Piktures Gallery: Photo albums MODDED 2022


Piktures is an intuitive gallery with an editor, video player, and cloud access
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Piktures includes
– Access to your photos and videos, including on your SD card
– Access to your cloud media, on Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive
– A secret space, to hide your most private content
– A photo editor, to crop, resize, adjust parameters and apply filters
– A video player, to enjoy your videos and personal movies
– A GIF Player, and an animated GIF maker
– A QR code scanner

DISPLAY OPTIONS: You can view your list of photos, with a standard grid, a mosaic view, a list view, and even a calendar view.

CLOUD ACCESS: Piktures allows you to access your photos stored on multiple cloud services. It supports Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, and many more cloud storage services are coming soon.

USB DRIVE ACCESS: Piktures allows you to access photos and videos stored on a USB-drive when the disk is using the FAT-32 file format.

SECRET SPACE: A secret space on your phone helps you hide your most private photos. They are protected via a PIN-code and can be organized with folders.

ADVANCED PHOTO EDITOR: Improve photos quickly. Use our intuitive and powerful photo editor to apply filters, adjust lighting, crop, and resize.

ADVANCED SHARING OPTIONS: You can decide to compress your photos before sharing, and even remove the GPS data from your photo for more privacy.

WI-FI DIRECT TRANSFER OPTIONS: You can share your photos and videos with other Piktures users in your vicinity without the need for mobile data. The images go directly from your device to their device.

POWERFUL SEARCH: Your photos are quickly accessible by places, dates, and tags. You can create your own personal tags.

CAMERA AND QR CODES: Piktures also comes with a convenient QR code scanner and its own dedicated folder to retrieve your previously scanned QR codes.

The premium version is meant for power users who have multiple cloud accounts.

We ♥ talking to our users!

Please contact us at [email protected].
Online help: https://help.piktures.app

Piktures is designed by Diune


Bulk renaming file names
Support NextCloud (https only)
Support Webdav (https only)
Menu empty trash added
Bug and crash fixes


40 comentarios en "Piktures Gallery: Photo albums MODDED 2022"

  1. Joy F dice:

    Loved it for years, but since the update it won’t move photos between folders, which is crucial. I get the message, “An issue is preventing Piktures to write or delete in this folder. You might need to use the native FileManager to complete this action. Thank you for your understanding.” Pretty useless without this functionality! I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. It will sometimes move one or two & then fail with the next batch. I’d love to continue using this app but this is awful.

  2. Ryan H dice:

    Used this app for a while now and it’s been perfect up until this year. It now decides what pictures I get to see. I thought maybe the pictures were corrupted, but my default gallery app has no issues displaying the same pictures. At any given moment, about 30% of my pictures are not able to be viewed (black screen). Extremely frustrating

  3. This used to be my go-to app. The controls are very intuitive, and navigating through albums is a breeze. However, the use of the secret box now shows ads. Fine, I paid for the full version. But the full version didn’t fix the crippling bug that has plagued this app since around the time the ads were introduced: corrupted files/thumbnails. It took a complete factory reset to clear the corrupted pictures, but reloading pictures from my backups only corrupted more pictures. It’s really a shame.

  4. Been using this app for a good while after QuickPic. It was simple, clean, and fast. I wasn’t even bothered by the small amount of ads that were added. Recently, though, the app has felt sluggish as it takes good amount of time for the galleries to load. Another issue is the app fails to recognize photos and folders that have been deleted. This was my favorite gallery and I hope all of the issues will be ironed out. As of now, I will be uninstalling.

  5. I have used piktures for awhile and I really like it, but over the last month, suddenly if any picture is saved in a secure folder, it leaves a blacked out copy of the image in the regular folders that sometimes can be viewed if you tap on it, and it can’t be deleted unless the copy in the secure folder is deleted. Otherwise it’s a great app.

  6. I like the overall look of the app. Decent replacement for the default Gallery app. It’s a bit confusing to navigate at times. The biggest detriment is that I can’t seem to move my secured photos over to an unsecured folder. The process just gets stuck on “Please wait…” indefinitely. Uploading to Dropbox just gives me a JPG that shoots out an error when opened. How xan I back up my photos that are in the secured “secret” album?

  7. The latest update seems to have slowed down the rate you can swipe between pictures in full screen view. Perhaps this won’t affect most people…or maybe even the vast majority…but it really bums me out. I tend to use both thumbs one after another to swipe through photos very quickly when I’m struggling to find a picture just by scrolling through thumbnails. Now I can only go about half as fast. I’m sorry for the 3 star rating and I regret that I never rated this app prior when it was perfect

  8. Piper Jon dice:

    11/5 – Last update from me. I used the app to move some pictures from the secret folder to an unsecured one. It lost 1/4 of the pix, never to be seen. Tried to find them via a file management program, and they are truly gone. That is a deal breaker for me, sorry. I’ve uninstalled. Very sad to see what has become of such an elegant app. 11/3 – Update: Well, from below, now it seems that pictures are not immediately, or even quickly, showing up in the ‘all’ album. In fact, it shows as being EMPTY, despite all the other albums having some photos in them. Photos I took with my camera yesterday evening and this morning are still not showing up in the application in any album. Other apps are showing them, so I know it’s not my phone. I hate giving a great app like this one star, so I’m giving two for how great it was, and how I hope these issues get fixed soon. Will update again hopefully with better news. 11/2 – I have used Piktures for quite a long time, and have found it easy to use, robust, and lovely. Despite my phone being topped out at Android 9, (Samsung S8+), it this morning made some changes based on what Android 11 needed, and now there are some issues. The main issue is that it now doesn’t show all of my photos. I regularly screenshoot and download images, and crop them in the app. Did so today, and it can’t find neither the originals or the crops. Gallery, however, can. It also randomly made new albums with 1 or 0 pictures in them. That’s no big deal, I can always “unsee” them, but the first issue, that’s kind of a big deal. I’ll still be using this, as I know for sure the developers are very responsible, having raised issues in the past with great results.

  9. When you edit an image, if it’s white near the top, the essential actions icons at the top (like SAVE) are completely obscured and you have to poke around the top to hope you touch the right action. After you crop, within the editor, the preview isn’t accurate to how you just cropped, nor does it reflect how it saves. The “move” feature doesn’t actually move an item. It’s the same as “copy” — what’s the point? I used to love to use this when a phone only came with Google Photos as a “gallery”.

  10. Update: Got a new phone and had to setup a new secret drive on it in Piktures. The app wants me to verify by email. I receive the email, but the link in it just errors with ‘site not found’. Time to drop Piktures all together. My biggest issue is it has seemed to get worse and worse at updating recent photos. Used to be you’d open the All album and they’d pop in after about 10 seconds. Now, it’s minutes, if at all. Sort of defeats the purpose of using it as the main photo app.

  11. This app is amazing, however the Cover photo for my All folder isn’t updating to the most recent picture I’ve taken, which also affects the Parallax effect. It’s a minor thing, I know, but I’m not sure what changed lately to stop that happening. If this can get fixed somehow, that would be awesome! I did remove/reinstall the app, and now (because I’m a doofus) I need to wait for an unlock code for my “Secret Drive”, which is fine. If the cover photo thing can be fixed, 5 stars all the way!

  12. S.W. dice:

    I really like the sleek design and organization functionality. However, within the editing feature, I dislike the fact that you can’t zoom in while cropping a photo. To me, that’s a basic function of most photo editors. For this reason alone, I’m moving on to something else, but should you add that function at some point, I would certainly reinstall.

  13. Went from great app to bad app in a single update! Ignoring the recent crashes, they have changed some functionally that sucks. The new way the set as function only allows me to get a very small fraction of the image on the wallpaper. Plus, you can’t specify home screen or lock screen. Now it changes both no matter what. The old way was great. Also, when trying to move pictures from one folder to another, some folders will not show up. Can’t move pics now to certain folders. Very sad.

  14. Major issue today. I created 2 very long videos, over 10 minutes and then uploaded them to YouTube. I deleted them from my Piktures album because I knew it was going to take up a ton of space on my phone. The problem is it said it couldn’t delete the files. But the files are missing and my precious space is still being taken up! I’m in the process of moving all my photos to Google Drive now and I have thousands of photos. Unreal!!!! 😫 they aren’t in recycle bin either!

  15. This went from being possibly the best gallery app available to being completely broken. It just flat out doesn’t work, whether it be something as simple as the auto-rotste override not working, or something like scanning every image I have 3 times and showing them all 3 times. There really wasn’t a better alternative for me, so I’m hoping these issues get fixed.

  16. Searched high and low for a great gallery app to replace the one preinstalled on the OnePlus 6. Found it! This has all the features I wanted and much more! I love the interface design and the interface animations. I love how I can sort the albums however I want. And I love how I can rename albums and set a custom cover photo for them. Everything is fast and fluid as well, just perfect!

  17. This app was perfect before the latest update. It was a clean, simple gallery app. Now they’re organizing the most useful functions in a way to make you sit through ads, or force you into upgrading for features that are standard with Android. Rotating pictures is now a chore and it won’t recognize .nomedia files unless you pay. Too bad they couldn’t leave a good thing alone. Time to go find a new gallery app. 😶

  18. Update: the recycle bin is nice but there doesn’t seem to be any way to delete everything in it unless I select each picture one at a time. With hundreds of pictures this is extremely cumbersome. When I try to play a video I recorded it doesn’t offer piktures as a way to play it. At first I couldn’t delete photos but now I can somehow.

  19. It’s a decent app to play around with. The UI & UX are fine, app is responsive, etc. However, I would NOT recommend using this app simply because it does not capture location/GPS metadata — a bizarre omission in this day & age. I scrolled back to see where I gad taken various pics but was shocked to see the metadata lists everything you’d want to see except for location info.

  20. Really bummed. I used to LOVE this app. They did an update, android did as well, and it’s pretty trash. Also emailed their support over 7 days ago, no response yet. The issue: They did an update that just wrecked the ability to use the ‘secret folder’ — one of the best features. So, in response, I attempted to move all of those items out of the secret folder, and they appear to now be gone. Emailed support right away, no response. Even worse, I bought the premium version. Stay away.

  21. I boought the premium version of the app so it can sync my videos so the cloud. The app is giving me a message that my Google Drive is drive account is linked. There might be an easy fix but there is no troubleshooting suggestions on the help page. If the developer can point me to some instructions on how to troubleshoot this, I would be more than willing to change my review. Thank you

  22. Ryan Rush dice:

    Great app for photos with a lot of options. I’d recommend it to anyone. There’s just one minor thing I don’t like. When I sort my photos, the numbers sort incorrectly. For example, let’s say I have photos named Desk 1-10. It will sort them Desk 1, Desk 10, Desk 2. Very odd and I can’t find a way to correct it.

  23. Been using it for a while now and was happy with all the options it provided. But recently when I try to move a couple photos to a folder, my entire photo library gets moved to that folder and all the photos are also duplicated. I have no idea what’s happening. It’s happened enough time and I think it’s time to uninstall.

  24. I’m just obsessed with this app. It’s probably my top 5 best and most used apps. It’s so functional and esthetically pleasing. There’s only one grip I have. You can’t access video info just like you can with images. Matter of fact, there aren’t any options for videos in general outside of the share and move features. No video edit option, nothing,.It’s odd. I reached out to the developer but no response. For that my rating is 4 ⭐’s

  25. Crash Cat dice:

    Bizarrely wouldn’t let me press Accept even after checking the “Confirm you have read the terms” checkbox. The button even dims a little bit to show that I have clicked on it and makes a clicking noise but it never goes off the license screen. I’ve never had this problem with any app before so it’s rather bizarre. Usually I have some issue with loading the thousands of images on my SD card (or even seeing the SD card) but I can’t get into the app to even try it. Also it forces the screen into landscape mode on run so I can’t even try switching orientation to see if maybe that somehow would unbreak the button. I even tried clicking through to the full page of terms on the website but I guess I’m just not trustworthy enough.

  26. Beautiful simple interface, but one annoying issue prevents me from continuing to use it. The hidden folders are practically useless, you cannot select pictures from the hidden folders if you’re trying to select it for another app, like for contact photos. It requires leaving the app you are in, going into Piktures to unhide the folder, going back to the other app and selecting it, then going back to Piktures and hiding the folder again.

  27. This app used to be great. Had half of my family using it and now it’s barely functional. The constant “access” issues has made this pretty much unusable since I had an auto backup feature set for specific folders that now can’t be accessed and simply hang when trying to give “permission”. Not too far away from uninstalling and using something else.

  28. Great UI, but unfortunately needs serious updating to work with “newer” cameras. I’m still using a nearly 4 year old Pixel XL (1st Gen Pixel) and it does not recognize many of the photo types – motion photos, 360°/sphere photos, RAW format, portrait mode, and several others. It kind of recognizes panoramas and AR/Playmoji, but not correctly. If you have a really old or low-end phone this might work for you. Otherwise I would avoid it. A shame, cuz again I really liked the UI. But, uninstalling.

  29. Update Nov 23 2021: as others mention, this went from my go to gallery app to being unusable. Constant access/policy requests which don’t save. Once an action has been done, the app Is dead… Previous review: It’s a mess now… was my go to app and was perfect. I can only confirm what others say after the update. Bookmarks gone. Double entries. Permissions are not working. ALL actions need to be confirmed, every single time. Sad, since it was a great app. How can this go so wrong without…

  30. Greg M dice:

    When the Album view stops showing all folders and says “processing…” forever, clear app data and cache… helped for me at least. Its a reasonably non-annoying gallery app, gets the basics adequately and the interface is configurable enough so it can be made to mostly stay out of the way of being used. A bit too much reliance on incomprehensible icons an unintuitive interfaces instead of checkboxes and straightforward control flow.. .but I guess thats the fashion these days. Sadly, no way to get it to work with a simple high-contrast album list and no thumbnails…

  31. This app was AWESOME! Then I updated to Android 11, and basic functions of moving or deleting photos has completely broken. I attempted to contact the developers, without success. Hoping the next update is coming soon, but may have to start looking for an alternative.

  32. Was pretty good at first, had downloaded this about a year ago. Don’t know what happened but pictures I’ve had stored in a secret folder where they are encrypted I think glitched out of existence or something just because I accidently hid it from view in the app itself. For whatever reason the app can’t find the files IT encrypted. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere. Also before that problem, the app glitches out viewing photos as well, where part if not the whole image is brighter.

  33. MIA dice:

    If you open a picture that was sent from telegram, you’ll open it but you won’t be able to move the picture and you’ll be stuck in a zoomed in mode. Additionally somehow the app buffer overflows as the date of the picture shows 1st of January 1970 (32 bit time). Overall the app looks nice but is a buggy mess Edit : WOW, a year later and this bug hasn’t been fixed. Hilarious. Uninstalled and switched to a new app.

  34. I love this app but it’s starting to act slow when loading the side bar albums, and editing your album list isn’t the simplest task. Editing photos is nice, secure folder is nice. If it wasn’t slow I would give it 5 stars but it’s frustrating when those previews aren’t loading everytime I go to the side bar.

  35. I love this app. I’ve been looking for apps to replace Google’s stock apps and this is the best replacement to Photos so far. It’s clean, intuitive, and easy to use. I’m rating it 4/5 because the album covers do not update with the latest picture I’ve taken even though it’s set to do so. A minor frustration but one that should be noted.

  36. I have been searching for an alternative to Google Photos for privacy reasons and this app does that perfectly. The terms of agreement are easy to understand and laid out very well. This app looks amazing and performs very well. So far no issues at all and the layout makes it very easy to organize photos.

  37. Josh M. dice:

    FINALLY found my replacement for QuickPic! After testing a dozen or so gallery and picture apps, I have finally found the ONE, Piktures! I am looking forward to full functionality with Chromecast and getting the bugs worked out of that feature. Also, I can’t share pictures when viewing my Google drive photos, says not supported 🙁

  38. Loved it at first, very nice interface and does a good job at displaying photos, however, after a day of having the app the zoom function no longer works. I used to be able to zoom and it would stay zoomed but now when I zoom it instantly throws me out of it, sometimes even while I’m zooming. Makes it impossible to look closer at things like digital art now. I really liked this app but unfortunately I will have to uninstall. Also it does not support Avi files.

  39. Edit: I had trouble retrieving all of my photos from Google, but I finally figured out what needed done with the Google files first. I’ll give two stars for now, until I work with Piktures for a spell and share my experience then. IMHO, the biggest issue for the developers is to perhaps add guidance, in the Help menu, for novices such as myself, who typically do not move files from their phone to another app, such as this, to assuade worry of losing ALL my files (which were my photos).

  40. 10/01/2020 update: The so no longer picks up new pictures unless that are first loaded through the Samsung Gallery app. This app just keeps getting worse. 12/23/2019 update: The built in photo editor (crop, exposure, etc) now says it’s not supported on a Galaxy S10+ Unlocked. I really want to like this app but there are too many folders that don’t appear and no obvious way (to me) to choose to view them. Still trying to find a QuickPic replacement.

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