InstaMini – Instant Cam, Retro Cam MODDED 2022


Take and shake for an instant film photoA digital take on retro cameras
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An instant camera in your smartphone!

Take a photo and shake to watch it develop
Enjoy the anticipation of waiting for a one-of-a-kind photo
With InstaMini, every photo is truly unique
With 10 films per day,
you get the genuine instant camera experience

– Camera: permissions for shooting photos
– Gallery: permissions for saving and managing photos
– Location: permissions for adding location info to photo details
– Contacts: permissions for tracking film count for individual users


+ Android 11 changes storage method corresponding
+ fixed bugs.


40 comentarios en "InstaMini – Instant Cam, Retro Cam MODDED 2022"

  1. It has a great concept however the execution isn’t great. You have to pay for the filters that come free on almost every other photo app which makes purchasing it pointless. Also buying fake film is yes more believeable but you shouldn’t have to because it is an app the film isn’t a physical item. Finally shaking your phone to get the picture is a great gimmick at first but gets tiring after a few goes, it also makes it hard to take multiple pictures of something and can be awkward in public.

  2. It is really a great app! You can use unlimited film in this app. My friend said that i will only clear the data of the app in the settings and you will have 10 more films again. Also i know, the flash is working only in low light situations.

  3. It’s really cool! Although it doesn’t give you unlimited frames and film for free, it captures what it feels like to use an actual Polaroid with film. I own a real Polaroid camera and don’t want to carry it around everywhere. You have to think about what you want to take pictures so the pictures you do take are meaningful and well-thought out, not just random pictures of everything. A little bit of patience and your films get topped up again in a little while. With a real camera, you don’t have unlimited anything so this is a good, virtual simulation with cute frames you can use for free ❤

  4. I really like this app. It really makes the pictures look old and dreamlike, the only problem is that you only get to use 10 films a day, you can’t import pictures, and the rear camera’s flash isn’t working. I wish you could transport pictures in the app and turn them into polaroids

  5. at first i hate it cuz i dont know how to use it, but the i started figuring things out and i like it. the only thing i dont like about this app is not limited, it can only take polaraid pictures up to 10. but overall its good🥰🥰🥰 (i dont have problem with the shake thing, its fun)

  6. Really Great! The experience is great but is limited due to in app purchases. You can take a lot of good photos without paying and I am pretty content with the results! I recommend to trying only though because borders, film and development speed is paid 🙁

  7. I think this is an amazing idea for a camera app. But people shouldn’t have to pay for imaginary film when they could just edit the pictures to look the same on their own. I wish I could look past the film pricing but I just can’t. Will not be using app.

  8. Loving the app so far. However does anyone know how to enable a close up view of the viewfinder as shown in the screenshots? I can’t seem to find any button to enable it & I’d have to deal with the little viewfinder everything snapping a photo.

  9. Great app but i have to wait and shake the photo in order to take another one. That gets old, sometimes i want to take multiple photos. There should be a separate area where the photos can develop and you can have the option to shake them to develop faster.

  10. I like the app, but almost everytime I take a picture and it develops, it stays frozen and I have to restart the app everytime, it’s really annoying. Also I bought the yearly subscription and yet I’m still getting ads

  11. The frames are nice, the sound brings back memories of when I was small. It would be nice to consider some thing different with the frames. Cartoons from the 70’s to 2000’s, like frozen, spongebob and his friends, Felix the Cat, Woody Woodpecker, Barbie, etc. Possibly beautiful backgrounds, like flowers, mountain views, waterfalls, oceans. Cut and paste your own background. Make sure the cut and paste is accurate. Could be something to consider 🤔… What do you think?

  12. I’ve been having this app for 4 years and it’s been like the greatest I’ve ever because like any time if you want to do a like a vintage the look on your pictures has it for you and you can switch to different kind of filters if you want and I think I recommend it for for myself and other people who want to use to.

  13. Camera is great. I love it, and the filters. But I HATE how I only get 2 shots, and I have to PAY! What about those who dont have money? You did a great job but making us pay to get another shot just ripped it off. Uninstalling. You better fix this.

  14. I really like the app, but it would be better if you could use a little more things without having to pay for it! But besides that, the photos you can take come out really good and I love the frames you can choose!😊

  15. riki 's dice:

    the pictures come out cute and beautiful, but i would like it if we could also edit the pictures that are already on our phone and not just the new ones we take. but overall, good app. i love it.

  16. This is not a fake comment but wow this app. Is the greatest, the pics that I have taken with the app just all kinds of amazing. For 1 month it 12.99 to me that’s great bargain price. But for whole year it is only 79.99 for one year plus unlimited flim ,instant development , additional photo frames and plus all the camera themes. That’s A great deal. Wow I 100% recommended this app is one of the best polaroid apps out there. Get this app right now you won’t regret it.😀😀

  17. I paid for 100 photos, and I had my ten free, used about 6 total from the 110, my count went down to ten. Emailed the company twice. They have never gotten back to me. Incredibly disappointed. I will not recommend to anyone.

  18. My new favourite photo app. I love the photos turn out, date on them all, the retro look, well done! Just one thing, how can I stop the capture sound from going off? It even does it when my phones on silent? Any suggestions?

  19. $0.99 just to have extra film.. but why must i still shake for photo development? 🙁 it’ll be great if the photo development feature came with the extra film i’m paying. Overall, a great app… i just did not expect to shake despite paying for the app.

  20. I LUVVVVVVV THIS APP!!!!BUT! the only thing I don’t understand is the trial period n limited amount of frames (not the types but the number of frames). The app even says to purchase some frames sometimes……that’s the only problem here.If it were solved, it would be the beat app in the world for me 💔💘💕💞💕💞💕💞

  21. the app is overrated. it absolutely not worth the money. I don’t understand why we need to pay to take photos. Paying for filters and special features would make sense but certainly not for taking photos. Not recommended

  22. I love love this app it’s amazing !! But why 4 stars ? I just wish you didn’t have to pay for the filters and boarders. I would love this to be free someday and maybe i’ll change my mind on giving this 4 stars. Instead i’ll give it 5 stars like cmon a lot of your apps are paid why not make one free ? Like this one ? We would really appreciate it

  23. I really liked this app, really. But why do we need to pay just to take photos?? Isn’t that too much?? [Update]: Changed it to 2 stars. Now I cant even switch to a different camera although I still have 5 shots left.

  24. I’m using this app and I can say all of my shots is nice but the films that you can take is limited to 10 films only.

  25. It’s a great little app but it’s not fair to charge people to take photos! Seriously?? It lets you have 10 free pics which are great quality and then charges you! Please re-consider charging people for a photo!

  26. i love it. but it keeps crashing and freezing up. im constantly having to restart application or uninstall it and reinstall. please fix!!!

  27. elizabeth dice:

    its an okay app, but i wish there was a way to diable the shaking film thingy. its just weird and embarrassing to do it when youre out with friends taking pics 🙁

  28. Hi 🙂 I just downloaded this last week and i really like it! but, there’s a bug. 1.) When I was taking a picture, so i decided to add flash. But, sadly it didn’t worked. I took a pic again and ir didnt worked. ☹️ 2.) So see? flash didnt worked so i have to take a pic without flash 😒. So i took a pic but then when the picture comes out its completely WHITE! 😑 So i took a pic on my dogs, but REALLY? its white! 😤

  29. the app automatically saves to your phone… BUT if you delete photos off the app, it deletes it off your phone too. 😠 I’ve lost so many great photos because of this.

  30. Lol love that I still can’trestore purchases. A SCAM. Ive been through this before and tried to work with the developer – when I purchase new cameras etc. Any updates cause me to lose my purchase and restore purchase doesn’t work. Unacceptable for money spent.

  31. I was searching for this kind of camera app and finally found it, it gives you the retro feeljng ypu need and what’s more good is the pictures came out amazingly well you can’t get enough of it 💕💕

  32. I wish there was an app similar to this that put the same filters over the photos. I don’t want to actually print these photos out so it’s silly to charge for film.

  33. The app was good not until I cannot see the import photo section. Hope you’ll work this out cos it’ll really make the app amazing.

  34. So over all the app is ok, the thing that bothers me is just the fact that it’s too realistic like you have to shake it in order to see the photo you took. It would be a bit awkward to take a picture then shake it after in public…well at least for me..anyways thanks for trying!

  35. mo-uiz dice:

    It’s good, but why I can’t watch ads to run a day trial?! I keep tapping it but it didn’t work. Now the camera ain’t working anymore. I am so disappointed. Please fix this immediately, tss….

  36. I love it and use paid version for 2 years, but just now the app keeping close itself everytime I open. Please FIX it! 🙁 **I can’t use it properly almost 6 months, app just close itself all the time. Wow the app developer is great so far!!

  37. Taba Tapu dice:

    Only 10 Films Are Available And after That You Have To Purchase which Is Pointless Other Then the Purchasing Of Films everything Is Fine . It Is Totally Worthless To Purchase When You Can Have It For Free In Many Other Apps.

  38. I was so excited to use this app because I can use it to take cool pictures. Everything was really good until I found out you have to pay for the different camera types. As someone who’s broke, I’m very sad to know this because I can’t really use the app anymore. If you want to pay for it, go for it. Really disappointed

  39. I really love using it. It really gives me the feeling of having a retro camera and the sound effect is just so nice. Thank you creator.

  40. I love the way the pictures turn out. And all the action of actually having it come out of the camera like an actual Polaroid is what closed the deal for me with this app. Loving it.

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