LOCKED Secret Photo Vault MODDED 2022


Easy to use Secret calculator. Hide photos, video. Keep secret photo album safe!
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LOCKED Secret Photo Vault – a secret calculator photo vault to create your secret photo album and hide photos and videos (lock photos and videos). In addition to using this calculator vault as a video and photo hider (photo lock), you can use it as a private browser, your secret diary, and hidden storage.

Try this calculator vault, a high privacy tool! Encrypt your content, lock files, and turn the Hider app into your personal private Secure folder. Disguise the Photo vault as a regular Calculator and keep your privacy safe! 👍

Hide photos, private videos, pictures and files in your Photo vault app!

All sensitive data into your secure folder is safely protected with military-grade encryption. For encrypting and securing safe your private pics, videos and files, the app uses a proven military-grade AES encryption which is used by governments & banks worldwide. Now, your photos and videos in the safest place in the world! Nobody can reach them except you. They are for your eyes only❤️

Well designed and easy to use, our calculator photo vault provides the best usability to keep it safe, simple, stable and useful.

🔒 Secret gallery. It is your right to share photos only with those whom you want. And if you have something personal – hide it in your secret image gallery!
✔ Import photos from your default image gallery and they will be removed instantly
✔ Share your hidden photos and videos if you want
✔ Export the pics to your default image gallery
✔ Email and message photos just from this secret gallery
✔ Photo slideshow and zooming are also available in this secret image gallery.

😎 Fake calculator – You can disguise this photo hider as a common Calculator app. The icon and the app’s name will look like a default calc app. Nobody can find out that you are using the gallery lock and the secure folder!
🔒 Lock types – Use different methods to safely lock photos in your hidden vault. Useful PIN-code, reliable pattern, or convenient fingerprint will secure your Secret calculator well!

More privacy tools for you to hide everything with our Magic Calculator!

👥 Private browser – surf the Web anonymously without leaving any traces in your system! Visit favorite websites without connecting to your real-life accounts, keep them safe! With Private browser, you can download pictures and hide them in your secret photo album instantly!

📝 Secret Diary – would you like to keep secret notes safe and write down secret phone numbers in a special secure notebook? Then save them right in this Calculator vault using your Secret Diary. Keep your notes safe! Now nobody can read it except you. Your secrets are only yours!

👀 Fake storage – secures you from people who ask you to open your Hidden album and Gallery lock. Create a decoy Photo gallery and place there some spoofing content to distract the intruder.

🦹 Instant selfie – if someone attempts to reach your photo lock, hidden album with pictures and videos, or any other sensitive data, your private Photo Vault App will create a selfie of such person!

We are really focused on your privacy. That is why we do not use cloud backups to prevent possible leaks, your data is stored on your device only, so you can hide pictures into your gallery lock and keep it safe!

Also, we work hard on the convenience and simplicity of our privacy apps. If you have some ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave feedback! ✔️

Care about your privacy? Looking for some photo hider and calculator photo vault that enables to lock photos? Use LOCKED Secret Photo Vault to create your secure gallery (secret photo album) and hide photos there. Explore the integrated private browser. Keep your thoughts safe in a secret diary this secret calculator vault provides. 😎

Contact us
💻 Website: https://secretvault.app
✉️ Support team: [email protected]


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4 comentarios en "LOCKED Secret Photo Vault MODDED 2022"

  1. athenaorea dice:

    This app does a good job at hiding files. If you turn off ur phone midst reviewing them it will ask for a code. If you go to the home page and go through ur past apps it won’t show. However I’ve only run past one problem using this app. It was a few times where I was sharing some photos to people on social media. Instead dof sending the photos I chose to sent it some reason sent photos from the ones I had hidden. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I fear it will happen again.

  2. Ryan Hershey dice:

    Very helpful app! I have some important files that need to be protected, and this app does a great job of doing that! Edit: So, I’ve been having an issue where around 1/3 of my files have been getting corrupted for no reason, and I’ve been having to delete them as I can’t find a way to recover them. This problem has been going on for only a few days, but it’s still pretty annoying. Rating will stay at 3 stars until this bug is fixed.

  3. Phillip Warner dice:

    I own a tablet which doesn’t have very much internal storage. I do have an SD card which holds 256 GB. I was hoping this app can lock and encrypt files on my SD card. I searched through menus diligently trying to find an answer. There is no help menu. There is no chat to help with my problem. I did send a message through the app and have not received an answer. This app did not meet my expectations.

  4. Crimes_of_Jazz dice:

    I can firmly say that this app works great. I tried a few ways of getting access to photos without the password, and nothing I tried works. You can’t uninstall and reinstall it, cause if you set it up with a difference password, it won’t even read the backups. You can’t just rename the encrypted files to jpgs, cause that shows an error. I tried a few more ways, and none worked. My only gripe is that the pin shows up too quickly after holding down the menu button in calculator mode.

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