so you don’t have to go in, and rewrite. Very user friendly, and hundreds of fonts to choose from, for free!!!!!

  13. It’s fine when it comes down to the purpose of the app, and the ads are terrible in terms of frequency, but they’ve started popping up without exit buttons. About 15+ times now, I’ve had to completely restart whatever I’m working on because it won’t let me close out of the ad and save my work. It’s annoying, to say the least. Edit: They fixed it and it works now. I think there was one more incident like it, but it’s nothing too bad. It is a good app either way.

  14. Trish F. dice:

    I needed an editing app that would allow me to format and fiddle with multiple bits of text in as many ways as possible, to make text-based coloring pages. I am *astonished* at the dozens of truly useful options this app allows, the ton of fonts included, and the ease of making every little adjustment. The only thing is that there’s only a very limited library of stickers/images included, but importing is so easy that it’s hardly a drawback at all! I’m so very happy to have made this find!

  15. Simple layout, yet plenty of options. Designing is easy and efficient – I’m used to going through so much effort to do the simplest of things; Most apps/built-in editors have these annoying flaws that require me to compensate for their lack of efficiency in design/functionality by finding little tricks or work-arounds and having to remember to not do certain things OR ELSE. For me, this app is definitely a breath of fresh air after having become so used to putting up with those frustrations.p

  16. Jessica M dice:

    Ok so the UX/UI is clunky, its very complicated but its only because it does SO much! I can forgive an app for having a bit of a learning curve and not being intuitive when it has this level of functionality. And the ad only plays when you save your work, very unobtrusive. It autosaves, you can import fonts which is easier than scrolling thru 1000 fonts lol, it has all of the text tools, like kerning and leading, you’d expect from image editing software. So impressed.

  17. It was very handy at first. I used it without problems for about a month and a half. After that, though, I would go to select a photo and an ad would pop up, making the entire thing glitch out so I had to select the photo again. And then even more recently I had to go to my gallery to find an older photo and it wouldn’t even bring it up to let me edit it. Very frustrating, had to uninstall.

  18. Geo De dice:

    Wow! Lots of great features! UI needs some tweeking:-) So many fonts👍but very hard to search through it all. Favs help once you found one, but takes time to sort through. Lots of text properties available!👍 Major plus! UI takes a little getting used to. Love that everything is in layers! Many tutorials, but again UI needs some tweeking. Just started, many features I haven’t tried yet. Looking forward to seeing other features. Cust svcs is quite good! Considering only 1 person made this, WOW!

  19. Honestly my favorite app for photo editing. Super clear and intuitive interface, a wealth of optional settings, easy to use, and even more essential features than simply adding text. The layering function is the best of any app I’ve used so far. Regardless of whether I’m adding text or not, it’s my go-to and essential app for assembling photo layers for edits and making memes.

  20. J C dice:

    Works excellent. The problem? The ads that it showed. One showing of a “women’s bra” ad and I was done. I don’t want this garbage. I don’t want to sit staring at a woman’s chest for 30 seconds while waiting to finalize my photo. The ads aren’t super frequent or anything, just gross. Also, sometimes you have to hit “save photo” twice. Its very annoying.

  21. After not being able to find my first project it went to a default screen that had only s dozen photos and no way out of the default screen. No dialogue box to do anything. Was stuck no help to explain what I was doing wrong nothing to get out. What little I wss able to do looked awesome. But pushed save and could not find out where the finished photo was it was? Not back in photo file like all other editing app. But not also in their draft file. Nowhere!! And no place to get help.

  22. OH WOW! HOLY COW! What a fantastic app! It works! It does everything you would need if only working from a phone. It has so much! No glitches, no problems. Seems to work seamlessly. And, it’s free? I have tried so many of these apps and I was always having to compromise. I’ll compromise in a marriage but with all our technology why should you have to compromise on an app? Thank you for making it fun again and for only excepting the best in development for your product.

  23. Bryan Orr dice:

    This is super easy to use. There are lots of options for you to choose from it’s almost overwhelming. Honestly this is saving my life as my laptop has recently broke and I’m stuck to using my phone. Very limited adds. Honestly I don’t remember how many I’ve ran into which makes me feel like there isn’t many and super spaced out.

  24. I love this app. But these advertisements, which are understandable, when you go to save your project, you can not x out of the advertisement. You have to close the app and loose your project and start over. Not good when it may have taken you a while to create it. We use to be able to x out an ad after some seconds. But now, there isn’t an x or seconds.

  25. I have been trying to find the right app to be able to do my own advertising designs for my business. There was always something missing to help me have total control of the optiins that would help me get the right design until now. This app features so many tool to play with and helps you customize exactly what you are looking for.

  26. Very good app. Missing a few features in weird spots. For example, you can make text gradient, but not shapes. I think you should be able to edit shapes in all the same ways as text. I actually use this app quite regularly for a variety of photo editing and that is my primary issue.

  27. This is a wonderful app. It has so many features that it takes a while to learn its capabilities and to remember where the features are located. A tutorial or manual would be useful. It would be great if a preferences tab could be added to allow the user to set things like default file name and file type, as well as default colors and line thickness.

  28. J. Ryan dice:

    I needed an app to do minor photo editing, cropping and, most importantly, add text to the photos. It did all that, but more importantly, is was AMAZINGLY easy and intuitive to use. After using the free version for 20 minutes, I bought the paid version because I thought it was that good.

  29. Been looking for a simple app like this for ages and I’ve finally found the PERFECT one! When I say simple, though, that’s a little misleading because this is packed full of every feature you could need and not teasing you with the ugly options until your forced to pay for the useful ones like most apps! Thanks so much!

  30. This is the best app for working with text on pictures I’ve ever used! Hands down ! I used to be a big picsart believer, but they keep me from completing my project trying to force me to buy the app. Yes this app has ads but I’ve been able to finish my work no problem. This app lets me manipulate text in ways that’s almost sexual ! Only one thing they could improve is how you have to keep scrolling thru the list of 1000 fonts it’s overwhelming.. I would like a bigger menu to choose from .

  31. HOKUM dice:

    🖼 The most intuitive easy interface I’ve ever seen for a graphics program of this calibre (However, there are still some things I’m unsure of.) WISH LIST: include decorative borders (& saving your own next to gradient backgrounds), a Linux version, setting a transparency color for imported images, hue/colorize based on color or range (including black & white!), the circle crop should grow larger than the image so just the corners can be clipped, & grouping image layers for easy moving. 🎨

  32. Decent enough app. Paid for the full. Rating would be much higher if it had an internal delete file button or if it’s there which I can’t seem to find, was easier to find. When you edit a photo and you want to delete the original photo there is no option that I have found inside the app. This would be a much better app if it had such a feature.

  33. SUPER easy to use once you figure out which buttons actually do what. Would have been MUCH, much better though if the app included some sort of tutorial option when forest downloaded, and again in the settings for when you are unsure what options you need to use for your current projects. But other then that, truly 5/5 *****

  34. False J dice:

    This app is absolutely perfect for adding text onto photos and especially YouTube thumbnails and screenshots. I highly recommend using this app because there are various options to choose your font, you can even design your own gradient and stroke! Absolutely perfect! 10/10 best app I’ve ever had to experience with my YouTube career! Please don’t add any changes!

  35. I love the app. I make alot of content for insta and this just makes it so easy. No glitches either like with some other editing apps. I love the projects and layers features too. Well worth the small one-time cost to remove the ads (I can’t stand the subscription pricing model in an app and completely avoid them). Good job, devs.

  36. Just learning how to use this app (without instructions), but it seems pretty neat so far. I’m sure it can do a lot more than I’ve discovered in a half hour, it was already asking for a review, so here it is. I wanted an app that has a wider variety of fonts & can do interesting things with them to use when making e-birthday cards, etc. with my photos.

  37. So… It’s about time I drop a review. I use two apps for editing photos, and this is one of them. It’s not just a text editor- it’s a simple no-nonsence photo editor. I’ve used it weekly for coming up on two years I think? Over 1 at least. Anyways, I recommend this highly, I started using this and never turned back.

  38. If you download one photo editing app, make it this one. Insanely easy to use. Way more than simply adding text to a photo; this app meets just about all of my needs for both personal and professional projects. I’ve made several album covers with this app that have turned out great. This has been my all-time favorite purchase on the App Store- you can certainly use it for free, but I was more than happy to give the developers a few bucks for such a powerful tool.

  39. Still use app all the time! & Still Love it. BUT… THE PAID VERSION SHOULD HAVE SOME WAY OF KEEPING “Our Saved Projects” backed up as projects should anything happen and the app is deleted by accident or due to lost/stolen/damaged/New/replaced device because I have lost or had to abandon several saved projects 3x now at no fault of my own & it sucks cuz I can never get it back again. Just a suggestion. Thanks

  40. With my Verizon Android, it takes my photos and with a routine “Update”, forced re-sorts them into “albums”, (which I hate to no end). These kind of Apps only pull photos from the device’s “main” Gallery Album for editing. Could not find options to select other gallery albums. Thanks Verizon for scattering my years of photos into your own dictorial stylings! So, my first experience here was completely useless. I’m sure the other features are quite cool, but immediately I found limitations.

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