Glitch Photo Editor & Glitch Video Effect 2022


Highlight your photo with 500+ Glitch effect, Neon, VHS, frames, vapor stickers.
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Glitch Photo Editor offers a bundle of amazing VHS, glitch effects & vaporwave effects to distort your photos in artistic ways. It also has numerous retro, vintage filters and aesthetic stickers. Just with a simple tap, you can create a plain photo into a unique photo art.

Using glitch effect to show your taste and attitude, grab more FOLLOWERS and LIKES on social media!❤️

📺Glitch Effects & VHS Trippy Effects
– VHS, RGB, Trippy, Glitch, GB, Grainy, Fisheye
– Neon, Negative, Old TV, Pixel, Swirl, Scanline, Illusion…
– Blur glitch to cover imperfection of photo
– Easily adjust degree, size, random effect

🏝Vaporwave Sticker
– 100+ stickers in cyber punk & future punk style
– Seapunk, aesthetic statue, windows 95, pixel game…
– Psychedelic cool elements and text stickers

👓Filters for Pictures & Retro Photo Effects
– Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa…
– Vintage photo effects take you back to 80s, 90s
– Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth etc.

Trippy Photo Editor
Trippy Photo Editor allows you add cool trippy effects to your photos. Start your psychedelic journey with this trippy effects. If you are a fan of vaporwave style, you can not skip this trippy photo editor.

Retro Photo Editor
Retro trend comes back again. Retro Photo Editor offers you a host of vintage photo effects & retro filters helping you go back to the day when we are happy and young.

Glitch Photo Editor
Glitch Photo Editor combines old-school and modern digital styles rather well. Its glitch effect, vaporwave sticker and psychedelic elements bring intense visual conflicts, which makes your photos eye-catcher on Instagram.

90s Photo Editor
Glitch Photo Editor is also a retro photo editor and 90s photo editor. A series of film filters and vintage photo effects make your photos look like taken by old camera. Download this 90s photo editor, and freeze your moment in a nostalgic way.


* Add more lightfx effects, stickers and frames!
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Glitch Photo Editor & Glitch Video Effect 2022"

  1. It has many of the effects I use on PicsArt but the pro version is only 3.99 a year. The neon effects are my favorite. Other effects include cracked glass smoke light prism, too many to name including retro window pop ups. The text art colors and fonts are pretty decent. It’s very budget friendly. I highly recommend it to my friends. Mind you I’m using a moto g play 2021. I’ve had no app crashes so far. It’s fun to play around with. Compare with Magic Pix and other similar photo apps

  2. Amazing, the watermark can be removed with an ad which I don’t mind because there aren’t many. The effects work well against the video, it matches perfectly well done. When used with other editing apps you can make masterpieces. I wouldn’t recommend getting pro, there are ways to get around buying pro that I won’t say so people can use it. But aside from that flaw, please don’t fix it! This is an absolute masterpiece. Definitely recommend!

  3. Awesome editing app. Very unique effects that you don’t find elsewhere. The effects are also quick to process, where many others take what feels like ages to load. Not too much advertising or self promotion. I recommend this to anyone who wants to make interesting graphics for free.

  4. Solid app with a great selection of filters and effects. Wish the settings offered a bit more customization to it, like when saving a photo, it goes/creates a photo folder for the app instead of dumping it into the Camera folder. Other than that, it’s a great editor to add some outrun/vaporwave effects!

  5. The inly thing I can say is that there should be individual item purchases for filters and removing the watermark, not everyone wants every feature, and some can’t always keep paying, as they forget or have to worry more with other aspects. So seeing a purchase unlock as an alternative to… Premium, you may call it, would be nice.

  6. Great app! Only downside is the little watermark, but the filters are awesome! 10/10 would recommend also thx for reaching out to me it really shows how much the developers care about their community. I understand that you need the money but it’s just yknow a little annoying but that’s the only downside to the app, it’s a really good one tbh

  7. Awesome! They have many aesthetic filters and amazing glitches. But some filters are locked so u have to watch ads first for it to be unlocked or pay for it hehe, and the ads are not that messy and log so its easy to unlock the filters. But overall its awesomee!!!! This will definitely improve my editing skills tho hehe.

  8. It’s a fun video effects program but, unfortunately, no matter what I do, no matter how high a quality video I feed into it (4k included) it spits out a 720p render. I am on the 7 day trial before it charges my account and I’m going to go ahead and cancel the purchase. It plainy states higher resolution settings in the “settings” section but, it always mixes down in 720. Get this to at least 1080 and I will purchase it.

  9. sure, there’s 100+ filters like it says, but you only get 10 or so for each both types of filters they have and have to pay multiple times for the multiple other packs of filters. you only get a few stickers as well. If almost every good thing about your app is going to cost money, don’t make it a free app.

  10. Makayla dice:

    So I saw nothing but good reviews for this, nothing behind paywalls and such, and figured finally a photo editing app that isn’t gonna cost me an arm and a leg. So I download it and behold, either all those reviews are from before these added paywall things or they just forgot to include them, because there are filters all behind this pro thing and then the water mark which, you can watch an AD for which is nice I guess but kinda annoying. It’s still pretty good overall, I guess

  11. Would have purchased if it were a one time payment rather than a subscription. I feel a yearly subscription service is just a sneaky way to squeeze more money out of those who forget about the app further down the line. Otherwise the app works fine and I like the effects.

  12. It will not let me purchase the full version. I try and it says transaction declined. My card is set up properly and I have money. I would really like the pro version.

  13. The number of tools we have to work with is kinda disappointing to say the least. For starters: a erasing and painting tool would be great. There are plenty of filters to work with but not nearly enough glitch effects. Give us more to work with.

  14. lilz dice:

    This app is great! I’m still figuring out how to use it, but so far I don’t need premieum for anything, its easier than all of the glitch apps I’ve downloaded, and I think anyone who is looking for a glitch photo/video editor, this is the best one I’ve download, and I’ve downloaded, like, eight of them!

  15. Fun… Nifty… Just wish that ALL the different versions/types of “glitch” photo editing apps were packed into one (or at the very least 2 or 3 separate apps) instead of several — but otherwise it was pretty easy to use and produced some pretty awesome effects…

  16. A good app, it has nice and cool effects even for people who are broke and cannot afford the pro version. Aka they use the app for free. It has aesthetic stickers and other things. Sadly It does hv a watermark, but it’s quite small in the corner. It was for me hard to notice even at first. So being honest I’m giving it a 5 star :>

  17. I LOVED it even though there was some you have to lay for the free options are really good they both have photos and video it’s great like an editor like me I really enjoyed it. It’s easy to control and to use it’s a good editing app for a beginner and if you don’t like the watermark you can always crop it I give it 5 stars no trouble for me 😇✨

  18. Im giving the app two stars because you cannot purchase it out right. Instead, the developer charges a $9.95 annual subscription. Uninstalling. I see where they changed the price to $3.99 a year, but I don’t want a subscription. I would have bought it out right for $9.

  19. i will give it the rest of the stars when you put more then a small handful of filter on here. you have to pay for everything and its not worth it. i gave it 4 stars because the filter quality is very clear and doesnt look painted on like most. fix the payment thing and add more and i will redownload.

  20. Great app. Endless choices to choose from when needing that extra enhancement to make a picture truly yours. The cost for a yearly subscription, is less expensive, then some of my other editing apps I use to bring my photos into focus to tell my view on an image I’ve captured

  21. Really like the app. It offers a wide diversity of much sort after static effects. Even without the pro version, there is still quite a variety to choose from that serves the purpose exceptionally.

  22. aya dice:

    The app freezes your phone when exporting a video. I find this frustrating because it takes FOREVER for it to finish. The glitch effects are okay. There’s a watermark at the bottom at the video. Please fix it 🙁

  23. Great app for the effects to be added on video and photos easily. I would like to see them do a video filter with film burn marks and flickers to go with the collection 😉 unless Ive not come across them on the app as yet.

  24. Very good first impression and use of the app. I found what I was looking for: quality, variable options to edit, and easy use. And the best of all, this app is free. Great job from the creators, congratulations and thank you for the settings provided.

  25. Too Much Fun (???). Loving the experimenting I’m doing thus far. Runs well, even on my (at time of review) 3+ year old phone. As with your InShot video editor (another 5 star app) the value and fun, intuitive interface you’ve created an excellent app. Many Thanks!

  26. The app is great with so many filters to mess around with. I only wish pro wasnt a yearly reoccurring subscription but a one time purchase instead. That’s really the only thing keeping me from upgrading.

  27. Quite good. The concept of watching an ad to remove watermark feature makes a whole lot of sense. Unlike other apps that just bombards one with ads like that was what it was made for.

  28. Really neat! I love the decorations and effects available :3 it’s also nice that you can watch ads to get some of the locked content as opposed to buying it. But I elected to buy it cos I like the app and wanna support ;]

  29. I have paid for the Pro version and my membership isn’t up for renewal until July 2021 but the app is still insisting that I pay for Pro AGAIN. I have tried to restore several times and sent an email to the one listed in the app info and, if contacted promptly, I will change my review.

  30. This is one of the best apps to get ever! There are so many effects to add to pictures and edit videos with it’s unbelievable! From neon effects, stars, hearts, saying, jewelery and more. It even has cool fonts. The glitch effects are awesome! You won’t be sorry you got this app,! What are you waiting for?! Get it now! I love the new additions to this app! There so awesome! I use this app for everything now! Thanks for the updates to this app! You rock!

  31. Absolutely amazing app, I use it for all kinds of short films with 80s vibes and photo editing, huge amounts of options, never had any problems with it after a year and a half now,

  32. I think this app is really helpful for editing and other more cool stuff! I really like using this app. There’s so many options of effects! I love them ❤️✨, but most importantly I wanna suggest if you guys can add more stickers, ’cause I really like them! And I want to see more! ❤️✨💕

  33. As a firsts I was impressed very sort of Photoshop in one click. Wish one could buy it one time. I don’t like redundant payments. So I will stick to the free version for now.

  34. Ugh why the hell can’t we just buy outright for a reasonable price? I’ll give you $5.99. take it or leave it. Uninstalling and looking for something else. Who wants to pay a subscription for an app? Update: Yes I would rather make a reasonable one-time purchase. Update: thank you Glitch Dev(s)! I appreciate your willingness to not only interact but take my suggestion(s) into consideration. Thank you! We’ll see if you offer an outright purchase option and for how much before I give five stars.

  35. Easy to navigate and with so many editing options, I can’t complain. I am super impressed with the diverse filters and numerous other tools that Glitch Photo Editor has to offer. Overall A+ App..

  36. the effects and tools are amazing for a phone app. best I’ve ever seen. but I’m so upset you have to pay for 70% of the filters. it would be 100% 5 stars if it was free all the way around.

  37. This is amazing. Cool. Even there is subscription and limited filters, stickers,etc, I so love it. And for the watermarks? IDC, you have an option, watch a video to remove it. Me? its ok, so they know what photo editor app Im using.😉😘

  38. Zicronium dice:

    I came here for 1 thing and 1 thing only. The tv effect filter. Your pictures for the app are very out dated so i couldn’t find the filter. If you manage to help me find it I would rate a higher review because you clearly only care about that asbo as from your “helpful” responses.

  39. I give it 5 stars even though there are some options you got to pay. If you guys don’t mind, could you add a watching ad option for the filters, sticker, etc so that we all could enjoy it. I’m suggesting if you watch the ad then you could get the pro ones for free but only for 24 hours. How’s that? What do you think guys?

  40. The app is amazing but I didn’t know you have to upgrade to premium before you can use the glitch effect… 🙄… And without the glitch effect it shouldn’t be called a glitch cam it should be called ‘music photo and video editor(with glitch effect) then I wouldn’t have downloaded it😒…. My precious data all gone y…. 😭😭😭

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