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HD Camera is incredible professional camera app!
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HD Camera is a fully featured camera app, Take incredible photos with amazing filters! 🚀🔥🏆

Key features:
❤ Professional effects with different styles
❤ Stylish HDR – Improve images captured in low-light and backlit scenes
❤ Real-time Filter – Preview filter effect before taking pictures or shooting videos
❤ Support for focus modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation/lock, torch
❤ Quick Snap, Continuous shooting, Auto-stabilize

One touch to take beautiful photos! 💖🎊💯 Let’s capture more special moments in HD Camera! 🎉📸💎

This app is based on Open Camera code, and licensed under the GNU General Public License.
Code: https://sourceforge.net/p/opencamera/code
GNU General Public License: http://www.gnu.org/licenses


- Fix Bugs
- Update Ad SDK


40 comentarios en "HD Camera MOD"

  1. FCA dice:

    Deleted this app since it require some fine tuning. The photos and videos are fine, but it does not respond to voice command [‘cheese’] at all. Furthermore, when you go into the options settings you can’t go back. No back button at all!? You have to close down the app completely and relaunch it to get back to the main page. Them you have to go into the settings again and make sure what you choose was retained….an unwanted viscous cycle.

  2. Installing and trying this app was a very poor experience. My phone is less than a year old. But for this app, the touch screen didn’t function. The app was stuck in video mode – for several launches, I couldn’t take a photo. When I did get it to switch to photo mode, it began taking photos without interaction. The auto focus defocused while the shutter opened, so stills were not in focus. The resolution limit in the app is far below the capabilities of the phone. Boo – I’m out of characters.

  3. It’s actually rather amazing how good my photos look – even in low light situations. In fact, I’m often faced with light levels which don’t allow my phone’s camera to capture images clearly. This app solves the issue brilliantly; and automatically; no endless fussing with settings. If any of this sounds familiar, I recommend you try it out – I’m so glad I did!

  4. Far more comparative to a dslr than any other camera app i have ever downloaded! And I LOVE that the golden ratio is included in the grid options. I have been looking for that in other apps/cameras for quite some time. That helps so much with composition. My only dislike is the lack of tutorial and/or help with navigating the app. While the number of settings is amazing, it’s not an actual dslr so adjustments are obviously different. It’s been a lot of trial and error so far. But I’m still happy

  5. It’s better than some, you have the same beautiful features that Open Camera does, but without the ability to switch between your various cameras. Not being able to use your other cameras takes away from being able to capture the video that you want. For now, Even though it’s API support is still lacking a bit, Open Camera is a far better option.

  6. Great camera for a rather inexpensive phone. Still learning all the in’s and out’s, but hey, great app. A really minor thing, the camera stays running when you shut down the phone. That could and does do it for me about 90% of the time. But, whether or not it eats batteries remains to be seen. …I do something. PART 2: ok, I settled on the first part everything was ok. However, upon using the camera for video and closeup photos, didn’t have much luck on that. Their always blurry. Hence, delete.

  7. I’m happy. This is so much better than the standard Samsung camera app, it doesn’t keep failing like the Samsung camera app, it’s easy to use, the other app had a few more auto features, but they are definitely not worth the consistent crashing. Plus they weren’t all that great in the first place. Thank you for your design on this app.

  8. BTNH O-H dice:

    Originally I gave this app a 2 out of 5 stars because when I would take a picture using a filter, the picture would not keep the filter setting and would turn out like a normal picture. This was 2 years ago (2020) now it seems to be working great. It is hard to find a decent app with a negative filter but this app has that one and more. Works great when playing around with different filter settings.

  9. This newer version has one major problem on an Android 10 phone. I had to remove the app because if it. The zoom slider bar positions on top of the buttons to take photos or switch between cameras. This is a BIG problem. Please fix this. Other than that this was the BEST phone app period (previous versions that is). And I’ve used it for a couple years on my previous Android 8 phone.

  10. There is definitely a learning curve with this app, but that’s to be expected with something that can deliver really well for a free download from the Play store. The longer and the more I use it, the less I miss my real camera, a Canon eos, for being stuck with this quote on quote Obama phone camera, lol. This app really draws the capabilities of your phone out so that you don’t have to look like you’re at the mercy of the lowest bidder for the quality of your digital photography. I look forwar

  11. The pictures are really good has decent options better than the camera that originally comes on the phone it boosts the performance of your phone camera. In my opinion it’s a good app except for after you take a picture and you want to go into your settings to modify the photo the ads you have to wait but only for 3 to 5 seconds. That’s why I gave it a four other than that great app

  12. verdaera dice:

    I like the camera, there’s a lot of adjustment options, but the ads are intrusive and it takes a long time for the shutter function to react once you’ve pushed the button. I would buy the app so I didn’t have to deal with ads while I am trying to look at the pic I just took, but it doesn’t even seem to be an option, so I’ll have to look for something else.

  13. Erik dice:

    I find this app to be better than Open Camara which is, for me at least, a pain to get the exposure right. I always shoot RAW and find the images with HD Camera are excellent – especially when you know what you are doing in Photoshop and other image processing software. I still have my manufacturer’s installed camera app on my phone but except for pictures I don’t care about don’t use it. I would recommend HD Camera.

  14. UPDATE: After using this app for about two and a half months now, i’m bumping it up to a FULL 5 🌟… I like all the features, and haven’t (yet!) found a reason to complain. Maybe the only thing I could ask for is to add time/date stamping to video instead of just photos. (That IS a request!) I use this app on all of my devices.

  15. Neil dice:

    Best 3rd party app in playstore that works with my hardware. Shots taken are fast, and seems 4K option did get unlocked for my phone. No filters or any effects, but still can’t complain as the advertising is basically non intrusive but optional.

  16. Bear in mind that I’m a professional photographer same I’m about to say the following statement. The only camera in the playstore that has the option to film @120 fps. AND it’s free. My 1000$ Nikon has that option but it wasn’t free and I can’t hook it too my phone. I can’t believe I no longer need to drag my gear around to snap absolutely amazing photos to sell as “Greeting cards they’ll never throw away.!”. Steve M. Tucson Az.

  17. The camera app that came with my Samsung Galaxy A53 applies way to much post-processing (especially sharpening) that can’t be turned off. HD Camera lets me turn that down and off, making it possible to take decent photos with my phone camera again. Recommended!

  18. Okay time for an update. Last night Android updated and HD Camera is lagging so bad I just gave up. will update and add stars or remove stars whenever it’s fixed. “App is not optimized for this operating system” Still playing with it so I’m in the middle until I gat a chance to play with it more. Galaxy s22 Model SM-S901U

  19. Gary Y dice:

    Poor zoom images. I tried several camera apps because the camera software for 2022 Moto G is no good. This one creates soft / poor resolution images when I zoom in. After much trial and error with several camera apps, Open Camera image quality is far superior and the one I settled on for my Moto G.

  20. The picture is very clear, bright and high definition. Edit : I shall support the Developer by click the Ad (red gift) at below right everyday. The best camera this runs smooth. The camera is great app. Developer very good.. you do good job. Thank you Developer!

  21. Very nice and good, enables you to run a video at 120fps on your device, and it works very well on my device, I can’t believe I shot a 4k video on a 2k device. thanks so much for make this possible. I rated 5 star because am satisfied with it.

  22. Uninstalled 20mins after installing it. Features it highlights as part of the functionality don’t exist – no quick shot, no filters for example. It takes way too long for the camera to activate when you hit the shutter button to take a picture. Every shot I took was blurry. Not sure what other people have been using but on an S22 this is garbage.

  23. Ff8 GF you guys put in a way to change the name of the file when I make a video or make a you know pick whatever then I will promise 5 stars but I want there to be a way I can take a pic or video and immediately changed the name of the file cuz I don’t like it when I open up pop YouTube and it says a&p 4-7 6950. For example and I wanted to say Billy’s video.mp4

  24. Just downloaded today. Phone camera stopped working about 1 month after getting new phone. So far I’m happy with it. Alot more options I look forward to using!

  25. Optional ads should be a feature for every every app 4k doesn’t really change much (I have a 25mp camera) but the other features could be useful

  26. Sooooo many options to dress your photo up with. If your phone didnt come with lots and lots and lots of options ,well, here they are.

  27. I want to thank the developers again about this best Camera appk. There are so many best software in the app store but I never seen just like this app. It gives pleasure to the saul forever. Thanks again and again.

  28. Ermek B dice:

    Does not take photos immeditely when shutter button is pressed. This is very essential downside making a photographer to miss best moments. Since few other people reported I think this is major issue. I now uninstalled this app. It is no use to me until this issue is sorted. No point talking about other best features if such an important one is on down side.

  29. Amazing quality photos many settings you can go through and choose the ones you want love it and so many diffrnt options on controls i love it, and easy to use and its just perect for me i love this app

  30. A great professional camera features are offered. Go to settings and then choose your parameters if you know what is what. Otherwise just use camera 1 for all other purposes.

  31. I’d like to give this more stars but the first time I opened it, the image on screen was upside down. The second time I opened it, there was no on screen image at all. Please fix.

  32. trish dice:

    Very good app. Pictures look a lot sharper than my phone pics. They’re not so good if you zoom in though.

  33. An excellent app that enables one to use from different angles and position. High speed and accurate

  34. So far this satisfy my expectation.. And more friendly to use ..keep it up! I saw some complaint about the zoom option ,I used it for zooming and so far the shots are clear and what I like the most is the quality of the picture when it is done indoors with lights are very bright…It automatically adjust the lighting..so know I rely more on this than my camera.cause I don’t need to do adjustment alot from time to time😅❤️

  35. Just spend the day at yhe Smithsonian museum and found that this camera app totally is far superior to anything i have even used as a retired professional commercial photographer /cinematography.

  36. In General ok, I liked the professional features. Had a couple issues. Main one was that the longer I used it the slower it became. Even starting it up was taking 15 or more seconds and snapping a photo was so delayed i constantly missed shots. The built in camera is much faster. The professional features kept kicking in randomly also causing missed shots. Intrusive menus popping up that kind of thing.

  37. Love this App. Only thing that bothers me is that I am unable to turn off shutter sound. Thank you for this amazing app.

  38. The quality and the options are phenomenal. I have a google pixel 7. Still looking for an exclusive Google camera?

  39. Interesting to have this kind of control on my phone’s camera! I can’t wait until I’m really good with this to take some amazing pictures!

  40. My original selfie camera on my phone is horrible and it has a million setting on it and it has 3 cameras on it and it’s just not that great but this app is 10x better than my camera every time I take s selfie or picture Im using this app

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