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A creative photo filter app created by professional photographer Bonnie Cee!
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Creative photo + video filter app developed by leading photographers and content creators. It’s time to take your edits (and Instagram) to the next level and achieve the photography aesthetic you have always dreamed of with this essential filter editing app which brings premium + professional filters directly to your iPhone.

Made for creators, trendsetters, and go-getters.

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110+ FILTERS to choose from! With our ever-expanding filter library, you’ll never need another app to find the perfect pairing for your photos. You can even create your own variations for endless creative options, all you need to do is save your favourite filters for use on future edits.

Bonnie Cee Collection (@bonniecee 192K)

Island Escape Collection (10 filters)
Summer Daze (9 filters)
Wanderlust (9 filters)
City Lights Collection (7 filters)
Classic Collection (7 filters)
Cali Summer Collection (8 filters)
Middle East Collection (4 filters)
Beach Bronze Collection (9 filters)
Royal Collection (4 filters)
Luxe B&W Collection (5 filters)

Clint Robert Collection:
@clint 377K

Clinty Beach Collection (8 filters)
Colour Pop Collection (6 filters)
Constellations Collection (7 filters)
Seasons Collection (5 filters)

Brooklyn Kelly Collection:
@brooklynkellyy 300K

Summer Collection (8 filters)
Portrait Collection (5 filters)
Film Collection (5 filters)

Adjustment settings for creative editing:

Contrast, Brightness, Saturation
Exposure, Highlights, Shadows
Vibrance, Temperature, Tint
Sharpen, Vignette, Noise
HSL Editing (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)

Additional features:
Built-in gallery to import photos & videos
Pinch to zoom for ease in photo editing
Reset button to revert to the original image
Compare button with multiple compare views to see before and after of the filter effect


We’ve been busy listening to your comments!
This release contains important bug fixes plus performance and visual improvements.

We really take your feedback seriously.
If you have anything you’d like us to address please email us at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Colourtone MOD 2022"

  1. This app is a great app. The only problem I have been having is that when I am exporting a video, and my screen rotates, it saves the video more than once, depending on how many times the screen rotates. I am running low on storage and that gets quite annoying. Otherwise, the app is amazing. It’s awesome for editing videos for my TikTok. I would recommend. 🙂

  2. Maddie dice:

    The app is great, I love it. But the problem is, why would I pay money for some filters? Anyway , moving on. This app isnt working, sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesnt. When I choose a video the screen is black but sometimes the screen isnt black but the export button would be stuck at 0. This is the biggest problem so I’ll tag away 2 stars away from that. Please fix it. I’ve also tried redownloading the app, but nope it wont work!

  3. This is a very nice app, I adore all of the filters and colors avaliable and it’s also free! If works nicely for both videos and photos, as well as they export into your device quickly. I do reccomend Colourtone to young editors, especially if your just starting off. There are some in-app purchases you are able to make for certain filters or tones, but the free filters and tones are just as well. I rarely receive notifications from this app which is a nice feature to keep phones less laggy.

  4. Nellie dice:

    Here’s the problem. When you click to edit a picture or video, it doesn’t respond at all. I’ve clicked, waited, clicked 2 times, waited, held it, NOTHING. Sometimes it works, but that’s only rarely, usually it does this. I’d give 5 stars if this was fixed, I’ve uninstalled a few times and that hasn’t fixed the problem. Please fix! I love all the filters, but that one tiny problem makes the app unusable! 😭

  5. Raphie A dice:

    Thai app has some really nice filters! The reason I am giving it 3 stars is because when I try to adjust the brightness it goes up too much and when I try to put brightness down it goes too much and it delays when I do it. Also another thing is on apple devices there is a feature where you can use those adjustments and save them but on android that isn’t and option. Other than that I really like this app, it has really good filters I recommend!

  6. If I could I would give it 0 stars. When I load a video, it just turns into a black screen! Please fix the problem and make it better! Just hoping to make better videos. But also it takes to long to loads the filters or the effects. I’m just sad and mad that this editing app does nothing but trash. Please fix the problem so I can switch to 5 stars!!

  7. I saw this app on tiktok so I downloaded it and there was nothing wrong with it! I literally loved the app until, when I tried exporting a video it would not work. I tried restarting my phone, deleting the app, refreshing the app, deleting all my files and it still said 0. I’ve noticed how people have had the same problem, please fix this!

  8. I love this app! I love the filters,details, and no lags (depends). I also enjoy you can save,crop, and more! Next you can choose how you want your filter by 0-100% and make your own filter to use anytine, anywhere! This app helps a lot of tik tokers i see to, every other app with filters are always laggy,glitchy, bad Quality, take long to load or save, for me. 5 out of 5 stars ! 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

  9. kirstie dice:

    I love this app so much, but one thing. Suddenly when i export a video/photo it doesnt respond. It stays on 0 for the whole time, i tried to click it again and go off the app and on many times and its been happening for a long time now. This would be a five stars if you could fix this, at the moment im trying to find an app just as good as this, without the struggle. Please could you fix this colourtone? At the end of the day, the app is very good itself – amazing filters!

  10. aeri s dice:

    A lot of times it doesn’t work! I use Samsung and I also paid for some filters. The filters are great but the app itself sometimes doesn’t work when I go to the app and click Image to select a photo to edit, it just stays on that first page. I have to refresh my phone many time but it’s not about my phone (Note 10+) because other apps work perfectly. It’s really frustrating me because I paid for it to use! Please fix this. Thanks

  11. Bug Phone dice:

    The filters are absolutely AMAZING! I love this app and I use it in all of my videos. But it has an export issue and black block issue. Basically export issue doesn’t let me save it. It keeps on 0 and doesn’t change. For the black block glitch Idk if I’m the only one but when I import my video, a black block appears instead of my video. This happens more often and it’s so annoying. Please fix it 🙂

  12. the few times i have gotten it to work, its good. the filters are really nice, you can’t achieve the same look with apps like vsco. however pretty much every time i try to use it when i go to select a photo to edit it just crashes. ive got a brand new phone and still heaps of storage so its not that, its just the app. i wish that it did work ):

  13. Mija dice:

    Its good and I love the filters! 2 big problems that been happening tho are it never let’s me save the video so I have to screen record it. 2nd Alot of the time I have to press so many times just to put in a photo or video. Please fix this because I wanna actually make things. And a recent bug is that it doesn’t even let me pick the video or photo.

  14. This is a great app! The filters are brilliant and it is genuinely very easy to use which many will enjoy since oftentimes these apps tend to be more complicated. The only problem that I have had with colourtone is that sometimes, I will have to download the app again for my video/photo to save, however when It works, it works very well.

  15. I adore this app! But for some reason, after I updated the app all of a sudden I can’t export any video. Example :after I put my video and choose a filter, when I click the export button it just wouldnt work! Instead, it gets me out of the whole thing. PLEASE fix this!

  16. Maylea. dice:

    This app is pretty nice, but there is a problem about the saving. When I just installed it, it exported really well and everything was fine, until the next day. I wanted to edit a video, and then the export glitched. It always stops at 0. I reinstalled it more than once and it still didn’t work. Please read this and fix my probelm.

  17. It was working great before but when I use it after a week it didn’t let me export my video, I honestly think it’s a great app for editing and putting filters on videos but why it won’t export anymore? I tried deleting the app a few times to get rid of the bugs but nothing’s working. Please, I really love this app it’s a shame that it’s not working for me anymore. 🙁

  18. Love the filters in this app but there are a few features I am DESPERATE to see added. The option to save images at a higher resolution pleeeease! The option to apply a filter or adjustment to more than one image at a time!

  19. iixgracie dice:

    i have seen multiple accounts on tiktok use this app for their filters, so i though “why not try it out, the filers are so pretty!” so i downloaded the app about a week ago, tried to export a video and it stayed on 0. so i re-installed it and still the same thing happened, please fix this bug, thank you. 🙂

  20. It’s a really good app, it has aesthetic vibes. However, when I try to export it stays the same, the numbers aren’t moving, and even if I try to reinstall the app it still doesn’t work, but there is some time where it exports, but please fix it. This is the app that I really need. Please fix this.

  21. The app is so amazing! but I have problem: when I put a video with the song and starting saving it, it don’t loads to 100, its on 0. Please fix it,so that’s why I put 4 stars. But I recomend to install this app, its really so amazing!

  22. I downloaded the app and many of the editing features were missing, including the crop button. What made this worse was that the app automatically and incorrectly rotated my images and then I was unable to fix it, even when the image was then saved in my phone’s gallery.

  23. This app is great. There are tons of filters that I love! I especially love the Coogee filter. Very aesthetic! I am a roblox editor and I think it’s a very great filter. One problem that happens with every filter is that the filters look kind of pixel-ly and makes my videos look bad quality. Any way to fix that? I immediately deleted this app. Although, this app is great and I recommend it

  24. It’s a good editing app and all, but as a Android user, IT NEVER EXPORTS. Well, it does, but only once. I use it ONCE and it stops working. Unless you want to re-install this app every time you use it, 1/10 recommend.

  25. Wølfië dice:

    It really is amazing with the filters and everything, it makes it look all natural and everything, but my only problem which makes me despise this app is because it wont save my video no matter how much I try to make it work. I’ve tried to reinstall, restart, and everything else I can do, i just wont save for me! Please try to fix this. 🙁

  26. I just dont like it, it wasnt what it said it would be plus why do you need to record audio and record videos? All you really need is access to media and photos, nothing more, i have to give this a 2 star i would give it a 1 but im getting it a 2 due to the setup,the setup is very nice though there isnt alot of features like maybe add some bling affects or something like that maybe, also the app is plain a little bit too, well just a little but its not worth the storage,sorry! Though its okay !

  27. I really love this app I think it’s really good for filters and editing videos/photos I just think that it has really cute/beautiful filters for your videos or photos that you want to edit.

  28. Gabby dice:

    I love this app don’t get me wrong, I love the editing and colors the only problem is when I export a video it always stays at 0 one time I was making a video at night and the next morning it was still loading! Please fix it Ill change my rating if it’s good again.

  29. Andrea dice:

    I’m obsessed with the app! It has really cool and aesthetic kind of beachy filters that I love I’ve been searching for this kind of filters for so long I have to say that it’s so good! Even though there are filters with price the free ones ROCK THIS APP IS MY FAVORITE TO EDIT IT’S SO AMAZING! I highly recommend it!!🔥🔥🤩 oh and I’ve read reviews that u can’t download a video edited but I can it works amazing and u can edit videos!

  30. I really love this app and I use it to edit videos and pictures with the filters that the app comes with which I absolutely love, but my main problem is that when I try to export a video it stays to 0 and never exports or sometimes it goes to 1 but it stays there for hours unless I close the app, please fix this problem colourtone it’s been going on for months. -Thank you

  31. It’s a great app I use it for my videos but when I first download it I was working smoothly it was exporting perfect and all the filters were working I deleted it and I downloaded it back again and now when I export is video it stays on 0 and it doesn’t move it really hard to get my videos and pictures with this glitch so please fix it !

  32. It’s a great app, I use it ALOT! There’s loads of colour’s that you can put onto your videos, Tiktok acount and photo’s! In all honesty I use palm beach the most so I highly recommend it to you! There’s loads of aesthetic filters that I use alot for my Tiktok video’s 🤩💞 but the reason why I have given it 4 star’s is actually bc a few week’s ago this app kept saying ” colourtone is not working right now ” I uninstalled it but still get the same thing! Please fix that if you can😘😥x

  33. I like the app but for some reason it stopped working, i put in my video and put the filter i wanted and it wasnt working please fix this. Also paying so much money just for a filter?!? Im sorry but thats not ok. Edit: i meant like when i click the export button its just stuck at 0 and it keeps doing that and i alweys use colourtone its inportant to me pls fix this! Ive been uninstalling and installing it again, restarting my phone turning off and on my wifi its still not working 🙁

  34. Macy Hoy dice:

    I’m giving this 3 stars bc it never loads! I love the filters on this app and they are amazing but when I click on the app to begin with it never ever loads I have to keep deleting it and reinstalling this if I want to colour my videos! Please fix this glitch I know it’s not just my phone bc the same problem happens both my parents phones, and my old phone!

  35. The app is great. When i first started using it, it was all fine, however, when i export a video the thing is just stuck on 0 and wont even move from 0 to another number not even 1. Pkease can you fix this problem becausr i really need this app to edit my videos for my fanpage on tiktok! Other than that the app is good.

  36. I love the app the filters are great but when i import my video the quality is really bad and usually it takes some time for the video to save and it’s frustrating. Also forgot to mention that i am using an android I don’t have these problems on my iphone

  37. Its a wonderful app, I was enjoying it so much but then it stopped working. When I went in the app it froze then kicked me out. I uninstalled it and installed it several times but it kicked me out again. Hope you can fix it 🙂

  38. Erol Saro dice:

    I personally love this app but the issue is that when I edit a video it doesnt save I’ve tried 20 times it doesnt work please fix this issue! Okay this is a edit and.. The last time I had this app it was fixed now is broken AGAIN it doesn’t let me save the video!! please fix this for once and for all!!!!!!!! 😕

  39. I heard alot about this app and that it has good filters my only problem is that it freezes when I try to open it and my phone does not have freezeing I waited for 10mins and it still did not open so then I unsalled the app then I installed it back to see if it could get better and it still freezes

  40. max Kyle dice:

    I hate this app alot. I’ve been trying for the longest time to edit a video with palm beach but when I go to export it it freezes and glitches and stays at 1 for export and the one time it did work it didn’t save to my camera roll.

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