EPIK – Photo Editor MODDED 2022


All-In-One editor for retouching, adjusting, decorating photos
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Professional photo edit with advanced editing tools

[ Main features ]
● Professional editing features
For color : HSL, Curves, Split tone, Lux, Grain, Vignette
For perfection : Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective
● Perfect portraits
Retouch to remove blemishes, natural Face, trendy Makeup
Touch up, Body, Paint, Hair color, Relight, Mosaic, AI Skin, AI Hairstyle, Reflection
● Artistic photo styling
Trendy Effects, Stickers, Text, Brush, Time stamp, Draw shapes, Spot Color

[ Creative tools ]
● Templates updated weekly
Use customizable templates for easy editing
● Unique style made by you
Add photos, create stickers using Cutout, use Brushes in your own way, and Create my own filter that is unique
● Background, Color frame, Border, AI filter, AI Expression

[ For you ]
● Find plenty of premium features for that perfect photo!
Cutout, Remove, Selective, Patch, Relight, Mosaic
Layout, Batch Edit, Collage, Enhance


The PRO subscription service has been launched.
[Enhance] A new effect has been added.
[Collage] Cut out multiple photos at once to create cool art pieces.
[Time stamp] Indicate the date and time to record your shot professionally.
[Shape] Draw shapes with ease.
[Spot Color] Select a certain color to emphasize it in the photo.
[AI Skin] Create refined, clean skin with AI technology.
[Reflection] Create lively and sparkling eyes.
[Expression] Create various expressions with AI.


40 comentarios en "EPIK – Photo Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. Love this app for many reason, but of course there are downfalls. You can’t blame them, bit the recently added watermark sucks, but easy enough to remove, really, can’t blame them. Best stickers, good filter,.great adjustments. The “portrait” adjustments need to be used with a very light hand and precise eye. If you’re not extremely careful it’s like spraying a can of spraypaint, no matter what tool you’re using: smooth, details, etc..Love it overall!

  2. EPIK – Photo Editor is an amazing app that allows you to easily edit photos and create amazing photo albums. The app has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. The app also has a lot of features that allow you to customize your photos to your liking. Overall, EPIK – Photo Editor is an amazing app that is perfect for anyone that wants to easily edit their photos and create amazing photo albums.

  3. Emma dice:

    You have to pay for 90% of the app, it was once free but they obviously want everyone to pay for everything so they changed it to pro for everything good, it’s really annoying and makes the app less like able, I hate it now, I’m uninstalling unless something changes and we don’t have to pay for literally every little thing. I had higher expectations for this app, but not anymore. 10/10 wouldn’t recommend.

  4. Hannah dice:

    Are you kidding me? Locking the blemish removal feature, one of the most rudimentary to a photo editing app, behind a paywall? This phenomenon is exactly why I uninstalled my last two editing apps. Locking previously free features behind a paywall never goes over well with consumers. I will be looking elsewhere and suggest you do the same.

  5. liam owen dice:

    Soft enhance isn’t working. It was ok a few days ago on Android, it now keeps returning blank and wants to re-process, it sometimes returns a close face option but not the normal image. the other two options work most the time but also return blank now and then. Annoying means though I have just subscribed.

  6. Cinfoni dice:

    I started to realize a bunch of bugs in this app, specially while zooming and using the blemish function. They also added a premium subscription, fine, but in that same update they introduced like 86 new bugs and now blemish is (sometimes, most of the time) blocked unless you have the pro subscription -3★ Uninstalling, once developers do stuff like this, there is no more change of heart for the better. Shame, it was an app to be proud of in the past, now it’s… whatever this is…

  7. Love it! I would give it 5 stars if only it wasn’t laggy when using a template. Other than that, the app is amazing, especially the automatic layer so we can edit it freely whenever we want to sooner or later. This is because in another app I usually forget to add a layer, so I have to redo it again and again. It’s also have so many stickers, brushes etc that we can choose. Totally recommended!

  8. This is a great app for anyone who wants to get professional-quality photos edited quickly and easily. The app has a wide range of editing tools, and it’s easy to use. The finished photos look great and are perfect for use on social media or in your portfolio.

  9. If you love using apps to create your own art, then Cutout is the app for you! It has a variety of tools that allow you to add photos, create stickers, and use brushes in your own way. You can also create your own filter that is unique to you.

  10. I started using EPIC for filters/effect and it is the best app I ever used but recently I became fond of templates so I started using the templates and the app always crash or don’t work properly when i switch one template to another a few times.

  11. This app is really fun! I love how you can add photos and create stickers using Cutout, use Brushes in your own way, and create your own unique filter. It’s a really great app and I would definitely recommend it!

  12. Ryan Riot dice:

    …so, it turns out this app is quite appropriately named — and in more ways than one — cos not only do the app’s multitude of modes provide you with an abundance of great start-off points to choose from, but then with what seems to be infinite beautiful and super well-made shooting and/or editing functions taking over from there, urging you on a surprise ‘adventure’, toward your goal of ‘taking another picture’ and so on and so on. What’s NOT epic about it? 😉😉

  13. Well it use to be a 5 star app. Now a lot of it is behind a pay wall making it essentially Photoshop but a bit cheaper. That is a bit depressing would have preferred the in app ad for features type thing not a membership pro type deal .

  14. The app is good, but kindly improve the AI in cutout and to detect a small object’s like Flare etc. Because of the issue I could not complete the work of my photo.

  15. Vivek dice:

    A lot of cool features are now paid. For other free features we can move to any other app. Even stock editing app has those features. No point having installed it on my phone anymore.

  16. Great features, fully of hopes it will be available for free even though the the app getting big popularity one day. It’s okey if the developer adjust the ad, but the important pls keep it free.

  17. I love this application! It’s so very easy to make use of and has a fantastic range of image editing alternatives. Extremely advise!.

  18. Cyndi dice:

    I waste copious amounts of time on this app! There’s nothing like it, I try scroll past but once I’m in I’m hooked! To whoever designs these stickers.. You are soooo cute!! I’m 40 and this captivates me.🙈

  19. its a nice editing app but the bugs,adds, its really annoying but its your choice to download it or not but i recommend it with the lags and more.

  20. Since I discovered it I can’t stop using it. It’s the best app, here you can edit your photos in an aesthetic way, without paying too much. Really love it, thank you for creating this app!

  21. So great! I love this app there are so many different options for editing and I love to edit especially when there are many options!!

  22. 12 Holomy dice:

    This app is so bad. I made a photo and edited i click save to album and it was cut out and i couldnt make it like it was again! It sucks!

  23. Hands down best editing app, perhaps more powerful than some of those pc applications. It would be nice to have a feature where it saves the content/filters/templates directly to your phone so that you don’t have to download every time you want to use one.

  24. Pretty standard tools really, and very average and/or mediocre filters and effects etc. Nowhere near warrants buying a yearly subscription for £45 per year lol… that really is a joke kind of charge. Who on earth buys that, I don’t know. Millionaires, I guess. There’s FAR better out there on the market, and for FAR cheaper!

  25. D I B B O dice:

    Best editing app that I have ever tried. And I also like the fact that all the filters and editing tools are for free .. It’s a must have app…

  26. best photo editing app of all time because when you use remove tool in other apps it just disappears the removed marked area but epik do that same and blurrs the photo little bit which looks like that is actually not removed

  27. This app is tooo good. But why they are removed inhanced option from app . Kindly request to team please add is featured in this app. This app work too osm 🔥 so kindly request to EPIK TEAM ADD THIS FEATURES FASTER. WHEN WE ADDED THE PHOTOS OUR PHOTO WERE GOING TO LAGGING PLEASE FIX THIS GLITCH SOMETIME OUR PHOTO HAS BEEN STUCK WE HAVE TO RESTART THE APP. KINDLY REQUEST TO TEAM AT THE ENHANCED OPTION AND FIX THIS TYPE OF GLITCHES

  28. Verdenė dice:

    If you want money don’t make a free app I’m deeply dissapointed in the devs especially because this once was my favorite photo editing app. I guess we can’t have nice things…

  29. excellent editor! it’s replaced ‘photodirector’ on my phone and iPad! I only request one thing, and that’s a light blue toggle in hsl. sometimes I need to get rid of aqua and cyan colors in my pictures. the blue adjustment doesn’t do that. otherwise I am so happy with this app!

  30. Bijuna AC dice:

    I personally like this app much,the best photo editimg app i have ever used,but there is a small thing that is disturbing:when you edit your photo and just try to add a template then all the editing works are gone(but it is not a big problem),the problem is that after adding a template you feel sorry about it then you cant get your editing works back and we need to start it from beginning.plzz fix it

  31. We should be able to use more than one cutout shape 🙁 i want to make a template and cut the middle image out with square but it only leaves that part and cuts away the rest of my image. Would be easier if i could invert selection so everything outside the shape is left.

  32. The “remove” function doesn’t work, it seems unable to load properly. This is disappointing, considering that function was the main reason for getting this app… You replied that this issue was fixed, however it still doesn’t work. The remove function begins to load and just restarts loading again and again, without every completing the process.

  33. I really want to take the time to thank you, SNOW Inc. I have been actively following every developement you guys have created, my first one being the snow app to have come across after its big hit in SK. And I still use it to this day. I’ve however needed a good photo editing app and have downloaded COUNTLESS of them but weren’t satisfactory at all. EPIK however– it’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted. Thank you, for creating it & making it accessible to all of us.

  34. This app is great for people who love to take pictures and add stickers and filters to them. The app has a lot of features, and it’s very easy to use.

  35. The app has been installed on the device and is now open. The user has selected a photo to edit and has started editing. The app has displayed a progress bar showing the progress of the edit. The user has finished editing the photo and has saved it.

  36. Remini Not working properly after update.I was looking for another application instead.Then I uploaded this application after watching a video on Instagram.After using this application is great.This application does not contain watermark. No ad interruption of any kind. this is one of the best Android editing application

  37. Epik is the WORST app I’ve ever had! There’s ALWAYS alot of technical issues! I cannot even load my pics from my photos to even edit!!! Also, if there’s a problem, the USELESS, RUDE, IGNORANT DEVELOPER DOESN’T EVEN CONTACT U BACK TO HELP U WITH UR ISSUE!!! IVE SENT MANY EMAILS AND NEVER EVER GOTTEN A RESPONSE!!! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE!!! IF I COULD GIVE IT A ZERO STAR I WOULD!!!!

  38. One of the bestest application ever for photo editing. No watermark option is coming at the time of editing. So many effects, filters are there for editing.

  39. Absolutely love this app, it makes my photography photos look even better. Only down fall is I’ve noticed other people have blend screen when adding other photos to your picture and I do not. Would like to know why?

  40. Its amazing app..most importantly there is no add, no paid version.. It gives very much satisfactory results for photo editing for office purpose.. It makes my work so easy and reliable.. loved app..great works in mobile as well as PC..

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