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Get started using your Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer and IVY CLIQ+/CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printers with the Canon Mini Print app. Personalize your photos with stickers, text, frames, filters, and more! Take photos to capture the moment, or access photos from your favorite social and cloud accounts to get creative with and share. When you’re ready, send your masterpiece to be printed and use the 2×3-inch sticker prints to dress up your room, notebook, locker, mirror, desk… well, almost anything!

Enjoy these fun features with the Canon Mini Print app. Simply connect to your printer via Bluetooth to get started!

-Add stickers to your photos to share, send and print

-Turn your image into different scenes with filters and frames

-Add text and drawings, so you can say exactly what you want

-Print your big moments with tile print, and turn one image into multiple photo tiles to assemble

-Mix and match multiple photos to capture your memories

-Have fun printing on Canon pre-cut sticker paper

-Get the perfect shot using Remote Live-view and Shutter


This new version of the Canon Mini Print App includes:
- New UI design for a better user experience.
- Supports the new IVY CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printer.
- New feature to print Pre-Cut Stickers.
- More minor improvements in the Album, Photo Edit, and Collage sections.


40 comentarios en "Canon Mini Print 2022"

  1. I find it absolutely INSANE that you have to give up the rights to your photos to Canon to be able to print. I’ll be looking for a better app, but in the meantime I completely blocked it from going online, using a firewall. But when you do that, the app takes ages to load, and most of the camera features won’t work. EDIT: Found a workaround, by using a Bixby Routine that automatically enables Airplane Mode when I run the app. Still can’t use most features but at least I can print in privacy now.

  2. Connecting to other accounts in order to retrieve photos to print can be a pain. For instance, pictures stored on my Google Photos often do not upload 50% of the time, making it annoyingly irritating. Not sure if this is an app issue, but the version I have is up to date. Otherwise, the app itself is easy to use and quite handy without all the technical glitches.

  3. The app is easy to use (the integration with online photo sources like Google Photos or Instagram in particular is great), the customization options are decent, and the printer itself produces great prints! I do wish there were more stickers/custom stickers, but I guess I could pre-edit the pics in a different app before printing from this app. The collaging option is very helpful and intuitive. Also, please add dark mode!! It’s hard to tell if there’s a strip of white left when zooming in/out.

  4. The color prints out less vibrant/darker than desirable. But overall, very easy to use and the prints are nice quality. There are lots of borders and filters to use. The soft focus filter will lighten up the colors. Just have to play around with printing until you get the desired lighting. I have a pet care business and I’m using the printer to leave behind photos of the pets. Real gems and loved by all pet owners! 😻🐕

  5. Lola T dice:

    Connecting the printer to the app is nearly impossible, managed to connect it once after more than 5 tries and haven’t been able to do so again. The printer is on and I can even connect it to my device through bluetooth but for some reason it is ‘unable to connect’ to the app. Tried it with my phone and tablet, it is the same issue with both.

  6. I LOVE THIS PRINTER!!! I journal and any picture I have in mind to go with the topic is now so easily accessible and I love adding them to my books. I like the small size of the pictures, the cute color, the paper/ sticker options and especially the affordable bundle of came in. In the app, you can add text, stickers, all kinds of things and print them that way. The Bluetooth hook up took seconds. I also plan to buy the 4×6 printer as well. If you’re considering, consider this!

  7. It’s not the most intuitive software when you get into the tiled images/mosaic images. They’re on the same tab, and it’s not clear whether you’re printing for tiles pictures (print out 4 stickers to be placed together to form a larger image) or you’re printing a mosaic of images you’ve selected on one sticker. If doing the latter, do yourself a favor, build the mosaic in other software and import the finished image into this software.

  8. Today, I bought the Canon Ivy CLIQ+2. It included some sheets to print. When peeled they stick. So it is optional. The instructions on how to place these sheets can be confusing, but I will glady share 1 important piece of info. The blue card must be printed first. Do not bend it. It’s a practice run. After printing 7 back to back, you will get a little notification – needs to cool down. Perfect pics, depending on lighting in the photo. To adjust the picture, pinch the screen.

  9. I LOVE this printer!!! For me I have seen that depending on the quality of my pictures is how well the print comes out. If it isn’t a perfect picture the print still comes out good. And because it is inkless you can hold the picture right away and it does not smear. It is lightweight and easy to carry. For me being able to capture a moment and adding it to my journal with what is happening at the moment is not only fun but priceless!!!

  10. steven dice:

    I love this thing. But a note to samsung galaxy users: i couldn’t get this thing to connect via bluetooth until i turned on NFC payments, turned on bluetooth and then set my phone directly onto the printer. It then asks what app to open. Select the mini print app and then it should work how it is described in the manual. Very frustrating figuring that NFC thing out, but other than that the printer really is great. I love how there is no need to worry about ink, as it is included on the paper.

  11. Vicky dice:

    I used to have a Samsung S9. Pairing through Bluetooth with that phone and my new phone LG V60 has been successful. However, the app on my S9 would recognize the printer was on immediately only 40% of the time. The app also didn’t load my Google Photos folders on my S9 that well. But on my LG V60, the app doesn’t recognize the printer is on at all despite being paired through Bluetooth. I saw a review that said enable NFC and place it on the printer. Wow, IMMEDIATE connection.

  12. The CanonIVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera & Portable Printer + App is very easy and fun to use! The camera is lightweight and stylish looking. Both the camera and app are very intuitive. You can print direct from the camera or you can connect from the printer app on your phone to print any pictures from your phone and turn them into nice quality sticker prints fast. The connection is wireless. The app has a lot of fun features such as frames, filters, and effects that inspire creativity too!

  13. Needs location detection in order to connect. I had the same trouble connecting as many people. After I allowed the app to see my location, then the app was able to detect the printer. Otherwise, it just doesn’t show up & nothing tells you that you need to allow it to see your location.

  14. Does not connect to Bluetooth. It shows up on the, “Pair new device” list it pairs, connects for a split second and disconnects itself and won’t connect back at all. Printer does not show up in the Canon App either. My phone is a Pixel. I tried the NFC hack and that was a fail. So this means I cannot use this expensive brick at this point. I am going to return this, as I just got this today.

  15. nun ya dice:

    Printer works fine, app leaves a lot to be desired. Can’t straighten images after making them bigger, and can’t enlarge images without the risk of rotating it. There is already a way to rotate the image 180° in the app, why make the image rotate when enlarging it? The rotate option can make it straight again, but you have to navigate if that means + or – however much, the “center 0” is NOT straight up and down if you’ve accidentally rotated the image.

  16. Just got this printer and was so excited to use it for a scrapbooking project (especially during quarantine). I followed directions but could not get the printer to connect with my phone (samsung). I even added the step as read from above review about making sure the Nfc in setting tab is engaged. Very frustrating and waste of time and money. Am sad because I have given this as a gift several times. Seems like it is a Samsung compatibility thing. Please get this fixed.

  17. After I pair my phone with the camera, the app is unable to find it. I believe this is an issue with the app because I have downloaded other bluetooth printing apps and they are able to discover and connect to the camera. I am very unsatisfied because the ultimate deciding factor in purchasing the Cliq+ was to be able to print from other sources other than the camera itself. I have the Galaxy S10+. Updated app on 2/7/2020: Stilll having same issue!!!

  18. Having this printer has changed my life! I am pretty much addicted to printing out all the photos i take now. The quality of the pictures are really well for how compact and easy it is, it uses the zink papers so the cost of printing out tons of photos is super low and its just fun. This would be a perfect stocking suffer for all ages.

  19. I’ve had a Polaroid zip able at some point they changed their app to the point where I found it such a hassle to use. When the printer itself died I was almost relieved. I downloaded both the HP app and this app before deciding on my next printer and decided on the Ivy based on the app. This app is just so easy to use and does everything I want it to. I love my Ivy! I have had it for 2 years now and it’s never let me down. The only thing is I wish they had a program for automatic paper refills.

  20. Works so far, just wish they’re was more I could do with the app. Now that we have apps like Snapchat and messenger, I feel like the developers could step up their game so I don’t have to run my photos through Snapchat when I want to do different things and then basically using this app just to print my photos. Overall, it’s a nice app. (the mini printer took awhile to connect and be recognized because I had to wait for it to figure out it needed a software update, but that’s just the printer.)

  21. Je Vonne dice:

    The pictures come out very dark and slightly blurry no matter how much you try to tweak the settings of them. The best pictures are in black and white only. The coloring is altered from what you see on your screen. You end up wasting photo paper trying to get the picture to show up lighter than it prints. I wish I hadn’t paid over 100$ for it. It’s not worth it at all.

  22. So maddening. This app is so slow. And also anytime you want to download a sticker or frame. It gives me continuous download unsuccessful like 80 percent of the time. When the app works to give you the photos it’s good. But when it doesn’t…it’s a headache. The printer itself (I use the ivy cliq plus 2) is fine. My gripe is solely with the app

  23. I love using the printer, but the app is extremely slow and doesn’t work that great. Something about it feels a little outdated. That said, it gets the job done. I would just enjoy it a lot more if it was better. *EDIT: Down from two stars to one. The app is now refusing to acknowledge that I have paper in the printer.

  24. I’m still testing it out. you need to adjust the lighting on the picture otherwise it prints dark. Having a little issue with my Android I’ve only had it since Xmas so I’m going to try it some more until I decide on sending back. I don’t want to I’m enjoying printing out pictures

  25. Rowan dice:

    pfff I wanted to love it, but the photos on the Zoemini 2 are cropped while they show fully within the app. It litterally removed a nice quote that we wrote on the bottom of the photo. Next to that, more horribly, we printed two photos, but they both contain red spots everywhere on darker colors.

  26. Really love it! Some photos come out with lines on them and getting the colouring right takes some playing around with settings and filters, but that’s part of the fun. Thankfully the device arrived with 10 free foto pages!!! So much fun!

  27. Working just fine. would love to see more label options, but I can use Inkscape to design my own. Just works without drama. Easy to navigate as well.

  28. Lady dice:

    Very slow. Glitchy. Disconnects and lots of steps to reconnect back via Bluetooth. Not a good app layout either. Good ideas, just need app function to improve.

  29. I like the Mini prints&how they’re also stickers if you peel off the back.But I wish they made colored frames(like they do with the FujifilmPhonePrinter)&a option of different shapes(ex. a heart,a star, a hexagon)&wish you were able to make a collage collaboration of photos(like 2+ in 1pic)I’m sure you can on the bigger CanonWide printer tho.It’d be cool if could make decals but now I’m just talkin like a Kricket🦗lol a whole nother level. I love it tho I can take it on the go wherever I go¡🥰

  30. Worst app ever. I should return the printer. It takes so long to load the app. To load the pictures. It is the worst at the time to center the picture. Sometimes the pictures comes out looking really bad and dark although it looks just fine in the app. Before releasing a new printer why don’t you try to make the app better so the printer is usable. I’m too close to throw the printer in the trash. I hope some other developer makes another app that can be used with this.

  31. its super nice. the pictures aren’t PERFECT. they have a grayish film to the pictures. but its perfect for quick prints. very much recommend

  32. app is pretty good I have had very few problems with it all problems had to do with the initial start up and wasn’t anything too complicated. would def recommend!!

  33. Doesn’t work for my phone. Printer doesn’t show up when searching on my phone but works fine on iphone. The app offers practically no help to solve issue

  34. It is showing Inspic instead of IVY. But everything works fine, except the updates on top. I don’t know how IVY would show on top.

  35. I love this mini printer. I journal, and love to add pictures. With the peel-and-stick mini pics, it makes it much better.

  36. E Dye dice:

    I just love the printer . App could stand to gain some filters or editing tools so I usually edit my photos on another app prior to this one where I send them to print

  37. 3ets a little slow and at times it gets confused when replacing paper overall a good investment. My kid really loves it. I wish different size papers were made for like 5×7 so we multi size printer. Wallet sizes and up to 5×7.

  38. color might be slightly off from original pictures but other than that I think it works really good for being a mini printer.

  39. Love this mini photo printer; the app lets you design your photos before printing. So much fun and easy to use 🙂

  40. Perfect for adding pics to my journal. quick and easy. So small and light…easy to carry when traveling.

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