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GoArt, as an AI image generator, supports you to create beautiful digital artworks quickly. You just need to enter a text prompt to turn your ideas into unique paintings in seconds. There are tons of art styles for you to choose from, such as cyberpunk, anime, surrealism, oil painting, concept art illustration, etc. It helps you to create very artistic paintings easily.

You can use the artistic style filters and experience the advanced photo editing functions provided by GoArt, relying on powerful artificial intelligence technology, to quickly turn the photos into artworks as if they were hand-painted by masters such as Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso.

Do you still think it’s hard to create NFT digital artwork? Mint NFT with the GoArt app and turn your photos into unique NFT encrypted artworks with just a few clicks and trade them on OpenSea.

Impressionism, Van Gogh, Ukiyoe, Sketches, and many other different styles and genres of artistic filters meet all your creative needs. Ordinary photography can also become a real art.

One-click to turn your photos into artistic works, and support to adjust the strength freely.

[AI Cutout & Replace Background With One Tap ]
AI cutout & automatically remove background to easily get a picture element with transparent background. Create a styled picture of your own with one tap by selecting from multiple colored backgrounds or even uploading a picture you like to replace the background.

It supports the export of HD pictures with 8 megapixels. Allow you to print your artworks on T-shirts, wallpaper, photo portfolios, etc.



* Cartoon style selection is now online
* AI Art Generator added a new collection function, you can view your own collection list
* AI Art Generator has added a new feature to speed up standard creations

If you have any question, please contact our support service. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.


40 comentarios en "AI Art Generator – GoArt MODDED 2022"

  1. I found this app severely lacking and disappointing. The filters are pretty much all the same thing, but with color changes. They are also the same thing you can find elsewhere, while other places give a bigger variety. I was excited about the text to ai paintings, but was incredibly let down when they actually came back. It only picks up on a detail, or two if you’re lucky, so it was never anywhere close to what I typed in! I’ve used other ai generators that actually pick up on all the details.

  2. Pretty good app compared to the others I’ve tried. Very user friendly and you can use pictures saved in your phones gallery. They also have a free 3 day trial version which is awesome! The only thing I would of like to see more of was more filters and maybe a freehand option. Maybe they do have more with a paid subscription, idk… but all in all, great job developers. Thank you for a great app

  3. Sketchy! Once you allow it access to your media and able to upload a photo it sits there and Cycles over and over again which is pretty sketchy right after you give it access it doesn’t go to allow you to create art it sits there and loads and loads and loads. I do not recommend allowing an app to have access to your files and media if it’s going to sit there and do unknown operations when you tell it it’s okay. It never even got to the art area it insisted on a trial.

  4. Pretty useful for a wide variety of creative applications. I haven’t had a decent enough phone for a bit so I haven’t had app downloaded for a few months. Upon redownloading, I am finding that several of the filters that I had previously purchased are showing as not purchased & categorized as PRO. I’ll most definitely NOT be purchasing the same filters, or ANY new ones for that matter, again as I wouldn’t want something like this to happen again.

  5. Susan dice:

    This is a terrible app!! Each picture in my album that I select, when I select a painting effect, it starts to process and after few seconds it shuts and returns to the “select photo” screen again!!! There are no instructions on how to use the app!! I am going to keep trying. But I am not happy with this. Yesterday I got it to do a couple photo effects but mostly it kept reverting back to select photo without doing any effects. Dang.

  6. I’m really rooting for this app. It’s powerful enough to actually be useful yet the UI is easy to work with and generally provides a sufficient number of filters. The one criticism I have is with the ala carte pricing for certain features. Could you please just include a one-time licensing fee for everything. By doing so you’d be removing the one obstruction that keeps me from using the app more often. Overall, a great app with a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!

  7. App functions well and effects are done well BUT there should be an option to unlock the entire app. I’d pay $20.00 to own the app outright instead of the multitude of microtransactions for unlocking “HD” on every picture in addition to more microtransactions to unlock the rest of the filters and again to remove the watermark. So, instead of my $20.00 I guess I will pay nothing because currently $1.99 only gets you 60 coins, essentially 3 pics rendered if you want your photos in HD.

  8. Love all the filters, however I dislike how many are only available through the pro version . The coin pay system for those filters wouldn’t bother me at all, if it permanently unlocked that filter. It’s just kinda lame that it’s unlocked only for that specific design/photo, but has to be repurchased for the next, and next, & next, etc. Would also love to be able to add text with text effects as well. That was a HUGE disappointment and may uninstall in favor for a similar app that does.

  9. Couldn’t get the app to work. Constantly got “network error. Please check your connection and try again later”. This message came through whether I was using data with full signal or whether I was connected to WiFi. If it’s that difficult to get to work, it’s not worth my time no matter how good the filters may be.

  10. I’m currently using the trial version of the app and have been having a lot of fun dabbling into the world of NFT. $29.99 a month is a steep price. I’d pay $29.99 a year, but not a month. I feel that’s unrealistic for what is basically a filter. My comment is not to discredit the developers work on this app; it’s an extremely simple app to use. I just feel the pricing is a little too forward thinking, especially for people just starting out. Will end relationship after trial.

  11. Great app! I love being able to “paintify” one of my pictures with the painting style of my choice. Also has a good payment system to print photos you want in HD without watermark is 100 coins that can be purchased in the app. So you can purify the pictures you like the most. I leave the watermark so people know the cool app I used for it. – – Update 05/2020: App currently will not work. Acting like it can’t access servers, general network error message when trying to use any filter.

  12. My first time using this, and thought I could check how each filter looked like, before saving, but for each on I hit, it charged, and I thought no way. Unless I save it, it wouldnt charge, but nope. There should be a preview allowed, with a no screenshot allowed safe gaurd, but because you cant preview the art you are left with some a unhappy selection.

  13. Other than the FEE structure this is a great app! But instead of FEES literaly for everything you want to do they should just charge a single price just like all the other apps do! Difference between fee based apps that are identical to A LA Carte in that unlike annual or single lifetime fee based structured apps, the a La Carte ones are making it not only Extra Fees for Extra Items but also making you in basic terms “Hold you on a retainer” where you continually end up paying without updates!

  14. I love the filters and the overall ease of use. They have helped me make my art look more professional than ever. The biggest problem I have though is with accessing your HD image once you have used your coins. I have 2 images currently that have been “generating” for the past month in their system. The first image I did was available for download within a matter of hours with no issues at all. I would like my coins refunded, as well as the images I already have generating in the system

  15. I have been able to put twists & turns on my holiday greeting-cards. Each time is unique because some effects make my cards better; then, they are no good, but other effects do a great job. It depends on my originals which effects are best. This is democracy in art. Always surprises. Much wider range than other editors (which I uninstalled due to their limitations).

  16. When I use a high definition photo the result comes back with a photo with a much, much lower resolution. The only way to have the modified photo come back as a higher resolution is by paying for it. I paid for one of my photos to be done with high resolution. The photo has been “generating” in my “HD Gallery” for 2 days. This app is not useful because it only produces photos with 720×352 resolution even when the source photo is much, much higher resolution. This app is at best a novelty.

  17. I haven’t used GoArt as long as some other photo editors; I like it better than the others because, although they make excellent images, GoArt is even more Artistic. On 02/13/2020, I am even more impressed by how GoArt sometimes gives me exactly what I want; sometimes, some other variation from which I learn the unexpected. Always an adventure. As a Frenchie may have said:”Étonne-moi!”

  18. I gave only three stars because even though I just got this app yesterday I have used it several times and there’s several effects that you have to pay coins to unlock and it makes you pay again to unlock the same effects every time you change pictures. The other reason is I can not find a place where you can choose to unlock all effects for a one time fee or so much each month so your stuck with paying for each effect each time you want to use it.

  19. I know they need to make money and I am more than happy to pay a larger sum to have access to the full program–but this “pay 20 coins to download a single HD image” thing is absolutely ridiculous. Turning an art app into a microtransaction system?! That’s just awful. Pay to unlock filters, pay to download an image, yada yada. Some of the filters were actually decent and could have been fun (if not for the above said nickle and diming). I’ve never 180d interest in an app so quickly before.

  20. This needs to be fixed as in addition to other limitations, the images are too zoomed in, often cutting off heads, etc. I’ve tried all they limited settings, but nothing works. This is a promising app, but currently in its limited broken state not worth the yearly fee. I’ve cancelled and won’t subscribe again. There are always alternatives to be found.

  21. Powerful piece of software, just as I am falling in love with filters. I used to hate them. The cutout effect is also clean. Too bad you cannot save anything on the free version and I could not activate the trial despite my network working just fine, this is upsetting I wanted to show off. So, no free downloads here. All the best marketing your work further.

  22. Fraudulent Overseas Company – I signed up for a 3-day FREE TRIAL with “Fotor” (aka “AI Art Generator – GoArt”). I have email confirmation showing the “3-day free trial” had started and was cancelled within three days. However, I noticed I was still charged and had to dispute this with my bank. I have contacted the company twice to no avail – received an automatic response from them that they were out for 11 days for “New Year” and they refuse to respond.

  23. I’m new only had it a couple of days but its brilliant. I would give it 5 but at the moment got beautiful pictures you click on and cannot convert to your own pics. I’ve just paid for subscription but will see how it goes. Atm tinkering with it and enjoying so far. I will see in a week or 2 to change from 4 to 5 as like I said I’m new. 🤔 ❤

  24. I prefer to at least be able to try a free trial. I’m always looking to add a new ai art app. But this free trial costs $35 so… I’m always skeptical of developers who either don’t understand word meanings or are simply lying. It’s a paid trial. So call it that. If the product is any good then a few samples should demonstrate that. But if paid means free to them, then that doesn’t inspire confidence in anything they do. Why do you have to lie about it?

  25. Image quality is severely reduced and work is unusable even with the pro (HD) version. There is a great variety of art filters and it does have potential however for it do be useful to photographers or artists it needs to produce higher quality images.

  26. The worst app ever. I spent 3 hours trying to find an actually good filter for my yt channel, it said I had to pay for what already spent me hours, and when I took a screenshot or even tried to screen record the screen went all black until I stopped. I get you want money but some people just want to make AI pictures and isnt the watermark removal and extra filters enough. Dont download this

  27. Heather D dice:

    This app is amazing! I haven’t done much reviews for apps but this one did exactly what I needed it to. It took my ideas in words and turned it into art. There are so many different styles you can add to it. When I can afford it this is one app I will come back for! Amazing job. It brought my characters to life and gave them a face.

  28. Yve Clark dice:

    Hit and miss. It can’t count. I ask for 2 people and I get 3. I ask for space ships and only get one in 10 tries. I get animals with varying numbers of legs and eyes. It can’t do mixed species If I ask for animals and people, I just get animals and it mixes the kinds up. Ask for specific genders it ignores you. I ask for animals and I get something in the style of Constable But ask it for space, sea or landscapes, I’m blown away. They are stunning. It has a way to go. When it gets there, wow!

  29. App won’t allow you to u subscribe!!!!!!!!!!! Ai doesn’t understand simple instructions, i.e., 4 doors, riding in top, etc. Also, you pay for the app and then have to buy crypto coins to use it. AVOID.

  30. I am not paying money for an app I can’t see my results in. Really, who puts an 80 minute timer??? Plus, after it finished, I couldn’t see the art, it rendered nothing but a white screen.

  31. So it’s nice and fun but I find your predatory marketing to be very off putting. I find that wanting 5$ a month is ludicrous and you should offer a 1 time buy for lifetime use. As for free uses, it says you get 2 a day but that hasn’t happened.

  32. Rog Pile dice:

    I can no longer log into this app.🥱 It tells me my account has expired , so I tried to create a new one. But it won’t let me! As far as I can see, the app is basically screwed by changes.

  33. It takes a while for your stuff to be rendered but the pictures are usaly of high quality not always what i picture but still fun to play with

  34. Holy guacamole, what is this s***?! Wanted to give it a go to see even what the heck it does. A 3 day trial and then 36.99/year for what? Uninstalled as soon as I downloaded this. If you can find some value then good luck to you, but personally I think it is not worth your bandwidth.

  35. A year ago I paid $29.99 for a year of their premium beca use I had a nft idea… Anyway, I was not impressed until the last update 12/8/22,less than a month ago as I write this. I have played with it twice and I must say, it raises my final review a star. Kudos. I don’t have an extra $30 right now to indulge my creative curiosity through this app but if budget isn’t in your vocabulary, it’s worth checking out, in my opinion.

  36. Totally blows. Try to cancel the subscription sucks balls. I don’t know who designed its site but fire him. It is confusing and is not user friendly.

  37. E Robb dice:

    I forgot to cancel trial charges me full amount and I cannot even use the service. Emailed no response. Be careful people.

  38. It’s terrible, the art style didn’t came out the way it should’ve and the details didn’t came out as I expect it and it looks like something it picks up from a Google search.

  39. mezmer13 dice:

    Earned a bunch of effects, all gone with update. Says I need to login to restore, but the version I used didn’t require a login. Cash grab. Not cool.

  40. Love the app, even though it’s a little buggy. HATE the ridiculous coin payment system. HATE the low quality images and payments needed for EACH HD upgrade. Why make it so difficult?

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